UFC 240: Max Holloway Media Lunch - MMA Fighting

UFC 240: Max Holloway Media Lunch – MMA Fighting

no-no-no media day straight to their get to know the lay of the land see we're gonna plant my collar farm because hawaiians taking over so I can't wait well do you ask for these Canadian cards that comes to your first or your third pay-per-view and fourth Canadian card overall correct yeah you know Canada I don't know if you guys know you guys can't go look but most of my main events was in Canada my first everyone was in Saskatoon it's kind of funny but uh you know in April I told I told the UFC no matter what happens on this fight I want to fight and I want to fight in summer and and I want to defend the 145 belt so after the April fight you know knowing my luck they decide to do two cards in in summertime you know I was thinking like oh yeah summertime like meaning to get international fight week you know and they said yeah and then I should have no it wasn't that easy because the fight the fights got the the schedule got amounts there's two pay-per-view cards there one was in Vegas when I was in Canada I called my manager when I saw it and I told him I know we were fighting in summer day that much you know the key I keep giving him a hard time about me getting iced in Toronto I guess as I got here it is here's the here's the summer in Canada that you always wanted Mac so it's it's good times well there's a lot of talking GSP is not quite I really a face of Canada Topsy's Oded you are wrong you look at that a role you you know you see average do not you know we call it the 10th island but Canadians did I got nothing but love for man they got nothing but love for me it was kind of did other day I don't know if you guys saw to me you know you know famous or famous or successful MMA fighters had a picture with Jesus had four guys GSP Rory MacDonald I don't know who the other one was and then there's me saw you Canadians I love you guys they always wanted to you know I always want to and we got unfinished business you know there's there's a lot of guys now coming up that that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing and you know Frankie's legend you know he's a legend now third time's the charm I guess you know first time took two tons to book this fight I can't wait you know and I always said you know a king is a king a champion of the champ and the king is the king of someone who defend their land you know who defend their belt and that that's what true kings are there so true Kings do it now I want to come back down is there any risk because I mean yeah you know you know no disrespect to the supporter but I think he even said like you know someone like when we're talking about damage uh he I think he even said that it might look better than what it was you know I mean and uh you know I felt like I got a cut you know like if that knee landed clean flush I probably would have been looking at him from from from my back and I mean if I didn't it just grazed I got I got a cut and it was it was a cut and it is what it is I went to doctors and you know there there's other fighters that night that went to a doctor that had to stay for for overnight and a couple of days I heard I was tripping out you know went to doctors they we did the tests everything came back fine stitched me up I got to leave you know like I was fine you know and my team I got one of the best teams behind me no I wanted a best hit behind it they they make sure medical wise and recovery wise that I'm always good and we're not gonna do something we're not gonna ever get fortune to do something that we don't want you know and I got some of the best medical team that actually goes back to Canada you know like you know the Toronto Raptors their medical the nutritionist lady that helps them and do all the medical stuff she helps me you know and it's super super cool you know the number one thing in in a career is recovery I think you know recovery and rescue sure and this is not the case here oh yeah there's a lot you know there's a lot if you guys it it's in my history you know you guys watch my fights you guys go back you guys go back to all my fights I'm a different guy every time you know I know and come Joe 27 you guys gonna see a different a different guy in there again you know the kid that showed up in April the guy you looking at in front of them killer a kid you know our body on there's no comparison and it happens you know it's like my Instagram post you know think this is the sport or life period is like chutes and ladders now sometimes guys slide down to climb up a bigger ladder and not and like you said you know 50 55 in in we're off you know they'd fall off it's only ten pounds right that's all it is it's ten pounds you know we could we get back there and we get back there and hopefully it's sooner than later and we still happens life if it takes a 10-5 win cheek to fight for another boat up there become a double champ it takes a ten fight fight streak you know that's what it is I ain't scared no working you guys all know that and you know put my nose on get to work I guess I wish you happiness you know like I said I got I got some of the best guys you know I got the nutrition part figured out at the training part and stuff so we should happen to how long more 45 we can go you know I'm not gonna say nothing we don't know we don't know the future you know if you know somebody who does you know let me know and you know I ten a day it is what it is you know I can't I can't wait you know I can't wait you know 45 everybody give me a hard time like your big this like was funny cuz people say like your big 45 and when I fought dusted people is like being like you're a small 55 I'm like you need to make up you guys mind it is what it is you know so III really don't know what the future holds you know all I know is that I got Frankie ogre in front of me and you know foosh to me if you were to make that jump up again but those who meet you want to have more time to do pull your body up yeah you know it's funny like I I hear people saying like short notice fights I took it to certain I slice this and that like if you look at it like I probably had I had a