Tuesday, October 22

Tuesday, October 22

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Live from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show”. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now here’s Wendy! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Thank you for watching our show. (audience cheers) Say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. (audience cheers) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing okay, let’s get started. It’s time for? Hot Topics! Come on. (audience cheers)
(rhythmic music) (Wendy laughs) I’ve got cramps like I’m 19. I thought that this period thing was over with me. (audience laughs) Do you know what I’m, no, I don’t have a period. I’m just saying, I got the cramp-ulation. (audience laughs) Like, why? And then Joanie, who mics me up, she’s like, “Well, what’d you have for breakfast?” I said, “Hot potato chips and tuna fish”. (audience exclaims and laughs) She was like, “Well, no wonder”. Anywho. Hi. Hi, Wendy. So Nicki Minaj is married. (audience cheers)
Yeah. Look. There are some naysayers who say why did you marry this guy, Kenneth Petty? So she’s Nicki Minaj Petty, uh-huh, uh-huh.
(audience laughs) Well she announced the news on her Instagram last night by showing the Mr. and Mrs. mugs and the bride and groom hat. (audience exclaims) So we are to assume she’s married. But I understand why she married him. You know what I’m saying? Like, she’s known by all the world at this particular point in her life. She’s the biggest thing going. And sometimes when you’re the biggest thing going, you wanna have a safety blanket, a comfort zone, and that would be somebody that you grew up with. He wasn’t your boyfriend back then, maybe you just had rock fights and stuff. You know how we get started, girls. (audience laughs) I used to love to have rock fights with the boys. Because although I’m not a tomboy, I used to like to hang around with the boys ’cause that’s how you get to know the boys. So maybe he was her rock fight partner or something like that. But I think that she probably will start a family right away. And can you imagine a burgeoning belly with these burgeoning hips? (audience exclaims) I mean, the plastic of it all, you know what I mean? And she’s gonna have big belly and she’s short and she’s got the boobs and the hips. And I don’t know what he does for a living, I just know that he did time in jail for, he’s a sex offender. (audience exclaims) Well, she’s no stranger to that ’cause her in jail for? Sex offending. For sex offending. Well, first degree manslaughter. Now, he served seven years in prison, and he’s also a sex offender. So that means that he, is a manslaughter a killer? Yeah. Okay, so he’s a killer. (Wendy laughs)
(audience murmurs) And a sex offender. Well, Nicki, congratulations. (audience cheers) (blows air) Somebody other than the chief made this tea. ‘Cause it’s really hot. Yeah, I can barely touch the cup, ow. Ow. Meghan Markle, everybody, says that she was warned not to marry Prince Harry. (audience exclaims) You know who warned her? Some hatin’-ass girlfriend of hers. (audience laughs) Like, you meet a prince and your friend’s gonna tell you not to marry? Or Meghan’s lying to try to get sympathy, for us to give her sympathy. Anyway, and the weird thing about this interview that she did, she’s standing up the whole time. There’s no chair, there’s no shade. She’s standing the whole time in a trench coat interviewing. Just kinda awkward. Anyway, take a look. I had no idea, which probably sounds difficult to understand here. But when I, when I first met my now-husband, my friends were really happy ’cause I was so happy. But my British friends said to me, “I’m sure he’s great, but you shouldn’t do it, “because the British tabloids will destroy your life”. And I very naively, I’m an American, we don’t have that there. “What are you talking about, that doesn’t make any sense. “I’m not in tabloids.” I didn’t get it. (audience exclaims) Yes, you did. (audience laughs) You knew exactly what you were doing. (audience applauds) And I applaud her plot-ation on the royal situation. (audience laughs) But please, don’t try to garner sympathy from us. You knew what you were doing. By the way, your friend is a hater. So whoever told you that, if someone in fact told you that, she needs to be dismissed. (audience applauds) Yeah, yeah. And I feel like this couple, first of all, with William and Kate, they are grooming because he’s gonna be the king and she’s gonna be the queen and the kids are gonna be the royals like that. Harry and Meghan have nothing to lose by moving to America. (audience cheers and applauds) Yeah. Why not? Move to America and live part time in Africa like you want to do. You have to still go back to England. The thing about moving to America is you’re really kicking the royal thing out of your life. So have a place in all three places. Have a mansion in Malibu, a big hut, you know? (audience laughs) I’ve never been to Africa, I don’t know. Or a big hotel or wherever you’re gonna live in Africa. And then have your royal palace-esque type place in England. I mean, I like them. I really do like them. But her, there’s