35 thoughts on “U.S. denies claims Iran arrested 17 CIA spies”

  • More lies.
    Attacking Iran is a joke.
    Muslims populate the world including the U.S.
    Do you think they will sit back.
    U.S. will be wiped out.
    Americans think they are invincible.
    They have the Antichrist on their side. Trump. 666.
    Evil will be beaten.
    By Trump you Dictator.

  • Marcos Gallardo says:

    "send her back" yeahhh thats not RACIST at all 😒 its people like that is what is wrong with the world stupid idiots!

  • pineapplesareyummy says:

    Remember Donald Trump is a serial liar. You have to invert what he says to get the truth. If he denies Iran arrested 17 CIA spies, then it means it must be true.

  • Nothing good comes out of the Trumpster. Remember if we strike Iran, it’s Kushner’s Peace Plan in action. There he goes again killing people. Trump’s integrity bar was always low. Now that his Barr has a face it’s even lower.

  • I honestly don't understand US Americans. Every single day your president lies about everything, including his tax returns, his "negotiations" with other nations, and every single thing he mentions. He is making you pay the taxes that he has forgiven to the giants (Amazon, Google, Apple, and so on). He denies you HEALTHCARE (even semi-developed countries and even some 3rd world countries HAVE IT).
    And still, you keep him in power.
    Sadly, you had 1 good president….JFK and your CIA killed him.
    I really want one of you to explain it to me. Any late show can prove how much this guy lies and he is using the chair of the POTUS for his own and his colleagues and friends….and family. He doesn't care of any of you, not even his own voters.

  • Westworld Dolores says:

    so was trump denying there are cia agents in Iran, or there s a lot of cia agents in iran and some of them got caught?

  • Trump always accuses others of what he is actually guilty of. (PROJECTION) Since he is being called out as racist, he is calling the congresswomen racist. TYPICAL.


    (There! I fixed this title for ya – Free of charge!)

  • let me be honest at the end of this , were alll gonna wanna blame it to each other. It a war but if your an american will nuke iran in like a week

  • Thomas Broking says:

    How can you ask the president why someone else is racist? Is or isn't can be a question, but how the F*** is he supposed to know why someone else is racist?? That's a question you need to ask that person.
    Why are you an evil racist C****??? See what they say, but it can't be answered by a 3rd party.

  • Iran didn't say that these 17 spies were Iranian. They can be European or even American. Iran also disclosed identities of more than 200 operatives to Lebanon, Yemen , Iraq and so on. They are also captured/ house arrested I suppose.

  • Is it even possible to have worse allies than Israel and Saudi Arabia? 😬🔫⚰🔥💣💥💩🚽💩🔥💰💰💰💰💰👹🐷👹🐷🖕🏻🤖😡💀

  • Ranaldo Bobsled says:

    I believe Iran before I believe Trump. Trump has lied and lied and lied all his life. Trump simply has proven himself untrustworthy.


    Yesterday, CBS's title to this video was "Trump denies…"

    We reported the misinformation and YouTube took it down. Continue to report this new one. Trump and government do not deny it.

  • Ranaldo Bobsled says:

    No president in American history has divided Americans more than Trump. We all have very tough days ahead.

  • It has to be cia assets that got arrested not our actual spies. No country on earth would be able to capture 17 highly trained spies

  • Weird the title talks about Iran but then the video starts with talking about political drama. Almost like clickbait.

  • Oliver Phippen says:

    Another sign of IRANIAN desperation ??? I wonder where ZERO is ?? Why isn't he talking to the press ?I would love to hear what he has to say about IRAN that Muslim hate group – Kerry tried to give them a heads up so Barr is investigating ????

  • “Reporter”: screams at trump while he’s casually standing on his front steps from across Pensilvania Avenue when he clearly isn’t in a position to respond because it’s not a press conference or announcement

    Documentary voice: he didn’t respond

  • Austin Bartose says:

    It’s ok for them to call him racist though? He’s done nothing to them they haven’t been doing for 2yrs. The left can dish it but can’t take it.

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