UFC 240: Frankie Edgar media day interview

UFC 240: Frankie Edgar media day interview

mic barn here at UFC 240 media day with Frankie Edgar who challenges max hallway for the UFC featherweight title in the main event Frankie back in another title fight situation you being here a lot does this one feel any different at all I mean do you build them up differently in your head or is it just you know fight week is fight week it's fight week you know I know what's going on I'm I'm on this stage by myself so you know it's definitely a little bit more implications and the fact that uh times ticking and you know these opportunities don't come around often that thought maybe this UFC title opportunity wouldn't come around again I mean especially after the Ortega fight particularly yeah you know after a loss you think do you think the worst always you know it's the end of the world at least for myself but I have a way bouncing back you know and and kind of taking myself out of the ashes and you know I've done it time and time again so you know here we are two days out from fighting for another title what does it say about you that the UFC would put you in that spot because like Dana if you're just doing interviews yesterday and he was talk about why you were the one you know put in this position to challenge for the title and he's like you know he took that Ortega fight maybe didn't go his way but then you came back a month later got another win I know and I'm think they needed you on that card as well in New Jersey a little bit so like it seems like they have a massive amount of respect for you is that kind of the the feeling you get as well I do you know III put it on for them you know I I perform for them they never really turned down a fight you know an opponent and they rewarded me you know III go to bat for them they went to bat for me if this fight goes into a third round you'll be the first fighter in history to make seven hours of cage time which is just really incredible I mean does it feel like you said how much time in the lock to go out this way I mean sometimes my body does feel like it but uh yeah I know it's cool to be that guy but you know I don't know how good it is from her body in my head but you know I guess we'll find that in years to come yeah and the interesting thing I saw when you look at you know you and max on paper here he only has a one-inch reach advantage in terms and you know he is obviously the taller fighter but when it comes to length it's pretty close there how does that factor into the fight does that benefit you the obviously you know he doesn't have that huge amount of reach over yeah I mean I guess I guess it does you know I never really pay attention and stuff I'm never the bigger guy in there and I'm used to that I'm used to not being the bigger guy so for me this is you know just the usual usual set up for myself you know I got to go in there I got to get inside or I got to be outside of course you don't want to look past this opportunity but you win this fight and it seems like a lot of doors will be opening up in terms of you know what could come next first thing I want to ask I mean we've seen in the UFC certain champions gotta be here he matches some don't you got one yourself and you lost your lightweight belt do you think max has done enough to get that position if he loses this fight yeah I do I mean he's another guy that puts on for the UFC and just based on performances I mean you know although I had you know such a storied reign at 45 but max is really not gonna adore being the best 45 ever ever and there's also this thing with the stadium show coming up in Australia and October potentially Alex Vulcan offski does not interest you I mean you know big fights always interest me a lot has to get done a lot of ifs that's got you got to go on and who knows how you know I'll be after a fight with max Oliver you know if Goods could go five rounds and October is not too far away and one thing you don't seem particularly keen on though I saw some other quotes from you Henry cejudo the idea of him potentially coming up and going for a third Bell does that fight not really you know get you too excited or do you know feel Henry maybe deserves that opportunity yeah I think I'm not thinking Henry quite a bit you know especially at 45 I'm definitely thinking Henry pseudo awesome well last thing and this fight how do you be max Holloway on Saturday night I beat max Holloway by showing up playing the best ever for you think that's what it takes does it take your best performance ever to win this fight I do I think my best performance ever were looking forward to it thank you so much Frankie


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