TVJ News: Father Livid About Autopsy Report –  May 9 2019

TVJ News: Father Livid About Autopsy Report – May 9 2019

it’s Thursday May 9 good afternoon I’m
Herman green with your midday news a special welcome if you are watching
online at one spot the family of kev Ron Burrell the civilian who was
killed during the controversial police chase crash and shooting on Old Harbor
rodents and Kathryn is upset about how his post mortem was handled his father
is raising several questions as he feels the autopsy report is not telling the
full story of his son’s demise but my instinct emesis up marco cop michael
Burrell the father of keV Ron Burrell is livid after receiving the results of an
autopsy done on his son’s body Kevin was killed after the vehicle he was driving
collided with a vehicle driven by police officers during a controversial chase on
Old Harbor rodents in Kathryn last month Michael Burrell says he was at the scene
and saw what happened after the collision and so believes the autopsy
results is suspicious police went to over to his window I shoot him
understand me my next son hospitalized because I’ve
gone franchising and I’m Edie his girlfriend forward gunshot and it’s
still the autopsies the piece of paper you’re sure say this piece of paper does
show us a blunt to his head and neck the autopsy was done at the Spanish town
hospital in st. Catherine and the report handed to him at the Spanish town police
station he says with no direct mention of the bullet wounds or of them
contributing to his son’s death the family doesn’t believe there will be any
justice for his killing every DM a gamma bed may wake up with it become a new oh
him dead me Co him did you understand me it cannot be like that you understand me
the autopsy she was mtech gunshot from him you know the autopsy she won’t get
gunshot and the type I’m gonna shoot him but yet still it is not on the report
multiple gunshot wound and this is blown – in her neck it knock tell me what
cause of death the honest um effeminate Eva broke in a show me by in pakka what
castanet understand me a murder really like this thing come over wait he says
he has been contacting the authorities including in become
says he has not been given any definitive answers except that the
investigation is still ongoing number one justice the honest a me enjoy
me a copy but not for weirdness confer use this as a stepping stone though we
attend till it come to your child I mean yeah because this is it this is coming
like it’s a corruption you understand me I’m Akira believe the minister of
security the police commissioner and the governmental Ibis this is not right
nobody come to me none of them I hear on the news or anything say anything about
Katherine Burrell this poor used to come from foreign to his family yet Finneran
and then was murdered along the way and nobody is just like the Morpher just
jump over the Ergo know me need answers the family is now calling on Human
Rights bodies for assistance he’s also considering an independent
autopsy as he insists that that’s the only way the family will get closure
herman green the prospect police in centenary are seeking the public’s
assistance and identifying the body of a man that was found on Tuesday morning
information received is that shortly after 6 o clock a neighbor was visiting
a friend on car Serena we entire Isles when he stumbled upon the body the body
was gone clad in a red white and black shirt grey pants and black shoes it was
found facedown in a pool of blood the cause of death is still unknown
with the recent spate of violent crimes and sections of st. Thomas and operation
by the Y Alice Police has resulted in several men being now in police custody
the exact number of detainees has not been confirmed but they are from poor
areas Lockwood brands Barry Lloyd’s and stamp Road in the parish the police
operation follows recent shooting incidents on the weekend gunmen went on
a rampage shooting four persons who were playing dominoes in the community of the
logwood three persons were injured while the other person managed to escape
following that shooting in logwood attacks the operator and his daughter
were attacked by gunmen in Lloyds District me Alice the father was shot
and killed while his daughter was seriously injured after he was alerted
to a fire at the front door of his home while he tried to put out the blaze
he was attacked and killed during the course of the day another fire was set
to a neighboring to a house in a neighboring community of barns burry no
one was injured in that incident a strong warning has come from the new
