TVJ Midday News: Minor Earthquake | Two Dead in August Town – August 22 2019

TVJ Midday News: Minor Earthquake | Two Dead in August Town – August 22 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
two men were shot one fatally by gunmen this morning in August on st. Andrew
shortly after 1:00 o’clock the two men were walking along August Town Road
after attending a party when they were confronted by men with high-powered
rifles the injured men were taken to hospital where one of them was
pronounced dead a minor earthquake was felt across several parishes this
morning the trauma occurred about 6:45 a preliminary report from the earthquake
unit at the University of the West Indies Mona said it had a magnitude of
4.2 head of the unit professor Simon Mitchell said the epicenter was on the
border of st. Anne and Saint Catherine it had a magnitude of 4.2 the depth we
have at the moment is 26.6 kilometers and the epicenter was just west of Guise
Hill right on the border and from Catherine but really in an hour and we
have records being felt at Clarendon and Kingston but Mary Portland for Andrew
and we haven’t had any evidence or reports of any damage so it probably was
just a shake it’s the depth of 26.6 means it would have been felt as
strongly as if in shallower they mean it’s another one of the ones we feel
each year so we feel earthquakes each year police commissioner Major General
Anthony Anderson has put the brakes on specific public exhibitions of the
police while dealing with offenses under the Road Traffic Act
he will however allow for his officers to exercise discretion on the
appropriate circumstances the commissioners statement is in reaction
to public outrage over the decision not to prosecute a man who identified
himself as the motorist on video performing stunts on a road in the
corporate area it has raised questions about how the police use
discretion and the effectiveness of the new head of the Public Safety and
traffic enforcement branch Commissioner Anderson says the police apply
discretion daily to several motorists for breaches of the Road Traffic Act
however he is firm that such a situation will not be repeated this is not an
approach that we will continue in terms of that that sort of public approach to
it with but there would still be of course they still remain in some cases
the opportunity to exercise some discretion in without with our officers
we don’t remove that totally but that even that has to be exercised with
discretion the Ministry of Finance and the economic program oversight committee
EPOC have signed an agreement to extend monitoring of the economic reform
program the extension comes as Jamaica is on course to complete the
precautionary standby agreement with the IMF in November finance minister dr.
Nigel Clark was unable to say when the extension there with previous EPOC
agreements where they are on a 12 month renewable basis but they the intent is
for EPOC to serve for as long as it takes before we have our fiscal council
operationalize and our central both fiscal counts operationalize and central
bank governors strengthened and independence in place
EPOC will continue to serve as an interim oversight committee to monitor
and report to the public when the government is able to begin operating a
fiscal council it will absorb the current functions of EPOC I expect to be
able to table legislation on the fiscal council by April of next year and then
we have to leave the passage to the Parliament which is
he’s obviously independent iMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has appraised
the establishment and work of epoch promised work on the laguna bridge in
saint andrew has been placed on hold the national works agency nwe recently
announced plans to build a new bridge on leone avenue in september
however Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he has requested that the project
may put on hold so we understand that we need to wrap up very quickly
the massive roadworks that are taking place in Kingston that will ease traffic
flow improve efficiency and we certainly understand that coming up the back to
school do people would want to see that particular bridge is it sandy golly
unlike any avenue that that bridge be done because again it’s a narrow bridge
built 50 years ago and you know people complain about it but at the same time
people want to be sure that the carrying capacity of the city is not impacted by
these works and so I’ve sent a note to the NW to say no more
new works a little bit let’s finish up what we have I know the back to school
to happen seamlessly and then after that we will carry out the roadworks in a
selected way and in a way that does not in any way impact the smooth and
seamless flow of traffic in the city and it’s time for a break here on the midday
news but stay with us we’ll have more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news the government is to embark on a program of drought alleviation as the
dry spell is now affecting almost 70 percent of the country Minister without
portfolio in the office of the Prime Minister Darrell Vaz says it’s affecting
sections of st. Elizabeth Manchester Clarendon st. Catherine Kingston and st.
Andrew st. Thomas Portland st. Mary as well as st. Anne details of the droughts
alleviation program are to be announced shortly farmers continue to count their
losses in the aftermath of a massive fire in fragments intelligible last week
