100 thoughts on “Turkish media: Russian ambassador shot”

  • STOP GETTING EMOTIONAL!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Playing with everyones emotions. CHILL OUT. WAR = OBAMA 3rd Term.. They are setting the stage once again. STFU CNN. STFU FOX.. ALL OF YOU STFU until Jan 20th. just stfu.

  • This horrible tragedy could have been avoided if the Russians didn't pound their chests and insist on getting involved with Syria.

  • The Russian and Iranian leadership are supposed to meet Turkish leaders in Moscow on Tuesday…So this attack is no doubt a pathetic attempt by you-know-who to prevent any progress from regional powers taking place regarding Syria. The CIA is up to no good again

  • I'm afraid for the future of humanity. We as humans have learned nothing from our history. Every day we see killing everywhere. When will the violence stop? When will we learn? Is there any hope for us?

  • Hillary and Kronies have already made the threat to send Russians back in body bags………all it takes is a phone call and a trigger word to activate their sleeper cells.

  • Guys Turkey is really sorry that dumb guy shot the ambassador and talked shit about alleppo and did he finished the war? No he just made things worse. Russian people we are really sorry we just want things to get calmer dont blame us for that one guy.

  • Obama says America will retaliate against Russia for the fake "hacking" story. Which CNN and others pushed as true. Now this happens. Great work as usual CNN.

  • Obama and UN ordered this! This is retaliation for Seth Richards handing over peadogate dnc leaked files and to also start a war to prevent Trump taking office to jail the peado elite in dnc

  • Damn the world is waking up bigly. CNN are traitors to humanity. Pizzagate, Seth Richards, Obama threat to Russia, Russia blamed on nothing

  • Ignore This Comment says:

    "Several gun men" "burst in" lmfao he was security and lone fucking bs people of CNN please get your news from valid sources this is redicilous an event that could start bigger wars and it gets less than a minute wtf

  • The young Turds must be severely punished for this terrible crime….put Bloated Cenk and his vile terrorist sympathiser pals in jail for 999 years.

  • Mohamed محمد Ouabi وعبي says:

    Why did they allow such a high rank diplomat attend an insignificant event in the current unsafe environment ? That's a question that needs to be raised. He should not have been allowed to leave his residence for a while. That's what ambassadors do when the climate is not safe. Some people are cooking a war.

  • This is the Carter says:

    ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. If ISIS were really Muslim as they claim then none of their victims would have been Muslim and would have attacked Israel. But of course that will never happen because as the new president elect Donald Trump said that ISIS was founded by Clinton in liaison with Israel and Saudi Arabia to destroy the Syrian regime.

  • Утконос Утконосыч says:

    Ничего не будет. И российские власти, и турецкие не заинтересованы сейчас в конфронтации.

  • الرماح العوالي says:


  • science NoFiction says:

    Russia turn his back on kurdish and made alliance with turkey, that is turkish pay back to russia. why russia trust ardogan. stop trading on people's life russia should support kurdis again especially pkk and never trust turkey

  • A peaceful religion believer just like schrodinger's cat, half terrorist half good people, noone knows in this moment it's quantum state.

  • The assassin also shouted 'Allahu Akbar' and some commentators have said he (the attacker) also alluded that this action was the revenge for all the dead in Aleppo? Of course, Russian forces were invited into the country by Assad. Those Syrians loyal to the Assad regime are Shia Muslims; whilst most Rebel groups, especially Al Nusra and ISIS, are predominantly Sunni Muslims. Thus the divide Russia and the US is not only a political divide but a Religious divide. Turkey is predominantly Sunni, and has been hostile to Syria for quite some years, accusing Syria of helping the Kurds against Turkey, and Syria accusing Turkey of helping the Turkmen in Syria. Thus the lines are delineating into pro-Shia and pro-Sunni factions, with the US and the CIA actively taking the Sunni agenda, which is also financed by the Saudis.

  • the ambassador shot him in the back! it's on video. the Turks let this one go… Russian security was in front. never trust Turkey.

    it was the same when the terrorist in free via Turkey.

    Turkey supports ISIS.

  • 3 possibilities behind this:

    1. The C.I.A, Israel or the US are behind this: Obama: "…we will respond strongly at a time of our chosen.." in regards to the alleged Russian hacking. This might be the response.

