TVJ Midday News: Global Recession Warning – August 16 2019

TVJ Midday News: Global Recession Warning – August 16 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spots mediacom
opposition leader dr. peter phillips is warning the government to prepare for
the possible effects of a global recession dr. phillips pointed to a
slowdown of critical sectors of the world economy such as bauxite and
alumina in a news release this week the mining ministry said urgent high-level
talks are taking place about the Jessica Alba plant in st. Elizabeth the company
laid off scores of contract workers which it said was mainly due to the
reduction in the world market price for alumina in an interview with our
NewsCenter dr. Phillips said Jamaica should have learned from past mistakes
one of the things that we need to do is to carefully manage our situation
because in 2008 when the world economy really
suffered from a Great Recession the way we handled it in Jamaica then made
things worse I think the fact that we have given up so much of our bauxite and
alumina revenues has not put the country well the
government needs to prepare for the possibly effects particularly in the box
I’d say there have been fears of a recession as us-china trade talk trade
tensions continue to drag on those fears heightened this week as bond markets
reflected perceptions of greater short-term risk for the opposition
leader more emphasis should be placed on the education sector in Jamaica to
withstand the pressures which will come from time to time instead however we are
still with a Ministry of Education without a clear minister in charge there
are obviously problems in the results that have come out in trip etc and there
are problems with them so going into high school and leaving high school we
are seeing great challenges with the performance of our children displeased
with comments from both sides of the battle for the PNP presidency the
party’s election monitoring committee has issued a warning for an end to
insults this week the private sector organization of Jamaica criticized what
it said were disgusting disrespectful and potentially dangerous outbursts by
PNP members basil white and Mikhail Phillips on the political platform
chairmen of the PNP selection monitoring committee Fitz Jackson says the issue
was discussed at a recent meeting we are particularly in social media and some of
them which are carried in the mainstream media from campaign events by you know
different teams when the committee met last we are taking a design decision to
once again remind this campaign teams of the previous correspondence imploring
them to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful way mr.
Jackson says the campaign teams for PNP president dr. Peter Phillips and his
challenger Peter bunting were warned to be careful about what they say adding
there’s a responsibility to protect the power
is rich heritage meanwhile mr. Jackson says the committee is reviewing several
other complaints some complain delegate this etcetera which is being considered
by the committee we have had a number of hearings where parties appeared and made
presentations some of them will require further information that we need to make
a decision but we work to conclude on those that are before a very short order
when the additional information that we are recently thought comes before all
and there are more complaints from the one PNP camp aimed at PNP presidential
candidate Peter bunting for not being more supportive of a previous activities
in the party we have details in this report campaign manager of the one PNP
campaign natalie Nita is the latest to publicly raise issues about the Peter
buntings challenge to dr. Peter Phillips Miss Anita says mr. buntings rise United
Campus gearing up for the challenges early April and used as a proxy she said if the effort and motive was
matched back in April the PNP would have won the eastern Portland by-election and
gained the momentum they needed for the general election but with all the
back-and-forth and pointing of fingers Anton Hilton another member of the 1p MP
camp says he has burning concern after the dust has settled on the 7th of
September right TV genius residents will soon have access to a technological
application that can help bring attention to problems in their
communities Science and Technology Minister Favell Williams outlined the
developments on Thursday at the official launch of the Jamaica’s to the servant
of the Year awards he said the changes are in keeping with the government’s
commitment to work better for the people we are developing a prototype called the
e-participation that former my god JM kinda like the Twitter of government
to connect citizens with government in a variety of ways so for example instead
of citizens becoming frustrated from not being able to reach an agency or their
political representative about regarding let’s say a pothole in their street
they’ll be able to use their smartphones take a picture of the pothole your phone
would be geo would ecology or tech enabled and you’ll be able to click it
and get that picture and a location that information sent to the agency
responsible and we’ll have more stories in our midday news package right after
these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news the states of emergency in st. James Hanover and Westmoreland have been
negatively affecting businesses and entertainment events promoters and
entertainment officials say more could have been done to prepare them for the
losses the director for the Negril entertainment association spoke about
the impact the numbers have dropped significantly we’re no longer seeing
events with over five hundred or a thousand persons as we did in the past
so some persons have chosen to just stay home and not uh not venture to the
events anymore so that has impacted negatively on the
promoters she wants stakeholders to discuss the issue and find solutions to
minimize the effect on business operators we would have preferred if
some notice was given and so arrangements could have been made to
change the exchange location changing module however that was not done we
welcomed the state of emergency because as you know the crime was spiraling the
execution is where the members are concerned and as a released businesses
right now the tone is really like a ghost owned after nine o’clock several
