TVJ Midday News: Alleged Wanted Man Killed By Police – January 14 2020

TVJ Midday News: Alleged Wanted Man Killed By Police – January 14 2020

good afternoon I’m Janelle oppresses
with the midday news and a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
mediacom first this afternoon a man said to be wanted in connection with a double
murder last month in Stony Hills and Andrew was yesterday shot dead during a
police operation in Montego basin James the police say he goes by the name Zack
Imani brown and Damien Mitchell a firearm and 16 cartridges were seized
during the operation at the mango walk Country Club the police say acting on
information a heavy police team entered one of the townhouses at the mango walk
Country Club around 6:30 p.m. it’s alleged that a man who was found in a
bathroom pointed a firearm at members of the team he was shot and later
pronounced dead in hospital five other people were taken into custody including
another man said to be wanted for a double murder the police say another of
the detainees is a person of interest in a case of shooting at constant spring
road against the constant spring police now two kings and women were among those
detained Indicom is investigating from crime to road fatalities just two of the
issues that dominated discussions and the recent municipal cooperation meeting
in San James mayor Montego Bay Homer Davis once stakeholders to work to
reduce the murder rate and the number of road fatalities in the parish the major
concern for the parish of Montego Bay is crime May of Montego Bay Houma Davis
expressed concern about the increase in the number of murders the parish within
the past two years between 2018 and 2019 murders in st. James increased by 50% he
appealed to residents to get involved in working with the stakeholders to prevent
a similar increase in 2020 there’s no stranger
that is coming in to copy these crimes they are known the persons and
communities there are several ways in which information can be passed on and I
would encourage citizens to continue to work with our security forces as foreign
discipline motorists mr. Davis says consideration must be taken to prevent
road fatalities I know this year we have had quite a few fatal accidents
especially along the elegant corridor I would advise motorist who traverse
that bit of Iowa to observe the speed limit because in most instances the
report is the accident is caused from speeding there’s also a concern about
improper garbage disposal in the parish when you see the sharp shunting along
the roadway it’s a shame to see the amount of plastic bottles styrofoam
boxes another garbage that is strewn along the roadway along these corridors
let us be more mindful of our environment he’s encouraging public
passenger vehicles to have a bag for the passengers to dispose their garbage
instead of happening thrown through the window mr. Davis added that effort must
be made to clean areas and destroy our breeding sites for mosquitoes to prevent
an increase of dengue cases in the parish
Anthony Logue TV news the incorporated master builders association of Jamaica
ima J is adding its voice to the debate about whether underground parking lots
are safe in Jamaica now some local experts have raised concerns following
the recent spate of earthquakes in the region TV Jay’s Prince more has the
details last week acting head of the earthquake
unit at the University of the West Indies Moana campus professor Simon
Mitchell raised concern about the increasing number of high rising
buildings in Kingston this with underground parking lots professor
Mitchell said underground parking lots often fail during large earthquakes but
president of the incorporated masters Builders Association of Jamaica ima jail
and Werth Kelly believes otherwise once the building is designed properly you do
your analysis so whatever I need a soil type the Lord’s that you’re going on and
you design it necessarily and in structures under the the requisite
foundations on your blazer and your building up and it’s built in accordance
with that then no need to remember that your designs are meant now that your
building were so far serious damage it’s meant to protect life while speaking on
TV Jay’s Margie make a program on Monday mr. Kelly explained that there are
layers in place to ensure buildings are safe after construction you would get
the registered professionals to design it they have indemnity insurance so you
can hold him to a book then the planning authority that approves the drawing the
tribes most insist and they can request whatever additional information they
need from the designers to ensure that yes this is designed according to code
and in a construction of it that the professionals involved in a construction
of it ensure that it’s built according to the design and the planning our
authorities still ask to come and inspect ok burns more TVJ news three
days after residents from warminster in saint elizabeth detained three gist
school part employees who had gone to assess the residents complaints about
dust nuisance the residents themselves turned up at the gates of the plant to
protest on Monday morning they say they’re tired of complaining without any
action being taken to fix the problem they cannot compensators they cannot
move us and they cannot doctor or medical has because they are broke how
are we gonna live how we cannot manage all over alpha disco nobody know answer
nobody know respond to it Fronteras afraid like in your blog and I rather
odd maybe I my data uniform one month ago Todd’s scheme wash that she could I
get to go a school this money I bring three and it’s time for a break but stay
with us we have more news after these messages welcome back continuing the news workers
at BER japanes can expect additional benefits this month end the workers are
represented by the union of clerical administrative and supervisory employees
you case have been fighting for improved benefits since 2018 TVJ is andrew lately
reports the union representing the workers had submitted a 27-point claim
