TVJ Midday News: Gang Feud in Spanish Town, St. Catherine – August 13 2019

TVJ Midday News: Gang Feud in Spanish Town, St. Catherine – August 13 2019

good afternoon I am and wretches Amma
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom we
begin with a developing story a deepening gang feud in Spanish town st.
Catherine has left a bus conductor dead he was killed by heavily armed gunmen on
Burke Road early this morning and has been identified as a 16 year old dama
Reed mr. Reed worked on the base site to Spanish town route it’s reported that
about eight o’clock the bus conductor was standing at the corner of Burke Road
and King Street a probox motor car with a red license plate with red license
plates approached him occupants emerged with ak-47 and m16 rifles and opened the
gun fire hitting mr. Reed several times his colleagues who have since withdrawn
their service in protest are calling on the police we are hard-working decent citizen we
are we whenever we get a photo of the car people from point A to point B and
at the same time we don’t appreciate to the industry so we really want a war on
police at exit power parity protects a family we appear we appear toxin on the
police believe the killing is linked to a feud between the Klansmen and one don
gangs in Spanish town so far five people have been killed since the weekend
people’s National Party PN P presidential candidate Peter bunting is
again blasting the government over the imposition of states of emergency to
tackle crime speaking at a PNP conference in st. James south on the
weekend mr. bunting described the government as
a fraud he accused the administration of giving Jamaican
a sense of a false hope mr. bunting asserts that the government has mr.
bunting also described the use of the SOE s as a classiest crime-fighting
mechanism he argues that the SOE czar in some
areas in some areas are not only due to criminal activities the Child Protection
and Family Services Agency says a review of safety arrangements that children’s
homes has been completed and recommendations are already being
implemented the update comes on the heels of a Friday’s fire at the Jamaican
national children’s homes which raises additional concerns about the safety of
buildings housing Ward’s of the state the review was ordered by Prime Minister
Andrew Holness last year following a fire at the Walker’s place of safety on
Lyndhurst Crescent Saint Andrew that far left two wards dead chief executive
officer of the Child Protection Agency Rosalie gage gray says the review has
been submitted to the youth ministry she says it’s focused on risk reduction
emergency response and property security shall a comprehensive report that was
submitted commissioned together and we have an action plan that we are working
through in human rights advocate Susan Goff has called for details of the
review to be made public and it’s time for break we have more stories right
after this welcome back and we’re continuing the
news the number of housing solutions in st. James will be significantly
increased in the coming years that’s according to east central st.
James Member of Parliament Edmund Bartlet the housing solutions will be
constructed in Grange pen in the parish mr. Bartlett made the announcement
recently at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Rhines berry housing development they’re going to build one thousand
houses of their prime minister different from here so when we finish with that we
have 1,000 houses up in Grange man we have 754 and there’s a lady in the room
Prime Minister nemesis Rita that don’t want me to mention that she’s offering
something close by that could just add another 50 units 25 754 so it could be
800 mayor of Montego Bay Houma Davis says the Municipal Corporation will be
keeping a close eye on the housing development I am confident that this
development will be undertaken prudently transparently within budget and free of
unrest and that it will be done in time specified mr. Davis also had a warning
for potential home owners the municipality will be vigilant in
ensuring that the covenant of governing this development is respected
so persons who think that they can set up shops garages and other commercial
activities in breach of the covenant need to think again the st. James
Municipal Corporation will have none of that
and any breach will be addressed in the sternest manner there are increasing
concerns that the education system will be short of special specialist teachers
when the new academic year begins in a few weeks
president of the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA dr. Garth Anderson
says a number of teachers have been resigning to take up jobs overseas and
it may be difficult to fill the posts well what I can say to you I have been
reliably informed that the number of teachers in critical areas of Science
and Mathematics will be leaving the classroom Anaya I anticipate that in
September we are going to have a problem filling those positions I do not have
been that figure in terms of resigning because the fact is that teachers can in
fact make their plans and they have not yet informed what I know other fact that
some have in fact gotten resignations and the principals administrators are
aware that he says several government paid teachers have received jobs in the
United States and Japan meanwhile a news release from the Ministry of Education
says the secondary school principals who are facing challenges finding
mathematics and science teachers should contact the micro University College and
Church Teachers College to identify graduates who are available the minister
says 176 students have completed a Bachelor of Science in secondary
education under a scholarship program initiated by the government in 2015 it
says the students are now ready for employment the student specialized in
mathematics physics chemistry biology as well as technical and vocational
education and in sports Sean Morris Jody moon Barrow and Mike Boyd won their
respective categories at the Jamaica Golf Association scene a trial for the
cabin championships to be held in Florida from October 9 to 12 Morris held
off a challenge from Mark noonim to win the men’s senior title by just one
stroke despite firing the best round to end with a 5 over par 77 for 11 over 227
noonim couldn’t beat the former champion who carded a 7 over par 79 for a gross
total of 10 over 2:26 both players will be representing
the country in the mid amateur section of the ramen bistro fee I’m always happy
when I’m not happy with the execution of some of my shots there’s a lot of room
for improvement and as such you know I have to go back to the drawing board
I travel next week to play the mid senior in in Florida so this week is a
another hard-working week America’s fringe bored with rounds of 80 77 and 80
finished 21 over par 237 while Tomlinson carded sent to 879 and 83 for a 24 over
par 240 Boyd and Tomlinson will be competing in the higgs and Higgs trophy
it’s good because it gives us more time to practice it gives us more time
because it’s a team event for yourself and your partner to get used to each
other and each other’s games so I think it’ll all go very well for the team that
we actually have these months to practice and to develop some synergies
Jamaica will be competing for six trophies three for the men and two for
the women and a country trophy and that’s the midday news I’m Andrew
Chisholm join us at 7 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news
sports and production teams good afternoon


