TVJ Midday News: Ruel Reid & Four Co-accused Granted Bail – October 10 2019

TVJ Midday News: Ruel Reid & Four Co-accused Granted Bail – October 10 2019

good afternoon and fashion brown with
the midday news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
former Education Minister reale Reid and his four core accused were granted bail
when they appeared in the corporate era criminal court this morning they were
yesterday charged with breaches of the corruption Prevention Act conspiracy to
defraud misconduct in a public office at common law and breaches of the proceeds
of Crime Act no or reporter Andrea Chisholm was in court this morning and
now joins us via phone with the latest Andrea thank you very much a fashion
well as expected quite a number of individuals were in court today for this
high-profile case no Reid former education minister and
effect the freakiness the president of the carbon management
university both of them entered the courtroom at about 10:15 in rather good
enough spirits they waved at some of us in the media section and they also
waived and snagged some persons in the courtroom very attorneys representing
the individual for example she Waldman is what is representing a train
compartment he’s representing professor Phoenix Christopher Townsend is
representing the counselor Kim Browns orange and cowling chuck is representing
Worley Sharon we read and shall read it was the first to mention day and night
was pretty pretty conical in his remarks when he started he actually served that
big can sound like a big going without a bullet because he’s expecting that after
what happened yesterday with the rape and everything keepa that would have
seen statements and substantially of the allegation that he outlined earlier
nonetheless fashion chief George pastina pilot George Foreman Smith he granted
mr. Reid bail in the sum of two million dollars Charlene 1 million dollars
Sharon each $500,000 and professor peanuts we got to be and in the sum of 2
million dollars and for the counselor Kim brown going she got been into some
of 1 million dollars all individuals are to report to different police stations
between 60 and 60 M the world in order to surrender their travel documents to
the police as sophomore little D and they were told not to be at the cabin
marathon adversity or the Ministry of Education and they were also ordered to
have their fingerprints given to the police so for now that they haven’t been
she go on reappear in court for the next mention date which is January 22 2020
Russian thank you very much Anja and no doubt we’ll have more from Andrea
Chisholm in primetime news at 7 on this matter and still on this issue concerns
this afternoon as to whether the case being brought against former Education
Minister the CMU president and their co-accused will falter this as questions
are now being raised about the amount of information in the public domain the
matter was discussed on T V J’s all Andals last night the investigations
into the misappropriation of public funds involving former Education
Minister were read on the CMU where first rays of the public administration
and Appropriations Committee PA AC for several weeks the issue was discussed
and persons involved brought before the committee for questioning
fast forward a few months later and reservations are being made regarding
the level of information that was divulged through the PA ac and how the
media handed the information very concerned about some things that were
highlight it and I expected to do their job but as also concerned about the
media where persons who are deemed to be witnesses potential witnesses we’re
giving interviews though that iPhone alarming because that evidence if it is
evidence if they come to court can be challenged based on utterances made and
so on and so forth that being in the public domain is writable
attorney-at-law Clive Mullings says from the media standpoint based on
the need of the keys and who it involved guidance was needed we know they they
need to have to get a scoop and of course the 10 charity and the
competition in media but they have to be made aware of the processes it’s
important for them so it is a potential witness my view is it should be
hands off why because if you find that you go ahead you interview this person
you get details you can jump right something else and you wear the public
interest as against the interests of having a fair trial and that is
something that we need to be aware of because while we speak of a fair trial
and the constitutional right to a fair trial
someone can raise that issue in a trial and say listen I cannot get a fair trial
based on the things that have happened in pretrial publicity but for human
rights advocate Susan Gotha the public had a right to know what was transpiring
too often we have seen instances where there have been issues that needed
thorough investigation that needed something to happen and we wait and they
sort of fade away disappear nothing happens so there is a lack of trust in
the system that needs to be understood in responding to the questioner should
the public be made aware of investigations that are happening former
Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Carolyn here says it has to do with the
who and what if you are talking about allegations of the misappropriation of
public funds as a public issue there’s public interest in knowing that state
agencies are directing resources in the towards investigating with a potential
view to charging for criminal conduct persons who are in high position or
persons who are in positions of influence or Powe in society so in a
sense there’s value in knowing about the existence of an investigation
oh it’s important and and arguably it could be in some sense more important
than if you’re investigating stealing a key because it’s not that the crime is
any different it is the personalities that are engaged there are different
expectations on them a higher because of the levels of trust reposed in them
Rachid masters TVJ news meanwhile the pnp said the arrests of rel Reed and
professor professor Fritz Pinnock is a significant first step in efforts to
clean up corruption TV news caught up with opposition leader dr. Peter
Phillips in Clarendon who said the latest development is just a start in
dealing with corruption I started with me
there’s much more that needs to be done we haven’t heard anything about the
petro jam situation for example which existed long before we heard about the
problems at CMU so we are expecting the if IB mocha and police force to do their
job he dismissed suggestions that the police acted yesterday because of
pressure from the opposition I have no evidence of that
I believe that there long ago it was evident to any well thinking citizen in
the country that abuses of public funds are taken place it’s the duty of the
security forces the investigative arms of government to investigate we have
been calling for a very long time they ignored us so they have come out now and
I am happy that they have done something finally and the opposition is this
afternoon calling for justice minister Delroy choc to immediately withdraw his
comments and characterization of the tactics employed by law enforcement in
yesterday’s operation opposition spokesperson and justice Donna Scott
motley says mr. Chuck should have instead expressed his support to law
enforcement in bringing the corruption investigation to its present status
Senator Scott motley said the statement made by mr. choco that quote the arrests
took place in a manner that looks like a Nicodemus in the night end quote and
