Unelected Tory Peer & Biased Remainstream Media Host Emily Maitlis Caught Lying Again By Brexiteer

Unelected Tory Peer & Biased Remainstream Media Host Emily Maitlis Caught Lying Again By Brexiteer

well scan on guys welcome to the video so the Tory Pierre Baroness Altman and labour donor John Mills appeared on last night's news night program with host Emily Maitlis they was discussing Boris Johnson and the threat of a No Deal brexit which I'm sure will surprise no one but some may be surprised by the stance each of them take let's check it out conservative Pierre Baroness Altman and the entrepreneur and labour donor John Mills who was chair and then vice-chair of vote leave Knights see both resulted what is this strategy to your mind well it does look as if it's a bit of a game of bluff if the Prime Minister actually says it's a million-to-one chance that we're going to leave without a deal but they're threatening No Deal then they must assume that the reason to threaten it is to get a deal now I don't believe that that is a sensible strategy but it could well be the only strategy that vote leave and the leave extremely vers ever really had because there doesn't seem to have been any considered plan for how we were going to leave the EU in an orderly fashion I'm threatening that we're going to leave and then at 1 minute to midnight but do you mean it start something love and it ends up being something that the majority of his party actually want or the ERG members of his party will make happen I think that there is an extreme group that is forcing other people to buy into the narrative and perhaps some of them have been led to believe that you have to sign up to this narrative even though you know that if we actually left with no deal it would be disastrous and of course lots of those who are in the cabinet have said that in the past but the logic that they are being asked to believe is that if you sign up to No Deal and the EU really believes that we are serious about leaving with no deal then we'll get a good deal perhaps that is right I mean we now know from that but the panorama program I think gave us a really interesting sight behind the scenes that Teresa may the last MP never PM never really threatened no deals she never really talked about it at all the point here is that if we do leave without a deal we are going to have huge damage and we are going to cause huge damage to the EU there are some things that you simply cannot do to prepare against the chaos of no deal so the idea that somehow this is a sensible way to approach serious negotiations with partners and friends that we have worked with for the last 40 years and on whom all our free trade depends seems to me to be a giant gamble which is number one hugely irresponsible and number two fails to understand that the EU simply can't just tear up its rules even if we want them to so we're asking the impossible so we hear from the Ramone in commerce bum trumpet Baroness Altman who wastes no time in telling us how disastrous a No Deal brexit will be without a shred of evidence since economic forecasts and economists in general often follow the political bias of the people reporting them she has no idea what breaks it will be like it don't matter if it's women deal or without one the scare mongering is what hurts the country more Ramone stream media pigs and weasel politicians like this idiot spread in project fear day-in day-out are the most damaging things to the UK economy right now but we do get to the main reason this woman does not want a No Deal brexit she said it herself if we leave with no deal we will do huge damage to the EU this woman is for gain she is a member of the British Parliament not the EU Parliament if she's worried about a No Deal brexit then give her if the EU is worried about a No Deal brixi then give us a free-trade deal and they don't have to worry anymore it's in their hands Mae bot was offered a free trade deal and she turned it down well not once even attempting to mention we will leave on No Deal if they don't give us a decent of your earth maybe what was offered a free trade deal way II months ago and she turned it down while not once even attempting to mention that we will leave if there's not a suitable deal she just bent over and took it from haeryung car in the bunk with no Vaseline like may baat Baroness Altman is a cretinous Pig she claims all our free trade depends on the EU well yes because we are a member of the EU which forces us to trade with who they decide brexit means we can make our own free trade deals like me with better terms for both US and the other nations we trade with the EU trade is designed to benefit the EU we will make deals that benefit the UK first and foremost the EU does not need to tear up its rules we will tear their rules up for them and piss on them as they will no longer apply to us so we don't need them this woman is so hung up on what the EU needs she has no care in the world for the UK completes come in my opinion let's move on to the next clip as a businessman you don't need to be told how risky this is you've seen what's happened to the pound just today this is going to be catastrophic well I'm not sure it's going to be catastrophic I think it's difficult to tell exactly how difficult it's going to be I think it partly depends on the objective circumstances I think I'm not going to depend on the extent to which people actually are prepared to work together to mitigate the problems once we get into a no dual position if that's what happens there's too much uncertainty in that one sentence let's election in what happens it when does all this planning start when do people get used to it and when do they come together what do we give up on the deal and just say this is what we're doing well I think unless you're prepared to go ahead with No Deal then this ceases to be a lever to move the European Union in any direction which is going to get to us towards the deal which is going to go through Parliament does it scale or do you think it's gonna be fine I think there going to be some difficulties but I don't think it's going to be as bad as all that I've spent the last 50 or 60 years of my life training all over the world on WTO terms it's not that difficult there will