TVJ Midday News: $56m Allegedly Diverted from CMU & MOE – October 11 2019

TVJ Midday News: $56m Allegedly Diverted from CMU & MOE – October 11 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Friday October 11 a special welcome if you’re watching
on one spots mediacom the government has intervened to prevent a fallout in the
Business Process Outsourcing sector due to problems at the criminal records
office details in this report it has been three weeks since the police
records office on Duke Street in Kingston was shut down due to air
quality concerns as a result several business process outsourcing companies
have been severely impacted as persons have not been able to obtain criminal
reports on Thursday president of the business process industry association of
jamaica Gloria Henry said BPO companies are facing the possibility of losing
contracts because they do not have the required personnel miss Henry said one
company is reportedly awaiting criminal reports for more than 1500 prospective
employees Minister without portfolio in the office of the Prime Minister Alva’s
Toller new center that efforts are being made to clear the backlog Minister
chimed I know so Minister Bernard Charles Jr so we are aware of it that
we’re going to make provisions to make sure that the backlog is caught up and
arrangements are made for reprocessing miss Ann you explained that some
companies have been unable to employ trainees for weeks in the meantime the
business process industry association of Jamaica is appealing to the National
Security Ministry to take action to have the backlog of police reports cleared
urgently we have been in discussions with the ministry of national security
as well as members of the Jamaica Constabulary force and we understand the
the the air quality issues that they’re that they’re having but you know we are
calling on them to really address the problems with urgency because of the
impact that it is having on the BPO sector the police records office
was relocated to Orange Street on Monday but similar concerns have been raised or
Shane masters tbj news the opposition is calling for a forensic audit of the
career advancement program youth empowerment solutions capias project at
the cabin maritime university CMU prosecutors allege that CMU president
professor fritz Pinnock former education minister well-read and three other
people have defrauded the education ministry and CMU more than 56 million
dollars they are out on bail on multiple charges opposition spokesman on
education Peter bunting says there should be a detailed audit of the capias
program really this whole parallel cap program that the CMU has been running
which uh appears of it is being used as a slush fund for various political
purposes I think that requires a forensic audit by the Auditor General or
some independent auditor that she selects in light of the revelations
about contracts under the program mr. bunting says it’s surprising that former
JLP MP of–the Neal Lawrence who was engaged under the project is still
employed to the CMU the ministry has pulled the plug on the CMU’s KPS project
it was designed to provide an opportunity for unattached youths to
earn a skill or further their education and as the CMU corruption case gets
underway executive director of the national integrity Action ni a professor
Trevor Monroe is warning that the world is watching
he says the handling of the case will say a lot about to global investors
professor Munro notes that in the global competitiveness report which influences
investment decisions corruption is among the top three most problematic factors
for doing business in Jamaica so it is in our interest
in order to get more investment have more job creation create more decent
employment it is annoying just to ensure that we deal more effectively with
corruption he says it will have an indirect impact on future assistance for
infrastructural development projects it is also in the interest of the taxpayers
in the United Kingdom taxpayers in the United States tax period in European
Union that we behave in a manner that ensures that the grants and the aid that
they give us to build a school to rehabilitate a road to equip a hospital
that those funds don’t end up in corrupt pockets but they actually reach the
target so that the Jamaican people benefit Justice Minister Delroy chuck
has added his voice to the paternity leave debate the issue has gained
attention after another high-profile corporate company implemented the
measure for its workers the opposition leader even promised to pass a law for
paternity leave if his party forms the next government what I think is needed
more than anything else is paternal responsibility not paternal leave
paternal responsibility where fathers are urge coerced and demanded to live up
to their responsibilities mr. chuck was speaking at a child diversion symposium
in st. Mary blasted fathers who only show up after their children achieved
success the minister also doubted the effectiveness of the state-run
reformative armatures for you say poverty
Hammacher formative and i mean even though that could be used as a deterrent
the truth is once they get to these schools in an order of ten cases that’s
the end of them take it from me if once you send a child to approve school any
sort of institution for any extended period of time
all the research have shown you have live with them you’ve characterized them
not only as wicked but as criminals and invariably they end up in the
institution prisons and it’s time for a break here on the midday news but stay
with us more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news the body of an unidentified man was found last night along Newton Avenue in
Portmore st. Catherine the body is believed to be about 25 years old slim
build and about five feet 10 inches long the body had a low-cut hairstyle and the
number 20 numbers 27 and 6 tattooed on the left arm reports are that about 9
o’clock res then stumbled upon the body with
multiple stab wounds and alerting the police lawmen are appealing to anyone
with information to contact the Portmore police at eight seven six nine point
nine eight four two to crime stop at three one one police one one nine
emergency number or the nearest police station minister with runs with with
responsibility for education casa muda is praising efforts of one charity
organization in Negril Westmoreland for providing facilities for students with
special needs mr. Sam muda and the team from the ministry recently toured the
Savannah Lamar inclusive infant Academy details in this report schools for
students with special needs particularly in Western Jamaica are scarce this has
led the Rocko’s foundation in Negril to answer the call in Westmoreland Peter
Rose is a president we constructed this school from below the ground to the top
of the roof and it cost approximately six hundred thousand US dollars all of
which the Rockhouse foundation raised overseas and then you know directly
spent to create this facility hiring local workers from the surrounding
communities many of whom have not been working for you know a very long time so
you know it’s not just the construction of the facility and providing the
opportunity for the children with special needs and the typical learners
that are both here together but it’s also a process of uplifting the the
community as a whole the school caters to children who are typical learners as
well as those with developmental and physical needs classes have a maximum of
twenty students with a lead teacher and assistant as well as a caregiver all of
the children here have this opportunity whether they’re
children that are typical learners or children with special needs to
understand that no matter how they look no matter how they walk no matter how
they talk they’re human beings on this earth and deserve to be treated with the
same respect as anybody else amia Ataman is a physical therapist at
the school we see a range of students with neurological disabilities such as
cerebral palsy epilepsy and spina bifida most of the students we see have
cerebral palsy in applauding the efforts of the school minister without support
for Enda ministry of education cars amudha says this is a model worth
following in other parishes I just learned that we only have three or six
six six speech therapists for three million people and that is a tremendous
tremendously important area and it is something that we’ll have to look into
at the ministry level Rockhouse Foundation is really helping us in
Western Jamaica he helps with the basic schools as well as the primary school
helping with breakfast programs helping with establishing the integration of
Technology and so we want to just you know really really sure appreciation to
Rock House foundation for helping us in Western Jamaica the rock house
foundation is a charitable arm of The Rock House Hotel in Negril boshane
Masters tbj news and in sports former Arnott Gardens player Kimani our boy has
expressed deep regret for his actions which resulted in him being released by
the club due to a fight with spectators in the red stripe Premier League last
month TV J Simon Preston has that story the 22 year old midfielder was released
for these actions on September 22 in an away fixture against maligns United at
Drew’s hland after being substituted in the 80th minute
our boy took to the stands where a verbal altercation turned physical and
he was eventually shown the red card but why did he feel to need to jump over the
fence our boy says fan
were disrespecting his late father Carlington Emmanuel I never saw a good
movie but honestly my father my table on my table I bought him I loved that man
so much be near sign it got it used to play find it God has really big money at
a club 19 I mean if I expect my body feel tired and things about my father our point says getting physical was
never his intention I didn’t go to fight as you can see on the video I went here
and I was talking myself if me a bad man I’m sick so you about Miami the other
guy now I push me same time no I’m stud retaliate I’m gonna go for fight himself
a comb-over as I’m above ideal after almost a month he says he regrets his
decision watch by the video and she had made my grandmother my buddy I said
under me this become another type of person but we don’t know what she got me
– mean I lose the same time and he also gave a message to the nation Jamaica I’m
really sorry I really want to say sorry to people in my community people watch
the video the coaching staff the coaches the minister my society to family my
friend I’m really disappointed I’m I think I I know me I come back can
prove the whole country and I sure am the type of person really is not where
I’m sipping a video Simon Preston reporting for TVJ sports
and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime
time news package on behalf of the news sports and production teams good


