Ugly Romance by Webbiit Media

Ugly Romance by Webbiit Media

Oh with you you this of you never once made me feel like
your own wife without having made to touch you wait a minute do you even love
me at all do you very soon your mana week all my stuff
asking for brunch I I’m I don’t want to produce myself let me tell you can
traveling from my States and country to the other
last week you were in Abuja and the other with you in Canada what is this what in
what I am sick and I am tired of this come on as a man everything that you
need um I have provided for you what does you want me to please please I
said I have a butcher please stop it it’s project project
contrast of own what about me what about me I know you give me everything yes but
I want to feel like your wife I want to be treated like a lady please oh don’t
you think you might sex two more I’ll tell you all the time
why oh I do on importance man oh please I am
sick and I am tired of this palace c-can you would on the farm you on a fad
oh just let this remain you waited yeah for James why don’t you tell your wife
the truth why don’t you tell her that’s where he put it
is this wickedness because very soon she’s going to find out color listen it
is better to be a lie on a live a shorter life than to be a sheep I live
forever I cannot tell other people them never
you know that it is better to be eaten for what you are because this thing
you’ll see it’s your wife that is greater effect because we’re not very
soon the parents will start coming to the stove for grandchildren she come
this is my marital issue so I will beg you stop it what is wrong you look there’s
everything okay my friend Jean I’m so bored do you know that my husband is
that I’m I read read me do you know that we barely make love with each other
these days this time I keep blaming he could say
that he is busy calm down you can’t think so much I’m going to the hospital
to check who knows the problem a trip from you know your model or not should
start from telling a background children be telling girlfriend I am still young
and I am vibrant I have blood funny my thing if it doesn’t make love to me how
do I get pregnant school now let me give you an advice
and train this evening we are some tequila girls you know do some makeup
when it’s calm just add as if you’re picking sent a telegram I bet she loved
my wanna resistance I can bet you that’s girlfriend nanny just try it just give
it one more try baby come on put a smile on your face
girl I don’t want to see you like that reminds me do you know my younger
sisters coincident and I didn’t even tell my husband this keeps my mind
look please you gotta call him or say any money I’ll do it there’s this
something I said I was going to show you my phone game Oh so much my daddy before my time for this
where your shots off get quiet no my place to do it’s okay this is – yes okay okay okay I’m sorry Mikey that’s
how easy this go through yeah good okay so like yeah of course I will be having a vision
retreat yes I’ll be not be done this before come on
which is cause of course yes sure yeah Wow so high so ain’t your wife my
wife is final of course you know we may now they must have gone she must go
together used to you cannot take a sip away from we may oh you are very very
right of course we may not go so high with you
thank God business is booming yeah what more can we see good the glory you’re
walking on I better have oh c’mon so melody should go away with you cuz ya
wits vdf of good we’re pushing T’s approaching things
gradually yeah we tangoed we tangoed tangled that’s good
when are you going back to do Jeff hey how’re we gonna back up with ja I think
next week because um okay all arrangements have been
finish before you meet my Frank are we making before you must come before no
sir they are senator that will come is my wife needs how are you I’m very fine
thank you sir carloon I’ll go in them all right
they’re all right they’re all right there all right there Coleen my brother Hey whoa who’s that I don’t know son why are
you looking at her like that that’s my wife knees I told you already
man he’s beautiful but she’s gorgeous she’s she’s a lorry in fact of course he
is impeccable of course you see some villa plots you know your families are
very very beautiful don’t you think don’t you think this better you butter
to me I don’t what what do you mean by you have your you guys come on come on no no no Jax I don’t get
you you you me you you wanna data can do you know whatever I want I getting
cleaner lads she’s living on that is a roof with your wife
Cal cool do you want to push for me now like I don’t know what I’m doing I think you’re looking very sexy and they’re
robbing everywhere tonight I hope you are not going up is there anything wrong
good for my husband of course nothing is wrong so if you say I’m looking
beautiful like I said so we can have both – thank you we’ll be having for now
don’t we wait whit whit whit whit whit whit whit whit retreats what see I I
have not really on the mood right now always I am NOT ready for your drama
City excuse me you’ll see nothing
don’t say I’m coming it’s breakfast time or hurry up okay Lucy I’ll see you when I get back it’s good what could go wolves CCC confer no
you’re my responsibility in this out and have you noticed it for some time you
change your head tie your clothes nothing you in yours forget it but your
sister forget about your sister every man on
the other take care of you you’re my responsibility
don’t worry I’m gonna take good care of you I’m gonna change your hair in fact
then save some money now fuck you can don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry
don’t fear don’t worry I’ll send you some money now right yes
yes we lost give me a call to do all right on Front Street – sure yes what bunk you see yeah I just sent you home by kalimera
yes for your octuple now yeah jeez Chateau st. mark what is going on and it totally stood there for me like
you got it anyone
you see what will happen multipass
thank you very much for for what you did this is nothing it’s not that
yep it’s my top then 12 and 4 you know you are my very good you know what that I’ll give some money
now for that is enjoy wants to buy some stock for you approve and enjoy yourself
stop your mouth talking to your Gallagher you mean any codes sleeping with your
wife system come you need to see how I felt in presence of said Paul even my
wife almost for not two minutes is very strange
he is so good st. Paul I never liked him because he behaved so strange I really
hope that he does not tell your wife about this
I hope so coming I hope so can I just breathe decent Pope we know go on tell
my wife James I warned you about this roof you did I told you if you tell my
wife I’m going to roost in my life are just trying to be sluts
you know I can see I like how you usually go for it
that is the problem oh wait will you should just it’s not a joking matter Hey after this no more and you promise I’ll
keep your mouth shut I know you said you produce more chance my son come on don’t
know finish I have my life Oh still slightly I am finished with my back you I was feeling back Oh this is a dream wake up wake up sleep
countdown still a CUDA which kind Rubio is one man hey cheese
sauce is load my band flew what’s that for – Milton mother said boy what are
you doing in my picture I’m my man what are you doing to me you


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