UFC 240: Cris Cyborg media day interview

UFC 240: Cris Cyborg media day interview

Chris I think you're very much appealing to the Canadians here with your outfit right you know we've got a call that's right the Canadian tuxedo have you heard of this no I never hear all jean jacket and pants they call that Canadian tuxedo it's a nice nice I'm glad I'm glad did something I didn't know the consulate yes Amy and there's your nice that's amazing how are you liking it here so far I know you fought all over the world at this point what do you think I've been too you know I think the Canadian people is very very very happy you know very people very friendly everywhere I go there very nicely for me then they ask you you talk to you you know I mean really have to be here kind of reception do you think you'll get on Saturday obviously the fighting Felicia he doesn't really live in the Canada anymore but obviously from this country you know I run now I came in Saturday and I run outside a lot of defense showed a lot of love you know doesn't matter if she's from here I think I have a lot of people forever following me may you know follow me and they're just very thankful be here I have the opportunity fine Canada one of the great things about being an MMA fighter like your kind of your style or your personality it can translate across like cultural barriers country barriers and you can be a fan of a person from a different country just as much as one from your own you know it's nice because I follow I follow some PA I follow said a call from a team from Canada and I know the fans in Canada it's very light it's very nice to see that and you just saw Felicia up on stage you guys did a staredown that was the first time would you think did you see anything in there and he tells for the fire no you ready let's go Saturday how important is this one for you I mean I know you've been very active on Twitter this week I know you shared a responders MMA junky interview last night that we put with Dana talking about you I can you just elaborate on what you thought about that especially him talking about the one fight contract exciting no I just I just make a joke you know and just laughing everything doesn't say it's almost like everything is lie you know I just just waited for Saturday and after this fight for sure you're not gonna see my team gonna talk to FC and this year figure out and for sure they're gonna be the best opportunity for myself and do my best for me we're seeing right now is this like a public negotiation like you know because he's saying certain things you're saying certain things is this just kind of what's happening you guys are kind of doing what you need to do and maybe saw this spilling into the public you know I was just speak to true I never anything you know and just his I was lying you know and then just I just keeping myself for doing what I'm doing I doing I was right and then just keep it right and I knows the truth gonna come out frustrating or upsetting it all I mean here you are trying to get ready for a huge fight a big comeback fight for you after losing your title and you just have to deal with all this like outside noise you know I've said if she doesn't like to do something nice for me I'm gonna be surprised you know he's doing this whole my career you know and I just laughing and when they say just laughing it's not a turn-off for you or do you think you guys can get past us you know it's a business it's a business I know I have today he's a work at FC man I have to do for him I don't deal with him I really do if another person UFC and this is not just any problem I just have to be professional and just to be very clear you are not not wanting to fight Amanda newsy and you're very willing to do that but you just want it to be under the right term you know the next time is in the next fight they're gonna be Saturday Felicia after the ideal guys gonna know what's happened what do you make of Felicia I mean we saw a little bit of her yesterday at the open workouts throwing kicks and all that like spinning attacks and stuff some people were very critical you know maybe saying she was a little slow and if she tries to do that stuff against you on the feet it might be a bad night for her what do you just make it for a skill set you know I don't care what you're gonna try to do you know I just have to keep my focus keep my plan and they do and they finish and get a victory Saturday this is a different feeling for you I mean you went so long without losing a fight and now you're trying to rebound do you come in with a different mental approach or anything like that or is it just business as usual you know what's happened the past I lose a lot of thing in my life you know it's the one fight it's just one more thing you know just head to the next day is the best another day and just have to keep going and if you over come out every time and Saturday am I gonna come like hours I come come to the fight do you do you see yourself being very aggressive to starts because we've seen different versions of you in the UFC there's been a little more laid-back picking your spots there's mean you know very aggressive fish in the fight quickly what do you think we see on Saturday you know I always fighting for my heart my heart in fight of my heart make me champion fight of my heart maybe make me lose less to fight but not affect my heart what I feel and I fight them again do thank you Chris appreciate the time


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