something about her. You know what I’m saying? (audience murmurs) And you know what, girl, Meghan? (audience laughs) Meghan, don’t be surprised that the paparazzi are everywhere. Of course, ’cause you’re not a royal. They weren’t following you when you were on “Suits”. We didn’t even know who you were. Except when you came for employment here at “Wendy” and wanted to be one of our runway models. I’ve told this story before, do I need to go into it again? Yes! All right, well. (audience laughs) Once upon a time, there was an innocent girl named Meghan. And she wanted to be a runway model here at “Wendy”. Suzanne? Yeah, she wanted to be an expert. Tell it! Okay, so she called up our talent department. She called our lovely bookers, Carrie and Shavonne. And she said I’m Meghan Markle from “Suits”. Right? I was like, what?
Tell it. She said– (audience laughs) I’m really into fashion. Go.
I would love to come to your show and be a fashion expert and do the runway and all that stuff. And they said, “All right, well come by our office, “we’ll meet with you.” And she was actually in the office. Not this one right here, but across the street. We got two buildings on the block, this is my block. Yup, so she– (audience cheers) Just saying. Go ahead. She came in, she sat down, and they met with her. And they talked with her about what she–
I do believe that we even have a picture, except it’s not ready right now. We have a picture of her standing in the Wendy building across the street. Oh, oh.
Yup. Yes, it’s somewhere in the still store. Okay, okay.
Okay. So then, yeah, so she wanted to be on the show. They chatted with her and they thought that she’d be perfect to come here and do it. And then by the time we decided to book her– She was already engaged. Yup. That’s all I’m saying. We are involved with everything around here. (audience applauds) But here’s the thing. Every celebrity has their own relationship with the paparazzis, whoever they are. Yesterday the paparazzi was outside of this building, our studio, waiting for me. And, no, no, well here’s what had happened was– (audience cheers) This is such a staged photo. I could tell you exactly what happened, okay? (audience laughs) I’m leaving the studio, I got my little Birkin going on. And I had a tote bag, I love a tote bag, they carry everything, it’s a big, giant one. So James and I are walking out, you know James. So James and I are walking out of the studio and paparazzi guy was there. Now, mind you, I left like, two hours after the show was over. Sometimes I like to do that to trick them so then they just go away. By the way, they follow me, it’s not my fault. (audience laughs) (audience laughs) (audience applauds) It’s been a hell of a year. So anyway, so me and James walk out of the studio and James is in front and we put the stuff in the bag. And my award, not award, my achievement, the star, was in the tote bag though, it was in the tote bag. (audience cheers) So the paparazzi guy, he’s taking pictures, I’m like, hi, I have a relationship with them. They’ve gotta feed themselves as well, I get what they do. So I cooperate with them, like, okay. So he goes, Wendy, can I have a picture with you with your star? And I said, no, it’s in my tote bag. And in the bag there was a whole bunch of crap. You know how a tote bag is. And then you have your handbag. So I had the handbag, he had the tote bag. We put everything in the car. But the paparazzi guy was so nice. And I understand the job that they have to do, just like hopefully you understand the job that I have to do. (audience applauds) So I go to the guy, I said, all right, I’ll get the damn award. And then I’m gonna go, James, you just stay right here, and I’m gonna go back in the building and then I’m gonna count you down. Five, four, three, two, one. And yeah, this is so staged. I gave him what he wanted, and that’s the way it is. But Meghan Markle, nobody feels sorry for you. You knew what you were signing up for, girl. (audience applauds) Teresa and Joe from Jersey. They’re doing an interview, the first one ever, with Andy on Sunday night. (audience exclaims) Now look, we’ve got to watch this together, in my head. We’ve got to watch this together, all right? Joe will do it from Italy. I don’t know whether Teresa’s gonna be in the studio with Andy. All I’m saying is, in our Hot Topics morning meeting, they found it odd that Teresa is not in Italy with him right now. I said, “For what?” This is not break for the kids from school. The kids are in school, she lives in Jersey. And yeah, they can have a nanny take care of the kids while she goes over there. But this is indicative of a woman who apparently doesn’t wanna be married anymore. In my mind, in my mind, in my mind. Your husband’s been deported, you’ve got four children together. You both did crimes, and you both did the time. Either this is gonna bring you together, right? Or separate you totally. And the idea that she’s not there with him yet, (audience applauds)
to me, says, I think these people are gonna get a divorce. (audience murmurs) Which is well-deserved for Teresa. Teresa is still beautiful, Teresa is a body builder, Teresa still is juicy, Teresa–