commanding officer for Trelawny that criminal elements which are fleeing from
the states of public emergency imposed in Westmoreland Hanover and st. James
will not be tolerated in the parish James would have been hit hard by the
impact of lots of scamming activities that would have resulted in an increased
emphasis by law enforcement on the actors in this scheme as a result we
believe we have evidence to show that a number of these criminal suspects have
left the space and have entered into our space here in Jelani it’s why he’s
calling on the various authorities or stakeholders to join forces to protect
the parish it’s not going to be the job of the police only business people
community members justice of the peace pastors you must realize that the best
way to prevent an escalation in violence is to prevent the first one from
happening indiscipline on the nation’s roads continues to be a major sort or
the authorities they believe that it’s the main contributor to an increase in
road fatalities according to the Road Safety Unit
there has been 161 deaths on the country’s roads to date it’s also a
major issue for Prime Minister Andrew Holness speaking recently mr. Holness
suggested that the indiscipline is not due to a lack of enforcement by members
of a Jamaican Constabulary of course data from the public safety and traffic
enforcement branch shows that over 40,000 tickets have been issued for
traffic violations but mr. wholeness says the carnage on the road is not only
by public passenger vehicles even though they are pointed out more
often than not but generally there is a level of indiscipline on the road and we
are horrified that very often the safety of road users take a backseat to getting
the next passenger or getting to where I want to go he also expressed concern
about the rate of motorcycle deaths there have been 50 since the start of
the year resulting from motorcycles motorbikes it is disturbing and many of
those who are dying are young adults just leaving the legally defined age of
a child the meteorological service of Jamaica says the water crisis currently
been experienced in sections of the island may get worse based on rainfall
projections in the corporate area water levels at two major catchment facilities
continued to decline despite supply restrictions imposed by
National Water Commission end of the sea more than a week ago on Wednesday the
end of the sea reported that the Moana reservoir was at 29.1% of capacity while
the hermitage dam was at 30.3% the NWC says since supply restrictions were
imposed the rate of decline at both facilities has been slower than in
previous weeks but director of the meteorological Service Evan Thompson
says previous projections for higher than normal rainfall in May may not
materialize he says the projections have been revised what is project it is just
about normal we don’t expect that it would be significantly above normal that
would allow us to have sufficient water to take us through the trial periods of
the year or the dry period of the summer month I’m going through July and August
so it’s likely that we will see an increase during
me but then as we move into the middle of the summer we like to see it
decreasing again and it may get worse if we don’t get enough rainfall in me our
new center has learned that 90 of the 450 supply systems operated by the end
of the sea are no affected by drought with an excess in mango production so
far this year there are no urgent Appeals for the agricultural ministry to
step in and help in the reduction of the wastage of the fruit TV Jay’s ashamed
masters tells us more calls are being occurred this afternoon for the
Agriculture Ministry to fast-track plans to deal with the glut of mangoes
especially in South Manchester the calls come despite to the agriculture minister
or leash or pointing out that the Jamaican government and the
International Development Bank IDB have started discussions on a new program
that will boost agricultural production the minister at the start of the year
had explained that a 150 million dollar bridging project will fund the
establishment of two additional Agri parks and facilitate the government’s
mango export plan but to the farmers in South Manchester are adamant that things
need to be done now it is my concern that going should build some factory
some kudos to produce it and to keep them that you know can go to use too
much food would be attending there’s a lack of engagement with members from the
communities we ran among those are being wasted the Ministry of Agriculture and
Rada and the Jamaica agriculture society they need to reach out to these
