TVJ Midday News: Will JLP Call a Snap Election? – August 14 2019

TVJ Midday News: Will JLP Call a Snap Election? – August 14 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom
political commentator dr. Paul Ashley believes that Prime Minister Andrew
Holness should consider calling a snap election if People’s National Party
presidential candidate Peter bunting wins the September 7 race a general
election is due by 2021 dr. Ashley argues that calling the general election
immediately after a victory would give the Prime Minister an advantage at the
pause he says that’s because the party would be fragmented and they would not
have enough time to reunite or get enough money to fund its campaign then
there will be indication from the port there’s a momentum he will attract
increased funding he will need accounting skills he will get voters and
in fact may take away some from the GOP so you don’t live in the opportunity to
do perfectly no I’m not only that remember you have in the tempie if one
team wins so letõs you know making sure the opportunity however dr. Ashley
argues that if Peter dr. Peter Phillips wins there is no need for an early
election there has been a 3.2 percentage point reduction in the number of math
passes in the carbon secondary education certificate CSEC exams the Ministry of
Education gave details at a press conference a short while ago close to
thirty three thousand six hundred students at the exam earlier this year 54.6% and 52.8% respective the reports
here and you say that that 54.6% is not acceptable it’s too low and the ministry
is embarking on a program that we expect will bring about an improvement in that
year that’s an area that we have a lot of time air traffic controllers across
the island have served notice they are on the verge of taking industrial action
the Jamaica air traffic controllers Association last night warned that
normality cannot be guaranteed due to outstanding wage issues with the Finance
Ministry the Association also complained that it’s 2017 2019 wage claim has not
been settled president of the Association Kurt Solomon says the air
traffic controllers are upset with how the Finance Ministry has been handling
the matter we are not being able to meet with anybody from the Ministry of
Finance specifically about the negotiation process in fact they said to
us plainly that they can’t meet with us because their process outlines that they
shouldn’t meet with other stakeholders which is ridiculous where we are no I’ve
been patient I’ve waited there are not coming to us with any answers we only
have one answer no.1 or course and we will take that action as soon as we deem
that necessary to do so in terms of where we are in terms of getting our
answers and knowing where we are in this whole wage negotiation process mr.
Solomon says the air traffic controllers are prepared to take strong action some
we’re being very clear about that but any time you will contemplate
withdrawing our service because we don’t believe that this process is fear and
there’s an urgent appeal this afternoon for medical professionals experiencing
sexual harassment wonders to make formal complaints the appeal
comes amid screams that there have been no official reports we have details in
this report a newspaper report last weekend chronicled the experience of
junior doctors who said they were afraid to speak out because of concerns they
could be victimized speaking on our yards beyond at the headlines yesterday
president of a Jamaica medical doctors Association dr. Ilan Thompson said he
would have preferred if the victims had amid formal reports rather than going
public the Medical Association of Jamaica dr. Clive line has also joined
the call for formal reports to be made however he says alleged victims evidence
is association of Tameka Carmen Johnson is calling for the establishment for the
public Jr despises I may not get to move on to
the next room I may not get into my program I may fail an exam is so cool
he’ll sex or not talking one machine masters TV 10 years Rohan Martin who has
been charged with the murder of his girlfriend 29 year old teacher Latoya
Hill is to return to the Portland parish court on August 21 for his case to be
mentioned mr. Martin was charged on Sunday by detectives from the Criminal
Investigation Branch in Portland he was taken to court yesterday but the matter
was put off residents of David Lane in Port Antonio found miss Hills body
outside her house on the morning of July 30 the police were alerted and the body
of the teacher was found on its back with what appeared to be a wound to the
forehead it also had a plastic bag over the head along with a pink plastic bag
wrapped around the waist and the thighs traces of blood were also found inside
the house mr. Martin surrendered to the police in the corporate area two days
after the incident and it’s time for a break here on the midday news but stay
with us we have more stories right after this welcome back and we’re continuing the
news drought conditions how are having a serious impact on Western st. Mary
Jack’s River and other Springs have been a source of water for residents in the
area but the dry spell has taken a toll on the Natural Resources Minister of
Transport and mining and Member of Parliament for st. Mary Western Bart
Montague raised the issue when he was speaking at the education grants
ceremony last week in the parish struggling struggling with retinol is
water we have a serious drought and a lot of people don’t believe that we have
an adroit some people believe is we keep our mantequilla wicked
why they’re not getting no other he says that several of the Springs used by the
National Water Commission to provide water to places such as Gale Fellowship
Hall guys Hill and Bonnie gate are no longer flowing he added that plans have
been put in place to deal with the issue and provide water to many sections as
quick as possible what the Commission is doing is using the release thr managed
membership and sending some water know when I get the bath restore as they mix
of dawn today housing scheme but that evening audience gives some here as
shall not get water because the water supplies limited of it but some
residents especially those in Jax River are still trying to adjust to the dry
spell yeah the first time ever seeing this River joy so far yeah and I be I
bar near I’m Barney I found the bonfire 1968 I’m a guru right here so and I
first me over series well that was completely Jared up they can welcome a
rock Ibiza Street up the front a bell in the river I don’t get wet mayor of a spanish town Norman Scott is
reporting an increase in the number of burial per month at the newly
established cemetery in st. Catherine the cemetery officially opened its gates
last August we have details in this report no ordinary cemetery that saw may
of Spanish town norman Scott is describing the dead for Park Cemetery in
old Harbison Katherine though not completed Mayor Scott says the cemetery
is a state-of-the-art facility in an exclusive interview with tbj news the
old capital’s mayor outlined the features of a new established graveyard
we have about two hundred ready-made graves that are ready for use I think
they have them in in in different piers I think there is a two tier which is two
persons buried in in one rule we have about 200 of that I think there’s
another 50 are a hundred of the single burials
in addition the sandwich will have a section for children which is currently
under construction as well as Colombians that part of it will soon be in
operation so all those funeral homes and those persons who have their urns at all
look out the Tedford Park in a very short space of time will be ready to
accept urns me as Scott maintains that even though the cemetery operates
for-profit burials it is a public facility thus we cater
for the challenged people and I don’t want to call them paupers because we
don’t but we cater for those persons who are below the poverty line we caters for
the ordinary burials that those are persons who would go to a Commodore
cemetery we cater for them a year record Tedford Park symmetry had its first
burial since then there has been an increase in the number of barrels per
month at the facility at this point I think we have arable
250 burials the tedford Park Cemetery machine
masters TV genius and a time now for a preview of what’s coming up in this
evenings health report in the next edition of the health report we look at
metabolic surgery also known as bariatric surgery a significant part of
the health budget goes towards treatment of obesity and obesity related
conditions locally we know the significant a significant chunk of the
nhf budget goes towards treatment of diabetes and hypertension and we know
that obesity increases your risk of diabetes and hypertension so if we were
to eliminate or significantly reduce obesity we have a lot less diabetics
hypertense Verone and we’d have more money to treat other illnesses
that’s the Health Report this evening in primetime news and now for today’s
healthy living tip remember you won’t wake up thin after metabolic surgery
don’t try to do it alone if you are thinking about surgery it’s important
you have support recognize and confront a food addiction depression may be an
issue for you so get professional help and understand the risks of other
addictions and in sports Jamaican Chris Gil scored
a brisk half-century as the West End is deciding to bat reached 158 for two at
sports time in their third and final one day international against India at the
Queen’s Park Oval Gael hit eight four and five sixes on his way to 72 from 41
deliveries before mounting his helmet atop his bat and waving to the Queen’s
Park oval crowd Evan Lewis also scored 43 while she hoop
19 and shimon het mar 18 min india leads the three-match series one nil after the
first encounter was abandoned and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join
us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and
production teams good afternoon