29 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: $56m Allegedly Diverted from CMU & MOE – October 11 2019”

  • Congratulations (MOCA)Corruption is one of Jamaica major Problem, I am a person who believe there is two laws in Jamaica, one for the rich, and one for the poor, There should be no shield or armor for people who are involved in the mist used of Public Funds or Taxpayer money, they must be given their day in court, to face Justice.( short Pants time ) Most time they are set free, because it is not about if they are guilty or not, it is what can be proven in court of law. Jamaica Love

  • Sir we give respect to the Rock house foundation to build this school for us in western Jamaica. We are very happy that the donation did not go through the Government of Jamaica. We the people of western Jamaica Express our profound gratitude to the Rock House Foundation.

  • It is really sad to see that Trevor Manroe becomes very much obsolete, that he not using his power like one time.
    He is incharged of the integrity committee, and he is not doing nothing more than just talking. Just the contractor general office.
    They are none effective, they are only taking out their anger on the poorer set of people in Jamaica.

  • AnonymouslyRich says:

    Mi think bureaucracy & writing bad policies also makes Ja unfavorable. The laws aren't set up for ppl to win only for them to take. It's that scarcity mindset u find in some places. The real estate laws among other laws are set up for ppl to actually win in the US among other places; My point: Adopt laws that actually work 4 ur ppl & country, think in abundance & keep ur word.

  • While I agree with you about corruption the countries you mentioned are amongst the most corrupt in the world start doing your research the IMF is one of the most corrupt Institution on the face of the planet and they couldn't do any business without corrupt politicians in other countries

  • Samuels Alpha_20 says:

    Just imagine if Ruel Reid could enter politics for that short period and allegedly divert $56 million to him and his co- accused, I wonder what about those politicians who have been in the 'business' for decades; how much have they stolen?

  • This is just one, ministry. If Manroe of NIA want to clean up corruptions investigate all the ministry's now. Don't wait until all the money is spend out on big mansions, expensive cars.

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