Turkish, Kurdish forces accuse each other of violating cease-fire


100 thoughts on “Turkish, Kurdish forces accuse each other of violating cease-fire”

  • Big, BIG mistake Donald Trump. Your "unmatched wisdom" was definitely MIA when that brainfart was foolishly issued as a command.

  • Our one thousand servicemen were "defending the region" ?
    I do not believe Pres. Trump is ignorant or uncaring, he simply is not playing the money-politics that have been done for decades. Our military industry is an out of control giant, and too many polotitians making money from it . Hussain is no longer threatening to over run seventy percent of oil flow out of the middle East…Were done long ago.

  • It is time to pull our assets out of turkey immediately and prepare to enforce no go, and no fly zones where the Kurds are. We shouldn't be in Turkey anyways! These people criticizing trump are idiots. We have been in Iraq too long also, the u.s. could use air power there and coordinate with the Iraqis, and the Kurds to enforce no-fly zones. And or no-go zones for enemy's of the Kurds. And if anyone violates them we could bomb the hell out of them and down their aircraft. But first we have to look at the writing on the wall! Turkey is not our friend! It's time to pull out and get our missiles out now!!!

  • IIA Target Analyst says:

    Kurds has right defend itself. It's likely Turkey disrespect cease fire. He the type use scapegoats to provide himself immunity.

  • What the Fu´´k our soldiars do not need this sh11t! Turkey is in a lot of trouble and they know it ! You should not play a replay one what is ackucle has already been happening on the ground ! Plus where is Nato ? A nato country advances against a sovereign state for their religious beliefs where are the reporters ? What a mess!

  • Fake Fox News 👎

    – There was NO greenlight by Trump for Turkey to invade. The Truth is that Turkey informed Trump that they were just about to invade. And Trump vehemently told them not to. Which Turkey ignored. So Trump had to choose either to go to war with Turkey or pull the small force of US troops out of the area.
    – It's the 30,0000 Kurdish YPG militia that is being forced out of the "Safe Zone" that Turkey seeks to enforce. Not all the Kurds.
    – The Kurds and the YPG militia did indeed welcome the ceasefire.
    – Russia would absolutely LOVE it if the US and its NATO ally Turkey went to war 😍

  • Leave, let them solve their own issues and stop getting tangled into every dammed fight on earth. American lives should not be sacrificed in order to play stupid power politics in foreign borders, they are American soldiers not missionaries or the Salvation Army.

  • Michael Pregent – brings us the opinion of the Hudson Institute – i.e. those who profit from the never ending wars.
    "Hudson institute was founded in 1961 in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, by futurist, military strategist, and systems theorist Herman Kahn and his colleagues at the RAND Corporation."
    "RAND Corporation is an American nonprofit global policy think tank created in 1948 by DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT COMPANY to offer research and analysis to the United States Armed Forces."


  • I'm a Trump supporter, but I think Trump is wrong to pull out of Syria so suddenly.
    On the other hand, I'm also tired of America being expected to be the default babysitter of the world.
    He should pull out troops, but with a little more notice.

  • Stuff turkey and roast for about an hour per pound and be thankful is that so hard? Ceasefire when ready, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

  • TRUMP 2020 DEEP STATE has ‘Coup’ Against the ‘Power of the People’. Is the right thing to do, pull the US forces out.

  • ULrike J. Faidt-Berisford says:

    The Europeans want a safe zone otherwise all the Nato members would have been much more involved. Europe as well as Turkey as well as the US are members of Nato. The Europeans want to return a lot of their Syrian refugees to their homeland, that is what is going on. A safe zone would be a chance to do that. Period

  • LIES, Trump is given back Syria to the Syrian government that Neocons/libs have faifed to topple with their Jihadist proxis, and that's what pisses them off.

  • Why would they cease fire already? We didn't get out of their way so they could have a girl fight. Get it out of your system fellas. Use up that ammo

  • I trust Trump over either one of these Yahoos and anyone else claiming he's wrong. He proves to be RIGHT over and over and over. We shall see!

  • Julianne Boyce-Hall says:

    It’s not our war- it’s not our problem! Aren’t there other Member Countries in NATO? The United States isn’t the only Nation in NATO, are we? Come on World, step up to the plate and, BTW bring money, weapons and soldiers. It’s your turn now!

  • if people have a problem with trump pulling out then they should have congress vote to send troops. that way we can see who is the warmonger

  • There will be civil war in Syria, for the following reasons:
    Turks are clearing the border area to settle two million Syrian refugees there.
    These refugees will take over towns and farms that belonged, not to Kurds, but to Syrian civilians.
    Once Turk forces withdraw from the area, these Syrian civilians will return, and demand that the refugees give them back their homes, farms and livestock.
    The refugees refuse to do this.
    Civil war erupts between these two groups of Syrians.
    Also, Kurds have been forced to relocate deeper into Syria, and that will also cause great strife, as many Syrians blame Kurds on all the trouble they're in, and dont want Kurds living in their neighbohood.
    And when Syria mobilises their army to contain all the violence, it will just escalate the violence.
    So. It will be two decades of civil strife in Syria, the kind of widespread strife that cannot be contained by UN peacekeepers or any other do gooders.

