TVJ Midday News P.J. Patterson Hospitalized Following Car Accident – October 15 2019

TVJ Midday News P.J. Patterson Hospitalized Following Car Accident – October 15 2019

good afternoon a machine masters at the
midday news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot former
Prime Minister PJ Patterson was rushed to the University Hospital last night
after he was involved in a vehicle crash at his notebook st. Andrew home mr.
Patterson was driving the vehicle when the crash happened
TV J’s – and Hendrix reports 7:45 Monday evening October 14 a date and a time
which brought anxious moments for the family and friends of 84 year old former
prime minister peter patterson that as mr. Patterson who was behind the wheels
of a Suzuki Swift motor car crashed at hizzoner Brooks in Andrew whom we
understand mr. Patterson was helping a family friend to maneuver a difficult
segment of his driveway when he lost control of the vehicle the vehicle came
down and brushed the center post right here in a corner of the guard house
where the visible remains of parts over the car the barrier which are supposed
to restrict entry was ripped from its post it was still flat on the ground
when our cameras visited the location just outside the yard more signs of the
crash which some say could have cleaned the life of a mr. Patterson the first
responders who applied a basic medical care until an ambulance arrived to take
him to hospital say he was a shaken up the car which he was driving fared worse
the major worry for mr. Patterson was his knees it bore the brunt of the
impact and was a swollen at the private tuna to
its wing of the University Hospital frantic moments as a friends discussed
the situation with the medical chief of staff dr. Carl Bruce we understand that
shortly after he was taken to have an x-ray before for the treatment and that
pain medication was administered when we left friends and his a son Richard hang
around waiting to hear news of mr. Patterson’s condition from
mr. Patterson was under observation I released from the people’s a National
Party said when his medical evaluation is complete a more fulsome bulleting on
his condition will be released – in Hendrix TV G news Justice of the Peace
an attorney at law Petersham penny says though the abolition of the preliminary
enquiry Act has removed the fear of some witnesses to come forward the change has
sparked instances of the police tampering with evidence he was
addressing the annual general meeting of alley magistrates Association since Mary
chapter in Port Maria over the weekend more in the support a legislative
amendment meant to increase the likelihood of witnesses coming forward
but instead it is hampering the process in some instances attorney at law and
justice of the peace Peter Champa knee says there has been issues of the
witness authenticity and even instances of police interference since the
abolition of the preliminary inquiry hearing this was part of the committee
proceedings Act which came into effect in 2016 there have been claims in the
past and in fact actual situations we are police officers I think in the West
there is one case where the policeman basically created wrote a statement and
signed it with another person’s name and so on and said this person witnessed the
crime and when it was examined with great scrutiny it was discovered that
this person did not exist the police know that this man is a killer cannot
get the evidence so him say okay what I’m going to do I’m going to write a
statement and pretend that John Brown saw him when he killed so-and-so and put
it forward he says that is where JP’s come in so as to preserve the integrity
of that statement and that process whenever statement is collected in that
fashion it has to be what I would term in simple terms authenticated by a
justice of the peace or a police officer above a certain around mr. Ciampa knee
says other regulations such as the zones of special operations oh so art has
increased the JP’s rule the justice of the peace and their
functions are outlined in going to these areas and see into the protection of
Rights there is also increased jurisdiction in relation to dangerous
drugs matters because the intention ultimately is for the justice of the
peace who practice in the lis Magistrates Court not just to try bad
word cases and threat cases but for them to also be we have in jurisdiction over
drug cases where there’s a small quantity of ganja involved
he says the face of justice is changing therefore his encouraging justices of
the Peace to become more knowledgeable about the law and the importance of
their roles do in Anderson T V J news dengue cases in st. Anne continue to
increase with over 700 suspected cases since the start of the year medical
officer for the parish dr. Tamika Henry gave an update at a recent meeting of
the Municipal Corporation persons in the 5 to 14 as well as the 25
to 44 age groups have been many affected most cases are in the brownstone
Alexandra and Claremont October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as
part of our aim to help sensitize the public we will focus on some advice from
the head of the mammography unit at the University Hospital of the West in DES
dr. dairy at Cornwall according to dr. Cornwall your morning
habits may be causing undue worries and pain more in the support from TV jays
kaliesha Williams one in every 21 women in Jamaica gets breast cancer so it’s
nothing to treat lightly persons feeling tenderness lumps and pain in the breasts
are therefore urge to seek medical attention but according to doctor Derry
a Cornwall painting the breasts could be caused by several things that can be
solved by a change of habit for instance wearing the wrong bra sizes or even bent
press exercises at the gym in fact she says a common morning drink could be the
cause of pain in the breasts sometimes we even add some about coffee drinking
because coffee drinking can be linked with breast pain so we may say okay stop
the coffee for a coupla months three months women feeling breast pains
especially those younger than 40 are often advised to increase their vitamin
E in take vitamin E foods include nuts such as almonds
and peanuts as well as green leafy vegetables such as broccoli
dr. Cornwall also urged medical professionals to be more proactive in
dealing with women patients over 40 years each of us you send her for a
mammogram regardless if your family nurse practitioner you’re in a clinic
even if the age should send them now men can get breast cancer too but the
odds are far more favorable just one in nearly 3,000 jamaican men gets breast
cancer but according to dr. Cornwall that is no reason to be unconcerned no
man wants to be that 3,000 man understood
so let me just talk to the man quickly we don’t do routine screening of breasts
for men so we encourage men to be aware of themselves if you feel any lump any