75 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Gang Feud in Spanish Town, St. Catherine – August 13 2019”

  • Peter bunting tek wey yu self basuda an stop chat when you was national security minister u did nothing but cry like a goat ???and talk about intervention

  • Di whole a uno ago dead off because uno know and involve inna di nastiness. Police, soldier, municipal corporation, politicians, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and conductors are part of the extortion racket!
    Simple fix! But government, municipal council, and police complicit! Dem a benefit!
    Set strict rules and enforce dem. Get rid of the touts, loader men and "phantom sellers" from the space. Dem set up stalls fi fool di people. A dem a lock certain things and a collect fees for the dons! Put soldiers to regulate these bus terminals. Root out those extortionists parading as conductors and drivers as well. They're even using school boys to collect the extortion fees!

  • Bartlet, after his killers destabilize Mobay, he comes baring gifts. How is it possible that Jamaicans accept this deviant fagot. After the many killings of returning home Residence, the fleecing of St James. Redistribution of wealth. JLP Style. Push out the generic population build houses for Garrison criminals. Kill Peter to provide for Paul. Bartlet SMH. I never thought in my wildest dreams, That so many Jamaicans have lost their moral compass. To the point of civil war, friend killer are in vogue and are welocome and popular.

  • Crime is a business! Most businesses have to be hiring security guards left right and center due to the extortion and other crimes.
    Former top cops, ex-military personnel, politicians, and businessmen owns majority of these security companies.
    They will give dons and extortionists a free reign in order to frighten business people into hiring security guards! REALTY CHECK!

  • Patriotic Jamaican says:

    Another five reported senseless murder in our beautiful island??. In my opinion thoughts and prayers have become insufficient for these violent acts being perpetrated for whatever reason. I am therefore appealing to the politicians currently in government and likewise those seeking to regain that coveted position, to put politics aside, and put our beautiful Island??first. Can't you all see our beautiful Island??bleeding out of control ?

  • Levar-Xaymacan Kelly says:

    Half truth don’t mean your telling the truth. These ppl has been doing this forever when are we gonna stop being apart of their foolery?

  • Peter bunting you could do nothing about crime when you was head of security you cried for divine intervention,so what's your point?

  • Bunting, you are a dangerous man, you are pitting poor Jamaicans against middle class and well-off Jamaicans for political gains. You are pitting black Jamaicans against Jamaicans of other races. You were Minister in charge of police, and you were not able to fix the Jamaica crime situation, and you will not able to do anything about it, because you don't have the know how, the grit, and you are an opportunist plain and simple.


    Peter bunting a fight fi power but him is a satan pnp call for it and now Peter bunting a fight against it he cannot be trusted

  • Jamaica need to clean up the gang leader them.jamamica need to get read of the badman them.and get more soliders on the road.jamaican need to stand up and call on the government to put a stand.and put more police and solider on the streets.


  • There's no government in jamaica , yuh Peter were a former minister of security and you didn't do anything only thieve and lie so shut up you dam fool you politicians will say and do anything to get the power you all can to hell with your PNP and JLP you only separate the people ..

  • Please remember that Peter bunting is a part of the government also he is a hypocrite and looking vote for his own gain. A full time people wake up and these politicians are frauds…

  • Lived in Spanish Town all my life in the year 2007 I leave for this reason the news is reporting on today.all my friends is dead everyone.i will never return.

  • bunting u same one was crying saying Jamaica need divine intervention so u was minister of security n could not solve crime so shut the f up

  • Chanai Wallace says:

    As far as I see jamaica as no coming regards of how many soldiers hire, police officer or whose the government. They will eventually become corrupt. The truth is we need the queen to come and do what she does best. Jamaica needs to be properly develop and monitored. The business needs to be checked every 2 weeks or month without notice. Camera need to flow the streets, if needs be we need law men support from the u.s and else where, with proper working tools.once an offense is made depending I doubt a person deserves to be put behind bars but more so hang. The cost of living is through the roof , everyone as become so tense because everyone wants to prove whose badder hence crime will just continue to get worst by the way minute.persons being underplayed, work place refuse to give lunch breaks r just 30mins. Jamaica sell out this minute something in tomorrow its out.jamaica is not independent. I mean their as been slow growth but my god , if only this people stop thinking of only themselves and try to invest in the country and support one another it would be a better place. Any one can come to Jamaica. And for a jamaican to enter another country u have to go through trouble waters.

