TVJ News Today: St Mary Police in Custody – MIDDAY NEWS May 28 2019

TVJ News Today: St Mary Police in Custody – MIDDAY NEWS May 28 2019

good afternoon I’m Ellison Walker with
the media was a special welcome if you are watching on one spot Mediacom a
police officer in custody after allegedly killing his wife in tow Alison
mirror this morning the accused has been identified as Kirk Lawrence
his wife is also identified as Janet Hardy Lawrence she’s a businesswoman of
st. Anne parish circumstances leading up to the killing are unclear at this time
but we’ll have much more information on this story in primetime news at 7 the
counselor for the York tone division you spell purcell is echoing the call for
the government to establish a crime-fighting strategy to resolve the
country’s crime problem it’s called follows a double murder in
Yorktown clarendon last night of the news time the identities of the persons
were not released it’s not clear how the incident unfolded but TV G news
understands that the two persons were common-law partners from Yorktown they
have been operating a shop out on the main road and the common to their their
resident know and build that liquor shop and they start run it and you know just
try to make life and that’s what I’m saying I don’t know why they could have
gone in and take all their lives like that this brings the number of kill
persons killed in Yorktown over the last two weeks – three two weeks ago 13
annual Anthony Bernard was shot and killed at a party in the area frustrated
about the number of killings in Clarendon councilor Purcell is now
looking to the government for solutions there is
continue shooting in the communities and I don’t know when this is going to stop
but I’m calling on the government to see how best they can deal with the issue
and I think clarendon more than ever need some form of resolution in respect
of dealing with the crime that is chaos taking over all of Clarendon he’s also
urging residents to break their silence and I’m begging the citizens of your
town to speak to those who they might know that are carrying the guns and
aren’t taking our people lives like this – this is from doing so
because it is very painful to lose a mother and a father a young child who’s
a mother and a father it’s not easy and no one would like to lose their mother
and father in this kind of way sound begging and beseeching for it to
stop business men and women in Santana are being prodded by the finance
minister to demand lower interest rates Finance Minister dr. Nigel Clark raised
the issue in a speech to the center and chamber on the weekend dr. Clark also
called for more people to build houses given a more favorable environment to do
so more in the support from TV J’s away or Shane masters finance minister dr.
Nigel Clark on the weekend in st. Anne urging businesses to press banks on
interest rates when you go to see your bank on Monday morning ask them so wait
a minute the minister tell me that the central bank reduced to rate 10 times in
two years and it’s no 0.75% just look at em and say what about me it’s the latest
attempt to pressure banks to make further cuts to interest rates unknowns
to consumers and investors already mortgage companies have been responding
dr. Clark even pointing out that he has seen rates fall below 7 percent with
mortgage rates at that so know it opens up new possibilities for the consumer
for the individual for those in the market to buy the home for the very
first time and for the business he pointed out that
in the last three years the National Housing Trust NHD financed or built more
houses than in any three-year period for the past 20 years but that he said did
nothing to reduce pent up demand just recently 1500 of those NHD homes came to
market in Montego Bay and there were over 10,000 applications so anybody who
is thinking about the business to go in the business of providing homes
affordable homes for everyday Jamaicans is an area of unbounded demand
and that more so he says with affordable financing now available for shade
masters TVJ news the National Water Commission the end of the sea is
reporting a slight improvement in inflows most of its supply system since
last weekend’s rains on Monday a new center reported that water levels at the
Moana reservoir and a hermitage dam had increased marginally in an update last
night the NWC said it was a similar situation at other facilities however
end of the seas corporate communications manager Charles Buckhannon says the
water was caused by the dry spell are far from over the National Water Commission has seen
an increase in the influence into most of our storage facilities and intakes
across the country as a result of the rains over the weekend unfortunately
however the improvement has not been significant you know as yet to lift us
out of the low flow conditions that we were experiencing but it is a good sign
and were the rains to continue we expect that we should see some improvement the
sentiments are the same for the director of the meteorological services division
Evan Thompson he says that the island is expected to get rain on till Wednesday
and an editorial note in our newscast yesterday reported that the Police
Federation was upset that a business man had to pay for the CT scan for one
of the two policemen shot and injured during Sunday’s robbery in Clarendon
over further checks by TVJ News have revealed that this is not so the city
cam was paid for by the police forces welfare officer the full payment of all
costs incurred for the treatment of the law men were born by the Jamaica
