Turkey Launches Attack On U.S.-Backed Kurds In Syria | NBC Nightly News


100 thoughts on “Turkey Launches Attack On U.S.-Backed Kurds In Syria | NBC Nightly News”

  • If isis comes back into Syria it won't be on trump,it will be on the rest of the world, you can't sit back as coward Nations and expect America to take care of everyone.
    Trump stated that he intends to put a stop to the endless wars. I say more power to him!

  • Sandra Kaye Hansen says:

    And, of course, Trump won't allow the Kurds be refugees here. They were protecting all of us, and he throws them their enemies.

  • We do not know what happend between kurds n America. Isis fighter will come to EU for sure like Trump says. The people who burnt his effigy in europe can deal with this terrorists. Well done Trump.

  • How many soldiers did we have remaining over there that was enough to fight fight off a turkey incursion? Are our soldiers posted in all of our ili's territories? At what point should our allies be able to protect their own territories? It seems to me that we should make their territory our own if we have to protect it at all times.


    People don’t try to talk good, you are all fake. why don’t we bring the troops go back to invade Vietnam to help millions of Vietnamese under the communism’s for those years,
    or invade Cuba, Venezuela to help those people.

  • They fought isis. Now this turks after the dust, butchering them when they done nothing to stop isis. US orange man made this deal with them. And still he can sleep while childrens at womens will die..

  • This is BIG mistake. Turkey don’t attack kurdish forces. Turkey ‘ll destroy terrorist (ypg/pkk/isis) groups. Turks, kurds living with 1000 over year.

  • What if this is ( PUNISHMENT ) for USA wanting to impeach him . Is trump punishing everyone cause USA is trying to impeach him?

  • from the very first day the US president called for refusing to participate in other people's wars, and it is unlikely that the decision to withdraw from Syria can be called truly unexpected

  • Roland Gonzales says:

    The elephant in the room is this decision is a direct result of Trump's private meetings with Putin. All of Trump's meetings with Putin need to be reviewed by nonpartisan intelligence officials to know what Trump has agreed to do for Russia.

  • "Embattled NBC News Chairman Andy Lack "


    So this gentleman is about to be thrown overboard from NBC's Propaganda Ship?

    ~ Good Riddance !

    NBC gave up all semblance of credibility when Hillary

    tanked & they ramped up one lie after the next.


  • This is all a distraction by Trump from the impeachment inquiry going on now. SCREW TRUMP FOR BETRAYING OUR ALLY IN SYRIA. In the future if we need help again, the Kurds will simply ignore us and say “you are on your own”.

  • You bloody fools don't realize that all troops should go back home where they belong and not in the middle east. Any kind of war should be out of the question.

    …and yet the puppets are still guided from the shadows by their evil master(Lucifer)

    All war and fighting should stop…and the world should concentrate on fixing the issues and helping those affected by the orchestrated wars of the greedy western world governments.

    All this madness will end soon.

    I still wonder how some people can lose their dignity/humanity over wealth that one day will be stardust. Greediness has no boundaries…

  • I heard the US went in and somehow got most of their guns and now they're leaving.. I don't know if this is true if this is true this is purely evil. God watch over the children of the Earth they need you desperately.

  • did I hear him say clearly they'll be escaping back to Europe is that what he said are you serious this is the behavior of a child

  • Most of the people making comments on here have no idea who the Kurds are, or where Syria is on a map. It is funny how passionate people get about a subject they no nothing about, simply because NBC News says, Trump.

  • Kimberly Goenaga says:

    These poor people what is Trump done. If I was a soldier I would have not left those people to die. My prayers go out to the people of that Nation

  • Shame on Trump for not caring about the Kurdish soldiers who fought ISIS and covertly supporting whabhbhi Islamic Turkey….

  • Oscar Gutierrez Bermudez says:

    This president seriously talks a Big game but don’t back it up wow man we need to stand with our Allies always and forever WTF is wrong with you DUMP I mean Trump

  • Omg . Over a month ago trump threatened eroupe to drop Isis off there if they didnt get in line behind him and agree that Iran had bombed Saudi Arabia, and claim Iran is in the wrong. , breaking treaty ..when it was us who broke a nuclear treaty with Iran who was complying .he threatened to drop Isis off in eroupe to assault them. And now he said it again. Since Isis , and turkey are both Sunni Muslims .I think this will happen .esp. sonce tirkey just threatened Europe saying ., you betrer not condemn my actions or I will send almost 4 million Syrian refugees to.your borders .
    What the hey man ? I'm so sorry to all our European allies I'm just so sorry

  • The White House Criminal and his Republican Enablers in and out of Congress are a bunch of DISGRACEFUL UNPATRIOTIC SOBs! BETRAYAL of the KURDS, SAD!

  • BETRAYAL of the Kurds will be the blood on the hands of ALL Republican's in Congress, because you have the power to STOP the MENTALLY ill White House Criminal! IMPEACH NOW!

  • Great nexus of Turkey-pakistan is coming up to spread terrorism….ban both of them…stop giving them financial Aids…they will ruin middle East….and Europe also…

  • The American policy is a no win situation for the U.S. The Kurds have been the only steady, constant allies and to abandon them is terrible. The Turks will move in and annihilate them like they did the Armenians a hundred years ago. The Kurds should have their own homeland in present day Iraq, but the British did not seem to want to recognize them when they arbitrarily drew up a make believe country. Not the first time we have turned our backs on these people. The other side is we need to get out of that region, but I hate to see what is going to happen to those people when the murderous Turks get thru.

  • if US- terror state cares abvout civilien and kurds really , they can start to 6 mio refugess from turkey, and isis rats, even they build wall between mexico and US for against 30.000 mexicans.. USA IS TERROR STATE WORLD KNOW THAT KNOW

  • NBC POOR ZIONIST LIER MEDIA- if nbc cares about civillien they should look als thier good terrorist wahhabien friends saudies.

  • Israel did 9/11, Israel is not your friend.

    There, nobody wants to face it, but it's true, I just saved you years of confusion.

  • Truth is .. US behind ISIS…. research them
    Truth is … US badly Lost his war against Afganistan taliban.. now want to withdraw…
    You can see the level of The great army(so called)…

  • Trumps says .The kurds didn't help us in ww2 and on the Normany beaches.Anybody still thinks this President is not a nutcase?

  • Ahmet Eren Çakır says:

    TRUMP is just barking when treatens Turkey . I just had fabulous dinner in his Istanbul Trump residence and paid 800 $.. This dog only betrays the weaks. He loves the money , the slave of money . He only loves to bark … We have a Turkish Proverb " Barking dog never bites " .We are totaly secure ❤..We love Trump ❤🇹🇷…

  • Linachris5 Jjmichael says:


  • US is there just for grabbing crude, no freedom no peace reason, the whole world knows that.
    Putin is the only safety for the world against the US menace.

  • Karl Schwingshackl says:

    yes, bring the US Soldiers home from Syria,, but send thousends to Saudi Arabia..😂and also to Europe where we don't need them..I forgot… Mister Trump start also to send ur thousends of Soldiers home from the North and South Korean Boarder..

  • This is NBC garbage and lies (like "Russiagate") put out by team Hillary. This operation is a the implementation of NATO-negotiated deal going back months now to prevent the internationally-recognized Marxist kurdish foreign terrorist organization the PKK from being supplied by the YPG in Syria. I've never seen NBC peddle such garbage before (considering this is a NATO-brokered operation)

  • The devil bush administration is responsible for the whole mess in the region which was peaceful under the dictatorial rule.

  • Time NATO countries look for other partners in Middle East and remove this child… Same to European UNION, don't bring this child #IN.

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