TVJ Midday News: Paternity Leave Relevant or Not? – November 4 2019

TVJ Midday News: Paternity Leave Relevant or Not? – November 4 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Monday November for a special welcome if you’re watching
on one spot Mediacom the language barrier between local and overseas
doctors and nurses could be life-threatening
that’s according to president of the Nurses Association of Jamaica Carmen
Johnson who reiterated the concern TV jays shamela pullin has that story
Cuba Burma and India are some of the country’s doctors and nurses arrived
from to work in Jamaica’s healthcare system but for president of the Nurses
Association of Jamaica Carmen Johnson there is a language
barrier which needs to be addressed miss Johnson says she has been getting
numerous complaints from her nurses about these doctors and nurses not
understanding patients well enough to give a proper diagnosis when I said my
stomach hurts the documentary to be my real stomach
what I’m referring to my chest and so the doctor is going to examine your
stomach are to treat you for some work rather than really and truly saying to
you who exactly is a stomach and so I go with a chest and show me time treated
first oh no problem miss Johnson says sometimes the local
nurses would help by interpreting for these doctors but with a heavy workload
they weren’t able to do much miss Johnson says it’s cause for concern
that’s peace between being well and remain unwell
that space between life and that space between death because if I miss diagnose
and I’m treating you for something else means you’re not going to be getting
better and it means I’m no impacting another system within the body and so it
is that space between getting out of the hospital and remain in the ER I am
getting better or I may die she’s suggesting that the government do more
to retain and train locals who will understand the patients better the
panacea is the easy way out is to recruit entry
ten for them and though you say to them these are the strategies to remain to
keep your person they feel that they go it’s more remittance coming in and also
it is less complaints from those who in the system about things Karenia the
expatriates have them for two year contract an you can’t keep him I don’t
keep them they go and they come and so they see that as their easy way out of
treating with the issues within the public sector
Shamala Pollan TVJ news there are more questions as to who should actually
benefit from paternity leave if it is legalized in Jamaica president of the
Jamaica employers Federation David van says based on forums conducted there are
concerns about how the leave will be granted TV jeiza Shane masters reports
what will be the regulation guiding ho paternity leave is granted that’s a
major question which have arisen following the recent increase in
dialogue on the issue for one some are questioning whether it should be done
through a DNA testing or via the name that is on the birth certificate if you
look at what’s been done and some other quarters if I come to work and I say my
my baby mother you know is do instead of first time and I specifically want the
time at birth and so forth which is going to be the 15th of November it
needs to be signed by her yeah suggesting that yes I am pregnant and it
needs to have yeah material from the clinic to say she has been visiting the
clinic and so forth because one of the things that paternity leave drives that
it increases partnership justice minister Delroy chopped last month said
what the country needs is paternal responsibility and not paternal leave
but social anthropologist dr. Herbert Gill says finish off fathers are
increasingly playing a role in their children’s lives so the earliest
material we have documented is 18 percent of children birthday it is or
which is called early childhood would have had a father presence it’s 42
percent today putting us in the top of the world in terms of the growth in
father presence dr. Gayle further underst
or did the need for the leave fathers who live in the states are elsewhere and
send money home get an average of nine point two out of ten has a rating and a
father who steer next door I lived on the road whose actual residential and
does everything it was PTA he does clinic he’s there at the time of the
birth he does everything that’s a fully nurturing father his average square was
four point one no in that context that is the context those are the figures
those are the data that is the context in which we must understand how Jamaican
men are performing and white is that they need paternity leave so that they
can help their families so opposition senator number it’s brown if paternity
leaf is to be granted it must be legislated if the government comes with
that statutory regulation that says you must give two weeks of paternity leave
minimum the employers are going to want to look at for their own companies
things like are we going to implement a lifetime cap not saying you can’t have
the choice of anyone what we can’t pay father
what’s eternity for our Lord they were speaking in a special discussion on
paternity the if on Jamaica news network CNN on Sunday machine masters TV genius
meanwhile president of men of God against violence and abuse Reverend
Jason downer says the comments from the Justice Minister has shot the government
in the foot Minister truck she have consulted and instead of alone his
emotion to lead him in that direction I’m just making those utterances go to
the Bureau of gender fears speak with seen a director mrs. Sharon Coburn
Robinson I go to the meals decks headed by mr. Nash and milla you get some
