UFC 240: Max Holloway media day interview

UFC 240: Max Holloway media day interview

relax I think Chris cyborg out dressed you in terms of the Canadian attire here shoes were in the Canadian tuxedo have you heard that before yeah jeans and pants I was gonna go to my virtual advice we're gonna pick up some things but after after picking it up I was looking at my ninja outfit yeah I'm about to be a ninja on these guys again I need to come back as a ninja you don't seem like a jean jacket type of guys to me anyways I mean that yeah I don't know I don't know I'm honorary Canadian but I made it I like the one with the you know with the fur inside you know the white that's ones I rock with the regular kind like I don't know it's kind of stiff you know I mean I need something more you don't know you gotta be ready to just like karate chop someone's neck you know man you know look good fight good you know and that's what it is you know I you get dizzy fancy it to finally dress up not look totally crazy so I'm just excited that I get to show you guys my tastes my flavor buddy worth it this is the afternoon every day made that all her fans been embracing it was the new face of Canada in the UFC this week yeah yeah they've been actually it's been kind of funny you know that they actually I was talking to some of some of the commentators that commented saying like look we trying to we trying to you know figure out which which Canadian that we can use you know to push after GSP in it's like now we've got an American that's doing it you know but I'm not you know I got I got dual citizenship pretty much and I'm excited to be a Canadian so it's fun faced off with Frankie like a hundred times at this point it feels like what do you see today like I said just standing at this point is it you know are you kind of getting sick of seeing him at this point – no I know he's exciting today today's yourself is fun this is pretty exciting you know the other ones I don't care cuz we're so far much I don't put no emotion in it but it's on it's this and it's different you know we get two wins tomorrow with one more and then and then after tomorrow I've when next time I see him is gonna be an octagon so I can't wait he's exciting he told me earlier he needs to put on the best performance of his entire career in order to be on Saturday do you need to put on the best performance of your career to beat him oh yeah yes I do yes I do you know I need to be I need to be the best version of me that I know I can be you know and and that's how much I respect this guy and I mean this that he's a legend you know he's a hall-of-famer not about respect for a guy but that day he still got see me and it's exciting time well I think he was already UFC champion when you made your professional debut war so what was your first memory of Frankie was it that was it the BJ fights you know yeah you know I knew Frankie because your she was around before WEC you know he's a letter guy doing it he's a small guy and when WEC came I was acting why don't he go over to WC and 545 you know but yeah he's a legend you know like he said I opened the main card for him when he is uh when he was fighting Henderson trying to get his belt back and you know years later now he stood here we remain inventing a pay-per-view card and it's four titles you know to lose to him but I is this is this exciting it's crazy it's gotta been a top firefighter in any weight class he goes and you know that's a great great task to handle you're significantly taller than him but you only have a one-inch reach advantage does that you know how does that factor into the fight yes I say are you taller than these 45 is this now I'm like a t-rex I got a little short arms like mostly I also had longer all that long reach than me you know I mean all these guys got long reaching me you know it's but it is what it is you know this my legs is long for some reason and maybe I slept too much when I was younger and you know it is what it is you know so we were here and we're gonna figure it out you know that this game is all about inches and distance so I can't wait to go out there and find mines you're coming with us for the first time in a while this one and I know it's not the same division but does that light a fire under you does it change your approach at all every single every single fire ordinal and I always try to I always try to better myself after every fight anyway you know I'm not trying to I'm not trying to be this guy be okay with just doing this you know I'm trying to be a guy that reading the package showing and changing the sport you know so there's no added fire you know and this and that I guess so maybe is this more people buying a reminding you know not satisfy people you know they at the media luncheon we thank someone for the positive energy when they brought us maybe a fun fact about BJ Penn and on the embedded there was a sign that said blessed I think when you walked in the hotel and you said that's that's a good sign are you a superstitious fighter when it comes to like positive energy and signs like that you know I know I'm not a super superstitious fighter you know but it's funny cuz I got asked this question before and there's a guy you got superstitions I ain't know and then I found out that I used like the same underwear and stuff since my first kickboxing fight and whatever so it's kind of its kind of crazy you know I'm not that crazy but I just like seeing stuff you know like what can it do there and seeing all the blast it's like oh that's that's pretty cool you know and just having good vibes good energy is always good this or last weekend hopefully carry a nose after this weekend 100%


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