UFC 240: Niko Price media day interview

UFC 240: Niko Price media day interview

well Nika I was gonna express some disappointment I had seen you all week just wearing your hair normal but you came in and satisfied me here you went back to the creative hairstyle back in play is that what we call yes my palm tree you know makes sense with max always fighting on the topic na Florida Florida I represent my place he represents how I fair enough that I think a lot of people really excited for this fight at the moment it was announced or like okay like this is gonna be a bang or fight of the night potential is that how you felt about it when you got presented this matchup with Jeff Neil yeah I was excited instantly like let's do it you know I know I did just strike here I like sure I can I'm gonna get out there and I'm gonna throw my hands he's gonna throw his and it's gonna be fun somebody's getting lifted up people and his circles tried to say that they feel his boxing has stand up as some of the best in not just in the division and all the UFC when you have prepared for this fight watch this tape what do you make do you think that's a reasonable assumption or is not over playing it a little too much he's a he's a great striker I'm not taking anything from him everyone can knock anyone out in the sport you know especially at where we're at and we all I would say are good everywhere you know we can't really look down upon any of the guys that fight in this division in striking or in grappling or in anything because they're good you know like everyone up here we're here for a reason you know there's a reason he chosen they chose him to fight me you know is to see some stuff so that's what we're gonna do when we got there and just give him a great show and we're gonna fight the out of each other man that's all I know okay he's kind of being on the tail end of the top 15 like he's kind of alternate and out like maybe about 15 spot 14 spot did you feel this is kind of matchup that you should have got in terms of your career progression after the last one against means yeah you know I was satisfied so I took the fight you know I was offered something else and I I wasn't really happy I was like come on man I feel like I want someone like something with some real hype you know not like like all he was here he made a good a good display but was the other one I'm not gonna be doing all that stuff but like this was a better chance a better opportunity for me you know I get another guy who's known for knocking people out just like me so let's go out there and do this man just basically plays out just a stand-up fight oh we're gonna get out there and bang that's going down there's nothing against you guys see how I fight I get out there and I'm throwing hands you know I'm throwing hands feet knees elbows whatever I hit you in the face with if you got the win here I mean where where do you go from that one I'd be you know a nice run you just had pretty much the one loss and the stretch of weight do you feel like this puts a you know top-ten fight you kind of keep moving up the division here I don't care I want to be the champion so put them whatever road takes me out belt the top of the division kinda complicated right now who you think should get the next shot at carve is when you know we got the Colby Covington's out there is fighting Robbie Lawler next week of course who are him as with all these Leon Edwards who do you think is the most deserving title contender right now but you can't ever take Lawler away from a title man that dudes just a legend he gets in there every time and break spaces you know and that last fight of his it was totally a fluke you know like just that you know I would have been like but it happens to us you know I would I would say Covington and Waller because the Covington was already in term and I don't know why I didn't fight but I would say those two and then after that the winner of the Edwards and most of all this sounds pretty decent to get in there with those guys from your perspective you'd love to have Robbie Lawler be the champion when you get to the top I'm sure in terms of style nacho just fight him because I've watched him train at American Top Team when I was there you know like I've seen him for so long and I've idolized like his knockout power so let's do it I'll go in there fight a legend eventually you gotta fight who you look up to in the sport if you're good enough so I'm down for that last thing I know you had talked before about when you leaving HEC in kind of going to do your own thing you're a couple camps couple fights into that how's the comfort level change how are you feeling in terms of your preparation for this one you're kind of after that moving away girl I feel amazing you know I'm stronger faster than any that I've ever been more technical everything's firing right now and I feel like I'm hitting levels new levels so don't blink over in there's gonna be food fire looking forward to it man thank you for the time preciate it


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