‘Uphill Battle’ Sneak Peek | Battle of the Fittest Couples

‘Uphill Battle’ Sneak Peek | Battle of the Fittest Couples

(upbeat music) – We’re walking up to challenge
number two and as we walk closer, and
closer the mountain just seems
to get bigger and bigger. – What’s up guys? Y’all look a little scared
already. – It’s not that steep. – There’s this gigantic pile of
red clay. – All I’m doing is looking
straight up. – Even though I don’t
know what the challenge is at this point, we’re here
to freaking make a statement the south is all about
sweet tea and fried chicken. We have got the muscle
to back it up y’all. – Yeah, we’ll show you. – Couples, welcome to our
second main event challenge. We like to call this, King
and Queen of the mountain. It’s going to test your
quick bursts, breakaway speed and elusiveness. – There’s a flag just past the
gateway at the top of this
massive 100 foot mountain. This thing is a beast, your
goal, to get up to that flag before anybody else and as
if the mountain wasn’t enough it’s anything goes. if someone gets ahead
of you, pull em’ down. – You touch me, you try to pull
me down, we’re gonna have a problem. – You get ahead of somebody
you better be sure to look behind you, because somebody’s
probably coming after you too. – Ryan and Tyler are fake a
(beep). I dare Ryan to touch me
because that bitch will go rolling down the hill so
fast. – We’ll do this in heats,
starting with the ladies. On my go, first to the
top will grab the flag and automatically be safe
from this week’s rage cage along with your partner. – After that we’ll rotate back
and forth in guy, girl heats, if you grab
a flag you are safe for now. In the end, the last couple
without a flag will be sent straight to the
rage cage. – Last challenge it was
surprising that we didn’t get thrown in so everyone’s
definitely gonna want to throw
us in so we’ve got to be first to
the flag and we have to win this
challenge. – All right, let’s do
this, ladies you’re up. – Let’s go girls. (clapping) – I’m super excited that it’s a
hill this is right in our wheelhouse we’re track athletes,
we’re some of the, I think fastest runners, lightest
people so I think it’s going to be great for
us, I’m excited for it. – Anything goes and since we won
last time we’ve got a target on our back. It’s crucial that I get
the flag that first time it’s very important. – Ready. (horn blows)
Go! – Let’s go honey, let’s go! – Let’s go baby! – Come on girls.
– Let’s go baby! – No one’s dragging each other
just yet. – Go, go, go, go, go, go! – They are rolling up that hill. – C’mon honey. – C’mon go, go, go! – Untouched to the top. – Go, go, go, go, go! – Stay low. – Wow! (cheering) – Nicole! – Tony, that’s your girl, there
we go. – Nicole is like this little
cockroach Like there was no way to even
catch her. – Your day just got easy, huh? – I know, I’ll unsuit now. – Uh oh, we threw Tony
and Nicole into the bus. – This is a big problem. – It’s a pickle.
– Yeah. – And I don’t eat pickles. – Great work Nicole, you and
Tony are safe from elimination this week
no rage cage, how ’bout that? (cheering) – I like having the power to
put somebody in the rage cage ’cause we had a target on our
back. – Definitely, and in a way
I kind of wanted to compete but I am glad that I’m done for
the day. (laughs) – Guys, you’re up. – We are down to 10 guys. – I think that this challenge
is going to be hard for me. I’m 245 pounds, I’ve never
climbed a mountain in my life. – Let’s go babe. – If it gets to that point
where I’m neck in neck with somebody, I’m not
afraid to get physical. – Ready! Go!
(horn blows) (cheering) – Oh, there was some pushing. (cheering) Oh we got two on the outside
here. (cheering) – Jared, oh we got him. Oh, there’s a dog pile at the
opening. (girls screaming) Thanks for watching and don’t
forget to subscribe to the Paramount Network YouTube
channel for more Battle of the
Fittest Couples.


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