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  • Xastur Speaks says:

    39:10 go research how the Public School system came about and you'll discover that the Anglophilia and Progressivism which are bedfellows has something to do with this and how this type of ideology is a sort of Liberal-Socialist ideological soup, behind movements like Abolitionism, the Great Society, and Social Justice today, among other things, and has a foreign connection and counter part in places such as the UK and Germany. When you then see Mitt Romney use Massachusetts as a state-level model which unsurprising becomes eerily similar to a national model the process level is the same. If you look further you'll notice how you can really see this model done, say, the UK, and due to that anglophilic pipeline you get what seem like homegrown ideas as the Seed of these internationalist concepts. Mitt Romney, a Republican really is a globalist just like Obama or Hillary. The fact one is Republican or Democrat is irrelevant. Both are Authoritarian vs the Libertarian basis for any true divide.

    Also realize when the Health Insurance mandate occurred it kicked off millions of people who already had government insurance. They demonized the term 'government' but they were on State insurance not Federal but it was federally subsidized. Medicaid is government insurance and if government insurance is bad then Medicaid is horribly bad, but the fact is it is not bad nor horrible and it is Horrible to kick people off state insurance to force them to go to those mandated federal government health care websites. When they say 20 million might lose their health care, 6 to 10 of which were people who had Medicare or some level of it as some states offered it to those who did not qualify but did qualify for a paying option to access the state Medicaid system.

    That is the Public Option and that means you didn't need this Mandated ACA at all, nor is government insurance bad. Rather allow people to have Medicaid, but then access it if they made to much, or were unemployed, or under-employed and depending on their income they pay according to a Tiered system. A family of 4 for example that made slightly too much and realize that means making more than say 35k for an entire Household income as that is what truly matters, NOT the red herring false argument of male or female pay, but rather Household income. Then they pay, say 125 dollars a month. They get the same state level Medicaid program.

    The system simply needs more funding by states and the federal government. There was ZERO need to create the Affordable Care Act. It didn't bring insurance to people. It removed insurance from people, and yet, it did grant insurance options for those who can't gain insurance via employer provided insurance option. Say you have a small business with too few employees or are self-employed or unemployed but not on Medicaid yet. Now, realize the logic is those businesses who have X employees are large enough to qualify for a group discount or deal, but if you count up all the uninsured as a block it is far more than any businesses employees. So that is a FALSE argument to make.

    40 million under-employed, unemployed, self-employed, small businesses far outnumber those who can access employer based insurance relative to any single business providing health insurance options.

    So there is something else to all this. For someone on medicaid who paid NOTHING for access to Medicaid who is kicked off and then told they must pay 150 to 225 a month for the same thing or one that is not as good, or pay 35 a month but with a 5000 deductible and if they don't get the insurance the FEDERAL government and the plan made by the Democrats primarily penalize those poor people. Yup, the kick that dog while's down and how do they make them pay. Well they already provide Tax Credits so they give, say 5 to 9k to a family, mostly single moms and mostly Head of Household type of households and if they don't get the insurance they pay a penalty which at first was low, like 90 bucks, then 300 and finally some high amount like 1200. Think about that as it is per person. Say you have 4 kids and a single mom none of them have insurance. Say it is 1200 per person. That is 6000 dollars they get deducted from the money they normally get. Realize for them it is FREE MONEY they just get less of it.

    Then if they don't get penalized and pay that 5k deductible they are basically getting not really tax payer money but rather National Debt that is piled on in their name (using poor people) to give them this Tax Return money which then is shunted (or shifted) over to an Insurance Company.

    Fun fact: guess who helped fund Barack Obama's election: Insurance Companies.

    Think about it. You are F'ing over the poor and basically mandating they give some of that tax return money to insurance companies. Like you see Ad's on TV hawking something so you, say, buy a car to use that tax return money. They do it before you even do that.

    Democrats literally are beating Single Moms up basically, and if they had a nutsack they'd be kick them in that with a metal sledge hammer.

    These are the Woke and Good people you see. The Feminist in White Suits the Black Lives Matter aligned Black Caucus who are behind the Affordable Care Act. That is why they looked non-plused and didn't clap when Trump mentioned woman and blacks were doing historically better. They set up that Gravy Train for a reason, and the Affordable Care Act is the champion and protector of the 'most vulnerable' but in fact it is the opposite. All thanks to the Tax Credit system and the Welfare State.

