100 thoughts on “Ukraine gas company where Hunter Biden worked hacked by Russia”

  • Alabama Mothman says:

    Democrat Russian collusion volume two. Isn't it "coincidental" that RUSSIANS keep showing up for democrats just when they are most wanted. Democrats are COMPLETE IDIOTS if they think they are fooling ANYONE.

  • it wasn't hacked, obviously. Biden let them in for he has been providing intel to Russia, both for his own interest and for Hillary's interest.

  • The Russiaphobia rides again. Our worst ennemy is not Russia….its the deep state Democratic party and the Rothschid's mob.Wake up.

  • Area One that handles the so called 'cyber security' at Burisma Holdings is an Israeli backed company that would ONLY BENEFIT by muddying the waters in the case against Joe Biden, Barrack Obama & Hunter Biden.
    Watch TruNews for the EXACT DETAILS or any of the latest videos from Whitney Webb for more precise news.

  • The story lacks credibility, but some of the puppets tell it better than others. Get them busy with the impeachment hoax, and presto change all.

  • Obama, Creepy Joe and Hunter Biden are a criminal triad. How do I know this? I watched Creepy Joe explaining the whole criminal process in a video.

  • Ukrain called President Obama like Joe Biden suggest Obama threaten them as well as Biden said he would. He was going to hold back aid to Ukraine if didnt fire prosecutor. Obama and Joe Biden both guilty as sin of
    Quid Pro Quo!
    Very very bad.

  • So your telling me that burisma who is a proven corrupt company that has corruption ties with a democratic presidential candidate came out with this new claim that there internal system was hacked by Russian intelligence? Hmmm. Let's see the factual data to back that claim up….

  • But I thought all these whining Republicans have defended Russia on cybercrime and insisted that they don't do that sort of thing. Whatever's convenient for supporting your argument, I guess.

  • TeaPartyActivist says:

    Maybe they will find some vacation time that Hunter had coming.

    Maybe our friends,the Russians, will share their information at exactly at the right time.

    ETA Horosho tavarish!

  • We don't have Cambridge analytical no more to brainwash; you we don't have Wikileaks because he's in jail. So we will just make up something call brisma. So we can create this for 2020 y'all people are funny as hell.

  • I still want to know that how a disgraced coke head was able to fly on Air Force two.
    Also how is he qualified to be on the board of a company that more or less the vice president of the United States is in charge of diplomatic relations over.

  • More russia russia russia garbage. Area-One has connections to Crowd-Strike (uh-huh) That's all I need to know about these leftist liars. (Corrupt Democrats strike again.) Keep trying to spin it you Demon-Rats cannot escape the truth of quid pro Joe pay for play. (Nancy, Your Impeachment of Trump is a hoax and a sham.)

  • How do I know Trump is lying:

    –     All his selfies are
    almost all taken at his resort just before or after dinner

    –     You don’t just have
    dinner with trump; you have to “pay” to be in the same room with Trump and take
    a selfie with him.

    –     We all know this because
    his son Don Jr. said, “it is $200K to get reservations to have dinner with his
    dad and get a selfie”

  • Just read Pravda, Russian Newspaper, on line. It's currently featuring an article that says Pres. Trump is the AntiChrist. Oh, they love him, alrighr. Lol As for Hillary, they mock her as a nincompoop, bumbling idiot. Who do you think they preferred to butt heads with? Ya know, we ought to venture out more rather than let our own Press tell us what to think.

  • Fox was recently bought out by the same leftists that control the other news networks, which is why this idiot reporter sits here pretending that people like Adam Schiff are credible sources! They haven’t fired the REAL conservatives yet, because that would be too obvious, since conservatives like Hannity & Carlson are way too popular for them to get rid of, right now. But now that Fox has been compromised, expect to see more & more of these manipulative liars & dumb script readers, as they slowly cut back the airtime of the real conservative reporters. And pray for those guys, like Hannity, who has literally had his life threatened, and I wouldn’t put it past the evil leftists to secretly plot against him & others like him. The leftists who control most mainstream news, are very powerful and they don’t care who dies, as long as they achieve their sinister goal of taking over the USA, abolishing our Constitution, and creating their demonic “New World Order” government that is run by the United Nations!

