UFC president Dana White full media scrum at Aurora Cannabis announcement

UFC president Dana White full media scrum at Aurora Cannabis announcement

well Dana you got a big pay-per-view this weekend you know I saw a couple questions you know why was Frankie Edgar the number one contender you know he did have the lost or take it not that long ago so how did you make a decision that yes he deserves a shot but he took the fight against Bert Ortega which you know I respect and if you look at how that division played out you look at who's there right now yeah max Holloway on the other side of it give me your thoughts on him I mean he's coming out of a war not too long ago right he's eat add the physical concerns I mean are you worried about him at all or where he stays we had the wait situation with him then he comes back looks great this last fight I said many times I thought he was a big forty five pounder he got a 55 and looked very small next to Poirier obviously he is exactly where he belongs hopefully you know this week his weight cut and everything goes good and you know he's one of these fighters especially lately where he just walks right through guys he comes right to you wears you down and ends up finishing you and Frank yet here is the type of fighter that never stops keeps moving tries to wear you down and tries to finish you so when you put those two together there's no way that this is an absolute dogfight I love it wait talk about Cris cyborg in this fight I'm just kind of curious where you stand with her it's seems like a curious situation with all those feet we're really good friends her guess she's mad at me again for some reason listen I am NOT saying anything negative about cyborg she does not want to fight a man a Nunez that is a fact okay why she would be mad at me because she doesn't want to fight Amanda Nunez that's beyond me but I have no problem with Chris I said many times earlier when she first came in there were obviously some things that we had squash and fix and I thought we had done that and I've had a decent working relationship with her believe me I've had much worse I have no ill will toward her and when I say that she doesn't want to fight Amanda and I say that I don't blame her I'm not talking about her being negative to order these are facts these are facts Amanda Nunez wants to fight cyborg we want to make the man in that side water fight cyborg just not isn't only cuz she doesn't want to sign a new contract I don't know I don't know then say that then say no I don't want to find a man in nuna's because I don't want to sign a new contract yeah I believe that my guys have been try to get a new deal done with her obvious super trying to make the Amanda Nunez fight we're trying to get a deal done – so so you're still interested in having around if you can reach Kern's not like where we're trying to chase her out or we're trying to get something done were trying to get another fight or if she wanted to she could do a one fight deal if I demanded a one fie deal with the UFC title doesn't want to fight a man to do that that's period end of story you would let her fight one night and for a UFC title fight because then she'd be a free agent with a belt over shoulder if she wouldn't be she wouldn't be a free agent okay she'd have the belt and there's a clause she doing one fight with things so it wouldn't really be a cyborg that's an interesting fight you know you have you have Felicia who is is undefeated seven and now going in against the toughest test of her entire career but at the same time cyborgs coming off a devastating knockout loss and I don't know you know obviously a huge fight for her and a huge fight for sidewalk you finally got Melbourne announced what took so long to get that thing official um we were looking at different places you know it's not as easy as just saying oh we're gonna go to Melbourne unless we already have a deal done we didn't have a deal done we were looking to other places and we got it worked out that car that that fighter is obviously massive what's the rest of card gonna look like you know it takes a lot to sell a stadium like that no it actually doesn't because you couldn't have if I was Vince McMahon writing scripts you couldn't have a better script than this you know you have the champion who's from Australia and then you have the interim champion you know it just it couldn't be good what do you think you got you got a number in mind how many people are gonna see in the stadium that night yeah I think we sell that out of 60,000 it's gonna be the biggest fight in Australian history period any fight they've ever done there this will be the biggest fight ever and this flight is global like when they did big flights in Australia whether it was a boxing match or whatever even if all of this Australia was engaged the rest of the world wasn't you know you've got the Middle East you got Europe you have Canada the United States Mexico Brazil you know all these countries are going to be interested in this fight I don't think there's ever been a fight since Costa zoo or something you know where there was a fight where the rest of the world was interested don't Jones that's like this neo situation coming out for Albuquerque I haven't talked to him but my guys have what's the feel what's the general feel is that he's saying there's nothing to it there's two sides of a story and the truth is somewhere in the middle I'm sure so I don't know I'm numb to this now that's like I doesn't faze me anymore every time we do a fight with John I'm wondering if it's gonna be his last you know so just cuz the money and stuff that even I have nothing do a bunny what's gonna happen outside the Octagon I don't ever worry about what's gonna happen inside the Octagon with John Chow it's the best if you look at his lifestyle that he has lived the last seven eight years of his life and what he comes in that octagon it does he just fought Thiago who was a animal right and wants everything that John Jones has stood in there with I mean I've never I don't know if I've ever heard of more damage to one knee in my life thought was still kicking with the leg and John Jones beat him you know what I mean it's like when you think about it's it's unbelievable how good John John's really is what are you worried that he's gonna get yourself out of the Octagon you never know what's gonna happen to you where he's gonna get himself in trouble and not fight again he's in trouble yeah he's in trouble right now I'm saying when you said I worry that it may be his last fight is that what you're alluding to that maybe like he gets in trouble he's out of the octagon what's gonna happen yeah what's gonna happen there was a report today I have the boxing world signed on someone to help you heads up a boxing exam accurate yeah can you know is there like a timetable for win some hope in October so is that with that October then be the launch of all the blue Center those office in October okay so once that starts is that officially motions goal enters that just sort at the beginning steps to say no that would be I'm building his office right now that'll be done soon and hopefully hopefully sitting at it knocked over is it someone that boxing fans I don't think so no you told us when we did the tour here the apex that you want to put on some boxing fights here eventually so listen I told you guys a year ago however long ago was two years I don't remember but I'm getting into boxing I needed to take my time do my homework I've met with literally everybody who's anybody out there there's still a couple more coming I got I got a big meeting with a couple of English guys and and we've pretty much talked to him met with everybody and everybody wants to work with us everybody wants to work with us everybody wants to be a part of it everybody was more excited and open-minded than I expected and I'm feeling pretty optimistic are you ever say like what's gonna make do for boxing different like what's your secret sauce what's your recipe what what is it's gonna make you you know succeed yeah because I'm gonna break the model and rebuild it models broken we all know it everybody you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out the model is broken and needs to be fixed and won't see it fun we gotta do it we'll see you at UFC athletes boxing baby are you gonna try to keep separate started backtrack but we missed you in San Antonio what did you think of that car we're all awesome yeah it was awesome I was going to say do you think maybe it'll be less than five years before we get you back down in South Texas I hope so yeah listen Texas has always get dust man we go to Texas every weekend the problem is your schedule you have to go you know so many places we have to go think of the last time we were Seattle we haven't in Seattle forever alone in Vancouver now so that's really the problem you like the idea of Mao Zedong Leon Edwards fighting inside the Octagon instead of outside yeah I mean that's a fun fight obviously and there's so many fun fights in that weight division right now so many different things we can do defense weapon 2000s by um first of all and dry just a piece you know how I feel about her and then way Li Jiang is awesome fun I'm going to that fight I'm going to I'm going from straight from China to Abu Dhabi and then I'm going to Australia for the Australian fight so I'm going all those fights normally I run the international ones here from from the headquarters but I'm one of those I'm very excited yeah I heard down in Brazil that there's there's like a lot of negativity about that it's part of the sport you can slam slams are a part of the sport she won that fight fair and square I mean that it wasn't if she had done anything illegal she would have been disqualified and she wouldn't have won the title she won the fight fair and square and for her for people to say otherwise it's ridiculous listen I love rose namajunas she was sweetheart great champion for us and everything else but she got slammed she got hurt she lost the fight and ROG won that fight fair and square and she is the champion


