100 thoughts on “Turkey launches attack against US-allied Kurds in Syria”

  • Republicans pretending to be anti war wont hide this yellow stain of theirs.

    The US military is untrustworthy now, thanks to Trump.

  • Babies in a Playpen says:

    In Syria the Kurds were the allies of the USA and lost 11,000 men fighting against ISIS. Turkey is now helping ISIS now by attacking the Kurdish fighters.
    And Trump is helping Turkey in strengthening ISIS.
    The US provided Turkey with intelligence, including surveillance video and information from reconnaissance aircraft, that have aided in its assault on the US-allied Kurdish forces in Syria. ONLY ISIS WINS IN THIS SCENARIO.

  • trump is a big talker when he say he wanna obliterate turkey economy if they attacked kurd. now turkey already attacking kurd, trump big talker do nothing president. worse than obama. at least obama send us inspectors to syria for months. trump do nothing at all except talk.

  • Savanakhet Laos says:

    We owned the Kurds a serious apology. They will to die on behalf of our soldiers. This explain why are casualties were low. Why we Americans refused to stand up to this mfer trump. We turn our back to our allies in Laos and the resentment is stay there in Laos. Now we are repeating the same mistake

  • No American troops blood being spilled. That means its all good. They have been fighting for centuries and will continue to do so regardless.

  • Wow! No US media shown sympathy for civilians in Iraq when they were being obliterated to kingdom come by the Americans and its allies under a ''GIANT LIE''.

  • This is what happens when you fire all your advisors because you don't like what you hear!!! Any one of the Generals Trump sacked could have told him not to abandon the Kurds, they have been loyal friends to us, but he caved to the Turkish because he has business interests there. This is something that Trump flat out told us was going to be an issue. He should be impeached because he is not doing the job of the Presidency, looking out for American interests. He is looking out for ways to shore up his business empire, and has been from the beginning! Maybe the Kurds should apply to Russia for help, since they are more reliable and have a better relationship with Turkey. Or maybe they should just open those cells and give out guns to those ISIS prisoners and tell them that if they want to survive, they will have to fight their way out because Turkey is on the doorstep now.

  • Great job Trump! Idiotic decision. It's one thing to pull troops, it's another to pull troops and turn your backs on the Kurds.
    Your argument that the Kurds didn't fight in WW2? Well you didn't fight in Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan.
    Kurds were our allies you moron.

  • PKK says that they are protecting Kurds in the area while Kurds are making only 10% of total population. But PKK controlles 50% of area. Makes sense. PKK kicked Syrian Arabs out of their cities and they placed Kurds there to make it like these cities were always Kurdish. Right now, there are 3m Syrian Arabs who fled to Turkey because of PKK's cruel control on the area. But biased west media tries to show it like Turkey is fighting Kurds as a ethnic group. But the reality is we actually stand together with Kurds in Turkey against PKK. Because PKK also kills Kurds too. They kidnap Kurdish boys and girls to use them as human shields and fighters. But Kurdish families protested this recently. You can search "Anne Eylemi". Unfortunatelly, there are no English reports about it.


  • Kurd fighters should be supported ….they have done a lot by fighting with Isis….wake up now…or middle East will be destroyed…stop Turkey-pakistan spread terrorism…

  • This is a good war for young men of the middle east..the young men of the U.S. should be home protecting the southern border.

  • Tillerson was right: Trump is a moron. Bone spur commander in chief is incapable of complex thought. Betrayed our allies the Kurds, condemned them to slaughter by Turkey and may have turned over Syria to Russia and Iran. Putin just keep on winning.

  • Cant understand how the USA deserted the Kurds who laid down there lives for to stop the Islamic state who they could not defeat. The Kurd lost many young men and women defending American interests. I am Irish (Irish Born) and live in Ireland but have many relations in the states , I was so proud to have you has a friend , but looking back on history you as a nation were responsible for killing many Irish Nationals has they came of the famine ships. Some gene not quite right. So SAD .

  • Mebrat L. Abraha says:

    Trump! I was your seporter since! But I am afraid I am not any more praying for you ! You don't deserve at all! I don't want to watch about you eather

  • There is word that turkey injured special forces operator by "accident", our commander saiys they know where we are by grid yet still bombed our soldiers.