    Removing the mandate and really just funding Medicaid and allowing families, especially those like the under-employed, unemployed, working poor, self-employed, small businesses to at least have the chance to access their states Medicaid system by a Tiered Pay system (so it will cost money but based on a Means Test) is the most Sane, Humane, and best system IF Medicaid and the Welfare system are retained.

    Barack Obama was an employee hired to win an election and those who funded it spend millions but got back billions if not trillions in return. They have bought both the Republicans and Democrats and why Trump's election involved a take over of the Republican party by necessity.

    If you love the US or even yourself in a selfish naracisstic way and your are the poor person realize voting Democrat is literally voting against yourself. I know that sounds counter intuitive. The best programs are those that empower people to empower themselves. What the system does is cultivate a culture of dependency. The ACA then is viewed as the Golden Egg that keeps on giving to those who fought hard to fund it into legislation and it was not for the common person's benefit.

    In case your wondering. Personally, I am exempt from the Affordable Care Act. I have never paid nor will ever pay a penalty. I am a citizen of the US though. It doesn't harm or help me and I don't have insurance via one of those websites. I do have insurance and it is great and government provided. That means I don't pay a penalty even if the mandate is in place. I also don't get nor need employer based insurance (i.e. even though I work in the Management class it is not tied to my employer directly). I could be unemployed and still have it. It is also not dependent on my income (well a little bit but not much)

  • Xastur Speaks says:

    I need to go through this video in depth but when they say 'Captialism' they need to say Financial Capitalism and really when you are speaking of Progressive ideology and socialism, which most think means 'government owns the means of production' think of these things coming in flavors and different types of captialism and socialism. What exists in Europe for example is NOT capitalism, no matter how much Swedish economists think it is, or the President of Denmark. It is a hybrid system. Socialists NEED markets and really they NEED capitalism in a symbiotic relationship. So what you get is a 'mixed economy' and thus if profits are generated mixed with the capacity of government to go into debt you get Limited capitalism, specifically mostly financial capitalism, whose 'profits' are snatched up in large part by higher taxes toward socialist (Welfare State) ends. It is NOT capitalism and it is NOT socialism in either classical sense. It is something else. That is the missing link that is never named as these terms: socialism and capitalism are thrown around but most have little clue what that means and those who think they do know are thinking in terms of these out-dated concepts.

    A policy like Minimum Wage is a socialist policy that operates within a capitalist system. Markets exist, but they are heavily regulated and you get the Illusion of Choice from the actual Markets or capitalist side, limited competition at best so you have mostly limited monopolies where one company might have 80 percent of the market share, so it is not a true Monopoly. Then you have supply managment, an anti-capitalist system which again gives you the illusion of choice in the name of Price Stability and protection of Producers using the State. Canada, the globalist Woke feminazi state that is steeped in this.

    Sure there is some capitalism, and calling the Stock Market that sounds like it might be, but it is an illusion. The 2008 collapse didn't occur due to a flaw in the capitalist 'market' driven economy but rather the captured Financial capitalism that is called Crony capitalism. Notice how after the collapse they didn't eliminate these markets, the 600 trillion dollar market. Nope, instead they kept that Gravy Train running but with some 'fix' and doubled down on their own false assumptions and ideologically driven solutions.

    That is why when the house of cards crashes it is neither surprising nor unknown why it happens. I'll give a hint though: those who have means or capital can capitalize when a collapse happens. That is why when the 2008 collapse happened there were some, the capitalists, who were ecstatically happy to seize the opportunity. So it was not a failure, but a planned event or rather a nudge that had payoffs and benefits. Sure there was a bit of the 'punishment' but really only the illusion and those who were triggering agents were rewarded and protected. So when Alan Greenspan is surprised, realize this is Political and Economic theater. I'm sure he got a Leading Actor Emmy for best performance, but he had stiff competition from Paulson and others and that is not even mentioned those in European and other nations.

    What is really needed then is a new economic realism that acknowledges the perspective being put forth. It is not one where we are making up the fact these elements exist. It reflects real systems and how they operate, why they have these policies and how they don't match up with any of these classical terms used.

