TVJ Midday News: Daryl Vaz US Visa Revoked  – November 1 2019

TVJ Midday News: Daryl Vaz US Visa Revoked – November 1 2019

good afternoon I’m Herman green with the
midday news for this Friday November 1 a special welcome if you’re watching on
one spot mediacom we begin with a developing story or a NewsCenter
understands the United States Embassy has revoked visas of some politicians as
well as for some members of the Jamaica Constabulary force and the private
sector Minister without portfolio in the ministry of economic growth and job
creation Darrell Vaz is among the politicians
whose visas have been revoked and in a statement this morning Minister without
portfolio and the economic growth and job creation ministries Darrell Vaz
confirmed that his United States visa has been revoked mr. Vyas says a
correspondence from the United States Embassy in Kingston stated that his u.s.
visa has been revoked subsequent to the visa issuance information has come to
light that you may be ineligible for a visa it continued to say that if he
would like to travel to the United States he must reapply Minister vos says
he has advised the prime minister of the issue and has since initiated thorough
or rather through the formal procedures and protocols of the process of seeking
clarification pardon me clarification to determine his
eligibility to be issued a United States visa the minister says as a public
figure he’s obligated to keep the public updated on the outcome of the process of
the appeal of the revocation which has been formally lodged now in 2008
Minister Vaz announced his US citizenship following the issuance of a
ruling in the dual citizenship case which was brought against him meanwhile
mr. Vaz on RJ’s hotline with Emily shields this morning said he is going to
consider resigning if the visa appeal is unsuccessful I’m going through the
process know for the determination that that process has already started by
virtue of obviously making sure that I responsive to the servility seeking
further information and clarification and if necessary within yourself of an
attorney which is what the process requires but I’m saying to
you that out of this point it says that I may be ineligible based on information
that has been garnered so the first thing obviously search I’ll find out if
there is any way that I can help in relation to whatever verifications may
be required and then at the end of the day if I’m not eligible I thought what
if that if you come to that point very difficult rule so you would consider
resigning no subsequent to this morning’s
development National Security Minister dr. Horace Chan was asked whether the
visa revocations were due to any conflicts between Jamaica and the United
States this point no because in their career support in the last week I’ve
been particularly strong vocally I may have come because of this because I not
only comment from the ambassador Rio a relationship with all three juries means
or we were supposed to call an MoU that was just that very departure for they
were told in Germany for the u.s. SN SN is Comfort and the charger feel spoken
essentially they have been tactically exuberant packages are worried about the
long-standing strong partnership and a rule of Jamaican a cabin in Japan and
dealing with and providing leadership in critically her exact drug interdiction
etc so forth of course we have just signed off on an appropriate intercept
agreement to deal with exchange of information in prosecuting transnational
crime which could have been a fuckton for some time we have been without one
for a year and a half as we negotiated to get it correct and the proper degree
image would have had to renew and TVJ news we’ll be tracking this developing
story with more details and updates in primetime news at 7:00
in other news amid the ongoing state of emergency the West Mullan police say
they are reaping psious success in their crime fighting efforts the cops say
recent gun seizures especially in Negril is just a part of the expected impact of
increased operations from illegal guns to criminals on motorcycles breaking the
those are some of the areas where the West man and police say they have been
making inroads as they ramp up their operations across the parish the cops
say they have recovered six guns since the new campaign started last week four
of those were recovered in Negril these seizures has represented the intensity
of the work that we have been doing underground we have continued with our
sustainable Public Order and public safety operations where the parish is
still under state of public emergency I will be continuing these operational
efforts as we seek to bring normalcy to the parish we know that we have been
successful so far since they especially since the declaration of a state of
public emergency but we are not yet out of the woods
he says intense strategic operations will continue against the backdrop of
the current state of emergency in the meantime a special focus is being placed
on motorcyclists who break the world code at least one of the recent gun
seizures was from a motorcyclist we have seen that this the motorcycle is a
preferred vehicle for use in the commission of crimes and we will be
intensifying our for efforts and continuing our drive to ensure that we
target these persons to get them to conform to the Road Traffic Act as well
as ensuring that this made of method of conveyance that we are on top of it
since the state of emergency in the parish there have been complaints of
harsh measures including early closing times for business operators the cops
are reiterating their view that it’s all for the greater good we just want the
people of Westmoreland and its particular Negril and the greatest own
for to know that we will continue these efforts as we seek to bring normalcy to
the division and the entire era there is still no word on the whereabouts of the
mother who reportedly gave birth and dumped her baby in a pit latrine in
Alexandria sent and on Wednesday during a question questioning session with the
police she was asked to get dressed when she reportedly ran away the police
believe she is in hiding in the community however efforts the locator
have proven few we are still actively channels
implications however the mother we are coming now we intend to continue with
alacrity in finding her and having her account explore exactly what happened we
are also happy to report that the infant girl she’s doing well and we take a
break here on the midday news but stay with us more stories when we return welcome back continuing the news trade
unions representing workers at bauxite company disco all part were called to an
urgent meeting at the Ministry of Labour this morning the employees were updated