cemeteries in st. Catherine are on the verge of closure in an interview with TV
J news mayor of a Spanish town Norman Scott explained that the cemeteries are
almost full well I know that number five is capacity field
I hear that parts of the old church pin that one is also at this capacity your
town is almost there and I think even Commodore and Louisville are getting
close to their capacity he believes it’s time for the cemeteries to be closed I think we are now in a position to
write to the Honorable Minister to advise him that those cemeteries can be
closed and we can’t officially say it’s closed until the minister as issued they
necessary documentation in the meantime mayor Scott said there are plans to
build a new Cemetery in the north no no no it would it would more operate like
what is up happening at currently at Commodore and you’re an Android as well meanwhile customers of a new cemetery in
st. Catherine have been speaking out about the one-year old facility we have
details in this report opening of a tedford Park Cemetery in Old Harbor st.
Catherine last August people from various parishes have been utilizing the
facility TVJ News caught up with several persons at the cemetery to get reactions
about the operations at the graveyard it’s okay spacious yes but as time goes
by I know it will soon started getting loaded with diseases you understand so
for the time being it’s okay convenient it’s different from others I guess its
new interface if it has something to think it’s now much safer and you know
comparing to dovecot in this place and I know this is new so but it’s a very good
location that they open up here we could have some trees or maybe some of the
sheds for for sheltering for family members because it’s really hot here as
for the cost the pricing is like a little higher but I guess I guess I’d
pay for what I get so I guess that’s just working it would be a little bit
steeper than the regular cemeteries but I think maybe because they are just
coming into an sector right now you know their pricing yes can be
affordable but compared to other cemetery it’s a little bit steeper than
that one than those basically machine masters TVJ news construction for a new
water treatment plant in Westmoreland is set to begin next year the new treatment
plant should solve the recurring water shortage for communities served by the
love with treatment plant in Hanover it will use water from the roaring river to
bolster that supply president of the National Water Commission nwc mark
Barnett says there are now in the final stages of finalizing the document contracting engine we have to finalize
the financing source so because it’s not just about the treatment plant is about
setting up install and about 33 kilometres of transmission line from
Roaring River to tie-in Bulstrode possibly and to tie back into the
Lockwood system though not right don’t at Sheffield so all that requires us to
find financed and now you’re looking at financing to the tune of close to 100
million US dollars farmers have received a pineapple and
pepper suckers under the 2019 2020 production incentive program Minister
without portfolio in the Agriculture Ministry JC Hutchinson handed over the
items on Thursday Member of Parliament for st. Elizabeth northeastern Avon
Redmond gave this message to farmers I’m encouraging you the farmers to go with
these seedlings and produce not to put them on the tree and expect them was
there providing the assistance is one what it
utilized in their systems is another we live those who are around us and we
bring growth and prosperity to this wonderful island of the production
incentive program for the fiscal year is valid at two hundred and eighty million
dollars it targets the development of nine crops pineapple yam ginger machine
hot pepper Irish potatoes onion strawberry and cassava the program is
intended to benefit over four thousand farmers directly and indirectly and in
sports 2015 world champion Daniel Anse Williams will now be eligible to
represent Jamaica at the Qatar World Championship starting next month after
local governing body the j-3 is reversed its original stance the matter was
heavily ventilated at a board meeting Wednesday night involving the final of
the women’s sprint hurdles at the national scenic Charles in June the
James race had announced that it would name the three women to run the event in
Qatar on August 16 at the time the local governing body had said at the top three
based on world rankings as that August 16 would be eligible for selection but
Daniel Williams would not be included following her controversial
disqualification at the national trials – a media release on Thursday afternoon
the j-3 is announced that following international expertise advice and a
review of the selection policy the association concluded that the fairest
way to proceed was the make it selection decision based on the multiple criteria
listed in published policy the j-3 is also said the women’s sprint hurdle race
at the national championships had been ruled null and void and Williams
disqualification could therefore not stand given that the race was never
completed the j-3 is release also stated that Jamaica’s team for the World
Championships will now be selected on September 6
which is the closing date for the submission of entries the local
governing body said its main consideration was fairness to all
athletes and compliance with both j3s and I doubly have rules Williams with
leading the dime on the race will line up against world record holder Kendra
Harrison and for other Jamaicans Janique Brown Megan choppa Yannick Thompson and
Janine Williams at Sunday’s iwf diamond league in Birmingham the 2015 world
champion is the fastest Jamaican in the event of this season after clocking a
national record at twelve point three two seconds last month and also leads
the world ranking with thirteen hundred and eighty five points with Thapa second
for Jamaica with twelve hundred and thirty-two points Brown third for
Jamaica with twelve hundred and fifty-seven and Thomson the fourth best
Jamaican with fourteen hundred and two points the iwf world championships will
be held in Doha Qatar from September 28th to October 6 and that’s the midday
news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package now on
behalf of all of us here at TV J the new sports and production teams with
afternoon and have a wonderful weekend