communities according to our power a farmer in South Manchester the issue is
not only with mangoes but with other produce as well look into these things
and do something about it to learn with your feet and the president of a
Manchester Association of branch societies Jones Oliphant is also
employing the tavern men to fulfill its promise of establishing an a group
implant so deal with the surplus of fruits especially mangoes at this time
of the year there should be a processing factory for these vegetables and fresh
fruits but opted today that is just lip service nothing has been done concrete
as to what will be done with this mango season that is coming up in the meantime
criticisms have also been laid against the ministry in relation to the
formulation of the policy which has to do with the exportation of mangoes what
the Minister of Agriculture has done was to know crafted a policy which would
help the the country in such a way that mangoes that tin would obtain it to be
wasted would be shipped are exported out of Jamaica but based on how the policy
is not working it seemed as if it cannot cover all the mangoes that are going to
East right so something is something more needs to be done a comprehensive
plan needs to be initiated a shade masters TV ten years and still on
agriculture former president of the New Forest agar Park in Manchester Conrad
Murray is asking for serious attention to be given to farmers who suffered from
the infestation of the beet armyworm mr. Murray says some farmers are still
struggling with the loan payments and legal matters due to the losses still
use some help from any agency because they have lost significant because they
have borrowed money at a higher rate at 13% to produce for particular producers
and they have lost out a lot and it’s a pretty serious situation where they will
even appreciate that somebody from sombras could sit with them and offer
them are we oh mama mia murphy school for over 19 years and we have work to
Havana this facility put in place we we live at night with all night and day and
know they are here we’d like to see a utilize the best of our ability in
assisting the farmer in processing and so that they can earn
maximum dollars for their produce and we go down to sports in football a number
of players will be queuing up to get the attention of coach Theodore Tupper
Whitmore a head of the CONCACAF Gold Cup a 25 member squad is now in training at
the u wi g FF captain Horace Burrell Technical Center within a few weeks
times several of these players will know if they’ll be a part of the squad going
to the Gold Cup for that to be done they must impress the coaching staff who will
be looking overseas for additional members one of the names that may have
jumped out at you is to Shane Campbell of FC Reno Campbell is a 23 year old
defender and a former guard must say of student who’s receiving his first
call-up well and has put in so this is the way to show it
it’s a great thing I know just push me more to play football and represent the
contrary darkness and getting the chance to play for Jamaica would help to
restore some pride for the Reno family structure the team was not pretty much
satisfied so sir I’ll be as upon me rhino club also looking to make a
breakthrough is sent about Casey Reed from Manchester England who has a
grandfather in Clarendon Reed who is currently without a club was invited
after he caught the eye of a Jamaican scout
while playing in Hong Kong I think I’ve impressed the right people at the right
time he was a man from the jmf in Hong Kong must have impressed him from the
right things the 21 year old says he didn’t choose Jamaica because he sees an
easy passage but more so a chance to represent the country of his heritage my
family’s from its innate community since I was a kid is so I wanted to represent
you know I’ve chosen it so I’m gonna stand by I had opportunities for rubber
teams but I I chose Jamaica and Jamaica chose me so definitely I’m happy with my
choice and hopefully at the future as well and there is also a Johnny Talbot
and the defender this is the second call up
for him but with a gold cup just a few weeks away this one is even more special
this is very important to me on my career it’s a push to become better
things you just put in work and to research
from it and see if I could be a part of the 23-man squad Jamaica will kick off
their Gold Cup campaign on June 17 against Honduras at the National Stadium
Jordan Ford TVJ sports and that’s the midday news I’m Herman green remember
primetime news is at 7:00 on behalf of the entire team good afternoon


