TVJ Midday News: Mayor Raises Concerns Over Police Chase in Old Harbour – January 7 2020

TVJ Midday News: Mayor Raises Concerns Over Police Chase in Old Harbour – January 7 2020

grafton when i’m fashion brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom almost a
year ago after a controversial police chase and shooting along old Harbor
rodents and Catherine May off Spanish door Norman Scott is again raising
concerns as you’ll hear in this report mayor Scott wants the Commission of
police to take a drastic actions last April a car chase and shootings which
involved two groups of police left two civilians and a police officer dead in
children parks and kathryn nine months later and mayor of Spanish town Norman
Scott still has concerns the security forces were involved in fatal shooting
in the tone sometime last year I’m yet to hear and see some tangible actions
being done as it relates to investigation and outcomes two of the
cops at the center of the controversy corporal Kirk freezer and corporal Ramon
Scott were charged on May 17 with various offenses each officer was
charged jointly with some offenses corporal Scott was charged separately
with two other offenses however mayor Scott believes that is not
enough he wants the commission of police to take drastic actions I’m still
waiting on the commission of police to take some drastic measures as it relates
to the rogue cops that are creating serious serious havoc in this country
and until we get those things in place we’re gonna be having those continuous
activities as it relates to crime and violence in this country
Prince more TVJ news residents of Mountain View in Santander are worried
that the recent bloodletting could lead to a cycle of violence perpetrated by
children recently lost their parents several
persons were killed in a gang feud between people from garage lane Jake’s
Road and the back Bush along Mountain View Avenue we want it dollar know too
much father five ducks I did leave them young Pigman in behind and I’m picking
up my girl for them adventure and it no good for one resident who did not wish
to reveal her identity told our news team on Monday that she feared that the
children in the community could grow up with plans to avenge their parents death
and then Lopez alongside them killed appear in them come on what kind of
coming reviewer it’s one of the reasons she’s appealing to the perpetrators to
put the guns down the porch more police are trying to find
the motive for a shooting incident which left one man dead and another injured
last night in Gregor parks and Catherine the dead man’s identity is being
withheld it supported that about 7:30 the deceased was inside a house when a
vehicle drove up to the location the occupants of the vehicle later called
the deceased while he was approaching the vehicle the occupants opened fire
hitting him several times he was later pronounced dead at hospital a passerby
was also injured in the incident as uncertainty lingers over the future
of housing in Port Royal people living along the beach on for Shore Road
continue their call for more housing solutions in the community speaking with
our news team recently the residents argue that they’ve been neglected for
years oh no some he was really squat brother
I know low squatting I love one for free for someone new I work for my team I
really pity any I won’t have money but give me some I’m really in food well you
wanna feed oh he believes that if more housing solutions are provided the
squatting issue will be resolved if we get more house everybody a happy way for
the younger generation got me through the gong-gong everybody’s like no but
what I’m – you’re not genera shiny guy sitting tamakwa panda up where do you
see them ting – and it’s no time for a break but stay with us more stories
right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now the
national solid waste management authority NS mm II is in the process of
finalizing three pieces of legislation to bolster its mandate as regulators of
solid waste management these are the national solid waste management disposal
of solid waste facilities regulations the national solid waste management
disposal of hazardous waste electronic and electrical regulations as well as
the public cleansing regulations now according to the NSW maze recently
tabled 2018-2019 annual report the national solid waste management disposal
of hazardous waste electric and electronic regulations will facilitate
the removal of certain categories of hazardous waste the public cleansing
regulations will prohibit the discarding of solid waste from public and private
transportation littering and the deposit and the deposit of solid waste and
noxious substances in water courses there as mm a says the disposal of solid
waste facilities regulations will primarily establish a licensing regime
for the operation of solid waste facilities the entity says final
instructions are being prepared for submission to the office of the
parliamentary Council 989 criminal cases have been listed to be tried in the home
Circuit Court for the Hillary session the figure was released at the official
opening of this session this morning a breakdown showed that 551 murders and
303 sexual offence cases make up the bulk of the list 12 cases involving
members linked to organized gangs under the anti-gang Act are listed to be tried
at this term there are also six human trafficking cases and three kidnapping
cases to be heard during the session 128 cases were disposed of during the
McComas session news overseas now at least one person a 77 year old man has
died after a series of earthquakes in Puerto Rico two powerful earthquakes
including a 6.4 magnitude quake hit the island early this morning the
a day after a 5.8 earthquake at least eight people were hurt a number of
buildings were also damaged energy officials say some power plants are out
of service and one plant is damaged Porto Rico’s governor’s telling people
to remain calm as the government responds Monday’s earthquake caused one
home to collapse and it also caused rockslides
weather officials in San Juan say there is no threat of a tsunami at this time
and the Trinidad based seismic Research Centre SRC of the University of the West
Indies UE today said the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico should serve
as a reminder to the Caribbean that the region is seismically active and there
is need for preparedness in recent days several Caribbean countries have been
rocked by earthquakes arranging in magnitudes from a 3.9 to 4.3 Pandavas
ports one of Jamaica’s top performing schools at the annual Boys & Girls
Championships is being accused of physical abuse against a group of
student athletes TVJ sports has received a complaint from a st. Elizabeth based
parent of hai Delhi about a shocking incident which allegedly happened last
year t Vijay’s Karen Madden has this exclusive report in the wake of a
picture circulated on social media showing wounds on the upper thigh of a
student athlete who has since lost her scholarship TVJ sports made contact with
the mother of the child seen in the pictures her daughter alleged that she
was beaten with a tennis racket by a staff member after an encounter with the
dorm mother when she didn’t get breakfast after returning from Saturday
training at 2 p.m. no way out I was arguing with myself saying that if I was
at my post I would I would be having dinner know
why not request she said another incident occurred when
her two brothers who attend an all-boys school visited her but brought friends
with them and that the matter was reported to have staff member I saw the
other girls then he started to question us about what happened that Saturday he
held on to me and while questioning the other girls each time he asked the
question he hit me after that I was suspended from school for five days
her mother senior Jones claimed that the staff member told her he flogged her
daughters one for arguing with the dorm mother and the other for being present
when boys from another school visited them I got called from mr. Bennett who
is the head coach at Herrera that my daughter’s was involved in some
incidents at the school and that they were flogged the mother of seven said
she took her younger daughter who had wounds the two medical facilities in st.
Elizabeth but she was not treated because the doctors told her she should
have filed a report with the police but she said she did not report the matter
to the police as her children were still attending the Saint Catherine based
school and they were afraid when I saw people and the condition that she was in
then I took her to the health center at Makati to get some medical attention
because the condition it was not pretty and then when I got there they the
doctor told me that he could not attend to her because that’s a police matter
and that I should report it on Friday January when dbj sports made contact
with the principal of the hydel group of schools hyacinth Bennett she hung up
during efforts to arrange an opportunity for the school to give its version of
the events calls and text messages to hiders head coach Cory Bennett the son
of the principal also went on answer de poverty VJs Sports received a telephone
call from attorney-at-law Vincent well as Lea informing us that he has been
retained about her hi and that he has advised his clients
not to grant any interviews on Monday we tried to reach well as Li and he told us
on two occasions to call him back all subsequent efforts the region were
unsuccessful Kevin Madden TV J sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon
bran don’t forget to join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the
news at sports and production teams have a good afternoon


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