TDOONG Entertainment TWICE Ver. TDOONG Entertainment staff members are gathered in the conference room. That is it for today’s meeting. Okay, then…! You know what I am thinking? What is that..? I am so lost…! Well… then! Night has come. Please lower your head! Playing Mafia Game all of a sudden? Right here? TDOONG Entertainment …Are you really okay?! (TwT) Everyone always ignores me No, but everyone seriously ignores me! You all ignore me too badly!! Everyone ignores me whenever I talk and nobody answers when I ask how they are doing (I will tell everything to ONCE) (querimoniously) When I asked who was at home, you guys replied to me a day later, seriously… (trembling) Ah, I seriously feel victimized…! I feel so tight Always! Seriously! You all feel pity for MOMO but I am the most miserable one. I have the longest line / (A sister majoring in Theater and Film who gets very sad while acting) Nobody replies to me in the group chatting. I have to show this fact to ONCE without hiding (That is why I am showing you everything) Please stop filming me. T.T Actually, Assistant Manager SANA was hiding back over there (Very unrealistic) The shooting of Assistant Managers NAYEON & SANA Ah oh my goodness (bashfulness surges in) This is a making film, right? lol Is this it? Are we done? Move to Manager SANA interview scene ! Of course, no problem! Cut! (Because it was so good, there is no NG cut) Assistant Manager CHAEYOUNG is so into report preparation Her duck-like-lips, sticking out more as she concentrates more, are so cute (TwT) In practice (It cannot be right) Naughty-naughty! Challenge shooting! That is okay! I just need to get down with Assistant Manager NAYEON before the meeting Anyway, everyone knows that I am the free kind Ha.Ha Where is Manager CHAEYOUNG again? It has passed the time to have a meeting. I can’t put up with this any longer! (Employee identification card is tangled up with hair) (The sister majoring in Theater and Film bursts out laughing due to her own acting) I will go one more time Manager NAYEONG retakes it for the perfect performance / I know you went out to have strawberries again!! ??: Yes, I have been out to eat some strawberries~! (Passionate) Should I step on it and shoot while I step on it with shoes? I can’t put up with this any longer! People are laughing because of NAYEON’s foot acting It is you! I am mad because of you! Why? You have disappeared again! You were gone even though we were supposed to have a meeting. I was … I fell asleep No, you went to have strawberries~ The bonus cut has been filmed successfully! This time is Assistant Manager JEONGYEON’s interview scene / Phew, don’t even mention it. Of course, it is Assistant Manager MOMO (This is JEONGYEON’s ad lib) We were hired at the same time… she sits next to me Manager JEONGYEON bursts out laughing while trying to ad-lib about the hiring year I will go one more time (Making a gesture) Phew, please stop eating (Glare fiercely)(Please give me one) (Assistant Manager DAHYUN’s snacks are so yummy ~♥) Manager MOMO! Let’s go out for lunch together (wiggling eyebrows) Okay! Let’s go! It was NG because she said “Let’s go” without standing up. Manager MOMO, the police has come because you are too dirty They will arrest (Manager MOMO)! I reported You did? Is that why the police are here? Manager MOMO is guilty of a very dirty desk: Two years in prison (Assistant Manager DAHYUN) She pretends she is bragging about her chocolate snack.ING (Requested to open and eat it) (The happiest facial expression since we began to shoot it) It is not a secret that Manager DAHYUN took several chocolate snack bags after shooting^^. Assistant Manager JIHYO, the ace, is acting enthusiastically / Ah… I'm reading the performance report of TDOONG Entertainment I am so worried because it is much less than I expected I have data which Assistant Manager TZUYU sent and I am planning to organize the data… / Phew, I am sorry T.T Phew, I don’t think I can do it. T.T **Revealing the truth of Manager JIHYO’s laptop, who seems working hard** (It sounds like she is a professional typist only with the sound) Question) Please find out what’s different from the original one. (9 points) The correct answer is “nothing” I cannot take it because I feel too nervous / It is too hard because we don’t have an NG cut. It is all because Assistant Manager MINA never makes a mistake. (Ventriloquism) Should I look at the camera? Powerful and cute Assistant Manager TZUYU, the youngest member [One more shot since she is pretty] JIHYO is preparing for the reminiscence scene of Manager TZUYU This laptop is so good! I can even take a picture with it. (The sound of a staff member’s breathing who is holding back his laughter although JIHYO is so cute) NG because both of them burst out laughing! It is too obvious that the file was thrown out intentionally… Uh… (Holding back laughter with full force) Challenge it again because it is too difficult! The shame that comes later… lol Have you guys all had meal? / TDOONG Entertainment staff members who are gathered for a group shooting Let’s pretend that we have had a nice meal. Let’s wrap up today’s meeting here/ The summary of today’s meeting: Have staff members had their good meal? Okay then…! You know what I mean? Well! Night has come. Please bend your head down! (Whisper) Who is Mafia?


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