(audience laughs) She’s had all of her girls, she doesn’t have to worry about kids anymore. If she meets a nice man who already has his kids and they look good together, to take her out and squire her around? I say divorce. (audience applauds) I mean, that’s what it’s there for, isn’t it? (audience murmurs) (audience applauds) So yesterday, Joe spoke out briefly in Italy to Bravo. The dish, “The Daily Dish” is what he spoke to, Bravo’s “The Daily Dish”, that’s a show on Bravo. Listen to him talk, observe how he looks, and then we’ll talk, go ahead. Life, it’s always better to look through the windshield and not through the rear-view mirror. It’s a much bigger picture when you’re looking through the windshield. But at the end of the day, people make mistakes, nobody’s perfect. But I’ve learned a valuable lesson from all this and I know my family is the most important thing to me. It’s better that I’m out here than in there. And I just wanna let you know that I love yous and, you know, I’m always here for yas. I love yous. (audience applauds)
(Wendy laughs) Apparently, Joe has been spending a lot of time at the Papyrus store. “Life, it’s better through the windshield.” (Wendy and audience laugh) Anyway, so Joe lost 50 pounds in prison. Yeah, it’s nice that he lost the 50 pounds. But maybe a little filler right here. (audience laughs) You know what I’m saying. Just a little filler, and maybe, not a full wig, but a partial. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) As you can see, I’ve gained a few pounds, in a good way. I just feel–
(audience cheers) And you know what, and I like it. Yeah! I feel like when you get older, you’re not supposed to be so thin. Otherwise, you start to, things start to happen. Although I am in process of getting rid of this right here. (audience laughs) No, honey, my dermatologist has this machine. And look, it tightens all this. In the name of Paula Abdul. (audience laughs) I’m not doing what Paula’s doing, but I’m doing something right here. So as I’m filling out, mm-mm, mm-mm. (audience laughs)
Go away! Mm-mm, mm-mm.
(audience applauds) I go every Monday at two o’clock. Well I bought a five-pack, but then you get a bonus. Now I have a six-pack, right?
(audience laughs) So I’ve gotten it done twice. So in the next four weeks you’re gonna see me when I go like this. (audience laughs)
Mm-mm, mm-mm. Tuck that all the way back up. Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm. But all I’m saying though is that he lost 50 pounds, good for him, he’s also very flexible. Can we show that footage? All right, show, uh-huh. Look at him go, look at him. (audience murmurs)
(audience member laughs) No, that’s talented, that’s not funny. That’s good. Look at him go, kicking. And stuff. What the Bruce Lee is going on? (audience laughs) Look. It’s called “Joe and Teresa Unlocked”. It airs Sunday night, 8:00 p.m. on Bravo. (audience applauds) Mm-mm, tuck this all the way up. And if it all works out, I’m gonna show you the machine. Yeah, I’ll show you, I’ll share with you, I don’t mind. Jesus. (audience laughs) So Felicity Huffman is pissing off the inmates in the prison. Now she’s only there for two weeks and they’re already fuming because she’s allowed to have her husband and her daughter visit over the weekend, this past weekend. (audience murmurs) By the way, why is she near a car? Why wouldn’t she just get in the car and drive off? (audience laughs) Anyway, so they say normally, good morning, prisoners, by the way. (audience laughs) How you doin’? Normally visitor approval is like, a few weeks. You can’t just say, my husband and daughter are coming, and then they just show up. Do you know what I mean? Clap if you’re familiar with this in the audience. (few audience members applaud) Oh. Oh. (audience laughs) James, cover me, cover me. That was a trick. Did you hear James? (Wendy and audience laugh) Well, she shouldn’t have her daughter and husband visit. It’s only two weeks. It’s only two, like, I wouldn’t want my family to see me in that particular condition, just because I just wouldn’t. I do this two weeks, I don’t want my husband to see me like that, I wouldn’t want my kid to see me like that. When I was locked away in the halfway house in Queens, my family actually came because he invited them. And I’m like, what are you doing? I don’t want my family to see me in no windows and no ceiling and no TV, laid up here, plotting. (audience laughs) Like, no, no, word to Herb, word to Herb. It was like, the lowest point. How are you gonna? And then my son visited. And sees his mother,
Aw. You know what I’m saying? Like all, away, plotting. (audience applauds) Thank you, Brendan. You know, Brendan?
