5 thoughts on “UAD Apollo Twin Mk2 Talkback Mic in Logic Pro X (TUTORIAL)”

  • Thank you. In Ableton, you can go to the input configuration in preferences, and the talkback mic is already set to 15 and 16. You can enable those inputs. Now in session view, you can use it as a MIC.

  • I just bought the Apollo Twin mk and can't seem to understand it,,,, please show more about the settings page…the last video help me so much …thank you

  • Doctor McFarland Studios says:

    so you are saying that the Twin has a talkback mic built in to the interface? You have to use one of the mic pres to plug in a mic?

  • Reto Hochstrasser says:

    Thanks for sharing…was realy Helpfull!! btw…from wheres that Picture in the Background? Greets from Swtzerland 😉

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