28 thoughts on “UNC Releases Footage of North Korean Defector”

  • Spyderlegs 17 says:

    Thank God he survived! Too bad his body was full of worms and parasites but at least he gets the chance to start over in a society that is safe, free, and has plenty of food!

  • 2:58 did those soldiers attend stormtrooper school of shooting. The guy stepped out of the car a few feet from them. I mean good on on the dude to succeed in his escape, but luck of a lifetime.

  • Youtube Security Squad says:

    Gf: Babe, I'm horny
    NK Soldier: Don't you see we're in different country?!
    Gf: But my parents aren't home

  • SuperGeronimo999 says:

    You're saying they're bad shooters… what if they missed on purpose? (if they just let him go, they ALL would die)

  • Pierre Stöber says:

    and it turns out the guy had killed someone in NK. A news nobody talks about, a nice example of Western propaganda.

  • … ever seen citizens from Norway, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, France, Australia, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Canada etc…….desperately trying to " Escape" their regimes …….and their regimes desperately trying to kill or capture them ……?

  • .. he actually wanted to cross over in the jalopy but it got stuck in a mud ditch just short of borderline .. good for him, his legs managed some 40 -50 metres of Usain Bolt-ing before dropping though.

  • Travis Warren says:

    They shot over 40 bullets and only 5 hit him lol what a bunch of greenhorns. That dudes a fucking survivor.

  • South Korea should install some powerful floodlights near the MDL, that can blink on and off at a rapid rate. This should be able to temporarily blind any North Koreans from firing into South Korea's side.

  • All these guards, even though they tried to murder him, because they failed they’ll all be either shot outright or sent to death camps along with their families. This regime needs to be sterilized from the surface of the Earth with nuclear fire…

  • Attiladesigner22 says:

    God Bless him, I hope he'll live a long, NOW healthy, and happy life!! Only thing he'll have to run from now is the storm of Women!! :)))

  • Look at the number of soldiers who deserted their posts just to catch hold of a single defector. Shows how ill-trained they are…

  • I dont get how they cant see it…. that their own government has them shoot their own, whilst South Korea wants to help them. If only there was some way to peacefully remove Kim Jong Un and make the two countries one Korea again

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