TVJ Midday News: PNP MP Questions Delay in Tabling of AG Report on CMU – January 15 2020

TVJ Midday News: PNP MP Questions Delay in Tabling of AG Report on CMU – January 15 2020

good afternoon a Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
is there a deliberate attempt by the government to delay the tabling of the
Auditor General’s report on the Caribbean maritime university CMU well
that’s the question this afternoon as the parliamentary opposition raises
alarm about the absence of the completed report the details from TV Jays and rich
ISM the Auditor General did an audit of the CMU last year following allegations
of corruption to date the report has not been tabled in Parliament leader of
opposition business in the house dr. Maurice guy raised alarm on Tuesday to
the University because we were told today on questions that was asked of the
EGD and the speaker the matter was also raised at Wednesday’s post cabinet press
briefing with Minister with responsibility for information called
Samudra it is not in my place to determine the timetable in which which
governs the laying of those matters in the house that is left to the Speaker of
the House and to advise you that I had discussions with him yesterday and there
are aspects of that exercise that has given him some pause and he has
undertaken to advise Parliament prior to the next sitting of the house on exactly
what his decision is Minister could you confirm if there is a legal issue
surrounding the discussion that you had with the speaker is there some legal
challenge in consider information discussion between myself and the leader
or for that matter discussion between myself and the leader of opposition
business is exactly what it is intended to be a discussion between us and not
the wider public as soon as it becomes necessary to make a public announcement
then we will absolutely we’re not can nothing is going to be concealed but
there are times when you have to examine things very carefully and very
deliberately but pnp general secretary Julian Robinson told our news center
last night that the house pika has no authority to determine when reports are
table he has no office to determine whether he
could be our tomorrow he should have table it in a timely
manner and we are concerned that he has provided no explanation for why this
report has not into it and we are not going alone if you could have died
and that’s all this the people of the country need to know what took place at
the CNU the Auditor General has done a report diligently and the speaker has
known mr. Robertson warns that the opposition will be taking strong action
if the report is not table next week and we are going to see stronger if this
report is not people in Parliament actually choose it in fact from only
from yourself this becomes out the report when in advance a decision and he
should have simply terrible to report the CMU has been accused of operational
breaches and misuse of public funds involving the Education Ministry last
June the Auditor General cited irregularities in a contract between the
CMU and the ministry for classroom repairs
she said the matter would be further addressed in the report on the CMU
criminal charges have also been laid against CMU president dr. Fritz Pinnock
and a former education minister who will read and read Chisholm TVJ news the
police say the man who was fatally shot at during a police operation at the
mango wok Country Club in Montego basin James on Monday was a major contract
killer involved in several murders committed in st. Andrew the man Kimani
Brown also uses the alias Damien Michelle Depp
the commission of police in charge of crime fits Bailey says the police have
been tracking Brown since the killing of a security guard in Stony Hill square
Santander in December mr. Brown our Mitchell based on our intelligence and
investigation is a major contract killer with involved in several murders and
shooting incidents is featured in the murder of the security guard he also was
featured in several other cases along with mr. Braun three other persons were
held and they also are considered to be contract killers and they’re involved in
several violent incidents first of interests in fact one of them is wanted
for two murders and a shooting incident in the st. Onge North Division DCP
Bailey has explained what led the police team to the gated community in st. James
where mr. Brown was found police launched an investigation using a number
of agencies including our Intel and other specialized unit after several
inquiries and initiative mr. Brown was identified in an operation in Saint
James in a gated community the police have been breached the premises mr.
Brown pointed a firearm at one of the officers and he was shot and
unfortunately died 151 cases are down for trial at the Hillary session of this
intense circuit court of that amount 53 gun court matters will be heard 31
murder cases and 53 matters of a sexual nature these matters will be held over a
period of four weeks trial judge justice martingale informed the full court that
over 100 cases were disposed of at the last circuit in October last year and
although so many cases have been disposed of 151 for the period of time
that the circuit will go on is still a very large amount
but we of the defense bar we are very confident that is lordship with the
cooperation of all defense attorneys and of course the prosecutors we can in fact
again set another record or beat the record set before last term for the
number of cases disposed of in one sitting of the sentence Circuit Court in
the meantime mr. Smith is questioning the number of jurors which were summoned
it is served to serve in the court in the circuit court over 200 jury summons
were were issued and on the 60 or 67 were served this is unacceptable
whoever’s responsible serving persons were resident in the parish who have not
disappeared something is radically wrong I had my
own take on it but sufficient to the day of the 67 persons who were served
approximately 40 persons are present this is almost better than last circuit
but it’s still a small amount have regard to the number of cases which are
requiring jurors and it’s now time for a break but stay with us more stories
right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now
with the recent reports of murders and suicides as a result of domestic
violence calls are being made by the opposition for the government to act
hastily and for communities to get involved in dealing with these cases we
have more in this report a serious epidemic that’s all opposition
spokesperson on gender Denis daily has described the recent spike in domestic
violence she asserted that domestic violence dominates crime statistics in
Jamaica and as such the government needs the hasten its legislative response but
they must get counseling it must be rehabilitation because it’s an illness
for you to get up and just kill in women that birth bring birth to even you
something is radically wrong and I believe the government will know after
ensure that things are put in place to protect women in addition to counseling
miss Daley says the government needs to reintroduce family life education in
schools she says children especially young boys
would be provided with socialization as a means of preventing gender-based
violence miss Dale is also recommending that more shelters be provided for women
who have nowhere to go to prevent them from being subjected to further abuse we
need to have shelters literally in every parish we have to invest because we are
losing lives so we have to invest into shelters so that when a woman is being
abused they know that even if they don’t find a station they will be able to go
to that shelter and that shelter will be able to accommodate them because let us
be frank the police station is not equipped and trained enough to deal with
this kind of dispute she is also appealing to citizen
to not remain silent she noted that in many cases persons who intend to commit
a violent acts and domestic relationships usually make their
intentions known before carrying out that they act I am appealing that we
make sure we becomes our brother’s keeper we make sure that we can
intervene and if you can’t intervene seek help so that we will be able to
start speaking before we start beating before we start killing machine masters
TV genius local government minister Desmond McKenzie has again chided
persons who refused to keep their surroundings clean making them breeding
sites for mosquitos the minister is calling for citizens to do better must
know become more responsible local government minister Desmond McKenzie at
a town hall meeting in Port Antonio Portland and Friday the minister came
prepared with a list of work being done in the parish he told those in
attendance of his intention to take a submission to Parliament for the
purchase of 23 new garbage trucks and this is not a part of the hundred new
trucks that is going to come later this year Minister McKenzie says this is not
only been done to provide the NSW any with the resources needed to carry out
its duty but also to assist in the fight against dengue I have said it already
I’m not going to say it again if we give every community in Jamaica a garbage
truck if the minds of the people don’t change
then it makes no difference there have been increased concerns island-wide with
a growing number of dengue related deaths the Health Ministry has been
conducting several campaigns to bring awareness now the local government
ministry is also committed we’re gonna be having tonal meetings classroom
meetings we’re taking it into the schools and I am hoping that I can find
in a pasta who can dedicate his sermon on a Sunday or a Saturday
strictly our own the prevention of dengue the vector control unit under the
Ministry of Health has been doing extensive work still the issue continues
the local government ministry has also established a committee to find
solutions these committees that we are we have established will not in the
municipal cooperation the only thing that these committees will look at is
dengue so we’re not making the dengue issue a part of the normal public health
meeting we are dealing with dengue as a separate entity Kirk right TV genius and
here is a preview for what’s coming up in this evenings health report in the
next edition of the health report we look at table eggs and Salmonella the
Ministry of Health does have a program where we do surveyance of egg table egg
farms and one of the thing is not just looking for salmonella because we’ve had
outbreaks foodborne outbreaks in the past associated with the consumption of
table eggs raw table eggs and you know Jamaicans do like their egg punch and so
they do use consume eggs raw to some extent that’s the Health Report this
evening in primetime news and you know for today’s healthy living tip consider
buying and using pasteurized eggs and egg products which are widely available
only by eggs from stores and suppliers that keep them refrigerated and discard
cracked or dirty eggs and that’s the midday news on Vashon brown join us at
7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production
teams have a wonderful


