TVJ Midday News: PNP Intends to Censure Pearnel Charles – January  20 2020

TVJ Midday News: PNP Intends to Censure Pearnel Charles – January 20 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Tuesday January 21 a special welcome if you’re watching
on one spot the parliamentary opposition has signaled that it intends
to table a censure motion in the House of Representatives against House Speaker
Pernell Charles for his handling of the Auditor General’s report on the CMU the
Caribbean maritime University CMU has been at the center of several financial
and procurement breaches Member of Parliament for Saint Andrew South
Eastern Julian Robinson says mr. Charles misled the house last week about reasons
for not tabling the report he says that was a breach of a parliamentary
procedure this become misled the house by indicating that he did not have a
report from the Auditor General which was in fact in his possession and it’s
very important that we treated letter seriously the Auditor General is a
constitutional position the speaker is obliged once he receives our portátil it
immediately and we had a cleanness where the report was delivered late December
to their host and the speaker intimated that he didn’t have the report thereby
mislead in the house now you cannot have a case where a political representative
can have a veto or block a report of a Auditor General I regard the actions of
the churches are extremely grave and unfortunate and as such I am feeling a
sense of motion against it consumer optimism remains high that’s
according to the latest JCC business and consumer confidence report it reveals
that business conditions and future job expectations are the contributing
factors for the boost in consumer optimism approximately 42% of
participants in the survey indicated that they expect to get better jobs in
the future at the same time 39% of participants indicated that business
conditions will get better according to the report consumers have strong
confidence in the economy as more persons are finding jobs particularly
in the construction sector 600 residential consumers participated in
the consumer confidence survey with the statin reporting and decline in the
country’s unemployment rate economists and opposition senator dr. Andre Horton
says there might be trouble if that data does not filter into other economic
results TV J’s or Shane masters explains on Friday study released reports were
sure to Jamaica’s unemployment rate dropped to 7.2% as at October 2019 this
is 1.5 percentage points lower than it was at this time last year
that means 29,200 more people were employed in October last year when
compared to October 2018 but for economists and opposition senator dr.
Andre Horton the reduction in the unemployment rate is not being reflected
in other economic indicators such as the country’s gross domestic product GDP he
says this is cause for concern especially for the government when you
look at the broader economy and your zero and I start the blocks it you’re
meticulously scrutinize the numbers you realize that most employment is really
lower level unskilled jobs criticisms also for statin based on
their method of gaining data for the unemployment figures dr. Horne believes
statins method of serving persons who have worked for a week is flawed and
should be revisited in my opinion if you were to classify somebody as being
employed this somebody would have to be on a kind of shock after the permanent
employee I saw honest I really like the work
that’s nothing is doing I don’t want to crush them but at the same time we have
to think carefully what is our objective as a country is our objective to report
I saluted numbers just to look good because we want to say okay employment
is this and that just for 40 papers or is our objective to provide real work
real employment for people who have suffered and has been through so much
when asked if his viewpoint was political as this method have been used
by statin for decades he gave this response this is the reason I entered
politics because a lot of things that have been done in the past have not been
done in the benefit of the country and the benefit of Jamaica if this is the
measure that we are employing and we are saying that peace employment should be
supplied is defined as fever dr. Horne was speaking on power 106 morning agenda
on Tuesday Oh shade masters TVJ news the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA has
added its voice to the call to stem the dengue crisis for the JTA president in
addition to impacting communities and the health sector the education sector
is also being affected the fight to stop the spread of dengue continues the
Health Ministry outlined the related statistics noting that health care
facilities are being impacted by the increasing number of cases president of
the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA oh and speed has allotted the government’s
January 24 to 26 cleanup project as a great initiative as he says several
schools have lost students because of dengue it is not a good thing that we
are having so many of our children and in fact we have had our adults dying
from dengue as well he did not give details on the numbers from each school
but note that each fatality has a ripple effect on the schools and others around
it puts a strain on us at school because we don’t have the necessary manpower
sometimes the human resources are lacking in the schools and when children
lose their siblings and they come to school we have that to deal with we have
to be we have to be the counselors for these children and out of that it just
puts a lot of pressure on the system last week the Health Ministry announced
that on January 24 the national cleanup will focus on schools and businesses on
the 25th the focus will be on towns and communities while on Sunday January 26
it will be on households mister speed has
added his voice to that of the Health Ministry with this plea to residents to
clean up their surroundings and to get rid of those instruments that may help
to breed mosquitoes because that is the cause of this this whole episode that we
are facing and as far as I am concerned it is going on too long and it’s time
for a break but stay with us here on the midday news we have more stories right
after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news relatives and friends of two brothers who died in Sunday’s motor
vehicle accident in Falmouth Trelawny are still trying to come to grips with
their loss 34 year old Omar Russell and 31 year old um Roy Russell from Portland
were among four persons killed when a car collided with a tour bus TVJ springs
more reports tragedy as the reality sunken for the family and friends of
Portland brothers who lived in free-school Port Antonio they say they
will be greatly missed the mother of the men expressed great sadness in losing
her son’s but said she is trying to remain strong what tears everything I’m just trying to
be strong just put what so insane their father Fitzroy
Russell said he had a good relationship with his sons my god I got are this way
for them to live for them to okay and everything all right with them they said