Yeah, I know, I got it. Coming into work trying to make people smile for an hour and then going back there. My parents sitting there wondering what is wrong with me. You don’t want people to visit you in prison. To me, you go to prison, you can’t have Facebook, you can’t have anything but bread and water, you do your time, and then that’s that. And I wasn’t in prison, but it was like prison. I needed that environment to plot. (audience laughs) (audience cheers) People screaming in the middle of the night. Oh, please, believe me you! The book I’ll never write. Anywho. So Tupac Shakur is alive and arrested for drug possession (laughs) and pulling a knife on the cops. Now look, before you show the picture, let me just set up the story. All right, so Tupac Shakur is 40 years old. And he had the drugs and he had the knife and he pulled it on the cops. (Wendy and audience laugh) No, really. His real name is Tupac Shakur. And this all happened in Tennessee. He’s 40 years old, there’s Tupac Shakur. That’s his real name! (laughs) Look, just a little something funny to round off Hot Topics. We got more great show for you, everybody. Thank you so much for watching today. Up next, the stars of Tyler Perry’s new drama, “The Oval”, are here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Welcome back. Ooh-ooh! Our first guests are starring as the president and the first lady in Tyler Perry’s new drama, it’s called “The Oval”, it’s quite juicy, take a look. (dramatic music) Mind the door, will you? Yes, sir. Where do you want me? On your knees. Ma’am. Move away from the door. Ma’am, I can’t do that. You’re the president. What the hell is this world coming to? (audience exclaims) Let me in there! (audience murmurs) Please welcome Kron Moore and Ed Quinn. (rhythmic music)
(audience cheers) Oh my gosh. Wow. Thank you. (audience cheers) Are you all messing around in real life? You’re a beautiful couple. (Kron, Ed, audience laugh) I want that for Hot Topics. Wendy.
Yes, what? How you doin’? How you doin’? Congratulations on your star. Pretty. Thank you.
(audience cheers) Right? And thank you. You’re welcome, thank you. I wanna give you guys simultaneous Shoe Cam. Put your feet on those feet. We like to look at the shoes. (audience cheers)
There you go, nice. I love the detail at the bottom of your pants. If you don’t mind me asking, I don’t wanna be cheesy, but was this a fortune? You know what? A designer in Atlanta, his name is Beyombe. Okay. He designed this for me. It’s beautiful.
Yeah, yeah. It’s beautiful.
Thank you. Ed. Hi.
Hi. (Kron and Ed laugh) Are you married? I am. Oh. (audience exclaims)
Get out! (Wendy and Kron laugh) I love the premise of the show. Please talk about it. So he’s cheating on you, wildly. And he’s the president. A whole hot mess. Well who was that whore? Exactly, who is that whore? (laughs) Look, do you cheat on him? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out. Well tell.
(audience exclaims) Okay, Ed, is this your first term in office or your second? It is, this is basically us arriving. The pilot is the inauguration. And it is us arriving at the White House. And the whole show is sort of the upstairs, downstairs of the White House. The staff that run it, a new first family’s coming in. A wonderful first family is leaving. And the new first family coming in is a little volatile. Yeah, yeah.
Ooh. Okay, well to start, you’re a mixed couple. Yes. So do we deal with that on the show? You know what?
Not really. At all.
No. It’s kind of a beautiful thing. Tyler, I think, just wanted it to just sort of be, and so there’s no bell on it, it’s never really brought up. It’s just, this is just who we are and kind of the– Do you– (audience applauds) Right, yeah. Kron, is it true that, am I saying it right, by the way, Kron?
It’s Kron. Kron, okay, where are you from? Detroit. Okay, we love the D. (Kron laughs) I had heard that this is your first big acting break. It is.
And you’re in your 40s. Girl.
Well, no. (Ed and audience laugh) (Kron laughs)
No, no, I mean, age is relative.
Yeah, yeah. It is relative to the conversation because you stuck it out, and now you got your first big role. Right, well, just barely, because I quit every other day. Because there’s so much rejection in this industry. I went and got my real estate license last year.
Really? Because I didn’t know if it was gonna happen for me. And so I’m like, I gotta focus on something else. And as soon as I got my license, I just started booking, and this came around and so. I am elated. (audience cheers)
Good, that’s good. That’s good.
Yeah. And Ed, you started out as a model? I did, yeah.
Duh. (Ed laughs)
(audience exclaims) I’m saying. Hot boy summer, right? (laughs) That was my first photo shoot in Los Angeles, actually. Really? Yeah, no, I was at Berkeley and a photographer, I was surfing Ocean Beach, San Francisco. A photographer came up to me and I was about to go do a, I was about to start at Coldwell Banker in commercial real estate. And all of a sudden I got a phone call. “You’ve been booked into the shows in Paris and Milan. “Can you get there?” (Wendy laughs)
And I was like, “I think so”. And my parents go, “How long are you going for?” I go, “I don’t know. “A couple of weeks maybe?”
(audience laughs) I was there for seven months. Where are you from? I’m from Berkeley, actually. My father was a professor at Cal. And I went to Berkeley and yeah. Good for you. And now, how long have you been married? 14, no, 11 years. Do you have children? I do, two, yeah. Girls, boys, what?
Little boys. Aw.
Nice. You? Just to this man right here. (Ed and audience laugh) (Kron laughs) So you’re wildly single? Well, I don’t know about wildly.