on the latest proposal at a meeting outside disco I’ll part national workers
union delegate John Murray told TV news that the workers at Alpert are calling
for more to be done about their lingering concerns the
workers are getting very uncomfortable there is no clear communication there’s
nothing coming from management that can guide them in the correct direction
no the workers have issues such as the terms of the redundancy package that is
been negotiated out now they just go out but employees continue to report to work
but are not carrying out duties despite several public awareness campaigns the
Ministry of Health says it is still not convinced Jamaicans are doing their part
to reduce the risk of dengue health minister dr. Christopher Tufton says it
is a major challenge that the ministry is faced with one of the hardest hurdles
for them at this time breeding sites that is the ground zero
it is the old tires the solid waste it is the drums that store water it is a
vase on the dresser and invariably that’s where you find most of the
mosquitoes breeding and it’s difficult to control that if persons who have the
responsibility in an around-ear home are not doing enough and so the message our
own behavioural change is a very important message dr. Thornton is also
calling on opposition spokesman on health dr. Morris kite and joined the
government in trying to get Jamaicans to play a greater part in this fight
meanwhile dr. Tufton says the Ministry of Health is now exploring new
approaches in addressing the issue of mosquito-borne illnesses for example the
sterilization which we’re working with the University of the West Indies with
we establish a mosquito unit that is tracking and looking at certain
vulnerable communities we have changed the method of fogging and introduced new
approaches to fogging the government has pledged to intervene and address the
water shortage affecting residents in Saint Mary by increasing access to water
supply before the end of the year that assurance from minister without
portfolio in the ministry of economic growth and job creation
Pernell charged junior mr. charles who was speaking after a tour of four rural
water supply limited says work we’ll be done by the government on
several projects in the parish we started off our tour at Gibson I’m
looking on this source there we see that we have some issues in terms of the end
two men and an evaluation will be done that we hope will be done by the end of
this year to ensure that we increase our storage capacity there and that should
serve that here you are going down into the well full of the get the holy gifts
in community should be served there with increased storage capacity and also
Providence assessments will also be done at a dam in my room tone mr. Charles
says the idea is to fix the leak there as soon as possible finally we have looked on the source
which is a source that has been active even throughout the drought times and
know we are finding that this government has once and for all put in place the
allocation and the implementation of the project for us to be able to see that
before this year is ended all these pipes that you see all of the
construction and the workmen that you see this will provide water for the
Platt field community from Mount Vernon for Clark’s as well mayor Clare castle
the deadline for the construction of an artisan village in Falmouth Trelawney
has been extended the revelation came following a tour of the facility this
week by officials from the ministry of tourism details in this report the
artisan village at the old hampton wharf building on the Falmouth cruise ship
pier complex will be the first for the country a few years in the making there
was disappointment that the initial deadline for the completion of the
project had been missed we really want this to be finished it should have been
done a year ago and I mean I am NOT going to get out of line in terms of my
narratives this morning only the remain calm and taciturn
yeah with a great level of equanimity yes so so that the smiles that you see
are very deceptive because deep inside of me there’s that pain and desire to
have it done but why this is a complex project it’s a very innovative project a
flagship project for us and we understand the minister’s frustration
and and and we are glad for his patience because at the end of the day we think
this we read on well not just the Parliament but today tourism part of
generally so the new date for completion is November 30 in time for the upcoming
winter tourist season Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says in addition to art
the village will feature music and a play area among other things the
intention is to have in the village a food court with food authentic Jamaican
food and the effort is to utilize the rich biodiversity of Jamaica to ensure
that the culinary expressions are authentic and truly autochthonous not
coming from the people of Jamaica with some fusion will happen because that’s
that’s truly what we are our culture is a really a fusion so some fusion will
happen but essentially it will not derogate in any way from the
authenticity of the Jamaican cuisine that will be offered there the project
has been done at a cost of 5.7 million u.s. dollars funding is being provided
by the tourism enhancement fund we go down to news in the Bahamas health
minister dr. doing sands has unknowns that effective December 1 all sugary
drinks will be banned from government health care facilities and public
schools initially the dr. Hubert minutes let administration considered a sugary
drink tax according to dr. sands the ban should have come much sooner as telltale
signs of an unhealthy nation are everywhere he added that while it may be
easy to remove unhealthy drink options from the Ministry of Health and
healthcare facilities it won’t be as easy to regulate what children drink in
schools the Health Minister said as a deterrent vendors may be forced to
sell farther away from school campuses dr. Sanchez
a recent survey released in August shows that in a one year span the average
bohemian consumes 64 pounds of added or discretionary sugar in their diet we go
on to news in sports a member of the Jamaican national female football team
was killed during a dispute with another woman reportedly over a cell phone in
half a tree sent Andrew she has been identified as 24-year old terrier and a
Clark the incident occurred about 8:50 in the evening yesterday during the
altercation a knife was used to stab miss Clark she was taken to hospital
where she was pronounced dead the accused woman was taken into police
custody and that’s the midday news I’m Herman Greene please join us at 7:00 for
the prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams good


