100 thoughts on “United takes a beating on social media”

  • Leonardo di C3PO says:

    Social media isn't the real world, or even a representative slice of it, and certainly isn't a good sample of the flying public.  Wasn't Hillary winning the election on social media?  Yes, many will bash UA, for a wide variety of motivation.   However, most people will just carry on booking their flights and flying without incident.  Don't look for UA to go under because of a bunch of people typing feverishly and self-righteously in their parents basements.

  • if the seats are oversold those people who bought their tickets last should be the first to be asked to leave.
    If nobody is willing to leave then a good monetary compensation along with a hotel stay should be offered. the compensation should be good enough that any normal person would be willing to take it. In other words not a cheapskate offer.

  • This is what happens when you treat your costumers like shit for so long. Now if Comcast could just beat up some Asian too…

  • Big business CNN sticking up for big business United.  Bull crap.  CNN is afraid it will have to do real work again for real people.

  • I hope the doctor loses any lawsuit he may bring against United.
    United was fully within the bounds of their contractual obligation. Certainly the amount of force used to remove him is arguable, but he acted like a three year old throwing a tantrum and deserves nothing!

  • this is just crazy , it's sad that people act a certain way , and ruin the name of the Air line passengers need to be treated with more respect .

  • Quantum Computing says:

    Oscar Munoz admitted fault to a incident large enough to damage the airline, he should resign. If he doesn't, Dr. Dao's well-to-do children (most are physicians), along with his wife who is also a physician, should each contribute $1 million to hire a team of the best lawyers in the country to forcibly remove Oscar Munoz from his post. Additionally, criminal charges need to be laid on the individual who physically beat Dr. Dao, when he was not endangering himself or any other passengers, but an inordinate amount of force was used against him.

  • Gage Blackwood says:

    To me the 300 mile driving distance from Chicago to Louisville makes it hardly worth the trouble and expense of flying that distance. When you factor in the required early airport arrival, parking, check in, security, flight delays, collecting your luggage plus the drive to and from the airport – how much time are you really saving and is it worth all the additional stress plus this new risk of savage beatings and concussions from the airlines?

  • A girl was also told she cannot board their plane because she was wearing yoga pants. I think that is wrong. WHEN YOU HAVE TO SLIDE DOWN THEIR "CHUTE" FROM A UNITED AIRLINES EMERGENCY – YOGA PANTS WOULD BE SAFER AND FASTER…

  • Every time I board a plane, I must have a boarding pass, showing my seat. How did too many people board this plane?

  • should fire the CEO for incompetent handling of this PR disaster. what he should have done is get top staff, and personnel to create new policies to avoid further embarrassment, without trying to hide things…a most corporations do…

  • The CEO has to be totally ignorant and an idiot! His response to this horrible assault on a peaceful paying customer should bite them where it hurts $$$.
    I will not fly UNITED

  • No one who has PAID for a seat should be asked to leave just because airlines are greedy and overbook. Exemplifies how airlines don't truly care about their customers.

  • How come nobody is blaming the Chicago Police? Yes, United Air overbooked and had to kick people off. Passengers agree to that policy when they pay their ticket. But lets not forget that this is police brutality which United Air had no control over and those same police beat and kill people everyday in Chicago. This is not private airport security but TAX FUNDED police. You pay them to behave this way. That's what people should really be pissed about.

  • EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    This is a classic PERFECT STORM of unimaginable proportions and ultimate
    WTF moment in America:
    United Airlines chose the wrong flight, to rely on the wrong boarding
    staff, to add the wrong assets (non-paying employees), by way of
    applying the wrong de-boarding procedures (randomized selection), in
    order to justify instructing the wrong police (Chicago O'hare airport
    security officers) to apply the wrong tactics (unreasonable force),
    based on the wrong legal premise (OVERBOOKING), to the wrong paying
    customer, Dr. David Dao (who happens to be a 69 year-old senior citizen
    physician and an ethnic minority care provider), and then have the wrong
    communicator of the year (CEO Oscar Munoz), articulate the wrong
    apology (it's the passenger's fault) to the wrong audience (all of US,
    who are sick and tired of all the condescending corporate B/S ), thus
    creating the most collateral damage to the wrong people (innocent
    savers, retirees, and investors who are UAL shareholders), costing them
    BILLIONS in cash while trying to save a couple of hundred dollars in
    corporate vouchers.