but berger agreed to only four not satisfied with the outcome the Union
decided to take the matter to the Industrial Disputes Tribunal IDT the
tribunal ruled that the workers should get additional benefits in nine other
areas these include an increase in salary and overtime pay the remaining 14
claims were not awarded by the tribunal president of the union of clerical
administrative and supervisory employees UK’s Vincent Marcin told the business
day that the ruling is fair and that the workers are happy with the outcome but
he says the union isn’t giving up on the outstanding matters he says those areas
will take center stage in the next round of negotiations which started recently
for the contract period starting April 1 2019 Mr Morrison says the Berger Paints
management has pledged to implement the changes fully by the 25th of this month
the benefits will also be retroactive for two and a half years Andrew lately
TVJ news the authorities have announced another initiative to bring more
attention Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee tourism
minister Edmund Bartlett says going forward Blue Mountain coffee will be
marketed alongside cruise tourism the new measure was announced at the Blue
Mountain coffee festival launch some players in the coffee business have been
struggling in recent years due to competition from cheap imported coffee
as well as a reduction in the Blue Mountain coffee market price but the
minister is keen to help change this by bringing more exposure to the product
Coffee has not been inserted sufficiently in our marketing
arrangements for tourism but we’re changing that and so tomorrow when the
Norwegian bliss arrives in hreus we will begin the programme I announce to you
last year of having coffee tasting the cruise ports when cruise ships arrive in
Jamaica workers at the Golden Grove Sugar
Factory in Saint Thomas are this afternoon calling for the government’s
intervention over a long-standing issue they told huge in use that since the
closure of the factory six months ago they have not received any payment the
people claimed that the Member of Parliament for Eastern Saint Thomas dr.
Fenton Ferguson met with them some time ago but the issue has not been resolved between without answer so morning the
people are now calling on the Agriculture Minister oddly Shaw to
intervene residents of Valencia Parkway and Port Morrison Catherine say they’re
fed up with frequent overflow of a jury a sewage drain in the
area that is affecting their livelihood our news team visited the community
where residents pointed out that the stench from this overflowing sewer drain
has been affecting the community for more than two weeks it’s understood that
the National Water Commission made checks and tried to address the problem
but the issue keeps recurring we have a blockage blockage here and after in time
it overflow and the Water Commission call and they don’t respond a common
look andon roba and now the people say the stench from the syringes overbearing
forcing some businesses to close their doors the stench is also unbearable for
motorists and pedestrians will send the water the scent is very bad for the
community people are walking around driving here flash people that flash
anything like that so dignity suffix P pepper no one no no sharpener so I send are appealing to the National Water
Commission to revisit the area and make efforts to fix the drainage permanently
so news now in sports a month after head coach of the reggae girls program
humanzees walked away assistant coach Lauren Donaldson has also called it
quits after tendering his resignation on the weekend Lauren Donaldson has been a
part of the rigorous program since 2014 after being invited by recognize
ambassador Cedella Marley in his letter of resignation Donaldson cited his
decision on the questionable integrity and lack of professionalism within the
leadership of the jmf but jmf general secretary Dalton Wynne says Donaldson’s
remarks are farthest from the mark I’d love for you to ask him what it doesn’t
mean by that lack of professionalism lack of integrity hey does he have any
evidence to provide to say that there is integrity problem in the Geonosis
resignation was also triggered by built-up frustration with the jmf
which also has to do with a lack of a salary payment mr. Donnelly’s used to
run a club that he owns he makes all the decision that is not what and how the
jmf operate or decision processes is it something that is a process and so we
just can’t say yes or no things and we can act the way that he wants a stuff as
quickly as he wants a stuff because we have to ensure that all the T’s are
crossed and all the I’s are dotted before we can make a decision any
question that is asked the former national player also accused the jmf of
blatantly disregarding the sacrifices of the coaching staff under the reggae
girls something that goes back to the girls final World Cup qualifying game in
Texas it was our intention to Afghan to those games myself and the president
unfortunately I had a governance workshop in in Zurich which I had to
attend I spent all night watching these girls qualified I watch it and I was
there in my own spirit the President had when with the senior team to cross over
I think that time when that was happening he was trying to book a flight
and had some mix-up Donaldson’s the placement must be found for the youth
teams ahead of the under-20 CONCACAF qualifiers in February and the under-17
qualifiers in March some people demand a lot some don’t and
the other I understand summer idea for the light some idea for the love and you
have to understand that the gfs will find people that they can afford they
will find people that are committed to the program to continue to coach these
young ladies goalkeeper coach Hubert Busby is now temporarily in charge of
the senior girls where is assisted by Anja price
Karen Madden TVJ sports and that’s the MIDI News I’m Janelle oppress use join
us at 7:00 for prime time news on behalf of the entire team pleasant viewing