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  • The Jamaican economy have past cheap labor long time . We need a better pay package which will end up getting a better redundancy package

  • Mr headman bartlet all you do in tourism is take all the tourists and giv to the rich company a bet when that food court in fhalmuth is finishe all the defrent restaurants in side there only owned by the Indians and Spanishyou think it is a joke thing all of them must go to prison only one honest Palitition in the labor party and is Mr tuffton

  • I hope they take away all politricion visa force the p.. Sy them focus on making Jamaica a better place for everyone especially the hospitals this means when them sick them can't fly out. TAKE THEM Back.

  • Norman Ferguson says:

    So what if your Visa is revoked Mr Vaz and so what if you resign we the citizens of Jamaica will not miss you a lot of you politicians and public figures think you are above the law this maybe the the case in Jamaica. But as I said a long time ago the International community is watching and waiting for the appropriate time to take action. There are too much suspicion and controversy surrounding all you politicians a lot of you should be wearing short pants.

  • Norman Ferguson says:

    Mr Charles Jr the question is why are the Citizens of Jamaica, all citizens not provided with the basic commodity, which is water.

  • All this is because of the crouton's in the government u all think u r above the law and u r not it's things like this should happen more often because they feel safe that's rwhen they r costing people life who take risks to put them in power

  • So why is he running after US visa. Surely you can cope with the healthcare, education and judicial system in Jamaica!? Why you need the US?

  • Retired man chang u too new face and young people in this and USA need to keep track of all of u guys hurting your own people stupid


  • They should take all them Visas because only poor people get this treatment and when you complain they do nothing about it because it's not there problems because they have everything set already

  • So what the big deal people living with or without Visa Jamaica people think foriegn is the answer to our problems a lot of foreigners worst than a lot of people in Jamaica, foriegn people them beg more than Jamaica people Jamaican need to open their eyes because anytime you don't do what foreigners want you to do they try with their Visa stunt,we need to fix our country problems and stop depending on foreign countries because this is what they use all the time Visa or aid.

  • These politicians think America sweep things under the carpet? As them start investigate u , them going push u out no question ask ,unlike corrupt Jamaica

  • Woman of Substance says:

    Vaz, please don't let the door hit you on your way out… There has to be a reason behind this. The same is happening to civilians for whatever reason!!!