lot of certain orders fights you know and then especially in uh especially at 55 fight that came out of nowhere I think so how many weeks we had there are seven weeks and I mean and as now seven weeks to the fight day so I only had I only could train like six weeks and we still was coming off for the December thing my December fight I was figuring stuff out so I will see what happened you know I if it's when I make the move I make the move and I decide to put on more muscle and this is that like you know people keep there's always a narrative that people try to spool like oh yeah he had to like how you said he got to be there he had the way this bad side there's no difference you know I mean like and after this fight they call me up for August to fight DC guess what I'm waiting around 210 220 pounds I'll make that walk and I'll fight over you know I mean like there's no there's no time in this if you want to be the greatest pump up on fire in the world I don't think so you should use way to excuse you know or anything really is an excuse you know you just show up the fight you got the call for a dozen seven weeks out anywhere you III don't even know I don't know I wasn't I wasn't crazy heavy but I wasn't uh I wasn't even training to be honest when we was doing stuff we just I was like me and my me and my manager I mean my team actually was figuring out stuff about about training wise and and we just was trying to figure out a bunch of stuff that was that was going on on the team you know and trying to help my health and stuff and and move forward in that way and then we got the claw and you know opportunities like that you don't miss you know you know you know I I mean I might my milk mine my plates maybe looked a little bit like like this you know maybe and then live it smaller now but that's it you know it comes with the grind you know it is just not something I'll fight now if I felt like the man I'd say straight on I started I taste it up you know everybody everybody be like they keep trying to use the weight thing as an issue I don't give it I don't care I don't care what the way was you know I like I felt like the man I felt like I felt out of every fight the training camp I feel great everything went great and I was just I didn't get my hand raised you know how people was used to seeing it over the last five years you know and it happens you know it happens you know sometimes you gotta run into his roadblocks to refocus and and and Rigo and reaping stuff and you know things have a reason he was fine you know he was fine actually you know what I do an agony everybody sorry you know like Dustin got to console Oh a shock consoled him when he's crying and I got to talk to him after and and I told him you know like what are you crying for they were you crying because daddy was like bleeding or you know getting punched he said no I was like what it's like why you crying he's like crying cause he lost I'm like what like this you know you know like the kid was giving me a hard time about a kid shouldn't be there front like it's all his kid no I keep it in the gym he's been in the gym with me when we didn't have babysitter's I keep this this is what he grew up watching yeah I mean like he's a warrior samurai you know in 18 days whatever it is sparked it that's what he is you know and and and he saw this and then the thing that kind of was funny that I knew why he was crying because I lost that's it you know like the kids a competitor I mean like we're at home playing but he's playing he's at home playing at WWE when my friends joshan and birth and like he's like a competitive point where like he cries when he lose like he's like they're like their mom and him next to me and when and then we started full-on tearing it somehow he wins the the death match and then they're like and he's like yeah I told you guys all the master but kid is just a competitor you know it is just in all of us yeah it's enough so I had this talk if you guys accident he's gonna fight I really know what his answer is gonna be I told him that he needs to be a doctor so I needed to take care of daddy when he when he's done and why not invest in your own you know so I told him you need to be a doctor so if you guys actually come up to him he'd say I'm gonna be a doctor but he probably would say he wants to fight so you know I I got him doing jiu-jitsu he does a little boxing here and there I wish it happens you know the kid they he can do whatever he likes I'm not gonna stop him I'm not gonna stop him if he wants to fight if he wants that life that he wants it you know but I'm fighting so you don't have to do that life and you know hopefully dr. Psalms real real nice right now so hopefully he do that you do a lot of community you talk about smooth outreach and yeah yeah you know I always try you know like after I think those of the first first all the belt uh you know we end up framing framing some I got some photo coaches and stuff and then I gave one to the local boxing gym that I did so you can see the kids can see and just be privileged you know I try to talk to the kids listen this is that when I can and reach out to them because they're the future you know I mean did a future and and I always tell them like and every time there is a career day for for the Elementary's or or the middle school I always try to go to that because I tried to tell them like I know how it was you know like I was in their shoes I remember I remember being a great was a career there I remember being eighth grade I got I can't talk to us and I was like looking at him like like just another kid you know just another kid being like you don't know how it is around here you don't know what we got to do it doesn't that it just being mad at the world you know I mean and I remember that guy come in and talked to us and it went one ear and right out the other and when I go talk to these kids actually my 8th grade teachers – it was it was – it there when I went my science teacher and I wasn't the best well-behaved kid but it is what it is you know but I I talked to his class and I said like look like I said like my table would sit there he said it was said the same it was funny I was like look