information you will know where your government is leaning towards before
going and making such utterances if 24 percent of Jamaica and
married 18% of our in a common-law copper family and 38% are our every day
extra residential you can see her married group is the biggest group and
therefore there has to be a plan for Jamaica and not for those who for the
purpose of economics or tradition our religiosity are married welcome back and
we’re continuing the news the teacher migration crisis affecting Jamaica may
worsen in January JTA president Owen Speed gave an update
at its annual meeting in Portland he argues that teachers are in search of a
better working conditions and an increase in wages putting their mole into it
mr. speed also blasted those who think he is political because he speaks out on
issues affecting teachers more than 150 persons in bottner Clarendon have signed
contracts to become new customers of the National Water Commission and WC
Minister with responsibility for water Pernell Charles jr. said residents have
embraced the concept of being for the water they use this follows the
installation of a new pump valid at seven million dollars in August this
year and this will serve the community retroland sections of Stewart and
sections also of Risa Castle so thousands potentially thousands of
persons are going to be fed by this line and this is something which is well
needed they have been expressing challenges for a long long long time the
Andaman Sea and the Jamaica social investment fund will monitor the
sustainability of the project through training this partnership is also edible
leading to the identification of some of the community members who will be
trained and labeled as the utility wardens water wardens to help the
community to educate them on water efficiency conservation how to treat
rate bills how to communicate with NWC this is a new approach this is the
approach of getting things done in a sustainable way as Jamaica continues
to experience extreme weather patterns including severe heat and intense
rainfall the government is to start a public education campaign on climate
change local government minister Desmond McKenzie says the campaign will begin
this month in Portland as Jamaica observes local government month an
extensive public education campaign to sensitize the country the communities
about importance of self preservation and their own participation in saving
lives and property it is not a government job alone it is it is
something that all of us us to do because in the mean time mr. McKenzie
says preparations are on the way as Jamaica gears up to host the seventh
regional forum on disaster risk reduction in Montego Bay st. James in
2020 it’s the first time a conference like that will be held outside of young
Jamaica is a is privileged to be hosting that conference it over some 50
countries with over 1700 delegates coming into Montego Bay so it means that
as a country we are recognized for the efforts that we are making in disaster
reduction and in news overseas the federal appeals court in New York has
ruled that US President Donald Trump’s tax returns can be turned over to state
criminal investigators the ruling by the second US Circuit Court of Appeals is
expected to be further appealed the decision upholds a lower court ruling
rejecting Trump’s lawsuit seeking to block his accountant
from letting a grand jury see his tax records from 2011 Manhattan district
attorney Cyrus R Vance jr. sought the records in a broader probe that includes
payments made to buy the silence of two women who they claimed had affairs with
a president before the 2016 general election and in sports former Jamaica
Scorpions captain Nikita Miller says the decision to retire from all forms of
regional cricket was a tough one but he feels the time was
to make the move to coaching the 37 year old who announced he was walking away
from regional four-day cricket after his 100th game had expressed a desire to
continue playing the white mall format mr. Miller who is assistant coach to
Andre Cooley with the Scorpions says he made a decision to give up all formats
after working with the team during the offseason well in June I was in my last
last month of my playing contract I was here doing some work with Judah Benjamin
event was the coach you know trying to prepare the player before cola came in I
was here doing some work with him and as I go you know after a week’s pass on a
month pass I started to get a knock off porch and
I’m sharing and teaching with the guys I’m in that period I decided listen
instead of you know trying to hang on to one very John I just I just you know
give my entire self to to teach and coaching and in that period I think the
decision was made that listen let’s just give up everything and just focus on and
coaching in the meantime Miller who has been critical of domestic players says
this opportunity will help to improve the sport locally definitely on that’s
that’s an area that I’m really looking forward to impacting I’m also doing some
work with Wilma’s and hopefully I can you know from the early stage just you
know reinforce to young players that I need to you know get in a place where
you’re not comfortable with their performance once you get once you get a
performance in and on to the next one you don’t settle a keep moving get into
the habit of doing the right things from our early stage so that we move on to
the next level it’s seamless the team depart the island today for the regional
super 50 tournament in Saint Kitts and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea
Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news
sports and production teams good afternoon