  • 12:00 – 12:45…so tell me something Mr. Bartlett. Yuh think using "Big words" in describing the level of incompetence & straight up thievery in getting a simple job done on time & within costs is impressing anybody out here in the internet world??? Wheel & come again. When you can use the definition in a sentence format without repeating their meaning then we will take our hats off to you sir. Public works project should not be held hostage to incompetent contractors, labourers nor govt officials. I'm sure if a financial audit should be done of the said project it wouldn't come to anybody surprise of the amount of taxpayer's money which has been wasted or ended up in somebody else's pocket.

  • AnonymouslyRich says:

    It's not a good reason to resign. It shows weakness. There are ways around it, u just gotta get creative. I personally don't like any country wielding power over another cause they can. Fight fire wid fire just fi add to di fuel. ✊🏾 mi nuh business a who u. πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

  • Commerce is the life blood of the nation, anything that's impeding that is counter productive.
    Jamaica should take a serious look at these individuals, and see if any information is available on these individuals, from all intelligence sources.
    It's a good product they're offering in Falmouth, but can they handle the work, or, are they dragging out the work, they fail to see that you are trying promote Jamaican products, Jamaica, give people work, make money for farmers, artisans, traders as well as revenues for the government. Maybe they need to be reminded what's at stake? And if they don't fulfill their contract on time, it will likely affect their chance of getting any future contracts, they sit on it or cause any ridiculous cost overruns.

  • How bad do u feel, to know ur visa is revoked. Now think of the Jamaican feel when they spend their money and get turn down especially when money is hard for them. What is good for one should be good for all. The American is just bad listed u all. It's goes to show no one is different no matter what line of work ur in. And don't say this is different it's not.

  • HIM done put AWAY ALOT OF THE tax payers money, he has enough money for he and his FAMILIES. These POLITICIANS ARE THE HEAD OF THE CRIMES AND CORRUPTION.

  • On the matter of mosquitoes in Jamaica is not only in the inner community, the government needs to take a wider look on the out skirts of the island, like sea shore swamps crab bush, I've been going to crab bush from youth days and it's no joke with mosquitoes I believe that there breeding ground and the government need to Fogg those places as well.

  • Your money is funny. Being granted a visa is privilege regardless of status or finances. But on the other hand visa nuh get revoke jus suh. He can say anything one air but the skeletons deh bout…yo money is funny…somn smells.

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  • Fredrica Watson says:


  • Lillian Smith Whyte says:


  • di man say him a go resign if him na have US visa LOL. And this man is minister of the gov of jamaica. If
    dat no show the 3rd rate calibre of government our people have, and how lacking of dignity these negroes in suits have, nothing else will.

  • Them nuh renew ur visa and u wah resign wat example u showing to the Jamaican people boss u should mak the us embassy knw sah regardless mi a stay inn a mi job… but you see we find him out yes man..smh

  • they should cancel all politicians visas indefinitely, let them start using our facilities like our hospitals for example, that way they will know and understand what the average Jamaicans go through everyday.

  • All unno a nice up this visa issue….there is something behind it. Just like how the scamma dem visa revoked n extradition or come afta. This a nuh just so!! Only dem know wah deh

  • Daryl Vas..mi nuh like you. you are not a good politician . you are going to resign if you lose you visa? really? suh America visa yu a serve , its not Jamaica?

  • Nightly news nov 3 person talking about amt of cars on the road is perfectly right. Humans need clean air in their lungs. There are too many cars on the road polluting the environment. Everyone is obsessed with owning the largest vehicle to travel from point a to point b. India is unable to see ahead because of the smog. Will this happen here?.

  • He is going to resign because he is unpatriotic. What a shame! It is more important to have a US Visa than to serve your country. Good riddance! All things work together for good..had this not happened, we would not have seen your true colors.

  • Who cares that his Visa got revoked. That happen to jamaican people all the time and wheres the support from the ministers. He was planning to retire and go America go live the good life while jamaicans are suffering back home. Disgusting bunch of politicians we have. Purge them all.

  • aisha haidara -pyne says:

    Daryl vaz is my cuzin Joyce vaz is my grand mother.he shouldn't get a visa he is my family me know everything cause my mom tell me that's Joyce vaz daughter why him nuh fi get visa he is a dang murdera an rapist he needs to do some time.him murder the girl plus rape her an set up shorty fi him dead. kmt him get weh from crime but kartel lock up inna jail fi nuttin…damm the struggle is real

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