i sat there I know what it is I grew up here I'm just not a guy telling you guys you guys can do this like I see some of the most talented people in the world come from my side of the town you know I'm in already or die's or it's poverty or whatever whatever you want to put it like low-income families some of the most talented people come up in the world from there and you just got to believe in yourself you know these guys listen they they listen to how to higher ups when they get to it something like oh you're not gonna ever make it like no way like I was told a million times and I'm about this and I just try to give the kids hope and and feeling like look you can't do it cuz I was there I was sitting in that chair and I'll tell them like look out there I was I was out actually I would tell them I wasn't there I'm lying I was at the at the office I got a chair over there too you know I'll go sit over there but yeah but but yeah you know I just want to let them know like you guys can do it and you guys gotta get out of your bubble you know like it's it's so crazy that I saw I saw guys that that I thought was supposed to go to leave the NFL MLB or whatever they wanted to do I saw I saw them go and then they come back cuz they just miss home or or they had girlfriend problems or something else came up or they just couldn't do it I was like no way you know I mean no way like look guys like you guys gotta think you guys think it's short term like you guys miss you guys start this in that but when you guys make it you move your family whoever you had you know I mean and so I just give them hope you know hopefully I can get him hope you know I always said when this is all said and done you know I of course I'm gonna be remember one of the Great's but I don't know at end of the day if I could change one person life you know that and that's what it's about you know changing people's lives you know they you want to leave the leave this world a better place than when you got into it you know so I saved me heavy you know sighs so one kid that I talked to at elementary or the intermediate came knocking on my door when I was all done in retired and say look hey look mr. Holloway I did this because of you you know thank you for that speech then dad that's crazy that's why we all I think that's what we all in this whole life try to try to do you know I'm not just given that hope you know it's been a hope we see what happened and I already III hope so you see why happens soon you know the stadium I think so they're gonna do some they go and put a new stadium and they're gonna start fixing the state oh I'm not fixing they're gonna knock it down and make a whole new stadium so before they knock it down I wanna be and you'd say why you know we see what happens we got a The Contender series is signed to to Hawaii guys and you know my boy Maki you know Maki be totally shot to him he just got he's one of the guys he's the most recent one I got signed to you see Ana and out in your heart I'm so grateful you know I'm good for good for that for that guy you guys think so you guys saw something amazing I guys he's on the special you know he's a big boy 85 but that's the kind of guy I had to deal with while I was getting ready for although not once but twice so he's a man that he's a man that got me ready for the man you know for the wind doing this the undisputed so he's the man never ever you know I it's a it's it's the way you look at it and and like for me people people got different ideas about who's the greatest ever you know and for me um he got the stats and I mean so like I got a good you know he got X amount of title defenses X amount of wins and so on and so on so it does the stats I gotta do this is that so guys do you know and you know right now I didn't even worried about that I'm even thinking about it you know we got we we got a lot of work to do a lot of things ahead and that that's the main focus you know we got like green zombie came back ah you know I said but it is what it is you know I wasn't really paying attention you know Kings the Kings they focus on their villages and I'm making sure my villagers and everybody's cool you know huh oh my oh yeah you know all joking aside but I just fucking on me you know I focus on my fans I focus on what we do and you know if we're talking about that is everybody keep talking about negotiations you know like oh yeah I gotta negotiate this and I go see that they're doing negotiation with the wrong people you know negotiate with us see is it's terrible if you want to fight go negotiate with the fans the fans made some of the most craziest fight happens and we all was witness with one of the most craziest biggest fights so you know if you want to negotiate with somebody you need to negotiate the fans get them behind you and if you want to fight then get those fans start chirping you didn't say my name is I have to talk about and say it's cool max where you wear that only one other champion has lost a fight no I don't know who did it oh you got a bunch of history going on with that then you know B and then B J's got got a little bit of history with Frankie so it's gonna be fun on that that's good thanks for giving me some good energy I just feel it now is there is there a certain mentality there that coming off the loss you know you're still champion that division lost theirs mentality of have them come back yeah for sure you know but like I said I told you guys all the time before like that bone isn't like I thought I'll kick this ball off the off the table if I could it ain't nothing you know I think I was a champion way before I was sitting in front of you guys I was a champion you know way before when I first got in the UFC I knew I was gonna be a champion you know and that's the way I conduct myself and that's what I'm talking that's the way I fight you know like this belt is only to let people know like look I'm not undisputed guy but I've been trying to tell people I'm not in this period for a while now and and that's just it's just a mindset you know I mean this mindset it's it's whatever you do you know I'm sure you got all you guys gotta be like I'm the best MMA MMA reporter I'm the best