TVJ Midday News: St. James Religious Group Under Investigation – November 7 2019

TVJ Midday News: St. James Religious Group Under Investigation – November 7 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Thursday November 7 a special welcome if you’re
watching on one spot investigations are intensifying into the
operations of the Kahala a religious group in Norwood st. James this follows
the removal of an additional three children from the compound Tuesday
afternoon in a joint police military operation the investigations will be led
by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency T V J’s ashamed masters
reports it’s still early days yet in ascertaining what the real issues are
surrounding the removal of several children from a compound which is a site
of a religious group in Norwood since James in this video we see children
being taken away from the compound by members of a Jamaica Constabulary force
and the Jamaica Defence Force it’s understood that force had to be used by
the security personnel as a members of a religious group tried to block them from
taking the children they padlocked the gates and used their bodies as barriers
to prevent the removal of the children it’s a second time that police personnel
have removed children from the premises children’s advocate and Gordon Harrison
says there are a number of unanswered questions surrounding activities on the
compound concerning the activities that the children who are on the compound
were exposed to and in fact what they are involved even so from that
perspective the OCA is watching very closely we noted that the police met a
bit of resistance would have managed to extract a total of six children based on
my information so far but what are the other concerns for the children’s
advocate whether or not the health practices are in fact at the standard
that we require them to be whether they are properly registered in keeping with
our registration birth and deaths legislation and what are the provisions
being made for their education access and just the general protection and the
practices that they may be exposed to it’s understood that some aspects of the
issues surrounding the religious sect are currently before the court well
there’s a possibility that other matters relating to the group could be added and
so we are seeing and ensuring that the best interests of the children who were
removed is in fact preserved and really probing the matter to get a full
understanding as to what exactly are all the circumstances attending on the
Norwood component in relation to possible cases of child trafficking from
the location mrs. Gordon Harrison says it’s something
that would have to be questioned as they carry out their investigations or shade
masters TPJ news meanwhile the Jamaica council / churches is expressing outrage
over the alleged abuse of children by members of the Kahala yahweh church
council president Reverend Gary Harriet is also calling for swift action by the
police to bring the perpetrators to justice TV jays shamela Pollan reports
many Jamaicans have been left in shock and disbelief following news that six
children were being held on the Kahala Yaga compound in Norwood st. James in
undesirable circumstances it’s reported that the children including a pregnant
16 year old were subjected of different forms of abuse allegations of human
trafficking are being investigated by the authorities
general secretary of the Jamaica counts of Churches JCC Reverend Gary Harriet
has condemned the incident otherwise at least one over here the focus is family
life and good governance so anything that was children at risk or anything
that is definite as a church we would not however Reverend Harry odd says
there same situations of a similar nature
before where religious communities based on their own beliefs have acted out of
what could be considered the norm but he says this is not something the general
religious community would embrace Reverend Harriet is urging the
authorities to address the situation swiftly became one situation in which
our children been abused or neglected and this is no exception we have he
revealed that he did not know about this religious group operating in Jamaica the
news about the Chimel apollon t PG news in all the news the Health Ministry is
downplaying concerns about communication barriers between foreign doctors and
nurses in Jamaica’s public health care system health minister dr. Christopher
Tufton says the benefits of the foreign health care workers far outweigh the
concerns the language barrier between local and overseas doctors and nurses
from Cuba Burma and India continues to be a problem for not just nurses but
also Jamaicans accessing care in the public health system on Monday president
of the Nurses Association of Jamaica Carmen Johnson highlighted this as a
major concern saying misunderstandings arising from failure to adequately
communicate with the Jamaican patients could be life-threatening however health
minister dr. Christopher Tufton thinks it’s not as much of an issue as the nej
puts it the relationship that we have Cuba where we benefit primarily from
nurses who are recruited to work temporarily here in our public health
system has done far more good than any challenges our own language that would
have been cited dr. Tufton admits the language skills of
the foreign medical personnel can be improved and it’s something the
ministry’s looking at but he asserts that the benefits pero twist the concern
but let us not forget that the contribution that a nearly 300 or so
medical practitioners primarily nurses make in our public health system is
sufficiently significant that if they weren’t here we would have many many
more challenges so I don’t think the language issue is such an issue that it
should take away from the significance of the contribution that they have made
while whilst they’re here the health minister says the foreigners are usually
given language training in Jamaica we send a team to Cuba to be a part of the
recruitment we make the selections persons who come here are enrolled in an
orientation period including improving their English many already speak some
level of English while doctors often spoke of the language issue with Cubans
he did not comment on the issue as it pertains to Indian and Burmese doctors
Shamala Poulin TPG news and it’s time for a break more stories right after
these messages welcome back and were continuing the
news damage from this morning’s para the Manchester Parish Court has been
estimated at thirty five million dollars the Mandeville fire station says a
judge’s chamber and a section of the roof where were water were damaged by
the fire which started sometime before four o’clock firefighters managed to
contain the blaze to that area located on the upper floor of the building or