  • Are You Tired Of Using Excuses Blame It On Russia! Make Both Bidens As Witnesses And Bring On The Ukrainians and Russians And Soon All Truths will Be REVELED It Is Our Destinies DARKNESS TO LIGHT!

  • Licy Figueroa Martinez says:

    Thank you God for your selection of leadership for this Nation. I pray Lord you continue to protect our President.

  • Shift, why don’t you go hide your ugly face in An Old Nanny Peelosi’s crouch!. That’s where it belong!. Trump 2020 !!!

  • So what the Democrats are alleging is that they are incompetent and unable to prove this collusion they know is happening.

  • I figured out how to fix Brexit. Just have MI6 "leak" that the Russians hacked the Brexit vote. Brexit solved! You're welcome UK!

  • Charles's Outdoor says:

    I've already heard about this. Why did fox not tell us this company is in California and has ties to Cloudstrike. The same that was involved in the fake Steele Dossier. OAN reprted this yesterday and they have yet to be wrong.

  • Filiberto Barrera says:

    If Russia was such a threat why did the bushes invite Putin to their ranch,Hillary sold uranium to them, Obama was caught on hot mic.telling them he can help them more .

  • I'm not buying this s**t. Its a BS story that tries to put Russia in the same light as the swamp put them in in 2016 and forward. See, just listen to the BS that Schiff and cronies are already saying. Just another attempt to drag the President through the mud. Did you hear Schiff for brains, "Yes I heard, but I was surprised to see it in a newspaper". Bulls**t! Why, because you weren't the one to leak this s**t this time. Yuk Fu! I can't wait for your own party to vote you fu**ers out. I'm sick of it!

  • I think I'll call Uncle Joe and see if he can get me a job that I get paid eighty thousand dollars a month and I have no knowledge of the job and never talked about this with my dad.

  • EEGADS, According to the Dems if the moon suddenly fell from the sky it would have to be because of President Trump. Come on, he won you lost get over it and get back to work doing what you're being paid to do. If the Dems worked in the private sector they would have been fired along time ago for wasting company money on dead end money wasting projects. By the way President Donald Trump is going still be President for FOUR MORE YEARS. Cheers…

  • What a joke everybody knows the Democrats are doing this….. Joe Biden and his son are corrupt as the day is long… Absolutely disgusting

  • When are they going to expose that this tech company is founded by the same guy that founded Crowdstrike which was the company paid by the DNC to examine their server and who concluded that RUSSIA hacked it…Crowdstrike was the ONLY one the DNC allowed to look at the server…funny that the corrupt Obama FBI didn’t do their own forensic investigation…they just believed Crowdstrike so the public wouldn’t know it was Seth Rich who took the info…not the Russians. Fake news working for the demorats again…covering for creepy quid pro Joe.

  • The Dems are fools. Either side could say the same thing. Russian hacked for Trump or Russia hacked for Biden….. It's just the swamp covering its tracks so no one ever goes to jail.

  • Notice how ever demoncrap swamp rat talking point always ends up getting backed up by some outside none sense and anonymous sources…move along there’s nothing to see here….

  • Dominique Hardie says:

    Coke head never performed any work there, creepy Joe just made sure his offspring has an influx of cash on a monthly basis.

  • Hacked by Russia because that fits the narrative. It's hacked by Ukrainians not that anyone at Fox would know the difference.

  • Scott Swineford says:

    The biden's should be behind bars right beside Obama. Them 2 committed crimes all over the world for 8 year's, sold illegal guns to the Mexican cartels and whatever else they could. The Democratic house stopped impeachment of Obama but it was perfectly fine to do what they did but it's not now and this will be the undoing of Hosie Pelosi, Cryin Chuck, Shifty Schiff with his BS facts. Trump will still be president and he will after the election in November. Pelosi and her yes ma'am club created there own monster and his name is Donald J Trump

  • Biden blackmails a foreign company with US Taxpayer dollars committing a felony and then runs for President. Only a Demonrat could get away with that

  • People need to understand the technology involved in hacking. You have to be at the particular computer. It has to be logged in. Then you have to have a password,with a junk drive available.

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