TVJ Midday News: Unemployment again at Historic Low – January 17 2020

TVJ Midday News: Unemployment again at Historic Low – January 17 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom
unemployment is again at a historic low that’s according to the latest data from
the Statistical Institute of Jamaica Stettin the announcement was made
moments ago and our reporter Angela Dee was there so moments ago these
statistical Institute’s of Jamaica released some important economic data
and I’ll just give you a brief overview of some of the data that was released
now with regard to the labour force survey unemployment rate as at October
2019 at 7.2 percent that’s a decline of 1.5 percent from October 2018 so the
unemployment rate as at October is lower now with regards to trade I can tell you
right off the bat that imports increase and exports fell the Statistical
Institute of Jamaica told me that that’s a result of the fallout from the disco
I’ll park plant which occurred last year No just briefly we also saw an increase
in the inflation figures that’s the Consumer Price Index figures which went
up by 0.5 percent and with regards to the gross domestic product that’s
economic growth we’re seeing an increase of 0.6% that’s compared to the third
quarter of 2018 and we’re seeing significant improvement in the finance
and insurance industries which increased by 3.4 percent and the
hotel and restaurants at the tourism industry which went up by 2.5 percent
well of course we’ll have more details on the data that was released in
primetime news the business day at 7 later this evening so stay tuned thank
you very much Andrew the opposition is again raising concerns about the way the
Auditor General’s report on the CMU is being handled by the government during
the party’s island tour on Thursday Peter bunting described the situation as
an attempt to undermine the parliamentary system House speaker
Pernell Charles has announced that the report will be tabled at the next
sitting of the house however Mr bunting believes the delay is part of the plan or this
CMU report has been suppressed by the speaker unlawfully and yet it is being
leaked to media in a sense to inoculate against the ultra edge which would
normally you know be coming from the public and parliamentarians from the
examination of a report cataloging corruption abuse etc in a series of a
pre election campaigns PNP president dr. Peter Phillips led his team on a road
tour of sections of st. Thomas and Portland on Thursday while addressing
supporters in Port Antonio Square last night dr. Phillips assured that a PNP
representative for the constituency will be appointed shortly East Portland is now without a caretaker
following Damian Coppins announcement that he would step down the tour is
expected to continue through parts of st. Mary and st. Anne tomorrow and move
on to the west on Saturday following a three-day break the four hundred million
dollar fraud trial involving the Manchester Municipal Corporation resumed
yesterday in the poorest courthouse lawyers for the prosecution are ramping
up their arguments against one of the accused the prosecution has been
responding to no case submissions presented by defense lawyers insisting
that the evidence provided is sufficient for a conviction we have details in this
report last week defense attorneys collectively called
for the charges against the eight accused to be dismissed because of a
lack of evidence but on Thursday the crone took aim at one of the accused
Sanja Eliot they again sought to prove that properties owned by mr. Eliot
derived from criminal activities he engaged in they also pointed to the
manner frequency and pattern of large cash transactions spread across
different types of accounts held at several financial institutions it
pointed out that between 2008 and 2016 mr. Eliot earned approximately fourteen
million dollars after deductions what prosecutors noted that after being
promoted to acting superintendent and the superintendent of works his net
worth stood at over two hundred fifty five million dollars the prosecution
argued that Eliot used this elevated position
to amass is apparent wealth by having checks and cashed by our persons
purported to have performed work for the Municipal Corporation
what they never really did after the checks were in cashed they say the money
was given to mr. Eliot the Crone pointed to the correlation between mr. Eliot
receiving the cash and frequently large cash deposits ranging from three hundred
nine hundred thousand dollars days apart and sometimes twice daily the Crone also
pointed to Eliot a lavish lifestyle including the purchase of high-end
vehicles frequent overseas trips and expenditure and expensive brand-name
items it also asked the court to consider the disparity between mr.
Elliot’s legitimate income and his apparent wealth without any registered
business or any other traceable source of revenue as irresistible inference
that Sanja Eliot acted unlawfully the crown will continue its response on
Friday Duane Andersen TVJ News the Ministry of
Science energy and Technology approved early retirement for six persons only to
rehire them as consultants paying them more the revelation was made this week
in the annual report of the Auditor General’s department table in the House
of Representatives it published the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 fiscal years the
retirement of the employees took effect from April 30 2018 and their one-year
contracts took effect that same day they were paid between twenty two point one
and two hundred and sixty three percent more the Auditor General says the terms
of reference and scope of service of the consultants were similar to the
functions they performed before retirement and it’s time for a break
here on the midday news but stay with us we have more stories right after these
messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news transforming the education system through science that’s the latest item
on the education ministry’s agenda acting chief Education Officer at the
Ministry Kazan troupe believes a micro science approach can help ease some of
the challenges she was speaking at a recent think-tank session it is said