33 thoughts on “UFC president Dana White full media scrum at Aurora Cannabis announcement”

  • Dana When asked about Cyborg not taking the fight with Nunes because of Issues with Contract shrugs shoulders and say "I don't know" then go's on to contradict himself . Great communication from Dana…NOT typical slim ball promoter

  • It always amazes me how patient Dana is with these stupid questions. Dana White gets a ton of grief from the morons, but he gets nothing but respect from me. He has taken a grassroots company and made it a multi billion dollar worldwide company. Nice job Dana.

  • This guy that keeps thinking he is going to stump Dana, then starts chuckling when Dana hits back with the witty, fuck you answers…. yea… he is a fucking DWEB

  • Sandijs Visnakovs says:

    First of all Dana is a lier.Cyborg never said she doesnt wanna fight amanda!!! This guy doing sometging fishey to making cyborg sign some shit….. And second!!!! Does anything makes sence what he is saying from 5:49 – 6:20 Im completry lost. So he is saying Jon is the best and he beat Tiago with both knees fucked up. Isnt this make jone weker to beat thiago because thiago couldnt fight back???? hahahahaha

  • Nicolas Vasquez says:

    Reporter: Dana what will make zuffa boxing different? What will be their Zuffa boxing secret sauce?
    Dana whote: yeahhh. I'm going to rebuild the model. The is fucking broken.

    What a fucking G

  • tom nickerson says:

    Chris Cyborg wants to fight Amanda Nunes but Spencer is the last fight on her contract. It is Dana White who is avoiding giving her a new contract.

  • Man this guy reporter has pissed me off for years. He is fucking brutal never did anythig athletic in his life. He acts lole cyborg is done?? Wtf. He says so you still want her around?? Is this guy for real. How the fuck do this guys get in there i know so much more its a joke

  • Cage warriors my flying knee is getting better working on wrestling at home Dana white were going be working for 15 years

  • it's sad for Max to get told by his boss:"you're too small for 155lbs, you skinny bitch!!!"

    Holloway is a 5'11 bitch!!! it's shameful that he's stuck at 145lbs, a weightclass for women!!!!

  • Anthony Borgesi says:

    4:25 Dana's just like you know what man, I can't handle this bitches questions any more and just ignores her lmao

  • Couldn't tell you the name of the girl who beat Thug Rose and absolutely no disrespect to her but Rose is one of those fighters you would back into oblivion and I'm glad she's okay after the slam, it happens,,,, Rose is still the champ here in Brisbane by a long way?

  • Dana: Hey Cyborg, here’s a dog shit contract extension where u get paid less than u make now and will not get any PPV points for the rematch with Amanda

    Cyborg: FUCK YOU, PAY ME !

    Dana: Cyborg doesnt want to fight Amanda.

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