  • I don't care. I don't care about the Kurds. I don't care about the Turks. I don't care about ANYONE in this region of the world. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME. Let these 7th Century middle-eastern dirt -eaters sort our their own damned problems. I'm sick and tired of wasting blood and treasure for them.

  • Probaly best to shoot all them Isis fighters rather than let them escape…. those who don't agree with that nead to think about the horrible things they will do if they escape.

  • Craig Barker Neo says:

    NATO is keeping quite…🤔 to Linsey Graham:- ISIS coming back, Obama and bad CIA are not in government anymore…

  • Turkey is a NATO ally. This "expert" claiming America has never gone back on defense promises (Vietnam), and this pathetic no push-back, no-nothing interviewing him has an agenda from the get go. State all the facts in a real report. How many thousands of years of history have you left out of the report? This moron saying Russia wins because we pulled out of all 1000 troops? Why didn't one single politician or you shills ever say something if this situation was so dire? What is your solution to the immediate problem? What is your long term strategy for peace and prosperity? Hudson institute is trash. Pathetic garbage.

  • GoodShepard Film Productions says:

    Anyone who claims to have so much concern and so much love for the Kurdish People and thinks they should be helped out, then go fly over there and join their military and fight with them or shut your mouth.

  • Juslike EyeCit2 says:

    What are Americans getting out of this deal? When did we vote to spend trillions on this endless war? If we haven't beat ISIS, Boko Haram and the other boogie men since 2001 then let them have it. What's it to us? Where's the contract? Tired of hearing about it. Americans need attention right now.

  • The Turks literally backhanded us in the face, again! The only time the US armed forces and government EVER paid taxes to a foreign nation was to the Ottoman empire. The Turks are not to be messed with. Coincidentally, this was the nation that shot down two Russian fighter jets and Russia did nothing. Now they're best friends. We gotta send our best when we go to the negotiating table with them. I'm sure Liddle' Brian Kilmeade knows what I'm talking about regarding our history with the Ottoman Navy.

  • People!! Look up at the skies!! They are spraying us like bugs!! They spray the night time sky 10 times harder!! We are being chem trailed!!

  • Michele Howington says:

    Trump is right in bringing our troops home. I heard it was only 50 there. Trump gets blamed for Everything. If he left our troops there and they got killed he would get the blame for not pulling out. Trump can't win for losing in the media and Dems eyes, but We the People voted Trump can see past it. They have been fighting in the Middle East for a very long time. It's NOT America fight. We are NOT the world's police. These wars has cost us too many military people and billions. Trump is tired of the world using us and walking all over us. Let Russia help or who ever. America has a immigration problem and need to protect our own boarders. God bless America! I pray for these people in the Middle East in this war. Men make wars and children and women suffer the most. MAGA 2020!!!!

  • with all the investment made and sacrifice made, and more, seems a bit irresponsible and rather foolish for some to be struggling so greatly with how to explain nato and which of their tactical priorities need to be enforced not questioned or corrected. none of these matters would be so threatened and catastrophic like they are now if hillary had been elected. its such a mess and quagmire and its just ruined decades of progress and years of tax funded sympathy projects. the president has mismanaged this to such an alarming extent even luxembourg is outraged. its a global consensus that again is in favor of cnn and we will be very lucky if we have any allies left after this

  • So its ok then Any country can attack any country now if they have had a problem in the past years cause Americas troops are coming hme and not involving themselves with endless wars great so if turkey can do it and get away with ethnic clensing and genocide means anybody else can too fair thats wat washinton has announced now everybody can go to war and solve there problems. GREAT DECISION WASHINGTON NOW UV BECOME NO 1NS FRIENDS UR ON UR OWN….

  • US has no business there they were not invited, they scream and pounded Trump, Now that Trump got the figting stopped now that is not good Enough, Trump can not do anything right, This guy a CIA agent tried to remove Erdogan 2016, it is not no Kurd area it is no Terrorists area, get that right idiot

  • U.S. has always abandoned partners in the Middle East. This isn't anything new. Many times it's done on purpose because war makes money. But you can effect countries like Turkey that have a lot to lose with heavy sanctions.

  • This is what happens when Trump capitulates and gives Turkey everything. Betraying and abandoning allies… what a joke the US has become.

  • Turkey has been fighting terrorism. We only protect our country border. People are dying because bombs arrive at our country from the border. We fight terrorism!!!

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