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  • prince Wilkie says:

    This is how they cover up their crimes all these organizations working together this systems is very corrupt but we jamaicans take these things like we need fe stand up for our rights this could of happen to anyone

  • Maggie Edwards says:

    Government come on please , security minister Dr Chang where is your integrity? this man mr Burrell and his family grieving and still in shock , yes it’s an ongoing investigation but the autopsy should have at least recorded the truth of how his son was killed ,
    Transparency accountability ??where you have a duty of care to give the family the truth and to also help them with the burial costs of his son Mr Burrell , and a compensation package for what they have suffered , to not accept the responsibility .that the government is liable since the mobile reserves is hired by you, shows a complete lack of applying duty of care , and disregard for the loss of life .🇯🇲

  • charmaine Rowe Rowe says:

    Make it be known internationally if your son is an American Citizen get the US involve by writing to the embassy thru Fed X.

  • Norman Ferguson says:

    This father is absolutely correct. So, who was responsible for carrying out the autopsy whoever it is that person needs to explain why such a report written. This cannot be covered up. The father was at the scene so why is the authorities not listening to him why. Why the silence by all these people whom we the taxpayers of this country are paying to do the job they are employed to do. We the taxpayers requires answers from them as they work for us and not the other way around.

  • thatguy34603 says:

    Bredda system all over the world protect them system people seem to think this is unique to Jamaica what u should do is keep the pressure on them and never stop until u get your justice

  • Norman Ferguson says:

    I totally agree with Mr Jones. In the UK we cannot get Jamaican mangoes. Yet man a yard does a lot of talking.

  • norman smith says:

    You are an eye witness to a shooting. The autopsy report made no mention of the bullets retrieved from the victim's body.
    I am wondering if an autopsy was in fact done.
    I am think you should take the report to a lawyer and ask his assistance

  • norman smith says:

    With the mangoes now, mango trees grow wild a bush, call school children passing on the road to help themselves and stop talk faat bout govt must sell mango fi oonu..

  • Rocks_N_ Charms says:

    This father must make noise to d chiney man and demand answers from him! D chiney man and the rest r covering everything up cause they no more blood shed is coming! Smh!!!

  • CaliforniaNrwYork CaliforniaNewYork says:

    If hes a US citizen get the embassy involved. I'm a dual citizen so if anything to me in Jamaica the US would want to know the reason. Write the embassy and also see if you can email them

  • If it was election Andrew would find himself at the man yard to let it seems like he cares…how many times have Jamaica saw him do it, a con man! either that or he gives away Easter bun… Lol..CON MAN!!!

  • gervan myers says:

    Let's talk the 70s mango nectar and juices where available and much desired by foreigners…Mi nay talk nonsense because I know it as factual…But TODAY it's no longer can be found in stores…

  • Michael Malcolm says:

    Big man dem a do dat fe avoid any payment fram dem fe dem untrained police dem loose pon de people dem. If you nu contest this now dem a go say later say dem nu response because u neva say nutting. So keep talking up keep asking for answers and compensation. I think you should all sue de government. Hold them responsible mek dem pay fe all expenses involved ina you son's death and pay compensation fe him death and every one in de car fe sue fe medical expenses and p personal injuries. A dat de people dem fe start do. Mek de government and de police dem know say de safty of de law abiding citizens dem life valuable too even if dem a poor people.

  • Michael Malcolm says:

    Dem na go do shit. De government wa fe tief the $150 million allocated to this project. Dem nu wa ge de poor people dem nutting. Dem know wa fe do that a if dem can still do it. Fe all we know dem done tief off all de money a ready an share it up. Dem politicians de a wicked n tief.
    Imagin that you get a chance fe get involved in de overseas shipping and selling in de international arena. But just because you nu wa de poor farmers and dem family mek nu money unu refuse fe do anything. Unu wicked.

  • now yuh know why wickedness can never done. dem a hide some these people that we have in whichever office they themselves are criminals. sad but a true.

  • So much can be done with the mangoes…make snacks with them…in the US here you get the dried sweetened mango peel in BJ's and Costco, taste real good. We need to wise up.

  • Carl Montaque says:

    gsw is registered as blunt forced trauma. wtf. I don't want to sound like a ahole to u man but please educate yourself.

  • Latoya T Miss Diva Supplies says:

    Maybe if Mangoes weren't so expensive we could buy more. $1000 for 3 mango? Ok let them rot then

  • Janette Taylor says:

    These things not right. This is wickedness. Whosoever crooking up this thing will pay. Left them to the father. Bwoy life is so unfair.

  • Karla Stewart says:

    If even mi, I want to know how my child die. Seek a lawyer. And don't stop some body have to pay. All though a tax payer a go foot the bill.