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  • Keisha Robinson says:

    Really Desmond McKenzie….. Garbage disposal is not doing pick ups on a timely manner. Buying additional garbage trucks is not the answer

  • Tell you about this government. Set of criminals. Dont Jamaicans use their senses anymore?

    This McKenzie man is a joke. Isn't he?
    One truck? Would this be enough for places eg. Port More?

  • Radcliff Bailey says:

    Women should take more responsibility for their own wellbeing, eventually we all get what we deserve believe it or not

  • The people of this country need to know what is going on with the public fund. Ruel Reid is well paid so him should never THEIF the money because the poorer class can't hardly survive with what we have to work so hard for. Members of Parliament are just sitting and looking for a high salary. These monster are working hard to lose their soul

  • The monsters in Parliament are the problem of all the demonic things that are happening here.Stop covering up for the rich and chastise the poor.

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    Men dem a kill off the women dem and the government has nothing to say dem need to IMPLEMENT tougher sentences for those who killed women and children.

  • blessings me know say the politicians a thief and them no care for poor people the death penalty needs to be restored to them murderer not only women and children but to all 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Norman Ferguson says:

    It is not only garbage trucks that are required we need mechanical road sweepers and mechanical drainage cleaners. Proper investments needs to be made in our sanitation and keeping our Cities clean.

  • Denise solutions verbally abusing my ears…..Please determine the root causes, it is not due to lack of family education, or shelters.

  • I've got question about the killing of the so called contract killer, he pointed a gun at the police but didn't shoot!? sound like a movie to me, then again he was featured in a few killings, r the police sure his death wasn't a contract killing???

  • To Mr Andrew Chizum ,how are you ,I listen to you all the time very smart and intelligent.keep up the good work .only those little islands those things can happen .the money go into the pocket of those bandits in highter places.

  • Jamaica is just a big mess, woman shelter, Spokesperson for genda affair, ask her if female politicians or in the workplace gets equal pay

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