U.S. Troops Are Leaving Syria, Here’s What It Looks Like | NYT News

U.S. Troops Are Leaving Syria, Here’s What It Looks Like | NYT News

These are some of the American troops who’ve been ordered to leave Syria They’re driving through the mostly Kurdish city of Qamishli and headed to Iraq It’s vegetables that are bouncing off the armor and sticking to the windows The US troop pullout is controversial many in the Kurdish north feel betrayed American soldiers were essentially protecting them from attacks by Turkish forces But president Trump has long pushed for an American pullout forever It’s sand and it’s death Elsewhere in Syria. The withdrawal is less eventful military convoys joined routine traffic on the highway But it’s not just the exit that draws attention It’s what the Americans leave behind Like this outpost near the city of men bish filmed by a Russian journalist Here’s what it looked like when US troops were stationed in the area Now they’re gone and Russian media has arrived Literally opening the gates Russia is trying to fill the void left by the US and Syria moving its forces into Kurdish areas to broaden influence across the country in Social media posts Russian reporters make a special point to highlight the signs of a hasty American withdrawal Discarded footballs and empty sleeping quarters At another base it’s a Harry Potter book and hand drawn signs supporting the troops but at the Lafarge cement factory a former base the u.s. Disposes of what it left behind a Defense official announces that American planes bombed US munitions stored there to prevent anyone else from using them How quickly do Russian troops move in Here our US and Russian troops at the same strategic location. Just two days apart And it’s not just Russians moving in alone. Syrian army soldier scales a hill that’s close by and Waves the flag of President Bashar al Assad’s government which originally lost this territory to armed rebels seven years ago small groups of American troops will remain elsewhere in Syria on different missions But for now the u.s. Role in working with and defending kurds in the north has come to an abrupt end


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  • What scares me about Trump .. are his MAGA cheerleaders

    Trump could burn a baby alive on TV and they would still love him….

    he's desecrated the constitution, attacked freedom, attacked patriots,

    praised US enemies and tried to make policy that sets the USA back 20

    years…. it's clear that his tiny minority of supporters hate America

    and our values as much as he does.

    I'm still confused as to why, and how they actually think America has

    been made great again? It baffles the mind that they believe his BS.

    They buy into his constant lies, because they actually believe he is

    standing up for America. It is just astonishing

  • Proudly flying the Stars and Stripes. All the while abandoning their hard fought allies like shameless rats while Turkish Jihadi forces cleanse the territory of Kurds. The US is a Super Power only in the history books.

  • Turkey is fine with Russians and Syrian government controlling the border, disarming and disbanding YPJ/PKK. They were understandably enraged when we armed and trained YPJ/PKK (their mortal enemy for decades). Our position in Syria was completely untenable. Trump made a wise decision. You can not be friends with both Turkey (an important NATO member with the second biggest army in NATO) and YPJ/PKK.

  • When they come to help they are invaders ,and shouldn't deal with other countries business , but when the leave , they are abandoning them …

  • The USA are such traitors.
    Betrayed an allies and
    deny the support in the 2 world war.
    We never would won against IS as fast as we did without them.
    Im ashamed.
    And im ashamed that Europe does nothing.
    They just talk but do nothing against Erdogan.
    They are afraid of the refugees and just let him do.

    Im disgusted.

  • Why is trump talking like hes the one in syria?lol poser.he only wants to play soldier then when he gets called. He turns yellow. Elections coming up
    He needs d cell nothing to distract from. His Mexican funded wall "win".

  • Democrats were outraged at Bush's wars. They were silent for Obama's wars. And now they are outraged that Trump is withdrawing from Bush & Obama's wars.

  • Trump has turned the democrats into Donald Rumsfeld on military interventions and the Koch brothers on immigration & trade.

  • Forget the Kurds and there potatoes, they will side with anyone even ISIS, they just there own country at any cost. Not our best allies, actually 0not even ally happen to dislike isis also.

  • The Hole in Dans Sock says:

    They put their LIVES on the line for these Peasants……….
    Plain and Simple. They put their LIVES on the line for YOU,and YOU throw fruit at them?

  • Now the Kurds are aligning with Russia Syria since they've got no option

    USA foreign policy is certainly all screwed up
    From Vietnam to Libya to Egypt to Iraq to Yemen to Syria all have signs of dereliction

    I won't mention invading Afghanistan because they did the right thing in it but apart from that most are ……….

  • The Hole in Dans Sock says:

    Cause those Kurds males who threw fruit went to Chicago at night as a cop, and put their lives on the line to keep our lives safe like we did for them… …

  • They will be back, to spill their blood again fighting ISIS, and maybe Assad/Russian forces as well. And this time who will be their ally?