And now very successful. Gratefully, I’m very successful now. So, excuse me, were you at the opening of the Tyler Studio? Yes. That was absolutely incredible. Yeah, my mom was my date. Aw. Yeah. She’s had a rough year, so–
Play it safe. Yeah, well, you know. And she’s had a rough year, and oh my, yeah, yeah. And she was able to fan out and do all the stuff that I wanted to do, but I couldn’t because it was kind of a work event. So you know, she sees these celebrities and she’s– You didn’t fan out when you saw Whoopi or the Clintons or anything?
I mean, a little bit. It’s just like, inside, I’m just like. But my mom, she’s just like, (gasps). She sees Taraji, she’s like, “Cookie!” (audience laughs) She sees Oprah, “Oprah!” So it was amazing, we got to meet so many wonderful people.
How was the food? Oh my God, it was fabulous. I ate so much seafood.
It was fabulous. Yeah, I ate cornbread. (Ed and audience laugh) So how is it shooting? ‘Cause I heard Tyler built a White House. There it is, right there. Yeah.
He built a White House in the studio. The only one in existence. Yeah, when we started, when I first came and met Kron, it was a dirt lot. And then he bought Fort McPherson, the Army base, 330 acres. And he started building this replica of the White House. And we watched it–
That’s really beautiful. As we started production, and it just basically came to fruition, and the next thing you know, we were filming in it. Right, and we feel like we’ve been woven into the fabric of the history of his studio now. Because that’s our home. And Tyler comes to the studio seven days a week. And on weekends, he would come, he’d be shooting all week long, he’d still be there doing stuff on weekends. And he would take us to the, as it was being built. I think he wanted us to feel like we really belong there. So once we started filming, it sort of became our home. Yeah, absolutely. Nice. (audience applauds) So we have a clip of you guys fighting. Ooh. Physically fighting. Like, they’re volatile to each other. Would you look at this? (audience exclaims and laughs) So now, is that a stunt double from behind and then they just show you from the front? Kron, or are you actually fighting with Ed? We actually did the stunt–
Both. Both.
Yeah. Well what happened was, it was my first day of shooting. So imagine, your first day on set, and you’re in these Louboutins and a slip nighty. And your director turns to you and says, “Okay, we want you to just get down”. And the stunt double, she went for it. And he turns to me and says, “Well, how much of that can you recreate?” And I said, “Roughly none of it”. He’s like, “Let me see what you can do”. And I did it, I went for it, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (audience applauds)
Well, I have to tell you. The show looks jui-hoo-hoo-hoo-cy. Thank you both for being here. Thank you.
Everyone, Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” premiers tomorrow night at nine on BET. And Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) All right, we’re back. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat, except for you. Hi, birthday girl, how you doin’? Hello, how you doin’, Wendy? Fine, thank you, come on out. Oh, thank you. It’s not my birthday, but I just wanted to wear the crown. You know what?
(audience laughs) Good for you.
Thank you. A girl after my own heart. So now what’s your name, where you from, and what do you do? I’m Jackie, I’m from Indiana, but I live here, and I’m a podcast producer. Okay, now how can I help you, Jackie? So my cousin’s trying to set me up with her friend. The friend is in Jamaica, Queens and my cousin’s in Indiana. So she connected us via social media. And he’s already reached out to me and he’s sent me a bunch of messages. So I thought that was weird. I got a creepy vibe, so I told him I wasn’t interested. My question is, how do I talk to my cousin about it without hurting her feelings? You just did, you’re on TV. (audience laughs) I hope she watches.
Taken care of. Thank you, thank you.
Taken care of. Yeah, you know, just tell your cousin you don’t wanna be set up, and you also don’t want a long distance relationship. Just make that excuse. ‘Cause a long distance relationship is not going to work. How old are you?
24. She’s 24 in New York.
(audience laughs) What do you need with a boyfriend all the way in Indiana? No, no, he’s in Jamaica, Queens. Oh, okay, well that’s still a commute. (audience laughs)
It is, it is, it is, yeah. Where do you live? Upper East Side.
Yeah, see? That’s still a commute.
Can’t do it. No, just tell your friend or your cousin very nicely, cute. All right?
Yes. Good luck.
Thank you. (audience cheers) Now, you having a good time? I’m having a great time. How you doin’, Wendy?
How you doin’? My name is Jill, I’m from New Jersey, my son–