    So when Bernie Sanders states he loves Social Democracy as some type of socialism, but points to Sweden, but then Sweden denies it is socialist, realize there is some chicanery going on and somewhere in between you have a reflection of the reality of the situation but it requires a transformed perspective.

    Capitalism as you know it was captured long ago and shot in the head by socialists in a quiet mostly bloodless coup, but Socialism also died of ideological dysfunction and now you have a situation much like two parents who are both equally incapable of being parents and all children realizing their parents are incapable of being parents. So what do you do.

    Is government the solution? Not when governments which are merely institutions can be ideologically captured, and powerful elite individuals who are the true government (or Deep State) who use these institutions to solve problems that are best solved by requiring people to solve it for their own self. That is why Big Business and Big Government partner up and grow a Culture of Dependency and then use a Management class to manage the dependent class. That is why the Gravy Train exists and how profitable it is, therefore protecting it is the business of government and business, and why if you choose any villain it is NOT the rich. It is the upper-middle class, and that would be the professionals who gain real power and real privileges off this system.

    Draining the Swamp then is dismantling this system. It is not eliminating government, nor businesses, but rather reducing the Crony Capitalism and restoring the true free market forces, but the FREEDOM TO FAIL, one of the many freedoms I speak of: Freedom of Association or Freedom of Thought.

    Think of these then as Human Rights. You have the Right to Fail as a human. You do not have the Right to Success.

    Keep in mind that the culture of dependency persists by cultivating the Crabs in a Bucket mentality. It is not the rich that keep most of the poor down. It is the Poor who do so. Demonizing the Rich or inherited wealth is a red herring.


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  • Peter Robinson is a rank fool who talks too much, listens too shallowly, and misses the point of most of what his guests say. He's the caricature of an effete NPR host, whispering his way through a condescending program of sly self-promotion.

  • One of the more accurate claims from stossel is right at the beginning… we are tribal creatures that have evolved to be lead by others. But this rule applies regardless of your political affiliation. It doesn’t matter if you lean left or right. If your on the left, your master is the government. If your on the right, your master are businesses, CEO’s, etc…

  • The Designer says:

    Why doesn't government work? It's because we hired lawyers and professional politicians instead of scientists and engineers.

  • 17:46 Stossell gives the tiresome argument that conservatives are against sexuality. No. We do not want to pay for it.

  • To the question, "how do we use the political system to fix that", Term limits, and no lifelong benefits to elected officials.

  • I've got a better idea. Let the rich pay the exact same percentage as everyone else of taxes above the mean cost of living by state. At the time of death, all sums of money above the American mean value is used to pay the national debt.

  • CO2 is a greenhouse gas. That is it both absorbs and releases infrared photons. Once released, there is one chance in 41,253 that infrared photon will continue within one degree in the same direction. This basically gives that photon a 50/50 chance of going either up or down. Since the oceans cover about 71% of the Earth's surface, this gives that photon about a 35% chance of hitting a body of water. Infrared photons will not penetrate a body of water's surface, but will instead excite an H2O molecule causing evaporation. H2O is the primary greenhouse gas which prevents the Earth from having a climate like our moon. Consequently, the more CO2 we put into the atmosphere, the more H2O gets into the atmosphere, the warmer the planet gets. This is how a 40% increase in CO2 caused a 7% increase in absolute humidity. The present increase in temperature due to this combination of additional H2O and CO2 in the atmosphere is approximately .9C at present. Because it takes a tremendous amount of time for the oceans to heat, it will take centuries for the Earth to reach temperature equilibrium. If we continue to inject 35 gigatonnes annually of CO2 into the atmosphere, that heating process will continue to accelerate.

  • Yeah. The WWII boom technically came after the war and was because of one thing, an expanded work force. Women in large numbers for the first time where employeed outside of the house during the war. Afterwards many of them didnt want to return home and instead wanted to keep working. Having them continue to work while adding back in the men who came home from war meant there was a HUGE number of consumers to sell to, of course the economy is going to grow when you have more people earning money.

  • The economy of the US roared after second world war because the US was the only country with a factory or two that were still intact while the rest of the civilized world were consumers without any serious means of production. Not too tough to sell a new tractor into countries that can be reasonably expectes to pay back the loan (for the tractor) while having no factories left that build tractors!

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