21 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Will JLP Call a Snap Election? – August 14 2019”

  • One of Andrew Holness " pet peeve" in the last election was election date. Andrew Holness cannot call election without a "Fixed election date" as this was one of Andrew Holness election promise. Jamaicans are still waiting. We don't forget. FIXED ELECTION DATE AS PROMISED!!!!!!!! MR HOLNESS.

  • Latoya T Miss Diva Supplies says:

    Andrew no need to call no snap election. Regardless of when it call PNP not going win. No trickery is needed.

  • Joycynthia Daley says:

    How do you expect to attract qualified teachers(Math) when the population is being scared off to leave the country. There is a brain drain affecting the island and the government does not seem to be phased by this. Even with these so call economic improvements, people are still lining up to leave Jamaica. They don't think the government has the peoples best interest at heart.

  • Joycynthia Daley says:

    Good for the air traffic controllers. Get up stand up for your rights. Everyone is getting rich off that island other than the average person. They are underpaid, and under served.

  • Pauline Stewart says:

    I don't understand why is it the prime minister do not think water important, he need to spend money and do something about it. Others country can put pillet into the cloud 💭for rain, do we not have the system in place are they that stupid and do not do research how it work. Water is life u will die without water wake up Mr Holden. Step into the 2019. U are so much behind, where do the money goes .do the country can suffer anymore. U talk about helping others on depressing, but do they know where to go for help. (talk is cheap, but where do u find this help)

  • Why every year jamaica have drought? It doesn't matter how much rain fall we get i think those dams in Jamaica have some serious leakage

  • Colin Campbell says:

    Our island paradise is too wrapped up in politics and finger pointing to realize that Jamaicans own nothing in Jamaica and our resources are depleting rapidly! Should people decide to stop visiting the island what else can we do so that the majority can put food on the table? That's how we need to start thinking……(and no scamming is not an option)

  • Allan Armstrong says:

    The The Prime Minister have two years in the house so why would he want to call election for , my Prime Minister well call election in 2021 November no earlier ,it is not like if him he going to sever the rest of his life in the house , make no sense .

  • Maureen Hunter says:

    No quick election call for Buntin, if he wins over peter, who he thinks he is, wait for the election when it is time for the election to be called not until then. Too bright , or yuh cudda bright.

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