the areas had water damage as a result no cases are being heard today acting
director of communication at the court management services Kadesh Fletcher says
an assessment will be done to determine the full extent of the damage in terms
of hile which I’m sure person would be concerned about those files were not in
that area it will definitely have a significant impact on our proceedings
for today all matters our state for today will be adjourned as we allow the
fire department under assessment see how significant water damage from the
department trying to put all of the file those things they the building has to be
cleaned up or the area has been cleaned up we’re encouraging all persons who had
not rested for today to contact the court starting tomorrow or to contact me
for management services to get an update on windows new initiative the cause of
the fire is yet to be determined the 400 million dollar fraud case involving the
Manchester Municipal Corporation is slated to continue tomorrow at the
parish court chief of Defense staff at the Jamaica Defence Force leftenant
general rocky Meade says the biggest threat facing the cabin is organized
criminal networks he made the remarks at a press conference on Wednesday at the
headquarters of the Jamaica Defence Force general Meade told journalists
that the JTF is getting external help to deal with the threat on a phased basis the short-term we
have some emergency measures that are designed to give us extra powers to
allow us to cauterize the immediacy of the violence that we face from the
criminal networks operating here in the medium term were looking to build our
capacity so that in the future we are better able to deal with the challenges
in a more sustainable way without emergency powers in the long term we
need to ensure that the organized criminal networks have less recruits
less youngsters they can influence and we change the culture of violence and a
desire for ill-gotten gain in Jamaica so for example we have gotten a number of
inshore patrol vessels donated that have a direct impact on the trafficking
problems that we have with the gangs and we have a robust mechanism of training
and subject matter expert exchanges that help us in this fight in the meantime
the commander of the United States southern command Lord Jamaica steps in
its fight to help making the southern region a safer place Jamaica has taken
noteworthy steps to ensure preparation for the security challenges of the
future in doing so you have led the way in promoting collaboration and enabling
security cooperation in the Caribbean and beyond and next week I might add
will host a Caribbean security conference in Miami where the theme will
be how do we have a more regional approach to security challenges despite
Jamaica’s positive economic outlook at the end of the standby agreement with
the IMF last month the economy still remains fragile the concern comes from
the IMF itself executives held a regional transformation seminar in
Barbados this week where they revealed the economic outlook for Latin America
and the region TV Jays Herman Greene was there and now reports for the first time
in decades Jamaica’s economy has been seen as an
example for the Caribbean despite this positive outlook for us there are things
that are threatening the progress in the region as a whole
I am a regional economic outlook seminar here described it as stunted by
uncertainty among the things threatening the progress for the region crime the
integration of different nations as a unit and also the impacts of climate
change deputy Regional Director for the IMF assimil syn explained that global
economic growth has slowed over the past year trade with larger economies
including the United States that are experiencing this slowdown has added to
the region social and environmental threats weakened in the Caribbeans
growth a tentative pickup is projected for 2020 but it will be at least the way
we see it today you know significantly weaker than we saw it say as recently as
six months ago downside risks dominate among these downside risk domestic
policy uncertainty and natural disasters including hurricanes and flooding now we
spoke with dr. Nigel Clark and head of a central bank which at bats who are here
at the seminar this is their view of the progress or what can be achieved from
this discussion Jamaica’s a leader in in disaster risk
financing as you know we are will be coming out with a policy on the public
financial management for national disaster risk we are mobilizing
resources to help us procure instruments in international
the markets that can help protect America from the financial volatility
that can come from a natural disaster event Jamaica is very much the challenge
we have is to contine 5-6 years we have to be able to stay the course the IMF is
suggesting that in the short term countries should strike a balance
between rebuilding policy space and supporting growth that’s however is
dependent on what each country can manage to do in the meantime the IMF
says Jamaica remains an example for the region in 2013 before the recent standby
agreement Jamaica’s debt was equivalent to almost
150 percent of total earnings each year as of today in 2019 they have been able
to reduce the debt to GDP ratio by 15 percentage points you know below 100 so
this is a very important example in the region that we think others can can
learn from no it’s hope that the discussions here will actually bear
fruit for the region and things will look more positive going forward
reported from Barbados I’m Herman green TVJ news a senior employee of one of the
islands largest banks is now facing extradition to the United States for
lottery scamming Verlander McCune was arrested on an extradition warrant on
Tuesday in Westmoreland by Sita detectives mister McCune is scheduled to
appear before the st. Andrew parish court next week US prosecutors
reportedly applied for his extradition following the arrests of members of a
lottery scamming network in the United States and in sports the Jamaica
Scorpions will be looking to commence their 2019 regional super 50 campaign on
a winning note as they take on the Barbados pride at the Warner Park Sports
Complex in st. Kitts this afternoon the scorpions were in
at the semi-final stage last year while the pride did not advance past the group
stages the match moves off at 12:30 p.m. Jamaica time over in Group B today the
Guyana Jaguars will battle the West Indies emerging players squad while the
Trinidad and Tobago red force will face the st. Andrew Richardson led windward
islands volcanoes those matches also Bowl off at 12:30 p.m. and that’s the
midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package
on behalf of the news sports and production teams