18 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Paternity Leave Relevant or Not? – November 4 2019”

  • Norman Ferguson says:

    Ms Johnson that is a very poor explanation. How you explain why all airline pilots use the International language, am sure the Government would not recruit staff who do not know the basic English language. So, people needs to start using the basic English language and not patios to these people. Use the International language.

  • Latoya T Miss Diva Supplies says:

    Re Teachers. Im tired of hearing from you all esp since I still don't get a year off just suh. But since we are here… Americans are the least respectful people. I once had a man tell me how proud he was that his child disrespected a teacher in America for talking to him. I was like no I don't agree because I was raised to respect my elders! So if y'all wanna go then gwan lol the strong will survive.

  • Believe it & you can achieve it says:

    I totally agree with Ms. Johnson. She should be in a higher position where the changes can take place.

  • Believe it & you can achieve it says:

    Big up Dr. Gayle, young youths of Jamaica, research about this man. He is truly an inspiration to Jamaica.

  • Blessings from my little cousin name ,
    That don't mixup into the ways that you created to bring hatred , to make people want to crucified us into them negative that they concern into ,

    Stigma ) stay out because of the ways that play on we the people with this technology that compromise our mind to see it all ,

    To many people loss them life believe into people that said that they love Jamaica and Jamaican people , thanks to God that stigma see it because he his the son that don't believed into critics

    They know what they do to lead people mind to them ways that his not right to conceive , God love the one that silent because he have people that love him as he love Jamaica , Fool followed fool just like a Mongrel dog that walk with the same ticks and flea
    The real one that love Jamaica by God and the son Jesus Christ ,

    One son that see it all not going to complain and watched people business like they don't have a dream on them own ,

    Don't compromise some things in your mind people because it his coming from a type of lizard that change color all the time that some people don't know

    Jason Anthony Scott his not a homosexual but a person that different from others but love Jamaica but would love to be around the Chinese Japanese because they love one person that been the one that call for peace 2017 for people that don't lived here into them island but i see they crucify people into them philosophy ,

    God children know right from wrong and he that know the digital footprint make others see what they look on ,

    He will not called no one name to wrong doings and no one can make he followed them ,

    Thank to music movie sports and the game that i play like Candy Crush that keep me stabilized , he that don't have a home you make he look like a criminal it his coming for you

    People that don't love dark skin and a racism you can fine them within the politician and them candidates , were his the peacemaker to make Jamaican people to make it happened for them in the way to walk free from destruction that play on we by the color of the skin we have and many more things that place on we Jamaica's , Good night and a blessing time with your news .

  • when I talk I don't care miss Johnson move your ass and go away because all of you doctors and nurses in Jamaica dont care about the jamaican people because you know the Cuban doctors and nurses will work better than you and your team that is wy you upset you all is no good leave the Cuban doctors and nurses alone we prefer them

  • So let me get this STRAIGHT JAMAICA importing DOCTORS to PRACTICE and learn ENGLISH at the RISK of the CITIZENS health…

  • NIDS or Health insurance card or some proper issued JAMAICA Government document should be a priority…All issues of Parent hood and Tax paying and census of the CITIZENS progress or if concerns of how well the COUNTRY is doing…

  • Ms Johnson is out of he league . The same issues were raised with the Cuban Doctors. Jamaican Nurses that go into the US goes through orientation just as we must do for persons coming into Jamaica.

  • The only concern i have is y r we importing nurse when every years hundreds of nurse graduate and in addition we cant even pay the nurses we have ..oh she answer already

  • This nonsense about men getting maternity leave is all nonsense, if a man baby mother is about to have baby .The baby father should apply for time off for such date,so that the company can find a replacement. Because every companies have time off for special emergencies, so no man does not want to get no form of paternity leave. It is a waste of time, because they are only trying to wasted the company time and money.