be changes that have to be made in short order but I think people will get used to them I don't think that well it's going to come to an end your colleagues now agree with John Mills I don't think most of them do actually agree with him I think they are being forced to say they do which is quite frightening there is also who well by that you know anyone who wants to serve in the cabinet was asked and and ministers were asked to sign up to supporting No Deal so you think privately they're terrified I think they are yes and some have decided they can't possibly serve under those conditions there is no Democratic mandate for No Deal I do not believe that it is seriously responsible to threaten No Deal or to even contemplate leaving the EU without a deal there's no democratic mandate for it parliament has voted against it the people have voted against it at every opportunity since 2016 and during frantic people a vote against said how can they have with no 2017 in 2017 the majority of people who voted in the general election voted for parties that did not support No Deal in 2018 in the local village yes it is in 2018 in the local elections the majority of voters voted against having no deal in the European elections where it somehow suggested that the brexit party won actually the majority of voters voted for parties that were against know what so Emily make this show so remain biased by insinuating the labor donor and bricks Latinos brexit will be a disaster which of course it does not believe will be the case as anyone with half a brain cell would say and no one knows how hard it will be because as I have already said many times predicting it is impossible since any predictions elicit a reaction which then changes the outcome making the predictions wrong the Labour donor rightly points out if people work together and prepare there will be minimal impact which is common sense the may Bach government could have made it even easier had people like Philip Hammond actually told businesses to prepare for No Deal like any same person he does not believe the doom and gloom pumped out by the remain stream media because as a businessman he has spent 60 years trading across the world on WTO terms but no the ramona's will say WTO is bad the Americans will buy the NHS and we won't be able to import food and medicine I love how he says what I keep saying the world won't come to an end in the event of a No Deal brexit that's right mate you tell these idiots do you kay is leaving the EU not the planet this Ramon in bitch claims the MPs are being forced to support No Deal when actually I expect they know it's the end of their political career if they don't support the Democratic vote before going back to her usual ramona claiming people have voted against No Deal when obviously no vote has been held giving us the choice between a deal and no deal claiming more people voted against No Deal than for it in the last three elections which is obviously complete No Deal was never on the ballot paper and let's not forget the Tory Party formed a government based on the manifesto that No Deal was better than a bad deal so I would say the vote that Mars accepted that no deal is better than a bad deal or no brexit as remained parties did not win the general election in 2017 when Mae bought nearly lost the majority like a complete incompetent Pig she even claims a brexit party did not win the EU elections when they are the largest party in the EU Parliament so never mind winning the UK's EU elections they won the EU elections across the whole undemocratic super state I guess her say in the brexit party did not win the elections fits in with a Ramona ideology perfectly which consists of ignoring Democratic votes when you lose them well we all know the Ramona would get worse but me this woman is openly lying for her back teeth in this woman's world the biggest party in the EU Parliament did not win the EU elections for a single nation claiming more voters supportive parties that were against No Deal well that would be because no party actually went for No Deal as I said the brexit party has no manifesto and the Tory party was run by lion snakes this Tory trout will be a Lib Dem candidate at the next elections you mark my word she is learning 21st century democracy from Nicola fish lips sturgeon and toe Swinson let's move on to the next clip how do you become so relaxed about this when you know I mean you've seen the figures you know that Boren would double to what 60 billion I think this from the ABR you know that unemployment would go up 5% you know that would push the economy into a recession if you believe the Office of Budget Responsibility an independent body how can you be so relaxed well all these people made these sort of predictions but they said this sort of event would occur after the referendum in 2016 and it just didn't happen the economy's done reasonably well since then I think that this is what this is what they said they said if you have a vote to leave so famous what's happened now then I mean do you really think it's gonna be as simple as that I don't mean is going to be that simple but I don't think it's going to be a complete disaster either I think people will get used to what the situation is relatively quickly in support do you feel about this roars I mean how I feel that this is an absolutely defining moment in our country's history and if we pursue this No Deal strategy because we want to gamble and we want to play this giant game of poker and hope that the other side folds at the last minute number one it's a huge risk and I don't think it's responsible to take it number two all the official figures all the official forecasts show that it will be hugely damaging millions of people will lose their jobs small businesses will lose their livelihoods and where would we vote no confidence against the government I mean what how far will you go personally to stop this I think we have to do whatever we can do firstly yes me personally and a lot of other colleagues we will lose all our free trade nobody in the referendum suggested we would leave without a deal will you resign the conservative whip yes and so will many others there are there is a whole group in Parliament are you preparing to do that now will