Unbelievable Day 3 of WSOP Main Event!!! Poker Vlog Ep 32

Unbelievable Day 3 of WSOP Main Event!!! Poker Vlog Ep 32

welcome back to the poker vlog this is episode number 32 for this episode were playing day three of the main event it's a really special episode I've been looking forward to putting it out and let's go ahead and get into it day three today of the main event coming back with one hundred and twenty two thousand seven hundred average is probably around 140 we're predicted to make the money after dinner tonight I think twenty six hundred people are coming back in 1080 are are going to cash so it's a big day playing the cash today who do you think we unbag get our chip set and ready to go it's level 11 blinds are 1,000 mm or 380s we don't waste any time during the second orbit we get pocket tens on the button it folds to us we raise to 4500 the small blind happened to be the player that I bluffed the night before with ace Jack offsuit she doesn't like to fold much and he three bets me here to 12,000 the big blind folds I'm never folding I call the flop comes ace jack 7 all hearts the small blind bets 11,000 I've got a pair and a flush draw which is good enough to stick around I make the call the turn is the 10 of diamonds boom the small blind checks I bet 22,000 he calls the river is an off suit 5 the opponent checks I bet 45,000 this time he folds we take down a nice pot to start the day and are up to almost 175,000 great way to start if only we didn't lose every hand after this for the entire level kind of a frustrating level I had great first start gotten up to 175 K and then I just bought the kind of hands after that one of them was 89 and diamond to open the middle position the small big blind book called flop came Jack big four to Diamond small blind let out for eight thousand thanks the big blind just called I raised to twenty five thousand mall blind folded then the big blind raised seventy eight thousand and I paid for a long time hold the clock on me actually and then I folded and she spent a few other hand that are kind of similar every time I've kind of been involved in a hand I've either gotten like free that free flop or raised on the flop and it just kind of put me it's a tough box out unfortunately nothing changes during the beginning of level twelve I started the level with one hundred five thousand but it quickly goes down to twenty-six thousand after losing with King ten to a skiing in a three bet pot on a king high board then in another hand I fired two bullets trying to bluff someone after he flopped third pair this didn't work out too well so here I am with ten big blinds and a dream I look down at each Queen offsuit it folds to the cutoff he's got a decent stack and raises to six thousand the button and small blind fold the action is on me and the big blind not much of a choice here I shove after some thought the cut off calls and flips over ace three off suits so we're in great shape the viewer puts out ten ten seven on the flop we're a huge favorite now the turn is a four just hoping for no three damn it forgot to hope for no seven or for either with two pair on the board we end up chopping it the good news is we're still alive the bad news is we don't have much room to work with I end up going all-in preflop with Jack 10 off suit in the small blind then again with ace deuce of diamonds in the hi jack when it gets folded to me I took down the blinds and Inez those hands and get my stack up to over 40,000 that's when I look down at 8 9 of clubs in middle position I have about 17 big blinds time to shove again the player on my direct left looks at his cards then looks around at the table as if you can't believe his good fortune and he regions not what I was hoping for he clearly has a big hand I'm just hoping it's not aces when the other players fold I'm almost relieved to see he just has pocket kings all in a constant Santos would be a fun card called it anyone for the board here we are playing in the biggest event of the year our $10,000 fine is on the line it's all come down to this moment we're a huge underdog with only eight outs in just the river to come alligator blood man after a mini heart attack we get to double up and have 87,000 that's just for a little while though they should have busted me when they had the chance because I play a few more hands and run it up to 113,000 before the table breaks I get seated at a table with multiple big stacks on my left blinds are huge so I don't have much room to get creative but at this point I'm just happy to still be alive started with 105 pay that last level awesome hands I left someone off their fare on the fly and then that was impossible by boys and wooden poles and on the river we both made a pair of aces well you made two pair and that was it for me well not it but I was down to 25k after that then I chopped with the 8th Queen versus a stream they got it all in I would have been a nice one to win then I sold a blind few times and got my stock up to 40k and got it in with base 9 of clubs versus pocket kings in a miracle for across on the river to double up then I played pretty well after that actually there were two hands doctor back swear quite pretty well against my phone and then now my stacks is 117 and 118 going into the third level of the day I've got a table change which is tough because there are just a ton of really good players on my people now with giant stacks to to my left the guy has 600,000 or over 600,000 kill the guys with over 300,000 everyone else has around 200,000 I'm for sure just the short stack and just have to make an pick my spot and kind of get lucky I'm not going to be able to peel the blinds from the opponent who has 600k in my left just trying to survive now it's now level 13 blinds are 1500 3000 with 500 Andy's 720 people need to bust this thing before we make the money we've got a short stack of 113,000 and we're trying not to be one of them early on in the level we get involved in a big hand the largest stack of the table raises to 7,000 from under the gun I've seen him raised Queen 8 suited and some