the Agriculture Ministry has put preliminary losses from the fire at 45
million dollars speaking to TVJ news during a tour of the burnt grounds one
farmer provided details about the extent of the damage misspent 20,000 al aliy
salon and everything burn out when time watch a fire coming down to hit open
under nuttin because there was no water either I know that I figured if I choke
them there’s a black of a choker I have some file metal kind of mechanical fault
and then after they said lack of a shock come in and then after that no junction
show come first before and then at a watch on my name come and help us over
there and when I Sun a poor dear I watch my
grass and a wrestle and I’m burning I said of fire I jump the road you see
the first atomic in never crosses second in never go crazy
third it just weep over a little coconut just tell us a coconut tree is the fire
went up in a hit lose everything everything
so we’ll come back to square one residents of hopeful in Highgate st.
Mary continue to grapple with a jolt as some of the parishes major rivers are
dry members or member of parliament for central st. Mary dr. Maurice guy gave an
update is is the one that runs towards Robins be the there is the
the river down by Richmond which is dry in addition some residents claim they
have no water water dragon-type dried euros of our dry yet no water Safari
water Neal even well yeah I yet and what who come from for judge and not a beer
can’t you drink in former times when residents could not get water through
the mean they would resort to go into the rivers those rivers are practically
dried up so we are caught between a rock and a hard place right now
what is saving us or what has saved us is that the end of the sea had a some
time ago drilled a well just south of the the where they the springs are and
this is what no is providing the significant water that that system is
able to supply meanwhile the central st. Mary MP is also making an appeal to the
National Water Commission NWC to urgently repair leaking pipes mr. guy
explains that once the leakages are repaired there would be no need to talk
so much water to residents it would be difficult for me to follow them in terms
of of their response however what I’d like for them to do on a more timely
basis is to repair the leaks that occur because if you repair the leaks whatever
little water you have in the system then you’ll have more to go around and it
will be cheaper for them not rocking water so if they repair the leaks on a
more timely basis then the their pockets will be would not be impacted as much
and secondly there’d be a peace and harmony among the residents who would
usually get water from those systems another case of dust nuisance from
bauxite mining is causing serious problems for some residents in South
Manchester the residents contend that their livelihood and health are being
impacted work with me you know why I work well
when I’m a host dose of my body and goes doors no complete concierge on mr.
Harwood Nicholson is one resident being affected by the bauxite mining in sweet
land district he told TVJ news that his wife who is
asthmatic has been dealing with the dust from the work being carried out by Jamal
ko normal mining year Assam easy and it is so badly they have no community and
we need justice I know that Jamarcus should treating irrigation
water road and a community center so we are nobody they take us for a fool Jamal
so do not love with they don’t love you can’t have two no money we need justice
no we need justice know the residents also contend that their water sources
are being affected forcing them to buy water the dough stomach the mafia god
doctor no care account coming up with them we have to tell him how to get a
clinic doctor big man water no God man account hour I’ll meet Oh sometime a
Miss Rita read renovation work on the black river transport center on Brigade
Street st. Elizabeth to accommodate public transport operators is yet to
begin this almost a year after confirmation was given by the Saint
Elizabeth Municipal Corporation in September last year mayor Derrick
Sangster said that work to renovate the transport center with comments in the
first quarter of 2019 efforts to contact the mayor and the chief executive
officer of the Municipal Corporation Aaron Libert proved futile and in sports
last season’s red stripe Premier League runners-up water’s house water house
will host Costa Rican club Meridiana in the first leg of the sixteenth tie of
the CONCACAF league at the National Stadium today head coach of water house
Marcel Gill says he’s hoping that his senior players will step up to
get results the team is unsettling nicely let’s say we start a little bit
early we have about a 95% our squaddies it’s
present at training the new players them I mean NJ Moulton I mean Colorado Murray
I mean they live maturity and the experience I mean with the guys here I
mean it’s gonna go far away I mean stick more close together and pay
attention to details and you know I think they can help care of all of it is
mr. Murrow he is also hoping for the support I mean is that whatõs versus HS
Ariana from Costa Rica it’s like Jamaica vs. Costa Rica so I
marks in the public everywhere I mean from from the 13-14 parts of Jamaica to
come support whatõs match time is 5 p.m. and the return leg is set for August 29 that’s the midday news I’m Andrea
Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news
words and production teams without


