Twitter Crush on a Newspaper?

Twitter Crush on a Newspaper?

Today — Houston’s LGBTQ community responds
to Hurricane Harvey, Illinois has not one but two new pro-LGBTQ laws, and I have a new
Twitter crush. On a newspaper? Hey y’all! It’s Tuesday, I’m Allison Turner and this
is Daily Equality. Our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane
Harvey in Texas. The LGBTQ community in Houston is stepping
up. Both the city’s LGBTQ community center,
the Montrose Center, and the Houston-based Transgender Foundation of America are establishing
funds for victims of the flooding. You can find a comprehensive list of national
and local organizations assisting people affected by the disaster, and guidance on how to donate
at The New York Times’ web site. So we have a Tuesday Twitter crush on The
Phoenix New Times. The paper has been covering the very racist
former Sheriff Joe Arpaio for more than 20 years. They tweeted out his long, grotesque record
of violating the civil rights of the Maricopa County’s Latinx population. Talk about out a hate-filled agenda and extreme
racial profiling. Here are just a few samples: “He ran a jail that he described as a ‘concentration
camp.'” I already have a concentration camp. It’s called “Tent City.” “Prisoners there died at an alarming rate,
often without explanation.” “Under him, the MCSO (Maricopa County Sheriff’s
Office) failed to investigate hundreds of sex abuse cases, many of which involved children.” “But he somehow found time and money to
send a deputy to Hawaii to look for Barack Obama’s birth certificate.” “Oh, and one time he staged an assassination
attempt against himself? That was weird.” So go check out that Twitter thread and you’ll
see how by pardoning Arpaio, Trump has again aligned himself with his nationalist, racist,
anti-LGBTQ supporters. It’s something else. And now let’s take it up to Illinois — where
two pro-equality bills are now on the books. Republican Governor Bruce Rauner signed into
law a measure banning so-called “gay panic” defenses in criminal proceedings. Basically, defendants won’t be able to say
that they committed a crime out of temporary insanity or “panic” because they learned
that someone was gay. Governor Rauner also signed a measure that
simplifies the process of changing the gender listed on one’s birth certificate. Great job, Governor! See ya in court, Trump! In case you missed it yesterday, HRC, represented
by Lambda Legal and OutServe-SLDN, became a plaintiff along with Gender Justice League
and transgender individuals, in a federal lawsuit challenging the White House directive
that interferes in Department of Defense personnel policy by pushing forward the Trump-Pence
transgender military ban. And here’s some background — the case will
take place in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington. Now, I know that’s a total mouthful, but
this is important. This is the same district where Trump’s
discriminatory travel ban was blocked. So…a good sign for the case. For more LGBTQ news, subscribe to Daily Equality
at Thanks y’all!


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