  • So many dumb idiots here. Northern Syria is arab land and never belonged to the kurds. The turks are about to establish a safe zone in that region, so Europe won't have to face an other refugee crisis. You should be thankful!

  • I'm so angry at this stupid President, and the people who defend him. He has given a green light for the Kurds to be slaughtered

  • The Kurds DID help the allies not in Normandy but they field a parachute company in the Italy campaign and helped a anti axis coup in Iraq.

  • So let's get this straight , we remove troops that are working with the Kurds , and we add forces in Saudi Arabia to support the monarchy. It doesn't make any sense. Under what guiding principals does this administration conduct a foreign policy? I pray for this country.

  • Isis creates a state next to the USA. U like that? No? Thought so… Greetings from THE TURKISH REPUBLIC. We don’t care about your proxies… And AIPAC has no power over us 😘

  • The kurds choose a good ally in the American 😁😁😁😁😁 so also the the Ukrainian, the poles and those NATO allies..

  • Rashmi ranjan Dash says:

    America has always killed innocents. The Kurdish people helped America a lot in Syria, in return for defeating the Islamic State, America is leaving them to die.

  • As an outside observer, after careful consideration of comments and opinions:
    Can't have both, make up your mind, or someone else will for you.

  • Türkiye'nin yanıbaşında terörist leri oldurun silah verip Türkiye ye karşı savastirin bize karşı dhkp işit PKK YPG Amerika kimiminz varsa alın gelin hepsini üst üste koyar ezer geçeriz

  • Rashmi ranjan Dash says:

    Turkey will start massacring the Kurdish people after leaving America; innocent people will be killed. Turkey keeps Islamic State and hardline Islamic group. The world is sitting silent knowing that Turkey has already massacred the Army Rule Christian, in which more than five million People died

  • Rashmi ranjan Dash says:

    Turkey is also an Islamic country. Kurdish will cut people like chickens. Will we and our government keep watching while sitting in the house? We should stop this. It is going wrong. The life of any innocent is very valuable.

  • Hem teröristlere 65 bin silah mühimmat verin niye gelsin Türkiye'yi vursun diyemi? dikkat et Amerika teröristlerin yanında sizin de askerlerinizi toprağa gömmeyelim.Ne mutlu türküm diyene.Türkiye ile şaka olmaz

  • There is only one nation who could help the Kurds and arm them, and you know as well as I do which US ally it is, you may hate them, but I love them, as we went out of the area and allowed this I felt seriously bad about this, I wish that our ally in the middle east and the only one with the capability with arming the Kurds enough to stay alive will arm them.

  • I thought the weakling Chump said “I’ll decimate their(turkey) economy.” If they move in. We’re waiting. They should decimate the Turkey Chump hotel.

  • Notice pro Chumpers are keeping quiet on the comments? They either don’t care, don’t understand, or are AFRAID to admit they support him doing Russia a “favor”.

  • Trump just PAVED the way for Iran to enter Syria. Where Irans friends the Russians are already there. This was a PROXY war with Iran and Russia and TRUMP QUIT.

  • Gedanken Explosion says:

    All countries have more or less corrupt politicians who work not for the benefit of the people who voted for them but to benefit themselfs, but only in the US that corruption effects whole world regions in a very destructive murderous way! I wish the americans would find the strength to drain the swamp in Washington DC and get rid of the oligarchy whos ruling them and re-establish democracy. Remember how President Eisenhower warned you of the Military Industrial Complex!

  • Anyone other than a Trumptard can plainly see, Trump is a Russian operative carrying out his orders from the Gremlin, Russia benefits from this, exactly what Putin wanted

  • Savanakhet Laos says:

    The cease fired is another misleading to the Kurds just to buy time for USA soldiers to get across into Iraq safety. The slaughter of the Kurds will continue soon. When are we going to impeach the mf trump? How much more damage fox and gop? Next week, we will be deploying 100,000 troops instead of 100 troops bc the Kurds no longer going to die for us. White angry men, if you don’t like my country USA, you can leave. Get out of my country. These 3 colors red white n blue don’t run and don’t abandon our allies until this racist con man with no leadership elected.

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