Constabulary force we apologize for the in and it’s time no for break more
stories in our midday newscast right after these messages welcome back continuing the news two
sets of investors are seeking to purchase that on the pressure airline
flight Jamaica owned off the airline captain Ronald Rees confirmed the
information during a brief interview with our new center sources told our
NewsCenter that flight Jamaica has been in talks with one group for almost a
year that group said to be out of France as ordered as offered to by the airline
make redundancy payments and clear other debts owed by flight Jamaica over
captain Reece told her new center that years unable to comment any further as
talks are ongoing TVJ News has learned that the airline currently owns several
airports various fees news of the talks with investors come weeks after tbj news
reported that more uncertainty is looming surrounding the future of flight
Jamaica it comes following confirmation that you make a civil aviation authority
JCA a suspended the airlines air operating certificate director-general
of the JC AAA nari Williams saying an interview with her new center recently
so the action was taken as flight Jamaica had not been operating for some
time it closed operations in March and May the positions of its workers
redundant the airline has been struggling since one of its planes
crashed landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana last
event ba parents and teachers of the Clonmel primary and junior high school
in sent me this morning staged the protest to voice their concerns about
the school’s principal the placard bearing contesters demanded that a
principal be removed immediately the protesters who put pad lock the gates
insisted that the school will remain closed until the principal is removed I am sorry that it has to be at this cost
to our students and also to the teachers who are here this morning but we need
this principal to go in the meantime TVJ News understands
that the meeting will be held this afternoon between the Board Chairman and
the teachers parent passions of the Y Alice health centers and Thomas are
expressing concern about the non function of the clinic recently the
patients say they have showed up for their appointments only to be sent home
due to a lack of water at a health I suppose figure to be a future under
Carlo documents where there is no water they say the main reason for the lack of
water is a pump that has been poorly maintained over the years to an ongoing
challenge to store water no efforts were made recently to repair the pump at the
clinic but without success seven passengers including the driver of a
Toyota which motor car were rushed to the Saint Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital
this morning after the vehicle crashed into a wall along the Discovery Bay main
road reports indicate I have a drive of the car which was traveling from
Discovery Bay towards Trelawny overtook a line of traffic when another vehicle
was spotted making a right about turn the car swerved to avoid a head-on
collision and crashed into a wall located at the niranda
bauxite pier at least three persons received serious injuries in news
overseas at least 12 people have been killed in severe storms which have
affected three states in the United States there seems to be no break for
millions of people the details from the CNN
a massive ef-1 twister caught on camera tearing through Charles City Iowa
damaging 11 structures just one of dozens reported across several states
over the holiday weekend in a relentless and deadly tornado outbreak that is
showing no signs of letting up more than 170 tornadoes reported in just the last
week it’s just unbelievable how violent and you just can’t imagine anybody being
able to survive so I know we’ve got people that are fighting for their lives
and hope you medical center right now a state of emergency for the entire state
of Oklahoma that’s been hit extremely hard in the past several days people
that were on the top floor of that hotel wiped out we saw the trailers they’re
just completely demolished one had the floor there this mass devastation in El
Reno caused by an ef3 tornado got water still rising in the east so we’re not
out of the woods yet it still could get worse
widespread floods have swallowed entire communities forcing more than a thousand
people from their homes in Tulsa there’s no proper reaction to this and you feel
everything you feel sad you feel angry in sports
the West Indies were a Bordeaux for 421 runs in forty nine point two overs
against New Zealand in their final warm-up game in Bristol ahead of the
World Cup shy hope top scored for the Caribbean side with
101 while Evan Lewis an on Jay Russell added half centuries Trent Boult took
for 450 for the Kiwis at sports time the New Zealanders were 222 for five of 33.4
overs the Kiwis need another 200 rounds of 99 volts to secure a victory
Sheldon Cottrell or Shane Thomason Ashleigh nurse and kemar have taken a
wicket each the West Indies first game of the World Cup is on Friday against
Pakistan the reggae girls will be looking to extend their unbeaten run to
eight games as they face Scotland at Hampden Park this afternoon this would
be Jamaica’s final warm-up game prior to the World Cup in France Scotland were
also making their debut at the World Cup next month are ranked 20th in the world
Jamaica is ranked at number 53 kickoff is at 135 Jamaica timer will have the
result of that match in prime time sports and at midday news I’m Milton
Walker join us at 7:00 for primetime news on behalf of the new sports and
production team good afternoon