not stand for leaving without a deal or continuing to threaten this irresponsible nonsense about by being fine if we lose all our free trade at a stroke if we can you preparing to bring down the government I don't want to bring down the government I'm hoping that the government will recognize through the summer that this strategy is flawed that this strategy has no Democratic mandate and that if we want to make a success of our future then we cannot possibly contemplate throwing away 40 years of integration putting all our small businesses at risk losing free trade not just with Europe but with all the countries that we have free trade with and desire Europe just talk like that kill the bargaining chip does the EU listen to that and say I think they do I think one of the problems about this sort of these old allegations is that you just weaken the negotiation position to UK saying I think the fact that there was never a no deal possibility or walk away possibility right from the very beginning on the negotiations vastly strengthened the hand of the EU negotiators and as letters and of position where we've got withdrawal agreement which is a very very unsatisfactory document voted down to three times by vast majorities in the House of Commons you're a Labour donor and your party seems to be now party of remain well I think it is at some risk to the Labour Party if I may say so because you still donate to them will you still donate sort of tribal labour supporters I stay with them through thick and thin but I do think there are big dangers for the Labour Party in becoming a Buerkle a romaine party because very substantially the money I guess that will because you know I think you you've got to stick with the with the party you you support and try and change its policies we don't think they're right rather than just abandon it okay thank you very much thank you the PM's visit to Scotland so once again the hosts remain biased comes out claiming we knew this would go up and this would go down and this and that because some organisation said it and this is now empirical fact no Emily you disingenuous bucket we do not know any of what you said is true it's their prediction they don't have a crystal ball like mystic Meg do they Emily stop talking and be an objective host for once in your miserable life calling the obr an independent body is like calling the SNP a unionist party it's complete nonsense I guess you will say the Electoral Commission is an independent body even though the Darren Grimes case proves they are far from impartial or independent the brexit ear rightly points out these same weasels at the Obi are made the predictions about voting leave would cause the pound to drop and the country would go to complete guess what it never happened the ramona's hate you're pointing that out though they completely ignored what he said complaining that we have not left yet this is what happens when ideology clouds your brain you get a real case of selective hearing I'm glad he shuts them down and tells them once again that they said this would occur if we voted to leave and obviously it didn't so why should we believe them now of course when asked the Ramona Tory MP swings for the fence when it comes to project fear claiming that millions of people will lose their jobs did you go to the Ian Blackford school of facts and figures with them ridiculous numbers love you really think millions of people will be out of work in the event of No Deal small businesses will lose their livelihood because they can't fill out a customs form after brexit I've earned it all now this bitch just told Ian Blackford to hold her beer with the millions we'll be out of work claim in the event of an Odile brexit UK companies will no longer need to employ people to work for them because of reasons I guess maybe bricks it means companies cannot try to make money anymore by continuing to produce the goods they currently make she goes on to say we will lose all of our free trade which I've already said is complete nonsense we make new free trade deals it's really easy countries do it all the time Thomas and as for her claim no one said during a referendum that we would leave without a deal I would argue that no one said democracy would be ignored for three years with the media and political PI's openly campaign him for ignoring the 2016 referendum result because they did not like it the pics in Parliament and the House of Lords have created this situation by ignoring democracy and hindering brexit every step of the way we hear the Baroness claims she will resign the Tory whip and vote against the Boris Johnson government along with others to bring it down well I think the Tory party should expel all of these conservative party traitors right now they are undemocratic to this nation and should be removed as an MP by their constituents the labour donor rightly points out that Theresa May up the negotiations in a way that gave all of the power to the EU and left us with a deal that would make us the vassal state because she never once threatened to leave on a No Deal brexit he points out the Labour Party he supports are in massive danger by becoming a remain pie even though he will continue to support them and try to change their policies now I don't often agree with labour Stooges but this guy seems like one of the honest few he is loyal to the labour pie which is admirable even if the party is a septic spot on the arse of Humana he supports democracy which is the main thing we should all care about people can support any party they want to I just have a problem with the undemocratic spun Trump it's like Baroness Altman who wipe their ass with democracy and only care about the year use interests not the interests of the British people so it was yet another biased panel with the host and Tory peer vs. the Labour brexit ear which is not something you hear very often they spout constant project fear as usual which once again alone brexit ear completely rubbishes the ramona's lies are getting more blatant by the day now so I'm going to end the video there guys let me know what you think down in the comments section below remember to Like subscribe and share this video as it helps the channel a lot and I'll see you all in the next one