swelling coming right through up to 50 60 70 80 90 100 any man who feels a
change in his breast must go to the doctor and get that checked out
dr. Cornwall was addressing the Jamaica Cancer Society symposium on breast
cancer kaliesha Williams TVJ news and it’s time
for a break but still with us more stories right after these messages welcome back continuing Lanier’s the st.
James police say they are improving their quick response capabilities and
should be better able to protect the parishes residents from robbers and
other criminals the police recently received a fifteen motorbikes a habitual
sin – James speaking at a function at the Freeport Police Station Monday the
head of the essentials Police Superintendent at Vernon Ellis said 23
people are now in training to use the bikes will teach you to operate within
the environment that you will be operating with the bikes and you will
simulate these exercises with weapons with the conditions weather conditions
built-up area conditions so you won’t just be riding motorcycles and getting
old I discovered I was in Columbia recently into city of Medellin and that
is all the police they’re spaced by motorized patrol not vehicle aperture
what motorized patrol and they get our own in the city lanes and the city of
Ally quite easily and for that I think it would be a big game changer a multi-million dollar technology gift has
been provided to the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf in Saint Andrew
authorities hope it will help improve the fortunes of a deaf community TV J’s
Prince more reports deafness is not a state of disability but rather a
different culture and that’s why the Universal Service Fund the USF did not
hesitate when called on to build a new computer lab at the Caribbean Christian
Center for the deaf on kasha Park Road in Saint Andrew the access point is to
allow the students greater exposure to information in addition to the Internet
facilities the Center was provided with new air conditioning units we have spent approximately eight million
dollars to a video lab with the latest equipment to include 15 computers 15
computers two multi-purpose printers a server and a solar facility but the
goodwill did not stop there the US have promised additional
technological gadgets and I’m gonna be making a pitch with a principal to make
sure that you get some tablets it is so configured that you can be so
treated our assisted head of the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf
Earl Daley is pleased with the new gifts he
is hopeful the facility will help to change the fortunes of many deaf persons
in Jamaica most deaf persons in Jamaica are subjected to low status jobs limited
education limited job opportunities and are culturally cut off from the society
we are indeed very very grateful to you on your team for providing us with the
resources and I can assure you that we are going to use it in fact we are use
it already because we have a part of students who participated in exam last
term and they did very well very very well at the cxe level brings more TVJ
news in regional news CARICOM countries are being urged to pay greater attention
to statistics and its impact on the lives of the regional population in a
message marking the 11th observance of carbon statistics day CARICOM Secretary
General Aaron lorac said he is encouraging Carbon countries to reflect
on the power of statistics and how it impacts or daily lives including in life
and death situations such as natural disasters that affect us ever so often
in CARICOM he said a very critical use of statistics is in a weather
forecasting which uses statistical modeling techniques to make predictions
or forecasts mr. lorac said one important and interesting indicator that
the authorities tried to measure in the region is a number of households at a
person that are near to coastal areas he also stated that this figure is
approximately 100% for some Member States
he said the data was underlined in the aftermath of Hurricane durian which
struck the Bahamas last month with loss of lives destruction of property damage
to the infrastructure and overall devastation to parts of the country news
now in sports the reggae boys will be hunting their fourth straight win in
league B of the CONCACAF Nations League on Tuesday as they take on Aruba at in
Curacao but as salmon president reports there may be a few issues for the
Jamaicans we’ll be playing on an artificial surface Aruba won’t be
welcoming Jamaica to oranges dad as their home ground the guillermo Prospero
Stadium does not meet CONCACAF and FIFA standards as a result all of their home
games in the nations league will be in coração the reggae boys have experience
on this ground having beaten bonier six nil on its last year despite it not
being a genuine surface assistant coach Durham wait expects the team to improve
on their performance from Saturday when they defeated a rubra to nil at the
office we know it’s not gonna be easy to play on that surface but at the same
time we still have the bit of play but we need you know we as a team need to
understand that the application going forward will be you know pretty much
very important and we know that they will perform better communicate veteran
defender Adrian Mary oppas zones in on an area that needs more work I think
just our you know attention to detail on a final third you know sort we have some
good news great some good chances but like I said today I just thought you
know maybe it was a bit of concentration or but I just think we just a little bit
off it like I said and you know obviously today we’re glad we
didn’t get punished at the other end for it but yeah we need to be better moving
forward despite their home games being played on the road captain of Aruba Erik
Abdul vows to put in a strong performance against the Jamaicans so it
is disappointing that we’re not playing at home however we can’t wait to see
Jamaica again and show them that we’re gonna fight again and give everything
again with the likes of Leon Bailey Bobby Reed and Peter Lee Vasil absent
from the squad as they recover from injuries wait is encouraging other
players to make use of their opportunity to cement places in future squads
if you observe our last two game and the tempo up those players there for the
professional players yeah they weren’t here to be and the fact that other
players are given the opportunity you know they need to ensure that they make
the coaching staff job been more difficult and they have to understand
that it’s a game up and and your performance must be to your art most
basic items kickoff is at 6:00 p.m. Jamaica time another victory would move
Jamaica one step closer to league a promotion and the Gold Cup 2021
qualification Simon Preston reporting for TVJ sports thanks Simon and dance
the midday news a machine masters Jonas had suffered for primetime news on
behalf of the new sports and production teams good afternoon