  • Is only violence make up the News..I am sure this media house can report on some of the positive things that happened on the island too..God damn man.

  • Delroy Williams says:

    That is how our law is, lies, deceptions, cook up, injustice and all corruptions, then they come and give green and red shirts for you to vote and cook a pot of food by the road sides and full your belly for the day and then you die for hunger for the next 4-5 years. The police can murder you cold blooded and they get away scotch free. What a nice situation,

  • In a strange way Kevron Burrells life could the the catalyst for the truth about what really happened that night .
    The fact that this was a collision to his car and a shooting of an innocent person and serious injury to his passenger who had no criminal affiliates warrants an immediate investigation from both INDECOM and the JCF investigation committee because the case cannot and will not go away until solved and compensation duly paid to his family.
    The silence from both entities is deafening.

  • Seve Cheverria says:

    Mr Burrell please get a good lawyer. You can't get back your son but someone must pay. Also police need to know that they can't just shoot ppl like bird and get away.

  • Seve Cheverria says:

    I use to like Mr Montague talk about dutty criminals in and out of the force. Tired a well spoken commissioners and security ministers. While they legislate and meet at high levels to do a feasibility study. Crime a kill wi. How can Horace Chang head security when he is a mp from mobay where crime lives.

  • The agricultural ministry should consider putting in place a program to handle the mangoes and other fruits just like we do with coffee..just a thought..

  • Wayne Mystra says:

    I have no respect for the government nor the police force. These two set of people is the disease affecting our beloved country.

  • When China finally take over Jamaica they will see what God they are really serving cause the plan is to wipe out the jamaicans😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • Wayne Edwards says:

    Papa this bigger than you I would advise you to get two top lawyers and redo your some autopsy privately cause the police hierarchy is involved and is covering up get lawyers mi boss

  • Emptyamberthestar Roblox says:

    A no must the gun shot kill him uno cause people get Multiple shot an no dead so fine yourself a lawyer daddy and check it out

  • Man it’s so annoying watching Andrew talk. How he can hold a straight face with all the corruption and other shit happening under his watch?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. Nigga need to step up his game, less talk more action

  • Calm With Charm says:

    Them Jamaican people Des too Rass wicked, and the government needs to compensate for the shit that their law enforcement done

  • Thomas Jennings Paul Bogle says:

    Jamaican have problem with too many mangoes what happens to mango juice True juice where are you. Too much a Pepsi and Coca-Cola used mangoes and make juice miss those days in Jamaica some a unoo a get lazy natural mi sey.

  • gaza queenbee says:

    ok now. so it seems the police that was on the run was telling the truth and the hero cop is the real killer. this is a case for SHERLOCK HOLMES. This is straight out of a tom clancy's novel. And the mystery deepens. Tvj need to do some serious investigative reporting for this blockbuster.
    I am on the edge of my seat with suspense. how come nobody interviewed the eye witnesses and just relied on this so called heroic policeman's word?
    how can you come to a conclusion without analysis of the incident and you cannot analyze information that you have not gathered.
    the government/commisioner not fuctioning at all. even granny, sylvester and tweety bird would have been all over this case gathering every piece of evidence. all the ants and bugs would have been questioned already. GOVERNMENT THIS IS 2019. JAMAICANS NOT IDIOTS ANYMORE. WELL MOST OF US AREN'T.


  • Jennifer Hencelwood says:

    Most of the Jamaican police is legal gunmen
    And the Government is very corrupt, they don’t care about the life of the citizens of Jamaica.

  • March on the Jamaican embassies and consulates to pull attention to this madness our Jamaican people are being told to swallow.

  • you can get your own a topsy do not bury your son until you do what you have to do they do not want to be sued for wrongful death of course they covering up stuff they going around you you get back around them

  • Typical ways of doing things in the corrupted free masonry society that rule in too much countries in the world unfortunately, Jamaica included.

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