What do you do? Oh, I’m a caretaker. Okay. My son’s getting married for the second time this summer. And he kinda told me that his friends are gonna be roasting him a little bit about the first marriage. I’m not comfortable with that. And so, I don’t know, should I say something to his friend? Should I just keep quiet? I’m a big mama bear, don’t hurt my cubs. Okay, roasting him at the wedding? Like, when one gives a toast? Well, rehearsal dinner, I don’t know what’s gonna go down at the wedding reception. I don’t want anything. (audience laughs) Talk to the friends. You call the chief of all the friends, or else you call all the boys together. And individually tell them. I get the first wedding was a joke, but let’s not talk about that. He’s now getting married again and doesn’t need to be reminded of that now. And especially not in my presence. Thank you.
You know what I saying. Thank you.
Good luck. (audience applauds)
It’s easy. All right, oh, uh-oh, okay now. What is this, latex, leather, rubber, what are we doing here?
Leather. Leather?
Yeah. And a crown, happy birthday. Thank you. Uh-huh, straightening your teeth with the braces, got the long lashes on, where are you going? I’m going out later. Okay, all right. Well, so what’s your name? Oh, my name is Vanessa and how you doin’, Wendy? How you doin’? And where you from, what do you do? I’m from New York and I’m a lash tech. Oh, that explains the lashes. So how can I help you, Vanessa? Yes, my question is, I have a best friend. She has a boyfriend, but she doesn’t know her boyfriend is cheating on her. How do you know? Oh, I went out the other night and I saw him with another girl dipping and dancing. And I thought that was it. But I saw him with another girl, different girl at a restaurant. So my question is, should I mind my–
Did he see you? No, I was hiding. Perfect.
He didn’t see me. (audience laughs)
Perfect. Yes.
Perfect. How long have you been friends with your friend? Okay, we’ve been friends for over five years now. So I wanted to know, should I let her know or should I just mind my business and stay out of it? Well, no, exactly, you know what? Thank you, cohost.
(audience laughs) Here’s my thing. I used to say stay out of grown people’s business, except if people told me stuff, maybe I would’ve known stuff. You see what I’m saying? So now, you tell her. And guess what? (audience applauds)
Yup, tell her. And be prepared to lose her friendship. If she stays with him, she’s not gonna be friends with you. She’s gonna call you a hater and all kinds of stuff. But you tell her right after the show. I will.
Okay, good. Happy birthday again.
Thank you. More Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) We’re back with more Ask Wendy. Everyone have a seat, except for you. Oh, okay now. Wow, I love the bottom of your pants. And yeah, your cuffs and stuff. Who are you?
(audience laughs) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m India, I’m from DC. Mm, that’s a good piece.
(audience cheers) I’m a wig designer. You’re a wig designer? Yeah, you designed the hell out of that one. (audience laughs)
Thank you. So how can I help you, India? So my sister kinda had a hot girl summer this summer. She was messing around with like, three guys. And now she’s pregnant. (audience exclaims) And we don’t know who the father is. (audience exclaims) So my advice, my question to you is, how do I advise her without judging her? Is it your little sister or big sister? My older sister. Damn, that hurts even more.
And this is her first pregnancy. And she doesn’t know who the father is? Well she only messed around with three guys. Only three, right?
(audience laughs) So what she needs to do is visit each guy. Now is she showing yet? No.
Perfect. Here’s the plot. (audience laughs) She is going to visit each guy and take their toothbrushes. No, no, no, no, no, no. And you get that DNA test done. So that she doesn’t look whorish when she goes back and says, who’s the father, who’s the father, who’s the father? You understand?
Yes. So she was using no protection? Just screwing around?
It’s hot girls, hot girl. No, hot girls don’t do that. She was hot, hot. Hot stupid. (audience laughs) But that’s the thing. The thing is, is that, you need the DNA test. And the best way to do it is to grab the toothbrush, do you understand what I’m saying? And that doesn’t even require her going out for dinner with them or anything. Just go over to the house, see what I’m saying, birthday girl? Go over to the house, you grab that toothbrush, put it in a Ziploc bag, mark the name. Okay.
All right? Then do the same with the next, okay? Okay.
All right. And do it before she starts showing. Now you’re on TV, so now they know that your sister is pregnant. By three different guys. They don’t know which one. (audience exclaims) Okay, well neither does she. (audience laughs) Grab the toothbrushes, good luck. Thank you.
Good luck. (audience applauds)
Oh gosh. How terrible, how terrible. Hi, Wendy, how you doin’? I’m not sure, did you hear that? Yes, I did. Who are you? My name is Deroda, I’m from Ridgewood. Roda?
Deroda. Oh, Deroda, hi, Deroda. How you doin’? And from Ridgewood, New Jersey? New York. New York, okay. And what do you do? I work in the finance department. Okay, how can I help you? Well I have major mom guilt. Uh-oh.
Yeah. Don’t we all?
Oh, we do. I’m a full-time working mom. How are the kids? One and 11. Wow. Thanks.
Same guy? Same guy, same daddy. Okay, okay.
