TVJ Midday News: Baby Found | Man Allegedly Fell in Open Well – October 31 2019

TVJ Midday News: Baby Found | Man Allegedly Fell in Open Well – October 31 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Thursday October 31 a special welcome if you’re
watching on one spot Mediacom officials from the Education Ministry are locked
in a meeting with the president of the University of Technology professor
Stephen Voss eonnie as well as members of the academic staff union and student
body on Thursday several students visited the ministry with placards
voicing concerns about the negative impact of the ongoing protests by
lecturers the lecturers are demanding that the university pays retroactive
salaries the ministry said earlier they could not afford to pay make the
payments at this time speaking with our News Center a short while ago portfolio
minister Khalsa muda said the situation should be resolved before the end of the
day that one is in class tomorrow so that is our
objective and I have no no no reason to doubt that good reason will prevail and
that we will see the resumption of normalcy at the you take it’s too
valuable and the children’s future is too valuable a search is now on for a
woman who gave birth to a baby girl in Alexandria Saint Anne on Wednesday
reports are that shortly after the woman gave birth the child was heard crying
from a pit latrine residents alerted the police and the baby was rescued by
firefighters TVJ is a saint and correspondent Lloyd Heinz has been
speaking with the baby’s grandmother Cara brown you witnessed when the baby
was taken from the yes I stand in fear she when they pick up the beer bishop
I’m cooperating the baby all crying it was not a trailer they are put it in our
hands and in Colorado Elin what they have happened it was wipe innocent and
that is the end of it how many children are involved with you I saw some little
kids ironically to understand they belong to mother yes or fire fire shut
this baby yes oh you feel about this whole thing gamma
I feel I can’t explain it it’s like everybody here not wholly shake
everybody but no one was looking for this so we only have two sons trunks and
see if this that for most of it and take care of the children them yes we
understand from the police that mother left the area and has not been seen have
you heard anything from her since the body of a Clarendon farmer was found
in a pit in Sunnyside Tuesday night the dead man has been identified as 35 year
old Gary Phillips of Canaan Heights according to reports mr. Phillips was
seen with son feeding their animals upon reaching
a section of the community some of the animals run off into a yard
mr. Phillips then went to get the animals but did not return his son
raised an alarm and a search began he fell in a 14-3 pit
we was submerged under the water for a little for a good amount of time in the
pool in water it was too late I want generally in a community on
Natalie peaceful vera and you can sit in depending move 24/7 animal area you will
please shake up general counterproductive that’s how the
opposition has described the government’s plans for the bernhard
lodge development in port more saint catherine they toured the area on
Tuesday insisting that the plan has not been carefully thought out more in this
report the Bernard Lodge development project is still causing concern for
some farmers in mid-october government officials including prime minister
Andrew Holness toured the area and announced compensation and relocation
plans for farmers however during Tuesday’s tour opposition spokesperson
on agriculture Victor Wright had harsh criticisms for the project it’s
counterproductive to our plans for Social Security it’s counterproductive
to the plan for also feed ourselves it’s counterproductive for productivity for
our farmers and it’s counterproductive 80 for the array for reducing our food
import bill the farmers on this tour say their concerns were not addressed during
the prime minister’s tour and so they are raising them again
farmers livelihood the conversion of the best our culture this irrigated land in
the into oven construction and the in
treatment of the farmers like we explained to him also the challenges are
the danger of putting concrete over this vast expanse of life but it will danger
it will pose it’s believed that covering a vast plot of land with concrete for
housing and industrial development will reduce rain soaking into the ground
water supply and worsen the water shortage and Portmore they also insist
that the soil quality in the proposed relocation area is inferior some
question if the relocation will happen at all I’m sending a very low-key V&R
well that I’m worried remote so when I really work for that opposition members
say despite these glaring concerns the project continues in secrecy while not
ruling out court action they are reiterating their objections and calling
for more dialogue with the government but I must say to the prime minister
that this project needs to be reconsidered while there’s a need for
housing I think we have made a bad choice in the location that we have
chosen and I think that there needs to be a reversal the opposition is calling
for a reversal for the use of these lands for hosen welcome back and we’re
continuing the news a 200 million dollar contract has been signed to construct a
permanent home for the Port Maria fire station in st. Mary the fire station was
abandoned in 20 2006 and since then the department has been renting a facility
the new fire station when completed will house 80 firefighters Port Maria is
listed as one of the country’s most at-risk towns due to its proximity to
the sea the disaster vulnerability reduction project has targeted three
coastal communities Montego Bay Port Maria annulus to improve the capacity
and this was done with the consultation and the collaboration with the ministry
of local government as well as a fire between as the priority areas and in our
own assessments we realized that 114 thousand persons in and around Port
Maria were at risk because of the lack of capacity of the first responders in
this area’s Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie who also spoke at a
ceremony said the government was investing in the response capabilities
of the fire department we are expecting to get four brand new trucks in December
this year in December plus they are ten in the brigade’s budget that the
procurement process is well advanced residents in Saint Mary are still facing
a water shortage crisis despite heavy rains over the past few months during a
recent tour in a section of the parish mayor of a Port Maria Richard query said
areas like Gibbs Hill in maroon town and Platt field have been greatly affected I guess because the job has been so
prolonged although we have in rainfall in some of the areas we still finding
that the catchment even on the tour that we went on today these areas will be
getting a lot of rain from the other day but the catchment areas still do not
have enough adequate water to supply the communities it means that the Port Maria
Municipal Council continues to choke water to those communities however the
mayor says only one water truck is assigned to the cooperation fortunately
we are in the process of procuring our chalk based on the fact that Minister
Mackenzie has said that even purchasing one water truck for each municipality we
have been proactive and we have requested the permission to go ahead
with funds we have set aside for emergencies if we could purchase the
truck on our own and then the funds are afforded to us we got permission so we
have started a procurement process students and staff at the Bethany
primary school in Saint Anne are beaming with joy
after receiving new computers representatives from paid forward a
nonprofit organization based in the United States made the donation on
Tuesday is to donate computers and other
technology to schools of need in Jamaica such as Bethany primary school Connor I
have grown up with so many opportunities and I don’t think it’s fair like that
they don’t get the same opportunity so this way they can be exposed to
different forms of technology and different knowledge and they can find a
better future for themselves in the meantime principal of Bethany
primary Orville Harris said the equipment will be used to improve the
performance of students these computers will be used to foster curriculum
delivery our students are afforded the opportunity from as early as age seven
to become a fear with the technology and I assure you that this will indeed make
the learning experience more enriching more entertaining and indeed bring
better effectiveness as it relates to the entire teaching and learning process
in regional news officials in the Bahamas have put the country on high
alert following fears the deadly Ebola virus could make its way there it comes
after the islands Health Department issued a warning for the potential
arrival of the virus through international visitors after hurricane
durian hit the Bahamas in September doctors and support workers from abroad
have came in to assist minister of health dr. Dwayne sands said they are
doing a number of sensitization sessions with Customs Airport immigration and
health personnel a news further afield at least 74 passengers have died after a
train traveling near Karachi caught fire and that is in Pakistan officials said
the fire was caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder being used by passengers
cooking breakfast the blaze is thought to have spread to at least three
carriages many of the victims died as they tried to jump off the burning train
and now the 40 people have been injured officials say the number of dead number
of dead people may still rise many passengers were pilgrims heading to one
of Pakistan’s largest annual religious congregation
and in sports defending champions Cornwall College have been joined to
face Charlie Smith in the round of 16 of the ISA champions cup in other fixtures
camp Adhan will play from Clarendon College will battle Wilmers boys st.
Andrew technical will meet the Manning school dental technical is due to meet
excelsior while Kingston College plays Garvey Messiah st. George’s will play BB
coke the Champions Cup is set to commence in November and that’s the
midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package
on behalf of the news sports and production teams good afternoon