  • He capitulated not to China or Russia, but to Turkey. That was not a stab in the back at the Kurds, it was right at their chest.

  • 88Gibson LesPaul says:

    We can see who benefits: Putin. When Trump is impeached, who will take Trump's place and complete Putin's plans? Surely a strategic-political genius like Putin didn't leave Trump's replacement to chance….so who will replace Trump to complete Putin's plans? Who was on the same ballot as Trump and therefore received the same Russian help as Trump, whether he knew it or not?

  • nothing like promising support , telling them to take down their border defenses and then leaving them in the lurch , to give rise to ill feelings …even worse is probably the morale of the american troops forced to obey orders 🙁

  • It's funny to see how the anti-military/war left is suddenly pro-military/war now that Trump is pulling troops out. They're so transparent it's amazing.

  • i like how you lying scum call qamishli a mostly kurdish city when the majority of the people there are syrian arab and the majority of the minority are assyrian and armenian lmao

  • You people desperately need to remove that impostor from his throne. He inexplicably gets away with atrocities one after the other where just one of his selfish misdeeds would have been the end of any one else

  • I think people who are comparing U.S. involvement to Russian involvement are confused. Russia will go in and team up with Iran to take control of the oil fields, where the U.S. tried to keep the Kurds in charge of their own oil. Trust me.. Russia wouldn't be involved without something to gain.

  • Insert Nickname says:

    Guess in 10 years America will have a new terror group against them… When does the Government learns from their mistakes in the past?

  • The USA can proudly admit that they not only just boosted terrorism, but that they are now the "biggest and best" terrorist group in the world! I can't wait till the truth comes out, as to what the Trumpanzee got from Turkey and Russia, for this traitorous act.

  • Jesus Christ is King of kings says:

    FACT US Troops Remain In Syria To Protect Oil Fields from terrorists… of course.

    Two of the US' largest military bases in Syria are in eastern Syria near some of Syria's largest oil fields like Al-‘Umar.
    They're not going nowhere.

  • Wade Anthony Cadman says:

    Its Fuked up and a bunch of people will die, but our soldiers die everyday. Id rather they get to come home or get a break…
    Then do the dying for a people who can and will just switch sides to which ever government's offer the most protection at any given moment. If they want to fight for their religions now, they have to it against Americas counterpart.

  • People of different countries need to stop blaming another country for a decision that we all didn't have a choice to make. there are billions of people in America. Only ONE person made that choice. We wasn't in that room when that happened. Period.

  • Eusebio sr Mercado says:

    You do not want to be in Syria for ever you say . ..well ..what are you still doing in Cuba after all these year in Korea Guam Iraq Puerto Rico and many other country.around the world.you should think what to say before you say it….

  • I have been in several war zones during my time in military. Working alongside and in cooperation with US troops and operators.
    And proud of that!

    One thing I know for sure is after shared the same shelters, bunk beds and under the same R.O.E as US troops that no American soldier think is okay!

    But know this, the rest of the western world understand that this is not on you soldier.. Stay safe!

  • Don‘t blame the brave US soldiers who risked their own life in a foreign country just to keep things in the right way, blame President Trump for this. It‘s hard to watch how they got treated after leaving the kurdish area…

  • When democrates who advocated for peace and cried about Iraq war as a mess , now saying pulling out is a bad idea. Even a prominent democratic leader who's son is in the military, said to press that he won't trust president trump for handling his son in war. Now the guys who cried trump will take America into war is crying for war. Yes. Abandoning allies is wrong, but when US avoided South Vietnamese, lead to 1 million deaths, who did anyone blame? No one. Because it was pressured by dems. US allies will come and go. For the people who cry about who would trust America, didn't u guys know about CIA?

  • bottom line, ….You gottta leave sometime……its like a divorce..its never convenient but if its gotta happen its gotta happen..end of story. we cant stay there forever thats just common sense.

  • Why do i have the feeling from this report that the US stand to loose sth by withdrawing ? As always the media tries always to brand everyone as the ennemis of the US starting from the Russian, the Turks, the syrian government and Iran as all of them are located in this region and have their stake in what is happening .
    It is simply naïve to think the US would have protected the Kurds againts the Turks or the Syrian governement and their allies if so they would have helped them in the Afrin region in 2017 or the Syrian government offensive in der ezzor, i believe only through dialogue that things can be done America should not be dragged into another set of war with broader consequence for no valid reason.

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