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  • Jennifer Campbell says:

    People not talking up what really need for our country. They need to speak out for the best. Our country are so blessing but they making noo use of it.


  • The children not going to school to lean and now they blaming the government .i am a mother and i stick to my children because i want the best for them mothers stop and think about the children and fathers too my God man how much teachers can do if the home not interested too much now.

  • Sanifor Plummer-lennon says:

    Why does pnp continues to speak , they were in politics for 18 years and the country was different. I am living in canada and have never seen so much positives since the JLP in power. PNP run whey and guh is dung.

  • Peace&Tranquility says:

    What's with the Orange colour? That is the colour prisoners in the USA & some European countries wear. Lets be patriotic firstly to our own things by wearing our National colours (flag): Green, Gold & Black, instead of Promoting foreign goods, e.g.

  • Peace&Tranquility says:

    Instead of forming Solidarity to save Jamaica from an Economic Downfall, the Politicians fight against each other. It is the citizen who are caught up in the Web of Spin.

  • Duke Yarkshere says:

    I just can't understand why all these politicians just playing games…it's time to make Jamaica a nation that produces stuff's with our position Climate and mass land waste why are we not Triple focusing on agriculture in Jamaica, why are we not using our brain and our strength bauxite only putting money in the big overseas corporations pockets, time to build a goods and services economy


    Stop relying on China made goods and support your local manufacturers and farmers. Keep Jamaican dollars in Jamaica.

  • only hope if you win the election you treat we the jamaican people much better than the jlp because the jlp only shows love to the farriners

  • There are 3 vehicles to prosperity: Investing in real estate, investing long term in the stock market & starting a business. If u can't do all 3, do at least 1 of them. The thing tho is, poor ppl can't drive. These things u have to take the time to learn, understand then master. But a who really have time fi dat? It's easier just living day by day hand to mouth & maybe one day I'll just miraculously get rich 😂… wat a life.

  • End all mining in jamaica, we can do it without DESTROYING the environment, if only 150,000 Jamaicans contribute 25us a month to a development fund we can finance our own development.
    We will not need the IMF or the Chinese.

  • ricardo barrett says:

    As it relates to burial ensure that all proper procedures and methods are carried out effectively to reduce or prevent environmental contamination and spread of diseases. Additionally, proper facility regarding such an act should be implemented such as suitable fencing to prevent the entry of wild animals, and immoral practises. Security should be placed there and a person should be employed to keep the site clean and pleasant for environmental purposes.

  • ricardo barrett says:

    Please don't worry about what is happening between the USA and China all will be well. What you are to do is to make sure our children get the best and adequate training they so desire in order for us to get a keen and productive workforce which will result in a better standard of living. A productive and efficient workforce will lead to a prosperous country which will need not to borrow but will instead lend and not borrow. My people will get the best and anyone who stand in my way will be severely punish by God himself. Trust God and live I promise you that no harm will come to my People I will do any within my power to see to it that this nation be number one and that God will be make Known worldwide for every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Note God is able to take care of His children and the nations which fear Him.

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    All member of Government should conduct themselves in an ethical way which will portray their level of integrity and loyalty and personal character which indicates whether they are suitable for such a role.

  • ricardo barrett says:

    All should come together and bring these criminal elements to justice don't be afraid for you wouldn't like me to ask God to deal with them it would be dreadful for them ,so I would like them to turn to God for it is not my will for any to perish but for all to have eternal life.

  • Is there a time when the average Jamaican is not in a recession. Politicians are so out of touch with reality.Driving around uptown is not the same luxurious experience downtown.

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    Jamaica ppl need to start back the roots ….Rely On Ourselves To Survive. Plant community gardens raise chickens & do more farming.

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