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  • The Government of JA is disgusting. With all the lack of basics essentials that the people needs not to mention the totally inadequate services JA provides it is crazy that no one is held accountable for nothing. Just emptying the people's pocket in every form of way.

  • Don't know the story but that does not justify taking a life…QUESTIONS sir….is the problem solve now sir or it just start fi you???? What about walking away?? how you take life can you give it??? You never a watch and listen news and see how much killed their love ones and it no pay off or hear the encouragements as to what to do when things going wrong in your relationship etc???….why didn't you seek some form of professional help??? Why you allow the devil dat ole demon to use you?? MY GOD IT'S VERY SAAAAD…BOTH SIDES OF FAMILY MUST BE HURTING AT THIS TIME FOR MORE REASONS THAN ONE…PRAYING FOR THEM ALL….NO ONE KNOWS "IF" THEY ARE LIVING WITH A KILLER …BUT IF THERE ARE WARNING SIGNS I PRAY ONE WILL WALK BEFORE IT ENDS IN TRAGEDY….???????

  • Mr Minister, it's all sounding good to the ear but there is a serious crisis in this Country that would first need to be dealt with the Scourge and the infestation of crime tearing the country apart it's definitely not attractive for Investor and Returning resident

  • What's the mentality of these men? Murder everyday man I'm tired of this hit
    Murder of people
    Murder of children
    Murder of women
    By the time this finish is soso man aguh lef a jamaica.

  • Mike Johnson says:

    Crime plan ? What crime plan to develop when every day the criminals change their tactics. Get the NIDS up and running. Then check the minister of the Philippines

  • Cheritta Shakespeare says:

    Sad accasion people cursing the prime minister only God himself can save this nation and we have to ourselves for him manifest himself though us

  • Cheritta Shakespeare says:

    It end time and all these sign people dont want God they want Jesus in one hand and yhe devil in one

  • Brawl starts AFK’s says:

    Look dating a officer you know you gonna get cheat on don’t feel like you can cheat back and he don’t shoot you lol

  • Gov I acknowledge you are active on crime and only we as citizens can curve crime staring in the family BUT Clarendon crime has to be address not because it is not a tourist area it shouldn't be neglected Jamaican people first all the time

  • Shiftacula Music says:

    How long is Jamaica going to sit back and let unlawful police officers continue with such behavior. The little island is over run by criminals and the government can’t do anything, then why are you the government.

  • Evils Police man, I was seeing a Jamaican Police man and just pure cheating I got,, I live in the Uk ??, I no no no longer chat to that beggerton Bwoy with lots of women.. I can’t stand them Jamaican men.. the right pple are living in jamaica which are pure evils blood hungry pple

  • NUFF WICKED man a JAMAICA. EVEN DI Rasta MAN DEM WICKED to DEM woman. DEM beat up DEM woman and have NUFF woman an PICKNEY out a street.

  • Joanie Blackman says:

    It is a scandalous that the police is black killing black people in Jamaica is a sad story in the community .the comunetie in Jamaica most go stand up for theme rights by the police station and bey the government for stop the police ho killing the people in the community they have richt to live a life.jahbless Jamaica jahlove Jamaica.Jamaica people fight for a better jamica the killing have to stop.??✌✊???love this reggea music free all back people from Bussy Singal✊??

  • Damn sickening and an asshole!! Most of these men in the police force/soldiers too needs a mental evaluation at least every 2 years. It’s getting from bad to worst!!??

  • WWEE Network-Wellness says:

    ALLEGEDLY…? She was gunned down 12 bullets…in cold blood. This was straight up MURDER!!!! RIP DIANE…GONE TO SOON…

  • What a waste of time. Why they bother carry this wicked boy in. Kill him rass on spot. Pre meditated and a take damn whatsapp fi them tool to get way. Ano the first

  • TVJ unuh really a try mek money to offa di video them! Every second a a advertisement like a TV unuh deh pon. Kmt

  • I know him he wanted to kill her a while now, honestly she didn't deserve it because he was cheating on her A LOT. He just wanted their house and money for himself he didn't love her, he had someone else he wanted to make a life with. Believe me it was all premeditated she was going through a lot, he only got married to her for her money and when he couldn't get it the relationship took a turn. She started to see his true colors I'm so sad this happened to Dian. A lot of people know the real him but they are afraid to tell the full story because he is a dangerous man and he can get us all killed. Believe this man deserves no mercy or sympathy. I'm still sadden that I couldn't save her life rest in peace Dian, you went through hell with the devil you called your husband. It hurts my heart it turned out this way, I'm still in tears. I hope the arthorities give the house and all her possessions to her family, then again he just might kill them too. Just so sad she had to get out of her hell for a relationship this way. She wasn't torment him he just couldn't use her as he pleased, he was the one trying to manipulate and torment her.


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