Same baby daddy. The one-year-old was oops. (laughs) No, it was actually the 11-year-old was an oops. The one-year-old we planned. So I have this major guilt because I’m working all the time, I’m doing all this overtime. And all my mama friends are telling me of all the activities they do with their kids. And I’m missing out on mine. So tell me, I know you’re a full-time mom.
But he’s 19, he’s a grown man now. (audience laughs)
Yeah, but– I’m so glad those years are over. Stupid kids activities over at the Chuck E. Cheese. (audience laughs)
Stupid birthday parties. Like, ick. So tell me, Wendy, how did you manage being a full-time mom and a full-time career at the same time? Well apparently not very well, if you’ve read the headlines. Oh, I don’t listen to the headlines. Oh, well, you need to. No, they’re not true. Mm-hmm. (audience laughs) Listen, motherhood is not something that somebody else can tell you how to do. You do the best that you can. And people say put your kids first, sometimes, put your kids first. But remember, without a you, there would be no them. So take care of yourself and don’t listen to your mom friends and they’re going to see the new movie with their kids. Who cares? You spend time with your kids the best way you can. Okay?
(audience applauds) And the guilt never goes away. Thanks.
It never goes away. Good luck, Derosa.
Thank you, Deroda. Deroda, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Don’t catch it to my hair though, here. (Brenda laughs)
Girl. Ooh-ooh! This is Brenda, everybody. Brenda, how you doin’? How you doin’, Wendy? Okay, don’t let that catch in your hair or mine. (audience laughs) This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Brenda is a survivor from Jersey. (audience cheers) Thank you, thank you.
Good for you. So where were you when you found out and how long have you been surviving? In 2016, I found a lump on my left breast. When you were in the shower? Actually after I was working out, I found the lump. I didn’t think anything it. So I just kinda ignored it. But then I went to, it started hurting, so I went to the doctor. How long before you went to the doctor? Probably a couple weeks, ’cause I completely ignored it.
It started hurting. Yeah, it started hurting. And I went to a doctor, he said go get a biopsy ’cause of my age, I was 36 at the time. And went to the biopsy, a week later, I found out I was on stage two breast cancer. (audience exclaims)
Oh, wow. Yeah. So they treated you aggressively. Yes, so after that, I was in complete shock, but I was worried about my daughter and surviving.
How old is she? She’s seven now, she was four at the time. Yeah, so I was more concerned about her and how I was gonna survive. So I ended up getting double mastectomy. And I went through chemo therapy. Did you go bald-headed? Yes, I went completely bald and I loved it. (audience cheers) Well, you have a nice shaped head. I loved being bald, and a year after that, I won my first bikini competition. (audience cheers)
In celebration of beating breast cancer.
Wow, what a body. Yes, thank you, thank you.
Well, Brenda, tell us about your outfit, ’cause you are our Eye Candy. Oh, thank you.
Along with a survivor. Thank you.
Happy Halloween. Thank you, yes, so I brought the Halloween blazer. It cost me about 30 bucks. And then I got my leggings, a little shine, a little metallic. And the animal print shoes.
And then my animal-print ’cause I know you like your animal-print!
Love it, love it. Sorry for my animal-print shoes.
Listen, Brenda. Along with your diva fan, we’re gonna give you a $300 gift card to spend anywhere you want.
Thank you! We’ll be right back. Thank you.
Congratulations. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Hi. It’s time to play Name That Show, let’s meet our player. What’s your name, where you from, and what do you do? I’m Nicki from Long Island, how you doin’, Wendy? How you, you got a perfect blow straight. Thank you.
Uh-huh. You did that for the show? I did. Thank you, Nicki.
(Nicki laughs) What do you do? I work in a casino and I’m a cashier. Perfect, okay. So we’re gonna play Name That Show. This is so easy, Nicki. If you don’t get this, I’m gonna hit you with my microphone. (audience and Nicki laugh) Really, let’s see the photo. Don’t help her. Ooh. What? How old are you? Could I have one hint? No. (audience laughs) No, I have hints all over this card. I’m not gonna give you a– “Who’s The Boss”!
Yes! (audience cheers)
Nicki, of course. Dinner for two at Serendipity. Yay!
We’ll be right back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ugh. (audience laughs) This messy show is the best invention ever. (audience cheers)
I wanna thank my guests and my cohost, my studio audience. Tomorrow, Tyrese, he’s a mess too. He’ll be on the couch, copping please, you know. You know how Tyrese is. Black Ty will be here tomorrow. Also, we’re gonna show you some drugstore beauty finds. Everything does not have to be a fortune. And we’re gonna teach you how to do it. I’m out of breath. (audience laughs) We were dancing hard during the commercial. Look, I love you for watching today. And I’ll see you next time on “Wendy”, buh-bye. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) [Audience] Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh-ooh! How you doin’? Nice!


