TVJ Entertainment Report: Shane e Interview - April 26 2019

TVJ Entertainment Report: Shane e Interview – April 26 2019

MoBay sing J issues challenge to Tommy Lee but if Shane E as they say just looking at hype the flanker resident talks about gun lyrics and staying relevant whilst also hoping for more blessings Shane II born Theophilus Edwards lives in flankers a tough part of Moby this interview in tone but much of what he says referencing the second city GJ and Tommy Lee better known but Shane eat like them rising on the strength of songs both violent and positive Gong sleep and blessings as different in message as night in jail no use pretending gone lyrics aren't popular but do they contribute to the killing is the cost of becoming and remaining relevant to hi Bobby franca good community community nobody right now nobody in a flank on our noble numbers despite all Wawa and harboring say Momo be we are the topic now and a we ever made peace people are dropping violent lyrics no is that because you just have to deliver that to be to be real on the street as well as their violence and lyrics it's not really like we are telling you it's a good job a lot of other things we are in 13 we often do what we have been doing freaky for a career funny forefront in oh we artists my guitar we do gunman son and he take off it's not like we are portrait factor the mat is that some of your most popular songs are the ones that are violent yeah and I guess people have to ask themselves why why do you think that's the key we get those huge them group enough artists thing about what a man live what I'm seeing understand so we talked about it in our music we express myself with positive message but it's up to the people and taken to whatever one cavity we can force them fleeced whatever honestly we do blessings if the no ELISA blessings we can tell and Felisa blessings know we do God's upon everyone regards it but I see right so we go Google that the more they find some about much of the gods before feet we finds them the office the irrelevant in I eyesight I public other people watching on will see right now Jimmy cos like Jimmy was really running running red hot and does that make it worse when a lot of the music that the youngsters in the garrisons are listening to well I let songs Jamaica Defence Force constabie jcf just appear holy artists I'm worried widows put away music as matelo we not tell nobody if you go take up good and whoever is overdue know we lost do I mean was it because everybody I only did I said that but so from that but we go filled with what vodka we as entity and I will come for entity in the crowed halfa make ourself really fun so once that but we go gear way one type of music we put on people with artists supply whatever I wanted my whatever but I know every artist you can't come akuto Valentino violin home Blanca we drew a veil MIDI with everybody we're in ideaa Maputo da music good as well metal office t really want safe at that moment misty really want another public I said my go do it the negativity eternity into positive when you get the eyes of the public where you need are you from make them know we're capable of how you're coming to me into the forefront we not be enough Pete do you feel everybody our freedom style but everybody I entertain crowd noise dance our future man that you know was jamia karni mata con to Cerner a she an amusing at one point Trini dad give me a big string she needed one with blessings chain that one with guns they cannot be unbeautiful I forgive dancer Trinidad Trinidad first recognized in my tote unit I didn't come laugh at that that's when you say crime of violence honey but she need had have a cry rigid or what is just like job' even worse that remember them taken to the violent type of music photos 9:15 imma just come to the forefront with a violent single enjoy dopey world Western Jamaica O'Meara I like other artists let me get the popularity before me won't be a time non a reason being with style different with four different reading them different everything unique I was a different style to dance or movie Abrams you know people are saying that's a lot of these trap beats that a lot of the DJ's are writing right now aren't really Jamaican but it's what the youngsters are listening to these are true in final jamming I can if I'm very funny final English either works in Moby and we are very quickly so if they want say I know hardcore dance I whatever make them say what he wants and we see a dancer a dancer really but hip-hop is has more of an influence on Jamaican dancehall right now than ever before would your brief as well so if we ever get that eepa pretty mama merge it with a local dance I'll dance Allison oh whoa John write this song when you were starting out in the business who did you look to in terms of like you know other DJ's established people out there who was your influence who were the people that kind of you know work were an inspiration be honest when I biggest inspiration or motivation to the music of who are a Meritage my cousin with us what happened to your cousin by the way in case you don't know this story everybody know when you're swimming on sanyas got released we know but it's interesting to hear you talk about it because it's your cousin any spicy why is a strip that was a tragic accident wait whatever you want are gonna marry like what I write be the queer marital my mentor my idol but fair to say that your people will have a different perspective on the violence when it when it's close to home I'm gonna pretty no violence towards it because everybody have the entire point yeah falafel a are those feel time hold are you by the way 29 but why not earlier for you what happened II never truly a trio are you probably earlier I never see any time yeah obviously palliate return probably anyone my so many people in want here at the time she any day wanting you know so if you notice we come with our style way will be more melody now over music even to bring in more melody be my driver exam more naivety Kingston artist so we bring a different style piece so when people hear it as as theyíre in Cal catchy give me an example right now just give me a line under my you know Nina shotta missing still of Molokai river water me show you a scene lucky killing a lotta people grew up in our community everybody wah no mercy I am stunned at him represent them perish them couldn't do anything people as a family I buddies prove yourself camisa me I'm this no one I wanna we can stand in oh so you're a fee prove yourself so are we me a video are true associates that family fee no one's a 10-year forward he simple as that so what you're saying is that he never answered me no Naviance I think oh she's a woman or me and a sheet are five but if you're Tommy Lee and you're kind of like a better noon DJ and you know maybe your career your career your career is a little bit more advanced why is he going to pay attention that's funny I always come and say bono them them bigger than Imani Mallika boo amanaki know I like I know that your funds I'm gonna prove yourself prove yourself no man no big are no man hi everyone have the India why does he have to prove themselves mean if I say yeah buddies thing I managed to she's after your I mean it's kind of fun if inner self defend yourself a sure the world say you are the body stick defend yourself if an attacker time ago tacky so you think you've taken that title long time you know since a family not well here's a blessing song that's rockin up a lotta people as an artist with upon a forefront for all of all undertaking for fine but blessings all any taken for fine but listen family not just get a song no what about unity MoBay I thought you guys were unified and marching forward I say a lyrical a lyrical much so you have nothing personal a personal Tommy not a personal me remember personal issue as well mister despite anything where people want to say on whatever that they thought I said a long time so Tommy Lee's the only person you're challenging are you challenging anybody is you challenging TJ no never challenged TJ but you need to charge as DJ tell us Ani Oh an alien maybe that would aliens be ready for challenge TJ well as I may say miss him I mean I won't be a bad father and say my dad father can't 100 only one Godfather kind of stuff so you're asking what if a note icon so me go chew or she has come away my attacker you know I'm your son Lavie be gone Wally Pinet maybe just CUDA wooly pattaya beach bum produce of iridium no produce of a beach bum if advice that's Shane II if his gone sleep is too much of an eye-opener there's always blessings


