Types of Byes || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Types of Byes || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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Yours truly, Mahatalli. It’s been so long.
Yes, we’ll meet again soon. Bye! Bidding goodbyes is never easy. Anyways, are you wondering what types of goodbyes mean?
Well, you’ll know in this video. Let’s start. Bye, mom! I’ll be back in an hour.
– What do you mean by bye? Where are you going? When you’ve made up your mind to go out anyway,
why do you even care bid me a goodbye. Just go. Why are you getting so worked up? I’ll be back in an hour.
– I’m getting worked up? This is how I talk. If you don’t spoil my mood, I’d comeback home soon.
– And what about you spoiling my mood? Don’t you care about me?
– You know I don’t feel like going out this way. You do whatever you feel like doing.
You’ve made up your mind to go, so go. Why are you making a mountain out of a mole?
– Will you stay back if I ask you to? You’ll go anyway, won’t you? So go.
– Am I not informing you each time I step out? Now smile and say bye. Please! If you don’t return home in an hour,
I won’t open the doors for you. Yeah, whatever.
– How insolent. Alright, talk to you later. Bye. – Bye.
– Hang up. – No, you hang up. Why? – Because you first said bye.
– That doesn’t mean I should hang up first. Yes, it does.
– Alright, I’ll count till three and we’ll hang up at once. One, two, three. Bye!
– Bye! Hello? – Yeah?
– Why didn’t you hang up? – You didn’t either. I won’t hang up until you do.
– I’m more stubborn than you think. I won’t either. Alright, fine! We’ll see.
– That we will. – Let’s see who’ll hang up first. ‘Let’s cut
to the scene in the meanwhile.’ When you speak to me like that,
I feel you are miles away from me. We’ve drifted apart without realising, Karthik.
– This is not the Nivi I know that is talking. I’ve been feeling this since so long.
Every night in my dreams I see, I feel you.
– I can’t dreaming about you even when my eyes are open. Maybe this rain would stop,
but my love for you won’t. It’s not working out.
– I’ll wait forever without ever bothering you. You please be happy
and this is all I pray from God. Bye.
– Bye! Bro, get the food fast.
We all are waiting here for you. Sing a song with the sound ‘Sa’.
– Sorry, guys, I’ve to go home. Why didn’t you say this before?
– I didn’t want to spoil your mood. – So, you spoil it now? Get lost! Shall we keep singing? Bye, mom, I’ll be right back.
– Where to? – My friend’s place. Who all are going?
– Me and.. – Who invited you there? And why? – I’ll be back soon!
– Where does she stay? What does her mom do? Mom, did anyone ever tell you
you’d make a good immigration officer. What does immigration mean?
Is it something like irrigation? Not important. Alright, I’ll go and hit the bed now.
– Very good! That is the best decision you’ve ever taken. In everyone’s life, there will be someone who’ll be
the most affected by their actions. In my life, it is me. Why are you over reacting so much? Calm down.
– I never thought you’d stoop so low. Hereon, we are no longer friends.
Don’t even try to ping me. Goodbye! You are angry over a pizza?
How stupid! ‘What’s the time?
Shit, I should leave right away.’ Hi, bro! Had your dinner?
– Yes! – Are you leaving? – No, I’m not. I leave before anyone sees me. What’s up? – Nothing much. Are you done packing?
– Yeah. – Did you pack all your shoes too? – Yeah. Did you pack those pickles for the flight?
– Yes, I did. Did you buy the lock and key?
– That is the only thing I should. Are you seriously taking the cooker like mom asked you to?
– Yes, I am. – I’m sure the weight would exceed. Is it so important you go there?
Can’t you pursue your studies from here? It isn’t easy for me to leave
all you guys behind, but I have to. We’ve to move on to achieve bigger things in life.
– I understand. – This isn’t the end, this is just a new beginning. To reach somewhere, you’ve to start from somewhere.
– ‘Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani’ is it? I hope you liked this video. If you could relate
to any of these goodbyes, give it a like. And also, there is something I wanted
to tell you all. I’ve decided to take a break. I didn’t miss a single Wednesday for the past 3.5 years.
There is so much I want to do, like travel and learn a lot of new things. This is a break
I wanted to take for myself. I hope you won’t mind. I’ll be back soon. Keep waiting
for more exciting and fun stuff. Keep watching Mahatalli. I’ll miss you all
and I hope you miss me too. Take care.


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