that is too late the system cannot be better than the quality of its teachers
and that is why the Minister of Education is on a drive to improve and
invest in teachers island-wide through a micro science approach the curriculum
which falls under the provision of the national standards curriculum is
expected to adequately prepare teachers with a skill set of the 21st century to
ensure students can enter into the experiments that there are sometimes
denied off because of resources and that our teachers can be equipped with the
skill set to deliver using the micro science toolkit so currently we’re
working with our teachers colleges to make sure that teachers are equipped
with a skill set and more importantly we have been working to train our lecturers
but those individuals who haven’t asked at the pier were teachers to get ready
for the system those persons are currently being exposed to the macro
science approach acting chief Education Officer at the Ministry dr. Carson
troupe says the aim is to help children transition to a higher level of learning
with critical thinking therefore once teachers are trained under the micro
sense approach they will be better equipped to help students develop these
skills while students are exposed and our teachers are exposed to their micro
science approach they’re really generating the idea of the old wide when
these are questions that we want our students and teachers to ask our
students do model our teachers our teachers our it is said that is today
the system cannot be better than the quality
it’s teachers so it’s very very important that or teachers model the
kind of skills and knowledge that we want our students to deliver and to
embrace the curriculum is also expected to help compensate for the lack of
resources in schools when you look at the reality in our schools our labs are
not necessarily fully equipped we have been on a path to improve our labs and
upgrade all our facilities but until we get there we have to find other
strategies to make sure that our students what are they’re being exposed
to learning episodes are not denied of any experience to make sure that they
are successful prints more TVJ news the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA is
calling for penalties against parents who fail to address the bad behavior of
their children in school TV Jays or Shane masters reports it’s an ongoing
challenge for teachers dealing with behavioral issues from students on a
daily basis from fights to improper conduct in the classroom teachers say
they face it all that’s why president of the Jamaica
Teachers Association JTA Owen speed says parents should be held
accountable for their child or children’s behavioral issues but how
would that work I believe that if parents are delinquent they should be
and woven over you try to get them to pay attention to their children’s growth
and development if they continue to be delinquent there should be punished with
hard labor sentence community service a school he says it’s a serious issue
because there must be some level of accountability on the part of parents in
ensuring that the matter is dealt with urgently
mr. speed who was speaking at the launch of the anchovy Pass Students Association
on Thursday also called for the past students to let their voices be heard on
matters at the Education Center we look at some schools today and they resemble
what they looked like 30 and 40 years ago and we must demand from early
that they put proper lighting in the classrooms we must Demark because some
of our children and our teachers are going blind because the lighting is not
adequate and you might be wondering sometimes why the children are not
performing why aren’t there saying anything in class it’s because they are
not seeing the board properly machine masters TV genius local government
minister Desmond McKenzie is me moaning the state of gullies in the corporate
area they ever get attention in the recently announced national danga clean
up on January 25 however there are concerns about regular garbage
collection in some areas most of these communities the garbage truck access
these communities on a daily basis Minister Sameera to speak to me about an
incident in cassava PCR to run the garbage truck off the road
because they were bucking up the traffic right back to concern Spring Road
to collect the garbage and while they were collecting the garbage people were
still dumping the garbage in the quarry so there is no excuse about lack of
effective garbage collection it is just a state of nastiness and in sports
regards captain Connor plumber has become only the second Jamaican after
former international Ameland Davis to be drafted to the National Women’s Soccer
League in the United States the 2020 college draft was held at the Baltimore
Convention Center in Maryland on Thursday details in this report the
Jamaican skipper joined a fellow defender shanty else we be as a two of
only three non Americans to be drafted to the NWSL the 22 year old was the 10th
pick overall at the NWSL dropped out of the University of Central Florida
and she will be suiting up with the Orlando pride the pride is home to
Brazilian superstar matzo and American veteran Alex Morgan Marin native was
filled with gratitude had to be drafted first and foremost I want to
thank God for this opportunity and of course thank the island of pride staff
and everyone thank you for drafting me I just want to thank my coach is that all
that contributed to this to where I’m at today and coach coach Humanzee and coach
tief thank you for believing in me I’m just grateful for this opportunity drama
was the youngest captain at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France says
her experience on the global stage another Jamaican who was drafted was
utility player Chantel maybe sway B was the 29th overall pick and will be
joining 2009 winners a sky blue FC the 2020 season of the National Women’s
Soccer League is expected to kick off in a brayla and that’s the midday news
Amanda Chisolm join us at 7:00 for the prompt a nice package on behalf of the
news sports and production teams good afternoon and have a great weekend


