23 thoughts on “Undersea Cables Power The Internet”

  • Joesph Thibodaux says:

    So how do they protect them from animals hitting and destroying them, what about submarines? Or what about a ship sinking and destroying them?

  • zelpha chatwin says:

    Makes one wonder how the electromagnetic field around those cables is affecting the marine life? Also what happens when one country taps into another countries cable? Is this another form of spying?

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

    And then the skool says that we receive phone calls and access internet through satellite -_- they never teach the fascinating stuff

  • 1:30 for all those FE fucktards, you're welcome.

    Also, those who are old enough to remember Satellite TV, before data transmissions were of a sufficient rate to "stream" anything via copper let alone Fibre, will recall that the recieving "satellite dish" would have to be pointed so many degrees east or west dependant on which Satellite one wished to view the TV Stations from, as there were quite a few. Again this was dependant on where on the Earth you would be receiving the signals from, as these Satellites were in what is called a "geo-stationary orbit"(thanks to an old paedo who first propsed this hypothesis). Which means that they were stationary with respect to the Earths' rotation…..

    Now, if there are any FE out there who watch Satellite TV, ie. from a "Dish", go unscrew(anti-clockwise)* the F-type conncector from the LNB(Low Noise Block-amp) and see what happens…..

    "Flat Earth" was a psy-op long ago, think about it, say you have a race of people who have a monopoly on "Global Trade" because they know the Earth is a globe(ain't gettin' intae semantics), and tell everyone else "Oh you don't wanna sail too far, you'll fall off the edge". Those with "The Knowledge" have the edge, unchallenged supremacy over the worlds seas and trade.

    'appy new year y'all,

    *gotta think of those a wee bit challenged ;o)

  • Nikhil Kumar says:

    Amazing, but the location of almost every undersea cable is publicly available. Dosen't it increases the risk of vulnerability of the internet and cross border transfer of data.

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