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  • Then why couldn't they block up the bloody pit, put some barrier around and let whoever responsible that it's a health and safety issue! All this could have been avoided, waste of precious life! Carelessness this!

  • Huegene Francis says:

    The music style has to change back to real Reggae, Rocksteady ska, it will help our Economy and help lower our crime situation,

  • That is exactly what they are doing persecuting the people for what they stand for and their choices that they made just tru politics the people have a right to choose who they want to represent them don't hold back the resources from the people it is theirs not yourparents inheretants Jamaica is for Jamaicans not just a few this set of oppressors are behaving like if is not them you vote for you must not have rite to the proceeds of the country . Ducking set of shit house this government is a deceitful, conniving , and vindictive set of culprit.

  • Huegene Francis says:

    I think the Superstars should send and sing clear messages if the sing into a style that our Visitors can understand, we have to find a way to our parties ,and we can do it in the Dancehall instead of on the street ,.. if you want to come inside u can't come in with weapons ,and these days we got devices to stop anyone except Law enforcement with their body Camera, the style is stiffileing the Musical Spirits and the industry,and our Dancing ,So it start with the Superstars and our Government to se our situation and correct it,, Once Reggae Music was one of our main industry…many tourist come to Jamaica is because of old school Reggae music style, Blessed…

  • I want to know who is going to believe Karl Samuda about that UTech, should open tomorrow. I am not going to buy that until I saw it,because the government cannot be trusted.

  • It is the same thing that was happened in the 1980s when the JLP party government came to power, they killed out the agriculture department in Jamaica. To bring in surpluses from the United States, and killed out the farming industry in Jamaica. Now that the people in Jamaica is seeing what the JLP party government is doing, so the next general election they voted him out.I been talking about the farming land that they are using to building up all these houses, where they are going to get land to do their farming.

  • Natty P The General says:

    wrong move pm, what seems to be good productive farming Land should not be use to build housing, while housing is a good concept we need to feed ourselves, important substandard food is a a big no no, when we can build houses on hillside it is not the same for a lot of important farm product, so reconsider that one PM

  • Kevan Woodhouse says:

    What is really taking place with the ministry of education. Why can't Jamaica a get a minister of education what is the government is really upto?

  • I'm a survivor my mother have twin myself n my sister an she leave us down town paraid on a handcart…she is alive today an to me if an when she die it nuh move mi an it won't move mi….hope that child turn out to be someone of values in this pending generation….i too was abondant but guess wat I rise above my circumstances….I recalled writing alot of Sunday contacts without any success but but but a mmmh "conjunction " never too late for a shower of rain..from mi nuh dead nuh call mi duppy!

  • What a cruel wicked act. Lord have Mercy. Woman how you wicked and heartless so.?? God dam it. My mother leave me from the age of 2. I'll be 33 the 6 of nov. and I've never seen her again. I don't even know how she looks. But one thing I know, I love my mommy so much .(MI GLAD SHE NEVA DASH MI, INA NO TOILET) or even in a gully, or even at a bus stop e.t.c. how can you carry a child for 9 months bear that pain, get to meet your child then turn around and trow your bby in a shit pit. ? Soooo saad. May god guide & bless that child

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