27 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News P.J. Patterson Hospitalized Following Car Accident – October 15 2019”

  • Karma or retribution for he did to the people of Jamaica while he was so called prime minister. Am not rejoicing over what happened to him but Am just reminding us that you have to pay for every wrong that you have done. My wish or hope is to this wicked man turns his life around and surrender to JESUS CHRIST AND HE, JESUS CHRIST WILL FORGIVE HIM OF ALL HIS SINS AND WICKEDNESS, ESPECIALLY TOWARDS THE PEOPLE OF TIVOLI GARDENS IN 1990s . The blood of innocent people are on his shoulders and GOD IS GIVING THIS WICKED MAN A SECOND CHANCE.

  • This man pj a mi never know hem was still alive he was a wicked man to the Jamaican people… An if you ask the people them what pj do fi the country none Caan tell you but you have the slavery mentality people them prayers hem this man suck the country to nothing

  • Delroy Williams stay in your delusional world and continue to think that karma exist, you're just as brainwashed as many others I have seen. Karma is a myth just like a lot of other things we were taught.

  • Comrade PJPatterson I heard that you are in hospital we comrades are very sorry to hear ,we are all praying for you. I hope you get better soon,we are going to monitoring your sicknesses.

  • What champine is saying is all nonsense, only because he is a lawyer he is only trying to exerts his power or authority over the police. He knows that most of the JPS is not trained lawyers like himself who knows the laws, lay magistrates only dealt with petty sessions. Because they are short of lawyers to be acts in that capacity, when he is talking bullshit about the statements which the police officers wrote. Should be certified by certain sub officers, it is not the duty of the JPS, or the lawyers to decided that. It is the obligation of the minister of justice to determine that in the house of representatives, or parliament. I strongly believe that lawyer JP Champine is getting out of his lane,that is not his job. The minister of justice controlling that area,not the JPS, when some people is in certain position.
    They tried to abuse it ,because they are too egotistical.
    What is so ironic about what I heard Champine said, that there was a gun man killing off people and. The police wrote a statement just to get rid of him,because nobody is willing to come forward as with witness and. You stupid Champine is blaming the police officers for doing so,I only hope that you should be the next person and you are . Trying to blaming the police officers for trying to get rid of murderers, who is killing off people.
    It is a disgraced that you have murderers on the streets, and nobody is coming forward to give evidence and. The police is trying to get rid of a dangerous criminals off the streets, and Champine is upset over the whole scenario about this case. How the country is going to get rid of dangerous criminals off the streets, when you have people like Champine is fighting against certain system. He is down right stupid ,what he is trying to do,is protecting hardcores criminals.

  • Government need to install dozens more secret cameras. To capture some of the criminal element going on around the islands. The bike can fight crimes. Because where the police is the criminals will not do there acts… So inter vention install more cameras.

  • Ivy Romeo-Brown says:

    We are very bankrupt in our thinking! You all need to emancipate yourselves from mental slavery! You are all on a rollercoaster to hell! You all don't love yourselves! So! it's hard for you all to feel sorry for someone who has been injured! Any of you can have an accident! W ould it be karama? Whatever that is? Love your, enemy! That's the Word of God!! Come on!! Wish for the former Prime Minister quick healing!

  • Wish him well. The smartest politicians, to get his medical treatments in Jamaica among his own people who knows him and knows his medical records.
    Lots of them don't know leaving to go abroad for medical care is not the best decision. This is why many ends up dead. All foreign care offer is more technology and gadget but not the best of care.
    Jamaica have some darn good doctors!Best decision Mr Patterson don't waste your money and die.

  • Jamaica has on its surface callous venomous criminals in whom death has no interest.There, however. a desperate need for a Ayatollah Khamenei-Jhamenei to clean up Jamaica and reruns it to its glory days..

  • Listen happy he is OK but tvj please do some good journalist work rain a fall everyday the road them badddd,plus no water not coming from pipe etc the only thing me hear make sense is the dengue fever

  • veronica powell says:

    Wonderful improvement for my country. The practical gifts were better than monetary gifts because too much corruption and pocket greedy people are in Jamaica.

  • Thank God some people is getting ready to pay back the country's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$+$$$$$$$$$$$×$$$$$$$$$$$$×$$$$so Jamaica can have a speedy recovery. From crime and depths.yes lord so shall it be.or give them no rest.

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