  • Chanai Wallace says:

    Why is their so many Chinese here? And they get better preferences than whose already here. R in minutes u c a Chinese store open. Having a kid these days is way more than just bringing forth that kid.

  • If the two party work together instead of tear down each other it would be better and they probably would find a better way to deal with crime even thought the one they have now is working

  • pablo five star says:

    Listen. To me carefully Jamaica need serious policing a new task force .need cameras all over to catch these gun men . They need to kill out these gun men whi is causing legal citizens to live in fear. The government need to provide jobs for these people.

  • Mi spoke to a head sodier in the army he was once a recruiter even been to area 51 he now works with the CIA mi ask if what you think Jamaica can do with the violence he sand jamaica have too much gangs and too much currupt government persons I felt that I asked him for help he said it's not a u.s issue until it affects the u s Jamaica police are not properly trained i was surprised of how much he knows about us but seeing where he works with the CIA i understand

  • So let me get this straight he's saying the state of emergency isn't necessary. So basically, he's saying doing nothing is a better option. If he was wise he would say the state of emergency should stay and something else should be put in place along with it.

  • Emanuel Watkins says:

    Bunting you are a bag mouth and no action ,, we know that many of you guys are enemy of progress , I have been suspecting a lot you guys down there whit all that going on in Jamaica,

  • A year ago the minister ordered a inquiry into these housing the ward and is after a next fire the conclusion a submit??come on ppl only when things happen actions get taken?why did this take until a next fire to then be submitted?? Ppl open unuh eyes they just playing politics!!!! And they doing the same with crime!!!

  • Hear the likkle ediot dem a cheer him on smh.
    Lke bunting just a start inna politics all that he saying now is party was in power and didn't do not one God thing..
    Me realize Jamaicans hve a short term memory..

  • People who live in these communities where the criminal's come from, can go along way to help fight crime successfully by handing over these people to the police, surely they know who they are

  • When the PNP was in power, people was chased off the street just the same and left business places open until 2am. Peter is just trying to get people on his side so he can win the election in September. But Peter Bunting is just doing the job off the opposition “find fault and leave the impression that they can do a better job”.

  • jacqueline mundell says:

    Country wrecked under PNP Government for 19 consecutive years…yet JLP to have it under control within 3 yrs…jamaica done, the country needs God intervention…no need to tear each other down prayer prayer prayer…everyone just want to chance to get in the cookie jar .all the elderly needs to retire go enjoy what you already grab…tired to watch the news seeing you all fighting and tearing down each other for Christ safe you all continue like this God will destroy his land before plan

  • The news on the Radio said he operate the route from Spanish town to Naggo head and he's 19…. Tvj always have some shit report.

  • Edmond Williams says:

    Stop chat BBC BBC bullishit buntin because when the pnp was in power it was the same thing. U all the same shit jlp pnp ndm

  • he was 19 yrs old , anyway , i cant say good or bad about him , what i can say is , these are the age groups that are creating havoc in our society ,and you could talk till you drop, they will never listen to you . they will stay on the path of badness until the day they die , and the music they listen to night and day , isnt doing them any good either RIP to you and the many , many more to come .

  • Imogene Richardson says:

    If it was me like Andrew. I would call Peter bountin and give him the key to the Office of the prime minister and tell him run ya boy because its only Office they want to be in…not for the people as far as i see Jamaica was not reddy for independencia yet.
    the need some one to out in Office for only 5 years then out…

  • we have over 13,000 police , and roughly about 4,ooo or more soldiers [ i stand to be corrected ] and the number keeps growing on a yearly basis . can somebody tell me what exactly are they doing , away from sleeping at checkpoints , and harassing bus and taxi drivers , not to mention , the poor vendors and smokers it is time for the security forces to wake up and do their duty . i remember when spanish town was under a soe ,you had to look good to see a policeman or a soldier , i called it a state of joke .in war zones such as maypen , mobay and spanish town , you need to put personnel on every street corner , indefinatley if you have to . without this measure , the murders , robberies etc… will never stop .

  • Pauline Stewart says:

    Andrew Holden need to take a visit to Barbados and see how a woman Prime Minister work in a Caribbean country. He might learn something. Even how to deal with crime and how to deal with people especially to water and other thing when it come to live.because he not doing well at all. Death roll rising people struggling to even get water.

  • Peter bunting had crime to fight and couldn't do so back then so why he think he can now what him older a wiser now ??????

  • Alston Thompson says:

    From once a pnp n jlp party dey a Jamaica crime will never go do they r two sets of criminal n a both. Them. Fund crime

  • Warren Russell says:

    Everyone comments on Peter saying all kinda shit…. but didn't say anything about the speech JLP just made about anyone that put up dem stop and garage…. NO one talks about the teachers that's leaving our country because the dutty government nah pay them… if there's no teachers who will teach the youths? Oh or maybe the youths will be so ignorant they will just take anything politicians say? Is that their motives?

  • Bunting u is the big clown in Jamaica u is the worst security minister Jamaica ever see crime fly high under ur watch onuh cant trick the people no more Jamaica nah pay onuh mind

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