    WTF, I sold all my shares on Monday…
    Enough said!

  • EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    You are not going to believe this:
    United Airlines is offering a full refund to all passengers of flight 3411, in exchange for agreeing not to sue for whatever reason over the incident that everyone has witnessed last Sunday. Too little, too late!

    BTW, try offering that deal to the other Dr. Dao, who was sitting right next to her husband David.

  • Badger Fishinski says:

    Too little too late UAL. Sorry but it's over. Boycott FOREVER! Let's not forget this one month after the incident.
    This is one of many (this one being the worst) incidents by UAL. I have
    personally witnessed rudeness, belittling, and downright disrespect
    towards UAL pax over the years. This was the FINAL STRAW. I will NEVER
    fly them again. Boycott them FOREVER until they are out of business.
    They should NEVER have called the police. They are the most
    un-diplomatic, rude airline in the USA. Period. Never again will I fly
    UAL. Don't let a cheaper fare lure you to this airline. Boycott them
    forever. I won't even consider UAL. As far as I am concerned, UAL
    doesn't exist anymore.

  • Ethan's life says:

    United: welcome to united airlines
    me: thank y..
    United: gtfo
    me: i just sat dow..
    United:HE'S RESISTING!!!!!

  • You can't die in a plane crash of you were kicked out first. Safest airline in the world.

  • Victoria J Alexander says:

    I see the Stewardess are annoying tone and expression Yelling and arguing with passengers every time I use United Airlines. It seems to be very unfriendly, rough or ignorant. it dosen't seem like a service job. It just looked like a very stressed old female. definally united airlines is always uncomfortable flight. Now I never going to Use United airlines ever again and im telling to my family and my friends too.

  • Marzan Choudhury says:

    I flew with United… they weren't that bad but they need their screens to work!! It was a long boring trip without any tv screens that don't work…

  • Christmas Tree says:

    Now they force puppies in overhead compartments where they suffocate to death. United is now saying that the flight attendant didn't know there was a puppy in the TSA/Airline approved pet carrier. United ignores what the other passengers say they witnessed which contradicts this. United will back up their own employee's and allow them to do anything they want to you no matter how wrong. You have no rights on their airlines. I would never trust them again to give them anymore of my business.

  • Notice me John Wick says:

    When I see the United employee I will beat him up with a scissor hands and drag his f**ing a* off the plane.

  • Fly United and you'll never leave

    Fly United and you won't believe

    A single word that they say

    After your last flight they delay

    You might just overnight it

    If you fly United. Oy vey!


  • Moments after this report, she was dragged out uf the studio by United employees and beaten to a bloody pulp in the parking lot

  • Why does cnn have to send Jeanne moos for every incident that has happened
    Since 2012 everyone has heard that same voice which reminds you, yep, it’s a story that has a lot of people angry

  • omg this is so angering .. there needs to be a law that if people paid for tickets that were sold to them by an airline…. they are FIRST !!!!! NOT employees coming in later, dragging paid customers off a plane. Maybe they need to outlaw flight overbooking????hmmm? maybe we need a law for that!!!! United airlines can kiss my a$$

  • I’d say I’ll never fly United again but I’m literally ten and can’t really do anything since I’m not the one that buys tickets 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I feel like if someone books a flight for Me and the only choice will be United, I’d rather not fight at all. I like my face the way it is.

  • I'm a victum of United Ailines. In rescheduling a flight, they were supposed to use $810.79 credit to pay for change. The new ticket was $542.00 plus $300.00 rescheduling fee. The difference would be charged to my credit card – sounds fair right? What did United Airlines do? They charged my credit card the $542.00, saw they made a mistake, refunded me $310.32, and keeped $231.68 as a refund fee.

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