  • I heard that man is saying that the amount of teachers leaving Jamaican to the United States, and other countries. Because they are looking for a better life,but I must warned some of them. If they are leaving Jamaica going to some of those countries, and does not have any form of documents to work legally in the country where they are going to.
    They are going to be in some big,big trouble, and some of them may end up by the wayside. Because things have changed very significant especially in the United States, I am not saying that they shouldn't take their own changes.
    But they are taking it at their own risk, they should remember what really happened to some of those Jamaican teachers.
    They were invited to the United States promised to get a job as a teacher, some haveto returned back to Jamaica. Because they could not get no pay for months,plus the living conditions is very much atrocious. So teachers be he careful the road you choose to travel, because some is rocky and steep .

  • I am listening to that be complaining about the Cuba doctors, and nurses. I strongly believe that some of that lady is saying is true, and some of it is just pure jealousy about the Cuban doctors. I am talking from personal experiences during the 1970s when a lot,of Jamaican doctors and nurses left Jamaica under the PNP party government.
    Saying that they are going to the greener pastures for a better living, and it was the same Cuban doctors and nurses worked tirelessly. For long hours and helping the poor people in general, while the Jamaican doctors and nurses worked with interest to their parents.
    I was born and grow up there,and our people strongly believe that if they are in certain jobs, or positions. They does not counts or respected the people who they are serving, that is the mentalities of our people and. When other from other is in the country, and trying to helped the poor people in general.
    Which they refused to helped for years, then they are complaining over everything. While they weren't doing bullshit, because when the same patient's calling them for help. The same medical staffs ignores them,so why are you complaining about the Cuban doctors which knows more than you medically.
    Right now in the world Cuba have the most surplus doctors and nurses in the world, that is why they can send medical staffs all over the world. Cuba is the only country in the world sending medical staffs all over Africa to helped black people in general.
    Some of us Jamaican is just coming on social media on talking bullshit, and to Tracy off one another and. The very 1st thing that coming out of their mouths, is about grammatical errors and.They are so educated and some of them does not have a job, also how eloquent they are with English language. Which in truly and facts, majority of them does not know the intricacies about English language. Plus they does not know where English language was originated from, plus most of them does not know the parts of speech. I am trying to balance my Jamaican grammar, and the European ideologies.
    Because I cannot afford to ignores my main language which I am more comfortable with, more than a foreign language. Which nobody in Jamaica cannot mastered period, some people may try a thing according to what we were thought in school.
    But when you checked it out for yourself, you will realized that we were tricked. To believes that the Whiteman ideology English language, is better than our Jamaican potwa. That is how the Whiteman ideology English language manipulated us,that some people is very much confused about the whole scenario. Some Jamaican need to travelled, and leave their little bush areas where they are from. Lacking proper exposure both locally, and international.
    That the Jamaican potwa is mostly spoken, or chat in foreign countries more than the born Jamaicans. I met a few Jamaican children which were born in the United States, and in England told me that their Jamaican parents told them not to talked the Jamaican potwa.
    That is to tell you how stupid some of them is, they themselves does not know the intricacies about English language.But what that nurse lady is saying ,I don't believe it at all. She is only jealous of the Cuban medical staffs, which have a better training than her.
    All of her friends them now can criticize me now, because I am speaking the truth.

  • This is very CONCERNING
    36 seconds to 2:40
    The foundation of this Major Public health problem stems from a matter of


    More specifically
    Starting with the

    "Minister of Health"

    who should be the

    "Minister of Tourism, Finance, Commerce or Trade…"

    for he is a trained
    who does not understand the concept of
    save and except to act in the interest of those who seek enrich themselves by way of bullying the:
    1 Workers in the Healthcare system
    2 Users of the system.

