Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Rich Eisen

Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Rich Eisen

– I’ve seen you do stand-up,
as a matter of fact. I actually met you afterwards. (audience laughs) Good to see you again. – It’s so nice to see you again. – You got it, you got it. (upbeat jazz music) – [Narrator] Please welcome Tig Notaro. – Hi, welcome to Under
a Rock with Tig Notaro. I’m Tig Notaro. I’m a comedian who doesn’t
follow a lot of pop culture. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows or movies, so I have a really hard time
recognizing famous people. And on this show, I
interview famous people to try and figure out who they are. So please welcome this person. (audience cheers)
(upbeat jazz music) – What a warm introduction. – Thank you. – No, thank you. – No.
– Thanks. Thank you for having this person. (audience laughs) So how does this work? – Well, I want to figure out who you are. – Okay, very good. I am a bit of a control freak
in these types of settings. – Okay. Like talk shows? – Conversationals, yes. – You control a conversation. – I can, I’m a bit like I can’t, – It’s tough for me to sit back and not drive the conversation. – All right, well– – I’m going to be a better
guest from here on out is what I’m saying to you. (audience laughs) – Any time you feel like interrupting me– – No! I just did. (audience laughs) I’m sorry, see right there, right there. I’m gonna be quiet. (audience laughs) – Oh sir, guess what this says? – I don’t know. – [Tia] You did stand-up
comedy in college. – I did. – Ah, makes sense! – [Guest] I did. – You’re a silly person. – I am or a glutten.
– You’re a very silly person. – Or a glutten for punishment. – How long did you do stand-up? – I did it for three years. – What city, what town? – In Ann Arbor, Michigan. – Oh one of the big comedy mecca’s. (laughs) – That’s right! Yeah I did it and I loved it. It’s made everything that
I’ve ever done professionally that much easier cause
nothings ever been tougher, there’s nothing more alive, makes you feel more alive than stand-up. I’ve seen you do stand-up
as a matter of fact, I actually met you afterwards. (laughs) Good to see you again. – It’s so nice to see you again. – You got it, you got it, you got it. – What show did I meet you at Largo? Just out of curiosity. – Garland did a show one night, Jeff? And had a whole bunch
of his friends there. – Are you from Curb Your Enthusiasm? – I have been on an
episode of it, yes, I have. – So you’re an actor? – Playing myself, playing myself. – Playing yourself? And are you friendly with Cheryl at all? – I’ve been stared down by
Cheryl Hines at the poker table. – Anytime Cheryl comes up, somebody has played poker with her. – My greatest poker claim to fame is I felted Ellen DeGeneres and she called me a
mother(beep) when I beat her and knocked her out of a tournament, and it was absolutely a pelt on the wall, it was awesome. – But she was being lighthearted. – I think she was legitimately pissed. I will never forget it and I
wonder if she will remember. I don’t know how many
people she’s called that. – Did you make any money off of that game? – Oh God it was phenomenal. (audience laughs) – Did you go mansion shopping after? – I did not go mansion shopping. – Do you live in a mansion? – I do not live in a mansion. – Hmm that’s sad. (audience laughs) – What would you bring to a potluck? – Is that really what was on that card? – I swear to God. (audience laughs) – Now what would you bring to a potluck. – What would you bring to a potluck. What would you bring to a potluck. – I don’t think I’ve
ever been to a potluck. A casserole of some sort,
like honestly I don’t. – You haven’t been to a potluck? – No, no, I don’t do potlucks. – Are you socially likable? – I am socially likable,
I’m just potluck averse. That doesn’t help you at all. (audience laughs) In terms of this endeavor here. – At all right?
– Well, what would you bring to a
potluck was the question sir. (audience laughs) – Ahm baked ziti, baked
ziti it’s easy it’s simple. – How do you make it? – I don’t know. – You just bake it. – I mean.
– You bake it. – You take the ziti and you bake um-muah! – Right, don’t you just take a pot, and you boil water and then you put. – The ziti.
– The pasta ziti in. – You put ziti in. – Right you put ziti so I
don’t have to worry about what type of shape of pasta, we know what we’re talking about. – Alexa could I get a
recipe for baked ziti? – Okay I recommend baked ziti, one hour five minutes to make. Serves eight, would you
like to start recipe? – I’m gonna have a potluck
and I’m gonna directly invite you sir. – Okay very good. – And you will be the only person invited. (laughs) And it’ll be me and you eating
eight portions of baked ziti. – (laughs) That’s right. – I’m gonna do a fun fact. – Now does this guaranteed to be fun? Or it’s just what you call these things? – It’s just guaranteed to be a fact. – Got it. – Your voice is your money maker. – That is fun you’re right. (audience laughs) It is. – Are you a sports person? – Well I’ve got this board
with me and it shows that comedian Tig Notaro has
two grammy nominations – in her career.
– My God. – Your setup to punchline
ratio is a fantastic hall of fame worthy one to one. (audience laughs) And in terms of laughs per minute, 4.49 on occasion can
be actually taken down but when you connect you
absolutely connect with lightning speed. And then celebrities recognized
according to this show, you’re still at zero which means there’s no where to go but up. (audience laughs) Back to you Tig! (audience applaud and laughs) – You’re a sports commentator? – Pretty much that’s what
I do for a living yes. – Do you do play by play? – Tig Notaro yeah. I on occasion will do it
but more often than that I’m a studio sports host. – And did you move here
trying to get into sports? – I realized many many years ago that I could talk it better
than I could play it. – I’m gonna go to the reveal. – Oh that’s where you keep
the reveal envelope at huh? – Yeah we need a very big box. – For a very small envelope. – Yeah. – What a great show. – Reveal. – What a special moment, oh there’s several cards there, okay. – My guest today is a sports broadcaster, for the NFL network and
hosts numerous shows, including the annual
coverage of the NFL draft. – Correct. – The hall of fame induction weekend. – Fact. – He was also the first honored talent added to the NFL network
roster and has since earned four Emmy nominations for
his work as a sportscaster. – Facts. – That ain’t too shabby. – You’re spittin’ truth right now Tig. – But do you have any Grammy nominations? – I don’t, you last I checked, have two. – And one Emmy, one Emmy nomination, why is that not up there? Okay, he has guest starred
on TV shows including The League, At Midnight, and
played himself in the movie Draft Day. – Did you see that movie? – What do you think? (audience laughs) His charity event Run Rich Run has raised over a million dollars for
St Judes Children Hospital, that’s phenomenal. (audience applause) He currently hosts the Rich Eisen Show? Oh that’s, is that you? (bell dings) – That’s me. (audience laughs) – Turns out, my guest
today was Rich Eisen. (audience applauds) – Why thanks, thank you. – Alexa add watch the Rich Eisen Show to my to do list please. – I have added watch the Rich Eisen Show to your to do list. – Yes! Rich Eisen thank you so much for comin’ to Under a Rock with Tig Notaro. – Pleasure, thanks so much Tig,
what a pleasure to meet you. – What a nice handshake. – It’s my pleasure to shake your hand. – Well I was– – Does this mean if we
do cross paths again, you will know who I am and recognize me? – If you show up at my house with a casserole of baked ziti and I don’t know who you are? Then there’s a medical condition going on. – Okay. (audience laughs) (meow) (whoosh)


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