a loving humble I teach them to have love humble manners to people I may
always tell him say – Karim to the world world and our eyes will I don’t leave
nothing I will show them the right we’re that they can live right there is a good
a – would you Gandhi Omar and um Roy are the only sons for their parents aunt
Patricia Russell Brown described the men as loving and humble there are so I can
explain about those two and never requiring they never fight the the
parents didn’t just go in are we away oh my god they are gonna be miss I love my
two Navy meanwhile the assistant manager at CC
bakery in Port Antonio where the two men worked described them as hard-working
Omar Russell and Omar said I’ve been working here for a long time very
outstanding hard-working young man and I’m not irregular young – upon the words
drinks were hard-working sad that you missed on this one and our staff member
in mourning Arlen winner is here four men including the two brothers died in
the crash one of the three persons hospitalized is a female Canadian
tourist it’s understood that the men were taking her from Portland where she
was on vacation – thus answer International Airport the driver of the
car overtook a line of traffic and collided
with the coach which was coming in the opposite direction Prince more TVJ news
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to arrive in the island today
but CARICOM leaders continue to express concerns Trinidad and Tobago says it
supports barbarous disposition not to send a representative to the meeting
with the US Secretary of State in Kingston in a statement yesterday
Trinidad’s Prime Minister dr. Keith Rowley said the CARICOM Chairman and
Barbados prime minister Mia motley has his country’s backing dr. Aldus says he
believes in the principles and visions of Caribbean unity on Sunday miss motley
said that as CARICOM chairman she will not agree to send her Foreign Affairs
Minister to Jamaica to meet with Pompeo when some members of the CARICOM were
not invited she described the move as an attempt to divide the CARICOM region an
unidentified man died after he was hit by a jamaica urban transit company J UTC
bus near Marist Memorial Gardens in st. Catharines Sunday afternoon an alleged
eyewitness said the man jumped onto the side of a moving trailer as the trailer
passed the bus I I just wanted upon the chalk independence era choked on the
JATC I come up I get up go down and then no no J geez now come open da door and
upon inside I am now come upon sure the boss’s row being together in between you
and him squeeze at him Joppa and jump back are the boss
so probably took over my boss so I choke we want him go find him get crush in
news overseas the impeachment trial for US president Donald Trump began in the
Senate on Tuesday but what can we expect for that we joined the CNN after days of
previewing their cases in back-and-forth filings the house impeachment managers
and president Trump’s legal team set to take the Senate floor
Tuesday will open in earnest just the third presidential impeachment trial in
the history of the US and the first in more than 20 years this is going to be a
complex trial with a lot of issues president Trump Monday night left the
White House and Washington for the World Economic Forum in Davos
Switzerland before house managers and the president’s legal team offer opening
arguments Tuesday will bring a debate and a vote on the trial rules proposed
by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell McConnell’s plan allows the
two sides 24 hours each to make their opening arguments in two 12-hour
sessions that could stretch into late-night hours given the trials 1 p.m.
start time each day it also puts off the question of witnesses until after those
opening arguments Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer blasting the plan
on something as important and serious as impeachment Senator McConnell’s
resolution is a national disgrace to call any witnesses Democrats would have
to sway at least four Republicans to vote with them for a majority the White
House praised McConnell’s proposal saying it protects the president’s right
to a fair trial and in sports the office of the children’s advocate is reporting
an increase in instances of child abuse in school sports more parents and
guardians are however pushing for justice on behalf of their children TV
J’s karen nyberg reports in an exclusive interview with TV jays sports children’s
advocate diane gordon harrison revealed that over the three-year period 2017 to
2019 there has been an increase in incidence according to her four cases
were reported in 2017 seven cases in 2018 and twelve in 2019 accusing coaches
and sports managers of a gamut of abuses when we talk about acts of violence
we’re talking about physical violence which would be the beatings and so on
we’re talking about sexual violence and of course there is emotional violence
where there’s no physical contact that is made but the kind of contact one is
inappropriate and tends to vitiate they against the well-being of the child’s
emotional or psychological state she also revealed a worrying trend we saw
for instance that the vast number of cases were sexual offense matters in
which we had all sorts of propositions photographs of body parts requests for
certain things to be done in terms of sexual favors of the full gamut really
coming into the mean as part of the focus in fact if a me refer to my notes
we saw that thirteen of the reports are of a sexual nature
Gordon Harrison gave details of some of the cases another seven were physical
abuse in the form of beatings and then we had two forms of negligence and also
there was one emotional where the child alleged that she found out that she was
pregnant and she was encouraged to take to have an abortion by the coach and
though daunted by the lengthy legal process under the fear factor the
children’s advocate says and increased the number of her parents are insisting
on justice no we know that for a very long time America has been a very
litigious culture and it has caught on to some extent within Jamaica and so you
do find that you have more parents who are pressing matters to the furthest
extent that they can take it if they feel that there has been a wrong that
has been done to their child and if they think that the wrong is so egregious
that they should in fact get some remedy on behalf of their child in recent times
the case of a physical abuse and veer technicon resulted in an out-of-court
settlement while a football coach at muna high school was sentenced or
combine the sixteen years and three months in prison as punishment for
having had sex with a 15 year old minor and earlier this month a mother of a
former hider student athletes accused the member of the staff the same captain
based school of beating her daughter with a tennis racket that case is one of
those now being investigated by the children’s advocates Karen Madden TV
jays sports and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at seven for
the prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production


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