34 thoughts on “TVJ Entertainment Report: Shane e Interview – April 26 2019”

  • A d first artiste mi see tie up Anthony Miller an mek him dumb and can't even come back wid a response. At 9:23 Anthony miller go silent to raaass and then a try use style bout him a switch topic. Anthony yuh meet yuh match bredda! 😂😂😂

  • Dj FlexSupreme Muziq says:

    Shane E sounds like he's bitter look like him did a par round tommy and is like something happen and door didn't open certain door for him because marital and tommy good region and tommy good squash an tommy good jahvillani an tommy good nigga need to stop being a bitch about what happened in the past you canst win with tommy that man right off him own grandfather which is bounty killer and very few artist can do that the need to chill out an stop being a lil bitch. and honestly can see that he didn't get over corey's death feel it fi him den suh god know ute just wul out

  • i hate when people get promised gunshot and badness get drop a dem foot because a dem honest opinions. the music is for the public and this is a public medium suh if u waah bad up people ova dem opinion save it for when it's necessary. Tommy lee is the godfather for mobay. he has stamped mobay in dancehall. ute pree Tommy lee when u established. focus on u career.

  • Collette Bowen says:

    Up move Shane E intelligent interview keep pushing forward and no turning back💯 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 blessings still a flow💯💯🙌🏻

  • well well tbh me rate the fact say him calm inna him interview still jah know never know u such humble youth.but Sparta a God father if him answer unuh just kick off a lyrical battle bududup now mobay

  • smh this remind me of wen Tommyshe did a pree alka a just like this him did a talk no man no bigger than no man defend yuhself tommyshe stop cry like gyal

  • Listen artist with flow and style that man brings something to dancehall weh nobody else can a fi him style yuh a thief an a gwan like u a artist Jamaica know artist that's why them nuh seh shane-e a war u cum inna dancehall with a pree violence wol deh hype yah g 👎flop badmind a kill them glad masicka see seh him nuh fi do nuh tune wid u masicka nuh rate u him see the badmind inna yuh weh u a teach we as young youth? Fi have badmind? But a weh dancehall gone to knock out yuh self youth did rate u as a youth a cum up mi first start play u song inna mi place dwg mi stop listening to yuh cz yah show wi fi got badmind soon mk fren start kill fren fi dem things.

  • Tommylee is next to vybz kartel suck yuh mada badmind bwy nuh body navne know yuh gwan pick pan tommylee an si if u nuh affi just bounce a mobay alone. Dre x sparta dis u an u cah answer bcz dre x sparta ruffer than u. A tommylee sparta then rygin King then teejay then chronic law then squash then jahvillanie that a the general them in order yuh a guh round a Luk hype hop yuh mumah an all who a put up wid badmind suck unuh mada try dis man wen unuh c man a road an si if unuh nuh lost a deh bwy deh sell out Don Don unuh nuh si him nuh steady Nuff respect to tay boss rip Genna realise 6xi that

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