Tyler Perry, Crystal Fox & Bresha Webb Break Down A Fall From Grace Scene | Shot By Shot | Netflix

Tyler Perry, Crystal Fox & Bresha Webb Break Down A Fall From Grace Scene | Shot By Shot | Netflix

– Hey, Tyler Perry here, and
these are my leading ladies, Mrs. Crystal Fox and Mrs Bresha Webb, from my brand new film on
Netflix, called A Fall From Grace. – This is my mess. I dragged them into this, and I will not let my son go to jail. – I felt like this particular moment was a turning point for everybody. This is where the doubters
stared to believe, and she had to convince the other doubter, and protector, to believe. – I don’t have a lot of time. Now I think we have
enough reasonable doubt to get that into the juries’ mind, and that means an acquittal. – My favorite thing about
working with another artist, like Bresha, is when they bring it to you, when they bring the emotion
to you, then the weight of it, and the depth of it helps
you get right to the point. And did the DA take the deal? – No, no, no. No, listen to me. I know Sarah and your son were
at the house the day he died. – Who told you that? – When I came through that door, and I’m introduced to Grace, she was fully immersed in it, and we were both trusting each other, and we had to build trust in that scene. – And you want me to jeopardize that? No. – But what if you go free? – You can’t do that. – Yeah, I know I can’t if you
don’t let me fight for you. Please, let me fight for you! – Yeah.
– Yeah. I can do it. – This is what I love, right
here, that just the commitment, the commitment in her face. You know, I look at both of them. That’s what I always look for
with actors, do I believe you? And I believe them. All three cameras are rolling, I’ve got two singles
going at the same time, and the wide and panning back and forth, but instead of, like,
I’m gonna do a close-up, I’m gonna do wide, I’m gonna do… You do all these different set-ups, by the time you burn through all of that, you’ve drained the actor.
– Yes. – So it’s like, if
everything’s running at once, it’s like live theater. They get to go in the scene, and perform. – What it does is it makes you commit to a choice.
– [Bresha] Yes. – And follow through without doubt. – Okay, look, my boss is
gonna walk into that door any minute and I need you to tell him that you have changed your mind, and you do not want a plea. – I hadn’t been certain
what my tempo was gonna be. I thought I knew looking at her, and her energy was a need
to do, a need to something. It made me settle more,
settle more, settle more. And that informed Grace in the moment, and I felt like both of
us had something at stake. My life is stake, her life is at stake, or her dreams, or her goal.
– Career, yeah. – Career.
– Everything, for both of us. She’s gonna put it all out there, and I’m gonna put it all out
there, and I can feel that from her performance.
– [Bresha] Yeah. – My name is Rory Carrel,
I’m Jasmine’s boss. You guys had put a
beautiful moment together, and I’m just like, don’t walk
in here and jack it up, Tyler. Just go in there and
follow that same energy. It’s like getting into the
pool and making no ripples, because they had this
great steel water going on, and you had a lot going on in the moment, so I’m trying to just
ease in, and ease out. I’d like you to understand something, my office has looked at
your case up and down, and we think a plea is a good idea. That way you can be near you son, I know that’s important to you, yes? There was no rehearsal, there was just…
– [Bresha] No. – This is why, as a director, you have to hire the right
actors who get it on the page, who get it at home, who get
it in the dressing room, who get it when they’re
running it together. It’s like, “Hey, I’m Crystal.” “Hey, I’m Bresha. Let’s run this,” so that when they come to
set, we’re ready to shoot. – It’s like doing a play. No second take. And I’m used to that.
– [Crystal] Me too. – That’s where I come from.
– So do I. So, it was just like
tapping back into that. – Mrs. Waters, is it your
intention to plead guilty? At this moment where she’s like, yes. – Mm-hmm. I needed someone to bet on. – Yeah, yeah.
– I really did. – I want to go to court. – There’s a whole other
level of superstars that haven’t fully got their shot, so it’s my hope that as
people see this they go, “I need to hire her, who is that?” “I need to hire her, who is that?” These women can do anything. I would put both of them
side by side in a scene with Meryl Streep and Viola Davis, and watch them all go to work.


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