    Tufton, also promotes the interests of big pharmaceutical companies (?blossoming Opioid Epidemic at UWI Hospital)

    Note that the Ministers Priority is to "Project a Favourable Image???? of Himself(? Running around doing 5Ks) ?
    rather than deal with


    The Health sector requires a

    "Qualified Minister"

    who can understand the real health risks associated with faulty communication on the part of medical practitioners.

    Most importantly, we need someone who will


    LIFE❤ over MONEY????

    3:00 mins


    What do people do in QUEBEC? and other parts of CANADA ?

    Currently researching
    "Other Government systems that WORK and how they FUND it"

    4:05 We need a "Qualified Minister of Justice" as well. This topic does not fall under his purview but is the responsibility of the

    "Minister of Labour"

    The Labour Ministry needs to

    (?Big dutty? sore?? brucking out??????? LAWD⛪ Di system set ah way????????????)

    5:40 minutes
    Life-time Cap? (??so is the private sector going to control people's right to procreate by limiting workers entitlements? Who are they to say who should born and who shouldn't born? Must we CONtinuosly throw out progressive ideas with worst case scenarios? The EMPLOYERS need to rid themselves of this


    ??Very out of order comment)

    7:25 minutes


    Misappropriated by MINISTER RUEL REID needs to be recovered and re-applied to the Ministry of Education Budget.

    The "EDUCATION TAX" collected and noted on
    ALL PAYROLL STUBS are to be retroactively applied to the Ministry of Education.
    It works out to be the same amount of money collected by NHT.
    All these years from the 1980s when we reverted to an "Flat rate accross the board Uppressive Taxation System"

    The Education Tax has been

    "Misappropriated by the Ministry of FINANCE to sure up Balance of Payment Figures in The Consolidated Funds for IMF etal…"

    This systematic starvation of the masses of Education needs to stop.

    Any remaining personnel at the MOE who facilitated and benefited from the RUEL BANCROFT REID frauds need to be investigated.
    Find out if there is are
    THWAITES " "
    HOLNESS " "
    WHITEMAN " "

    Conduct a thorough "WHICH HUNT" (?Primarily for the purposes of fund recovery)

    The Ministry would then be able to pay the Teachers and Auxiliary Staff in the Education sector at least at the same level as NHT Employees.

    8:59 Thanks for the New Pump Pearnel Charles Jr.
    Could it be Powered with SOLAR?
    The people at ACE Solar 31 Decarterate Road, Mandeville KNOW HOW TO INSTALL IT
    (?So when light goes they still have a water supply)

    ?Junior, I have a question for you and Andrew ??



    (? OR some other private entity beholden to the JLP? )

    We have already given a way land and woods
    IS their going to be further plunder of our NATIONAL TREASURES by way of


    10:15 minutes

    Mr. McKenzie, please to contact the persons in Discovery Bay belonging to a group called the CDC. They want to LOCAL WORK with YOU (as a grass-roots person, yourself, you understand the need for community sanctioned development) Please link with them Mr. Mac.

    11.09 minutes
    No we are not really being recognized for our work sir. We are recognized as a

    "Fun Travel Destination (for conferences)"?????

    The CDC will tell you about the WORK and if you do right by us.

    11:26 minutes
    (? I reckon he is worth much more than the Donald, and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but that is just me guessing)
    Please make full disclosure Mr. PRIME-MINISTER

    You bought Yolande's silence for 13 million
    You started off with "Undated but signed RESIGNATION LETTERS FOR SENATORS"
    You reassigned to "Special Projects" persons you deem threatening or intimidate them out of public service with paltry wages
    Really now, how much is AMH worth?

    12:16 Good Knock ??? Nikita O'Brien Miller
    We are connected winners in ?First Name? I hope your transition to the Teaching spectrum of Cricket will result in the healthy growth of the sport. Still listening out for your name to be called over different "Winning" mediums mi Jamaican name-bredda???

    12:23 André Hail??

    Thank you Andrea Chisholm(???you 2018 journalist of the year you??) great reading, your communication skills are clear.


  • Yes I think it's relevant but only for husbands and wife,so a marriage certificate should be presented to the firm to which that man work with..shouldn't be relevant for boyfriends and girlfriends but only for husbands and wives only

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