videographer on the bet you know that but that's the energy you need to wake up that gets you up in the morning and get you ready and prepared for your job you compartmentalize the two divisions at all like a dustman fight do you say like okay that was the division it's not something that I maybe did that was wrong in that fight but just the circumstance not what I did wrong yeah mentalize that at all not really not really you know I just Friday's a fight a fight is a fight you know I last the way I look I look at every single fight I look at every single fight different but I just I don't look at that weight or this and that like I look at fight like like I you know I sound like a broken record but like I look like if I like out of called BDC if I got the car in August I'll look into it you know I'll figure out a way we're fights and all like back in the olden days these guys didn't walk around with scales and be like hey we put the skill on they stepped on if you like yeah I kind of fight you yours you're half pulling over me you got me no you know these guys just fought they shot the fight and that's what you always do you know and and we people like to call us modern-day gladiators whatever you don't live like it no it's not hard hard to get more bail is this weird you know like cause like I'm supposed to fight him and then it didn't happen supposed to fight him again it didn't happen so I said just the first time in my career that I ever had to do that with somebody period so it's not crazy hard but you know he gets better yeah I mean so all the film that you watched on him and this and that and you game plan for this one thing and then he was only to have one fight you know he only had one fight in between the fights we fought in and he saw my two fights so he get to watch kind of different films and and strategize and whatever but yeah it's just it's just different it's just different but the motivation never ever crushed the motivation the boy the boys all is motivated and Frankie's Frankie man if you don't give this guy the respect he deserved he did something that was unthinkable unheard of oh and a division higher than us when he was a much smaller dude so I can't wait you know this is the fights that excite me you know he runs a legend the man is a legend if he's not a Harlem Famer hidden in the future Hall of Famer if not he's definitely a Hall of Famer my eyes and no not to my respect for this important question some of this bottle caption hey what is going on here how did this story my man my man my man are Olsen you know for afternoon he he he know when he actually did it and then he tagged me and he told me to do it and then and then I came all that idea like he always talked about how John Mayer was like John Mayer was surprising a lot of things and bandage on no surprise me it is kicking ability I was tripped at all you know I know and it just it just went crazy you know you see the candle kardashian beaver doing it you did see what you see you see cars doing it i'm like i didn't saw spongebob do it i was like what like how does spongebob do it you know what a new game the new game Borderlands did it i was like what is going on you know i took the world by storm sorry it was cool to see you know it's cool it's a way to it was more more of a way that make you watch this part he was martial arts you know and the way of life so much people told me all that i wouldn't do it this and that like I can't do it looks hard like try it you don't know until you try you really don't know and then and then of course you got people like holding the bottle I'm not wanting to bother just bad I'm like guys come on we're getting too crazy now I feel like it didn't blow up until you did right in really I mean I I mean I think I think I think you know person is a man for tagging me John Mayer is a man for doing it and then Jesus stayed on oh my gosh and he did that's crazy and all I did and I think so the icing on the cake of minds-on is that everybody just talked about it just keep spinning and it just stays on you know everybody loves kick and flies off sides it's pretty cool MacGregor's yeah if we talk about you know and I when I kicked it you know like Connor Connor Dillon when he kicked it his bottle went flying his bottle cap went straight flying off you know when I kicked mine mine just kept spinning and spinning and spinning hoops and stayed on you know I mean so his purposes you know some people win championship belts some people defend those that whatever preference you want it's kind of funny that's what they know I'm a good champion because once they go but but but people are like people now is like yeah I brought up got challenged instead of like not not even talking about me like hey you're you're a bottle Jeff Jeff challenged I'm like yeah though Thank You boss so it's cool so yeah something with did in LA actually before we came here like two people is like yeah a bottle cap challenge that stick knocks all the way freaky champ like yeah that's funny yes that's cool I wish it happened we will be working on some stuff we got some stuff announcing soon hopefully you know as a fan you know as a father I hate picking sides on fights and I mean like we run into all each other and this and that side I hate picking fights and whatever and who's gonna win this and that but as a fan I'm excited to watch you know I'm excited to watch you know but if you look at Dustin's last fight the things that he could do to former champs and stuff impressive you know I press and stuff and then you look at Kobe we're not impressive there i press it's tough stuff I just can't wait you know I can't wait I think it's gonna be a good fight hard-nosed fight we should show up that night and you know it's gonna be fun you know I like a lot a lot of times like I like to tell people like look nobody gave a la quinta a shot nobody at all and I'll acquit that was one of the most like actually I think so I look winter like one around or something Ali said or something like that so we know it's MMA is a weird sport that's why you gotta love it thank you guys now thank you guys always good fun thank you


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