streamer bleeEEeEeh is latest example of twitch th0t harassment problem. ~owen wilson wow~ did they just use the T word? tWiTch? hAHA funny.. (omg im dying that was so funny L. O. L.) i’m purposely censoring the name aAAaAnd the face of this individual because i’m not bringing this up as much as it is for her more than it is for uh this article and issue in general. because daMN OLD MAN OH BAM, it’s this article (can you even english?) *burp* PAINfully one-sided. FIRST of all, hEEeAAaAh, this is the photo that they chose to represent this ~individual~ mEANWHILE any article from polygon they’ll grab the ugliest (hey thats mean i like her outfit) screenshot they can find from the video. it’s hilarious. like what is this? (i agree) huh? ALSO, if you google the name of this ~individual~ you get a wiiide arrangement of diFFErEnt type of photographs.. but of course there’s nothing wrong with this, which is why they chose *THIS* picture *giggle* and not all these other ones. just pure coincidence.. 😉 now i knew this streamer before because of a clip that sort of went viral because she’s an IRL streamer and she was working out at the gym but she was told by the staff that she can’t work- she can’t have her camera face so that she shows other people in the background but instead she just goes “there’s no camera” *giggle* (wow genius) *inhale* LET’S WATCH you know stretching is DEFINITELY important. we got no problems with stretching. there’s just a lot of stretching going on. (you like that kind of stuff dont you pewds?) sorry, (its ok) but if i cared about not being doxxed, i would not go to people saying where i live in fact, i avoid saying where i live at most points, even if it’s commonly known. anyway, the staff comes in Girl: That’s why I’m not filming anymore. Girl: I don’t have my camera set up today Worker: ..Some people just keep complaining about it… Girl: Who’s complaining? Girl: I don’t have my camera set up, like Are you saying I can’t be at the gym? Worker: No… Girl: Yeah, I don’t have my Girl: No I’m just– Girl: No I’m not filming I’m just skyping one of my trainers *giggle* she doesn’t have her camera. just like.. “i’m not recording right now. okay?” what are we watching this through then? (hmmmMMMMM) i can see the camera right there on your left shoulder. [correction] right shoulder she keeps saying “i don’t have my camera. i’m just skyping my trainer.” trainers just sitting there like “keep stretching. that’s right.” (you go girl) Girl: Yeah I’m not filming though I’m just skyping one of my trainers Did she just say I’m skyping my trainers, is that what she calls her twitch audience? What’s up my trainers? Thanks for watching me workout today My trainers So anyway, he runs away he doesn’t know how to face this you’re not filming she’s not filming everybody that’s an important distinction here she’s not filming at all live streaming is not the same as filming everyone knows that he’s basically playing on the fact that Technically, yes, live-streaming ioan isn’t the same as recording, but they end effect is the same Girl: Pretty sure.. Cuz I don’t have a backpack, I don’t have my tripod I don’t have my camera set up She doesn’t have the camera she says that at least a dozen time then guy number two shows up Guy2: Hey, Excuse me, I know a lot of people have already about this But.. In regards to the filming and the live-streaming You’re not allowed to do it Girl:I’m not I don’t have my camera Guy2: You are lying We have your account open We know you’re live here Girl: But it doesn’t record it. Guy2: but you are live It’s still the same here It’s still the same deal. You’re on social media.. You have other people around you The problem here is that other people are working out in the background all she has to do which the guy says as well is Move to a wall where she doesn’t show other people. It’s a pretty reasonable Request but she doesn’t back down Guy2: I know it’s not the first time Girl: Before it’s been that I can’t have my camera Guy2: uh-huh Girl: In here Guy2: Have you never been told about the live-streaming? Girl: No, they said don’t have your camera in here Girl: Before they said it’s fine if it’s more focused on me Guy2: yes if it’s only you or yourself and you’re against a wall where nobody else is filmed, it’s fine Girl: So you want me to be up against a wall? And then the big boss shows up Caitlin Caitlin Girl2: Caitlin Girl2: you gotta shut it off Girl2: so either… Girl2: you don’t film here anymore or… Girl: What is wrong with myself? I don’t understand. I think I’m being phone harassed cuz it’s like, I don’t even have my camera here Don’t have my camera here. Oh, really? Yeah, she pulls up the livestream. I don’t have my camera. Oh, really? Just move to a wall it’s not that big a deal Girl: …feel uncomfortable though Why did you say it was fine? Girl2: what I said was… Girl2: I’ve actually had your followers call and– Girl: That’s what I’m saying, I’m being phone harassed! That’s the thing. That’s the thing I’m being phone harassed other people are calling you guys so I’m being harassed She’s trying to divert to the fact that a lot of times when IRL streamers go to certain places The people in watching the livestream will harass that place and keep calling in to annoy and get that person kicked out So she’s trying to make it seem like that’s the problem when they mentioned it many times. Just don’t film other people Girl: I’m just gunna leave. Girl: I’ll go to a gym who is more understanding of their members careers Girl: I’ll just leave Girl: I’m leaving the establishment Girl: ok? I get it. Sometimes you face confrontation You don’t want to admit that you’re wrong. So you act like an idiot and this time it was on camera It can happen to anyone Okay And it’s not the end of the world, but most people know this streamer because of this clip and I find it interesting How polygon doesn’t mention this video anywhere in This article obviously they don’t have to mention it But again Google any article of polygon with me in it, and you’ll be damn sure they’ll bring up my entire history feed and most news articles