24 thoughts on “Understanding Facebook Advertising – 140”

  • Danielle Kidd says:

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  • " Its hard not to make it work"

    OKay brodie tell me why 8/8 of adverts get rejected by Facebook, without any explanation why. AND then Theres no live chat, no help as to why they're being rejected..

  • Ken Quesenberry says:

    I understand putting a lot of different ad formats out there, so why doesn't facebook allow me to change/edit my ad completely. I can edit the demographics, but I can't swap out one photo/video for another. According to facebook, the billing information and other account data are stored in the images, so I have to create a entirely new ad just to change an image/video.

  • It was good stuff here,  but the guys website is a bit scary.    98% bad links, links to nowhere,  no content, Lorem ipsum    stuff  all over.

  • Great content, boys. Clear, articulate, and to-the-point. Even though many of the points are fundamental, I appreciate how you gave examples of these best practices in action.

  • How do you test ad copy if you're suppose to keep your ad title the same as your blog post title? Using a variation would make the ad slightly different from you blog post title.

  • leneila lynne says:

    This is THE best video for Facebook advertising I have seen yet! Engaging, funny and made simple. Loved it a lot 🙂

  • Justin Bradley says:

    I'd recommend you guys do more of these videos. Not only is it insightful info, but you guys have extremely likable personalities and relate well to your target audience. Could really see your brand growing a lot in the future. Good work

  • This my first time on your channel. You guys have me some really great content. I would have loved to finish hearing about the "Tree of Trust" but other than that the show was very insightful. Thank you!

  • I am a graphic designer who creates vector images. I agree they definitely are more effective than photos. Reply below if you are interested in having one done?

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