45 thoughts on “Unelected Tory Peer & Biased Remainstream Media Host Emily Maitlis Caught Lying Again By Brexiteer”

  • She brings down government no deal will go through as the clock would have run out – and we end up with Corbinista regime – she isn’t bringing down a damn thing

  • What is an extreme leave ? Leaving is a binary condition you either leave or you don’t leave – there are no shades of leaving by law we are leaving October with or without a deal so the people have not voted against it in fact the majority voted for it , no deal does not mean huge damage one can’t know as she has no evidence or proof. They just can’t handle the fact we voted leave . Elitist treasonous c/;;((nts

  • Once again the BBC showing their bias toward remain. I really think they have had their day and start funding themselves. They are not democratic I resent paying for them to spout this extreme propaganda. I do wish the host would dress age appropriate

  • The "no deal" bluff went out the window when they started talking about using it as a bluff. You can't show your cards and then bluff. They need to just leave with no deal, and let the EU come running to Britain for a deal, which they will. Especially when the US, China and other countries are calling the UK for a deal.

  • Has anyone considered that these remainer MP’s and media outlets want our negotiation position to be bad.. maybe so they can except something like mays deal as the only alternative..
    to assume otherwise is ludicrous,
    So why is it just to remain or there lucrative pay?
    Consider EU anti free speech bills..
    Consider UKs attacks on free speech, or the campaign that far right groups have stole free speech..
    you have to consider these ppl are not stupid no matter how much they lie and positions say otherwise so then they have to in all honest know they are damaging our position in a negotiation and the political stability of our nation..
    For what purpose?
    at the moment we are a strong nation even with the last 3 years but it has damaged us..
    Civil society has taken a major hit,
    Democracy has been undermined..
    Main stream media has lost the faith of the ppl..
    There is more at play here then our sovereignty, not only are other countries watching us and how we do leaving and who we are as a country but democracy if our choice is overturned here what next, think about the legal precedents set by remain..
    So we elect party the establishment don’t like, MPs appose our choice?
    My understanding is MPs are suppose to represent the ppl, does represent mean control or advice? Well we have had your advice and we choose to ignore.. that is the point of advice

  • JohnnyourtobadOiOi 1 says:

    The BBC should do an investigation into how money is made, and who really owns the banking system. The people of this great nation deserve to be told the truth once and for all.