other weak holdings from this position he was using a thick stack to his advantage putting pressure on every other player at the table falls to me and I have pocket deuces in the small blind I make the call the big blind folds the flop comes out 10 for 3 rainbow I check the opponent bets 12,000 I've seen him see bet 100 percent of the time up to this point still it's a fine spot to fold but I don't I call the turn is the seven of hearts I checked the opponent bets 17,000 I know he can have a wide range of hands he might be trying to push me around it's still another good opportunity to fold but again I don't there's a decent chance he has air here or a hand can't call the raise I'm not sure what gets into me but I decided I'm going to rep aset I shoved for just over 80,000 more he goes deep into the tank then lays it down I would never recommend for anyone to do this you want to bluff the big stack of your table with such little equity when cold I just felt like pulling the trigger and got lucky it worked out I went a few more hands after that to get my stack up over 180,000 it sounds like a lot but it still makes me the second smallest stack at the table then I lose several hands in a row right before the levels over we're on dinner break I'm really short got my stock up to 180 K then yeah lots of you lock your hands in this one hand in particular the button opened up to seven ki3 back to 18 K from the small blind tasting at 8 the officers the button called papain ace-jack 9 with two spades I had no fate in my hands and 8 was the club I believe I've had 16 K B raises to 35 K I call the turn is the poorest page so the flush draw gets there I checked he shows here is actually this guy nothing I could really do it folded down to 54 gay right now we're about 400 away from the money been in this situation before maybe I've been runnin up again coming back from dinner 5450 forte and I have to show real quick you have to double up at least once something she's gonna triple up first hand earth then back I hope so the break ends we come into level 14 really short this time the blinds are 2000 4000 with 580 s 400 people need to bust before the money my stack is quickly diminishing after less than one orbit I'm down to 45,000 and C pocket threes on the button the cut off open to 9k he probably is opening with a wide range I'm losing 25% of my stacks every orbit and I have to make a move at some point I shoved hoping that I'm in a situation where I'm flipping or maybe the cutoff will fold a big percentage of his opening range since he doesn't have a big stack either and may want to avoid taking risks that close to the money that's not the case though he tink holes with Queen nine of Hearts we're off to the races remember my head is about the paper I'm trying my absolute best to dine this thing but I just don't quite know how we get to double up and our stack increases to 95,000 I went a few little ones then get King jack of spades in the big blind the big stack who I bluffed earlier with pocket deuces opens from under the gun plus one to ten thousand it folds to me and I make the call the flop comes ten eight six with two spades I check and there's nothing I want to do more than get it all in here but I don't get the chance as my opponent checks back the turn is the three of spades giving us the second nuts I check again and he checks back again he's starting to piss me off a little the river is a jack I throw out twenty two thousand into a pot of twenty eight thousand five hundred I want to make a team like I'm bluffing as a short stack and just really need to win this pot he tanks for quite a while before tossing in some chips I turned over the hand and win I'm pretty sure he called extremely light maybe even with a hand like ace high the stack is up to one hundred and forty five thousand the blinds and Annie's eat away at it quickly though before it's down to one hundred twenty four thousand and I'm in small blind with ace Queen offsuit it's boats to the button he opens to nine thousand for just a few hundred spots away from the money here it's fifteen thousand for a min cash folding seems a little too nitty though I'm likely way ahead of his players range this is the same guy who opened the cutoff with Queen nine suited and called my shove I don't want a three bet and get cold and have to play out a position either this is also the same opponent who called my three bet when I had a skiing off suit in the small blind he raised me on the flop then shoved the turn forcing me to make a big lay down as I said before I'm probably way ahead of his range we're close to the money I'm happy just to take this pot down now I shove for 30 big blinds expecting to take it down without a fight to play around my left folds the button snap calls here's what happened the flop comes ten nine seven that's not going to do it it turns the King giving us four more house any ace or Jack it's going to give us Winn again our tournament life is on the line with one card to go do we have any more magic left in the tank next boom just like that we get sent home after three long days of playing we're out a few hours short of the money that's it man 10 K down the drain right two-twenty away from the money probably would have occurred next level that one hurt that's it for the episode and that's it for the main event run a little bit heartbreaking to left there at the end close to the money still would had to play maybe a few more hours but it's been a dream of mine since I was about 14 15 to cash in the main event I guess we're gonna have to postpone that dream for at least another year it was an awesome experience though I'm glad I got the documented and I'm glad I got to share it with you thanks to everybody who who sent out comments on YouTube and Twitter and Instagram rooting me on that was something that was really special to me so thanks to everybody for all the support I hope that you guys you guys enjoyed it and maybe you got to feel like you played the main event right along with me let's do it again next year alright good luck at the tables guys