28 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Minor Earthquake | Two Dead in August Town – August 22 2019”

  • Norman Ferguson says:

    Get rid of this APC we have laws in this country and this man whomever the driver of this vehicle is he should be in the Court facing a judge, this is dangerous driving and under no circumstances he should have be spoken to other than being arrested and his rights read to him. This APC should be dismissed in the interest of the public. This Police Commissioner he needs to go as he has misled the public on two accusations, now he is still in the post speaking clear nonsense.

  • chocodiamond jewels says:

    Too much youths a get shoot down in August Town.
    Parents in August Town please open your eyes and pay attention to your kids,you are too BUSY with other things. Your kids deserve better.


    I don’t like how disturbing the news in jamaica is these days, why does he get a hug when others get the books thrown at them, this is how we know that Jamaican don’t value their own citizen, this man can just pull up and does a drag race on the public Dover roads because he is acquainted with someone that we honor, and all he does is get an on the spot job! That’s so messed up, the values of jamaica is no longer.

  • Ucalm Mcdonald says:

    I did told you people look for disasters in Jamaica too much criminality and nastiness is going on that earthquake is just a warning

  • Bonez 3rdWorld says:

    With the burning of the Amazon Forest, plastic Pollution, mining of the Cockpit country…. what do you expect when these natural disasters happen? The problem is that we all live on Mother Earth but not treating her right.

  • Ass kissing and discretion because of light skin people, ok, now that we know that he was not the driver let see how the whole case will turn out because the driver was original a black skin man as we see in the other video. Jamaica as too much classisms when it comes to people of colour and money from uptown and we need to stop because we all are Jamaican and must be treated equal. If that was me i would be in handcuff maybe even been beaten throw in a cell. Point blank and period. To discrimination in our land. That superintendent should held accountable for disgracing the force by acting as if this man is innocent when he is guilty of committing road offence. Shame?.

  • I dont argue with foolish people and i see you as one so i rest my case.i dont use filty words i just state my point.i rest my case.shalom

  • Nathaniel Baugh says:

    ppl always saying that they want a disaster to hit Jamaica because of the fuckry that is going fully overstand but the Almighty already have a disaster for every individual that keep up fuckry remember agent sasco song God nah skeep

  • People who violates the, and have the ability to pay, they let be go, they obstruct the process of the courts, while the poor who have no friends Inna high society, they compel to pay down to last forthen. Instead of trying to silence is, maybe it's time examine how justice dispensed.

  • earthquake and drought are a sign of jesus soon coming,the bible tell us that there shall be earthquakes and famines in different places leading up to christ second coming,we must expect to see more natural disasters around the world until the end.

  • Levar-Xaymacan Kelly says:

    What bs htf can we be the land that’s rich in springs yet we don’t have water? Yet y’all wanna fuk up the cockpit? Y’all evil. N for that so call commissioner what a disgrace! Looking like a fukn hungry dog Whe si dem master come wid food..

  • Police Commissioner? I never hear him talk about crime or murders. What the hell is he saying? Another dunce or family chosen by the JLP?

  • The road work no finish yet? No good planning.

    Dry spell in the country and the government is wrecking the cockpit country.

  • georgette Royes says:

    Wake up my people time to repent and seek Jesus Christ in your life before it's too late .the people perish because lack of knowledge sign and Wonder it will not get better it is going to get worse ,God word will not return back void it shall come to pass

  • Doval Marshall says:

    Yu see how them liki liki inspector Huggin de man with peace and respect and if a poor class jamaican citizen him would of interrogate him and treat him like dog shit

  • SEM Music Management says:

    Wid tge corruption weh a gwan dung deh any disasters are possible. Watch the video I just uploaded on my channel. JPS abusing customers

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