  • The plain English you use is just like a breath of fresh air. There should be a lot more of it! And yes a hard brexit is now the best option for the British people! Leave the fourth rich/eu before it's army gets to full strength & destroys Great Briton along with, doomed Europe! MBGA/make Briton Great again!

  • anybody fancy chipping in for a halfords dingy and set this cunt off down the channel without a paddle….this is the type of rat who has been selling the country off for decades…she should be hung…whipped to death or thrown in a dinghy and pushed off in the direction of one of her favourite EU states or the atlantic so the real sharks can eat her pathetic remoaning shitty arse

  • ffs do we leave voters really have to go out and riot in the streets before the snowflakes will listen? never in the history of democracy in this country has the minority ruled so why now? judging from her tan i would say she spends more time on the continent than she does here so think her and all her remainder cronies should fuck off over there! and really with all her money you would think she would buy a better wig or get a better hairdresser, which ever one applies!

  • Pound fluctuations have been the same since 2009 going from 1,09 to 1.115 honest to god these remainer idiots don't understand that the crash was caused by the failing defaulting EU financial system.

    Which made a short term world ressesion. The rest of the world is recovering because they changed with the events but the EU refused to change how they deal with these matters.

  • No one knows what will happen. Never been done before. As for the pound dropping possibly been manipulated.who knows.all scaremongering

  • Do you ever mention how the print media is ,in the main, very hostile to the EU and has always been violently anti E.U ? No? Shame on you.

  • The green witch lying so much. The people voted already for no deal. They did not vote for any fucking deal! Why is it always women who are the biggest remoaners btw?

  • If we call the EU bluff then then if they don't take the bait they obviously don't give a shit and we should leave with no deal regardless, because why accept a shit deal? They don't seem to get this. Who wants to make a shitty deal with someone who won't compromise? Fuck them all! NO DEAL HALLOWEEN! WoooOOOOoooOOOO! Love your messy editing BTW 😀

  • Mate, now I know you read from a script!! Lol. But I like it. And you make so much sense!! Keep up the good work.

  • If you are an ordinary person with a meagre income then you know the truth. You know that the EU has destroyed our country. This destruction has benefited the rich in countless ways. Brexit is a protest vote against the rich and ignorant, such as this silly cow. Keep peddling fear because even if we suffer from leaving then we are prepared to weather the storm. Bottom line is we want our country back!!!!

  • This Vid,, Is Brill…. Bloody well said. Can't wait for a General Election, so we can Sack the lot of them. Shared.

  • The Baroness is a member of the House of Lords so doesn't get a vote in the Commons. The Labour bloke did well not to give the Baroness a broken nose, his restraint was admirable. BBC and their project fear are getting shriller every day which shows that Boris is running along the correct lines.

  • Craig Holgate says:

    Of course we need the EU to believe we're prepared to leave without a Deal… I've never gone to buy a car & rung the salesman up in advance & said that I'm going to buy it whatever the price or condition… he'd know that negotiation & bartering was just a pantomime… as would the EU…!!

  • I have so much admiration for John Mills, how he sat there so cool & collective. He was interrupted several times & yet stayed calm.. Well done that man, a true Brexiteer, unlike the confused & "lets talk over anyone who disagrees with me BBC"

  • Mps voted for article 50 and the withdrawal act… Both by definition state that should a deal not be arranged before the defined negotiating period… All treaties cease to exist….. That's no deal… It's a default legal position… Which Mps voted for… They all voted for no deal but now say there isn't a mandate… The mandate is overwhelming

  • Raymond Pockett says:

    Why the f.. K don't they just stop bastad moaning for f.. K sake Boris just do it or f.. K off and let the Brexit party carry it out. A very pissed off Leaver 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • How did we ever do anything before we joined the EU? We made our own cars, motorcycles, ships and planes and everything else under the sun. I am ashamed of our remainer politicians and remainstream media. Just leave!!

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