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  • As i already advised comrade Dr Peter Phillips that he should listened to the people of each constituency, because if he goes against the people's will. He is going to loose the election, because the people is not going to come out in their numbers to votes at all.
    The people who has the power on the election day,is who they want, is who they are going to voted for. The keys things is to motivated the people, and he can used Lisa Hanna as one of his motivator.
    She will help to motivated the comrades to come out in their numbers, and votes ,once comrade Dr Peter Phillips can do that. It would be a very clear victory for the people, comrade Dr Peter Phillips must realized that it is not all the while.
    The person who is saying that they are the most educated ones,is them the people is going to supports .The people must have a very good likeness for you,the way you as the candidates interacted with the people.

  • How is unemployment is low on half of the people in Jamaica don't have a job I don't understand it the government of Jamaica need to create some job

  • Can someone explain how does the Government of Jamaica obtain data in regards to unemployment. There is no job centres in Jamaica, there is no employment bureau, there is not a central body that employers report their vacancies to. I have not heard of any employer reporting their vacancies to the ministry of Labour. So, how do the Government of Jamaica obtain the analysis surrounding unemployment.

  • The teachers are absolutely correct the parents must be held accountable. These students are all out of control. He is right the lighting in schools island wide need to be improved one hundred percent.

  • Why does this News station continue to spread lies, how much does Andrew pay you guys, to spread disinformation.
    Poverty and unemployment is very high in Jamaica.

  • Go out there and proud the pavement, go look for job, it won't come knocking.
    Put adiquiet sized garbage receptacles where needed.

  • do tvj ever check the so call stats that they keep reporting, how did the government get their stats did they count every jamaican

  • Peter-Kay Catwell says:

    Unemployment is quite high right now. It's almost been a year and multiple of us who have acquired our degree still cannot acquire a job muchless a proper one. If we do acquire a job we certainly aren't paid for our degree. The sad part is ppl pay is not being raised while the cost of living increases. The aim is to ensure poor ppl remain stagnant as there is no room for growth with those minimal pay scale. This is why 'brain drain' will always be prevalent here.

  • I knew it was a show when Reid was arrested. Persons were quick to say the PM fired Reid and they are doing something about the corruption. Now we all see it was a sham. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF THIS GOVERNMENT CARES ABOUT THE JAMAICAN PEOPLE? To me it sounds like they are enjoy keeping the people poor so how can employment be low? When people are poor the more they kill each other why murder rate is high if they are employed, busy and focusing on their own lives?

  • Reid took all the money no upgrade for schools.
    Slavery is reaping itself children to do community service?
    Children not saying anything in schools because they are hungry and depressed. Many said they are suicidal.

  • Under no circumstances can the Government of Jamaica say only 8% of the whole population is unemployed!!! Simply crazy!! As a street person I don't believe that.

  • Jamaica people must be careful not to put P.N.P back in power the were the ones who sell out J.P.S and the Airline to bush Stewart, so he could run it aground to bankruptcy. They ruled the country for 18 years, nearly bring back to stone ages , they are a bad corrupted set of politicians, Phillip Paulwell. The most corrupted following PJ.

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