    Side note: Lately a lot fake videos of people in "Aleppo" have been spreading about Russia murdering them and what not. Some videos weren't even in Aleppo rather in Gaza and some people in those videos were identified as ISIS members. All these videos were promoted by the mainstream media as "Russia killing people, here is proof".

    I knew something big is being planned since I saw those videos and just btw, that was 2 days ago.

    2. The Turkish government or NATO: The U.S and allies including Turkey have been supplying "moderate rebels" with weapons, food and money to fight in Aleppo. As of today, those "moderate rebels" have lost and Aleppo is 96% terrorism or "moderate rebels" free. So this might be a threat for Russia to back down from Aleppo.

    3. The guy is really brainwashed by mainstream medias with the anti-Russian propaganda that Russia is doing nothing in Aleppo but kill people, bomb hospitals and destroys endlessly.

  • As an American, I myself, will join the Russians going to war with extremist! Death to your extreme religion, death to Isis and fuck your false prophet Mohammed, a known liar of false teachings!! Come to America we are armed and ready you want war, well give it to you on our own soil come shoot us motherfuckers!!!! Fucking cowards!!!

  • The man shouted " ALAHO AKBAR" means" ALAH WILL FUCK YOU ALL" in ARABIC. FUCKING Muhammad said in Quran " MUSLIMS GO OUT AND FUCK OR BE FUCKED'.

  • Nobody deserves to die ,but this is what happens when you commit war crimes Russia. People don't forgive and they don't forget……This guy wasn't a terrorist he was a police officer who was probably sick of seeing kids killed every day from Russia's indiscriminate bombing of Aleppo . I'm sad to see it was an ambassador up there who was killed not Putin himself. But once Russia wakes the fuck up Putin will be running scared. People can only take being under a dictator so long..

  • Ömer Kürşat Yanık says:

    fetö .. feytullah gulen… kill the ambassador. say this ours channel. usa want broke russian-turkey relationship because they fight american dollars

  • You know…….when we're expected to raise the champagne glass, wine glass, beer pint, or bottle, or what ever you've got in your hands at 12 AM New Years Day, I also tend to think about what the Gods have in store for Countries and people. Life, Death, or Carnage. Raise your glasses folks !!!!!!!!

  • كتكوت الساخن says:

    – November 24 2015: A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M bomber aircraft near the Syria–Turkey border.

    – September 4 2016: A Russian chopper was shot down by US – Turkey – backed militants in Syria.

    – December 19 2016: Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead in Ankara art gallery.

    What's Putin waiting to launch a nuclear strike on Turkey's capital?

  • Seems like russia itself planned this. They want the power more than any other.. They always did, this is ww3. The beginning.. History repeats itself.

  • CNN and other fake news … this death is on your heads.. you did this with your lies.. shame on you all.. karma will get you all…

  • The reason for this is BRICS countries are a threat to the US dollar and British pound. Do you think the world banks are going to let an economic shift of power go that easily from west to east. They will try to destroy the countries economically in some shape or form. Putting sanctions, starting conflicts. Not to mention the arms business is big. More weapons sold more money. No coincidence all BRICS countries are having issues with American and British governments meddling. There target right now is Russia it seems.

  • I'm sick with this fuckin one religion.. i think WW3 is a necessity to ensure a better future for all our children & grandchildren

  • Why is it that where there is Islam in large numbers, there is death + destruction.
    Just look around the world. Be it in Africa, ( Somalia, Nigeria, North Africa), Europe ( France & Germany) Middle East or Asia..
    Please my Muslim friends – choose PEACE !

  • 786Resistance869 says:

    The Kremlin themselves have said NATO was behind this, this maniac was simply following orders. Putin should trend very carefully if this can happen to the Ambassador than it could easily happen to the President himself especially with Russia defeating CIA/MOSSAD backed terrorists in Aleppo, Syria and destroying their plans of toppling Assad.

  • – Erdogan is the instigator of the murder of the Russian Ambassador —-
    Erdogan's rhetoric: The killer Assad kills and kills our brothers in Aleppo. Christians Russians, as new crusaders, murdering Muslims in Syria. " These are the slogans prevailing in neo-ottoman Turkish society today.
    These slogans shouted out by Erdogan in front of millions flag weaving islamist supports until June 27 when he sent a letter of apology to Putin and Russia for the aircraft that were shot down by Turkish F-16 on November 24, 2015.

  • I'm from Turkey an I think this was a bad idea . Russia will start attacking turkey . This is the second time they got attacked .

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