28 thoughts on “Unbelievable Day 3 of WSOP Main Event!!! Poker Vlog Ep 32”

  • ShivasWrath Ragnarok says:

    Looks like when you have a low stack you focus more, and with a healthy stack you let your guard down. I am not a profetional, I might be rong. Thanks for your videos amigo!

  • I am sorry you ran into a few monster so you can’t bluff a big bank rolls so go Fuck yourself you could won a shit load of money on the regular grind you said at the Bike you were not comfortable with Big stakes

  • Brendan Coughlan says:

    I gotta be honest, I loved the videos, but didn’t love your play. Kinda felt you had opportunities to preserve your stack after building it up so many times. Are you playing too many hands??

  • thats too bad Brad. next year is yours for the taking….I will still watch your blogs…and your cash game is great…have fun in vegas..

  • I never would play in this tourney I’d rather buy a piece of someone else let them waste their time if they cash great if not I’m only out a small amount of $ and didn’t waste my time. I only play cash games

    Now if I do get the itch to play a tournament I only play bounty tournaments for obvious reasons. I like the fact that I can play a tournament not cash and still win money !

  • I have watched a TON of your videos and this is the first time I was really baffled by how you chose to play this thing, especially towards the end. You normally play VERY smart poker, but it seemed like you lost you mind at some point and didn't pay attention to your analytics but rather distressed to playing on emotion. I realize it can be almost impossible to stay focused all the time in these multiple day events, but if you had tightened things up a little more, I have no doubt you would have gone much further in the event. You are a phenomenal poker player and person, or so it seems, just hated seeing you go out after all your time and effort you put into it. Better luck next one, and keep the videos coming as I LOVE hearing your thoughts and analysis of your hands!!!

  • גיא אבן צור says:

    You played bad period. You are a good player, but if you'll look at how many times you were way up and how many times way down, that's not playing like a pro, that's not being solid and stable. Batter luck next time, grow from it man

  • Grregory Steele says:

    Brad…out of all the poker players I've seen and or know of your definitely becoming one of my favorite. You have a good game bro and more than that your style is good for the game. I don't play the big games you do but I really enjoy watching you play…keep the blog going and thanks for sharing.

  • Harsh. Such highs and lows. I don't think I would have done anything different. I guess that just means we be sitting at the rail together:/

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