other comments on the raid about the timing and intent of the searches are
unfortunate mrs. Scott motley also noted that the statement by mr. Chuck also
signals to the international community that the Jamaican government is willing
to interfere in and to influence police investigations and compromise the
balance of justice for its own political expediency and it’s time for a break but
stay with us more stories after these messages welcome back continuing the news
opposition leader dr. Peter Phillips is urging members of the new shadow cabinet
to quickly finalize plans to be implemented by the next People’s
National Party PNP administration as you’ll hear in this report dr. Philips
also wants the members of the shadow cabinet to operate on the principle of
collective responsibility on Tuesday the new shadow cabinet had its first meeting
at the meeting opposition leader dr. Peter Phillips delivered a charge to the
members he urged them to use the next three months to refine and finalize
their policy positions and programs that are to be implemented by ministries
departments and agencies should the People’s National Party PNP win the next
election he declared that the PNP would be ready by January 1 2020 for national
elections and as a result it was important for the shadow ministers the
party’s policy commission the Covenant team and the Manifesta Committee on the
vice-president Damon Crawford to be prepared by completing the policies and
programs on schedule dr. Philips revealed that he will be meeting with
the various sector teams over the coming weeks
as part of a preparatory work he said the economic and production ministries
including finance industry agriculture as well as mining and energy will be
first areas to be followed by land education environment and infrastructure
dr. Phillips said there will also be consultations with the people through a
town hall meetings to be organized by the covalent team according to the
opposition leader there is no good economic news to come in the short term
due to the effects of the closure of the disco alpert alumina plant and the
impact of a prolonged drought on agriculture he told The Shadow Cabinet
that it would operate on the principle of collective responsibility and members
should be aware that anyone who speaks is speaking for all he urged the group
to present a better image than the present cabinet the Shadow Cabinet will
meet twice monthly or Shane masters TVJ news a call to service this afternoon
from Minister of Justice Delroy chuck for
residents of integrity in Santa Mary to become a justice of the peace the call
was made at a child diversion function in the parish on Wednesday let’s have
some more justice of the peace in st. Mary so that the workload is spread more
evenly and across more bodies but important point is we need the full
support of everyone for us for this program to succeed on the matter of
child diversion the state is seeking to intervene in cases where minors shows
signs of bad behavior before they get into conflict with the law and we want
to make sure that every parish has a Justice Center we have one in Port Maria
but we want not only a child I version officer there but we want a mediation
officer restorative justice and Child aversion officer there so that simple
matters can be settled by restorative justice or mediation without having to
take it to court rehabilitation works at the Glen Devon Health Center in San
James has finally started the facility has been without several amenities for
some time now the details in this report rain or shine the work must go on this
as rehabilitation worked at the Glen Devon Health Center in st. James has
commenced Member of Parliament for since James Central here at Clarke says the
work is overdue far long know that the health center has been serving this
community and other joining community and they do it with the human service
but at menial menial amount of resources we would have visited here sometime ago
maybe two years ago I did some an entire tiling of the era or provide a water
tank the project is sponsored by the chase fund at a value of five million
dollars mr. Clarke says the money will be used to implement a better security
measures among other things the money we are going to use to do fencing of the
ear because again your understanding community that the health center is
located and because of that sometimes the workers are from outside of the
community and there is always a little fear of their being in a situation as in
this era and therefore we are going to do fencing so that they feel at least a
little bit more secure we are going to do some aesthetics work with a lighting
is concerned sometimes we will have staff that will come here to work and
can get into the facility for parking because it would be blocked by persons
doing other work in this community so to fence the facility is more than enough
to provide some level of security and comfort to our staff and to put in the
necessary amenities beautification air condition is a step in the right
direction mr. Clark says plants are also on the way to repair the Salt Spring
Health Center we are looking to get at least nine to ten million dollars for
the same fencing of that year and some more aesthetic work to provide potable
water because so often they the members of the staff they operate without water
in that era machine masters tbj news in sports two of Jamaica’s reggae girls
have urged the Jamaica Football Federation to ensure that the National
Senior Women’s Team get international games before next favor is CONCACAF
round the next FIFA date for women’s football is November 4 to 12 forwards
Khadija Shah and Havana salon have encouraged the jmf to get the players
together before the next round of qualifiers for me is obviously you know
it’s a tough it’s a tough one you play the USD Canada and we’re familiar with
them because we play them already when we qualified for for the World Cup but
it we gotta focus on ourselves you know they’re focusing on them so we gotta
focus on ourselves you know at the end of the day is what we want and what we
go out there and do you know you got a short and show up and hopefully when
that time comes obviously it’s gonna be hard if we don’t get you know a camp in
between those those three more three four months because that’s what the
other teams are doing you know they’re gelling and it’s it’s gonna be tough if
it’s gonna be even tougher if you know we don’t play again until the two
so that’s just something that you know we’re gonna go back and look on and try
to see if as best we can assess the situation and try to get a camp or you
know international game and you know I think any chance we get to play together
I think you know you’ve seen we’ve started to sort of come together as a
unit and we’re playing together now so for me the wish list would be to get
together one more time before we have to compete again and salon who scored a
Jamaica’s historic ago during last summer’s World Cup weighed in on
becoming the country’s leading goal scorer oh yeah I mean I think playing
with bunnies it’s fun you know and she’s out she’s got this killer instinct and
this eye for goal and I think for me it’s fun to you know help her do that I
think it’s every time I look up I see her you know what the back post and
she’s like come on get it and give in and I know that if I put it up in the
air Bunny’s gonna get it so you know she’s a she she works hard and she’s
just a good teammate and that’s the midday news on Vashon Brown please join
us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the News at sports and
production teams have a good afternoon