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  • ŁawĽess Šnipėr says:

    Jamaican police really need to start being more detailed and transparent with these "sting operations" because that report honestly just sounds extremely sketchy, not saying it isn't the true story but the lack of precise information makes it just sound untrustworthy

  • Huegene Francis says:

    Fix the bad roads around the Country, the roads in the Country Parishes r too narrow, especially for the cellphone drivers and Potholes South Coast Main rd is a Danger zone…

  • I can’t blame the coach at all the reggae girls be underrated over the years, they Perform way better than the reggae boys, for a coach to call out the management to for their lack of professionalism shows, only thing I’m hearing is excuses and this prove this isn’t the first management don’t sent no real Representation for the reggae girls.

  • The people of Apart should be glad that the company is open up back, because the time the company was closed. It was liked a ghost town, they should be glad that the company is open again. That company is operating in that areas almost 50years now, those people are just some big idlers.I remember when that plant was building up, I useto go there to play cricket.
    Those people should be very glad that the company is open again, in any country where there is mining.
    It is going to come with some risks, I liked near one of the plant,even when the train in running. You can hear it in my house, I useto worked there for years, although I am not working there anymore. My brothers, nephews,cousins also still working there, I cannot fight against the company. Because most of the things I have in life is there i worked, I know the values of the the Bauxite companies in Jamaica. At one time it was Jamaica leading foreign exchange earners, Bauxite companies in Jamaica from in the 1950s, and shipped its away load to the United States in 1958.I was a little boy at the time, until I grew up,and got a job there.
    The Bauxite companies is the best thing ever to come to Jamaica, where most people benifitted from it in some ways or the other.

  • Fabian Bembridge says:

    How descent citizens is suppose to work with criminal police?. Jamaica need a government and a security team to protect people. A pure teef a run di country

  • Mr. D. Wint’s excuses and demeanor appear very disingenuous. Seen and heard the same before! 🤦🏽‍♂️😢 🐮+💩🙏🏾🇯🇲

  • If they probably check more gated estate, they probably find more criminals renting or owning place in those places. See how far them reach? A crime capital.

  • Junglist Maroon says:

    What year is this ? We still have to be told how to dispose of our waste materials! Something we we were taught since kindergarten! KMFT😪

  • Thank you for bringing good news. One more less crosses on the land…uno fraid fi stone the people them wa a cause the dust. Time we show them a who run things. A tru a down there's so cause we all know if it was else where them would have to pack up and 🏃 run.

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