do this why the different treatment now the main reason for This polygon article isn’t because of this clip. So it’s again fine fine I just find it interesting the main reason for this article and the main reason she’s getting harassed is because Streamer bla-bla-bla has been hiding her marriage to keep donations rolling in from ell of the day again Polygon’s article never mentions this at least beyond a rumor about her being married Therefore hinders that relationship because her audience who has built a relationship with her feels cheated still she isn’t responsible to disclose her relationship and then saying that you know The people that harass her are just trolls and no feeling empowered to use degrading misogynistic insults when situation like this occur and Polygon and the stream are saying that people don’t donate to me because they think it improves their chances with me in a in some romantic way that’s just isn’t true and I love this because not even polygons own commenters agrees with the state in the articles, which I I’ve never seen before The top one saying people in particular young men absolutely do this It’s stupid and delusional and she can’t be blamed for some of her fans misunderstanding How real life relationships work But pretending it doesn’t happen at all is a smidge disingenuous this leading to that The comments was shut down on the article because it was just too much Senior editor Ben Kuchera saying there hasn’t been a single Stand-alone common in here that doesn’t focus on criticism of the victim. Not one. I’m shutting it down victim Interesting choice of words as long as you’re a victim you’re not allowed to be criticized senior editor polygon everybody Absolute Saint what a hero now. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with people being harassed, but you think I’ve never gotten harassed? you think I will get the same treatment from polygon and essentially this whole article is the same thing as the biased one that blatantly called me a sexist then ignore all the issues that Alinity had done because as long as you’re a victim You’re not allowed to be criticized and all the bad behavior gets brushed aside She isn’t responsible for the perceived relationship her subscribers have with her. I agree. I agree with both statement from this article, but here’s the thing polygon is deliberately bending the truth just enough to get their argument across when really you look at the other side of things and The whole thing falls apart and I’ll demonstrate People don’t donate to me because they think it improves their chances with me in some romantic way That doesn’t mean she is required to disclose everything even if a rumor is true She’s entitled to play into a role on Twitch if she wishes I mean again, I kind of have to agree She she doesn’t have to tell people That she is in a relationship and I don’t necessarily believe that Everyone that donates to this person does it because they hope to improve their romantic chances in some way like that’s ridiculous So it looks like they have a pretty strong argument here. Right? Well, here’s the problem She didn’t hide that she was in a relationship. She Blatantly lied about not being an a relationship And not just in a relationship. She’s married, but then there’s clips of her saying this Girl: …I’m single So again, if she Doesn’t get donations because of romantic hopes from fans. Why does she lie about being married? Feel free to answer me polygon I would love to know what you have to say about that. If you don’t want to tell people they earn in relationship I’m absolutely fine with that and I would never assume that someone donates or Whatever just because of some romantic way, but why would she lie about her marriage then? I don’t care if she shows up her body and she gets donation. That way I don’t care if she lies to get more money it’s just walking the line of Pretending that you don’t know what you’re up to and even lying saying no this doesn’t happen at all People don’t donate because they hope some romantic chance with me. People know that’s not true Polygons commentators knows that’s not true and they may not Outright say it, but I know that they know it but sometimes they do say it Sometimes they think the live stream is off when it isn’t and certain things comes out like this female streamer aAaaAAaHhh The twitchy girls shriek of Terror Raynella I got $40 from a couple weirdos, I just make so much money doing nothing This brings me to my final points. Yes. We are at the end everybody but to the most important conclusion Falling on and twitch are both gaming websites and in my opinion they are both hurting female streamers female gamers in particular because if they cared about female gamers they wouldn’t Constantly brush aside all the issues and bad behavior They wouldn’t constantly look away and give free passes It’s creating more and more uproar from the same people at the bottom line It’s hurting actual decent female streamers that just want to be taken seriously Because they get grouped in with these other eat streamers or whatever You want to call them in my opinion not all of them? But a lot of them are just more interested in making a buck through parasocial relationships but if you criticize them you are a sexist just like vice called me blatantly in their headline and in my opinion Media a lot of times care more about throwing labels around controlling Ideas rather than fixing actual problems that they’re pretending to be Rioting for or fighting for and if you don’t believe me take it from another twitch streamer whatever she’s doing it’s whatever but I do feel like it’s There’s dreamers like who don’t do those things because I get called like an e-girl or a thot and I feel like it’s undeserving and I feel like People are like this now because of What’s going on? Well, I don’t know if that’s true it’s just how I feel or what i think It for this video one like equals one copy strike Hope you guys enjoyed I would love to hear your comments and thots on this. See you tomorrow


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