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  • It was obvious that Chucky don't have a clue about what he spoke. He never said that when poor people children are getting arrested.
    Mr Reid needs to get a experience lawyer and not a no name one.while I think this is not going no where. Re DPP, public statements un necessarily needed, he will get off, because all the T's not cross and the I's dotted.
    It's also obvious that these men are not part of the power group. They are many corruptions that includes other of his colleagues and nothing. Some even forgotten. From Samuda to wheatley to many more.

  • This will get drawn out for the next 10 yrs SMDH
    No convictions after that just another way of wasting tax payers money.

  • If JLP never set things in place corruption would still be running Jamaica,
    Pnp never set up nothing to stop the murders rate or stop corruption in the country in them time in power……
    So why pnp talking about things they never try to stop

  • that to show how corrupt this island is because look how bad they are doing to the jamaican people steeling the taxpayers money and get baile but a regular poor jamaican wout stay in jail for 9 months before even earing

  • When they say witnesses they must mean the helper who went to the bank for the Reid family.
    I dont think her pleading her innocence would be in contempt , tampering or misappropriation
    because she was pleading her innocence to said media .
    I'm sure the DPP would say as usual that this is circumstantial to the case .
    Ask Kartel and Desmond Ballentine.

  • What has Mr Reid have over his party that they kiss his bottom so tenderly?
    The man is a total disgrace and has had such a fall from grace into a hole that threatens to swallow up the whole JLP with him and yet Mr Chuck stands resolutely behind him .
    Ah weh him ha pan dem ?

  • godfrey shepherd says:

    Jamaica is not playing it is full time for the country change because too much for too long I want the criminal to stop get cow boy Holliday in prison long sentence must be the name of the game gunman must get one hundred years in prison for their wicked act got with a gun one hundred years in prison for that for each bullet ten years in prison the youth must respect the law of the land don't play with them criminal in Jamaica

  • an investigation needed to carry out at the N.H.T Branch in Ocho Rios jamaica people are complaining of corruption and fraud there .people as file for their refund one year now and have not hear anything about it

  • Peter Phillips STOP acting like YOU and your TAINTED PARTY is without SINS, therefore STOP casting STONES at your neighbors (JLP); tell Phillip Paulwell to take is hands out of poor people pockets, then you can comeback and we may consider to give you the "floor" to speak!

  • Did the court on giving BAIL inform an instructed that the co accused are not to reside together or communicate with each other….That would be THE START OF Rauel punishment..

  • This case is going nowhere, if it was a poor person they would spend days in jail, what more evidence is needed for Alibaba and is 4 thrives to rotten in jail.

  • If it's public funds I believe the public needs to know.
    I hope this is not like water in a leaking bucket.
    Proper investigation and justice as a reasonable measurement.

  • The police wait until 6 months to do a raid on these guys houses you think they gonna have the evidence there. That raid should have been done the same day the news broke

  • DPP will say not enough evidence lol. Politians are untouchable in Jamaica. Mek a poor man pick 3 dozen ackee off them property. They get one month of prison time for each dozen lmao. Our system so corrupt.

  • Jail them. Abuse the public funds.

    That's why they are in office, thieves.

    Not all thieves carry a long bag.

    We don't want any conflict of interest so let the judicial system carry out their work.

    Jail, fine and away assets. Set a presidence too much corruption and the poor are suffering.⏸⏸⏸

  • So why he could not sleep in jail he is a crimal .. thief like any other thief the only difference he is a bigger thief kmt Notting not going to come out of this 7day talk

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