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    This man is CRAZY !!!, how can anyone get adequate care if there is barrier in communication by patients and the medical team, it's like getting rob in Spain and the the criminal tell the police that you are the thief and you ended up behind bars because the police do not understand a word you are saying.Situation like this will result in improper care , medication error or even death.

  • Surviverfalife Gray says:

    I maybe wrong but jamaican police quick to carry out extradition warrant on their ppl as long as America sey, yet America can't hunt down an put away thousands of theif in there country that is scamming their citizens on a daily basis by any means necessary. Too much ppl crying foul in America and America cant see that, there is alot on the internet in many ways more than one using fake websites fake business fake every damn thing n theifing ppl

  • This is 2019 going on 2020 we need to start educating our children religion is the worst thing ever happened to black peoples there’s no historical accuracy to any of these biblical stories but we continue to teach the lies that was told to us from a group of white racist terrorist the church has been collecting money from the poor for hundreds of years these churches is riddled with paedophile and some disgusting old women these people know the abuse going on in these churches but turn a blind eye parents do your research and you’ll find out these stories taught by your preachers was plagiarized from Egyptian mythology and the government needs to start taxing the church of the church really want to help people they have the power to wipe out hunger and poverty world wide without breaking a sweat these institutions have been robbing the innocents from our children for far too long it’s not a good thing to be known for having the most churches per square foot it’s sad it’s showing our future generation we’re a conquered nation that’s worshiping the gods of our enslavers open your minds and start researching your history and you’ll see religion is a myth used to control peoples especially the wallets take the money out of the church and you’ll see how fast the doors closed

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    something is very fishy about that co call religious, the moment those people putting up that kinda show that wrongdoing must involve the government must get to the bottom of it

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