100 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 22”

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    Susan, shut up with your iron lacking treble. And Norman in his corner grinning "yea". The hatation.

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    As an African woman I expected more from a fellow black woman

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  • Why is everyone getting upset about Wendy saying huts in Africa… There are huts in Africa rather it be poorly or luxuriously made. Also, she didn't say it offensively so what is wrong with people, always making nothing out of something.

  • Carolina Njeri Carlz says:

    Omg Wendy I love u much but am completely offended. Huts? Lol. I come from Kenya which is Africa and I've never lived in a hut, we got apartments, buildings, palacey houses etc. Please travel to enlighten yourself more.
    Nb: there r low end, middle class n high end places n houses just like In the states

  • That was the most ignorant comment you could’ve ever made … «  A hut in Africa ? » do better sweetie that was classless . If only you truly knew the riches of Africa you won’t even fix your mouth to make comments like that .

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    Shallon Lester was just sayen Mrs Meg has hired not 1 but THREE pr firms to follow her around and write stories about her. I tend to believe this and NOT her victim act.

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    The way Americans think that we living in huts ??‍♀️.. really Wendy?
    So Meghan Markle should look for a big hut in Africa ? What are you saying ? So ignorant of you though ?. You really touched a nerve right there !!!!

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    Congratulations to her and she has done in her career but does her Hollywood Star have the TV emblem or does it include something to do with her radio career as well…and I wonder how many other ppl from radio/broadcasting have a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame? Once again congratulations to you Wendy!!!

  • CrisMelo DotCom says:

    I like Wendy talking ab Meghan bc Wendy is real. Meghan is lying. Look up micro eye movement on youtube/body language topic. Then watch her eyes and where they go when she's whispering. Why is she whispering? I see right through her also.

  • Coming for Meghan and Africa like that was unnecessary and a bit disgusting.Shows her true colors.A strong woman lifts other woman up.Not this mess..This type of energy needs to be rebuked and left behind in 2020..And for Ms.Wendy,I hope it shows in her ratings.

  • Just because Meghan's an actress, doesn't mean she would do anything for publicity – as is implied here. So what if she tried to further her career via the Wendy Williams Show? You're Americans – you're supposed to respect ambition. The friend who warned her about the British tabloids is dead right – the press campaign against her has been disgusting. They're treating her like she's Myra Hindley. Good for her for biting back.

  • Wendy is so ignorant. She doesn't strike me as a woke black woman with all the white mannerisms and childish behavior she displays on her show. Come to South Africa so you can sit on that chair and make fair comments about South Africa….. yes a COUNTRY in the CONTINENT of Africa. ???

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    To say “big hut” is ignorant af

  • Fully agree. I do not feel sorry for Mehgan. She is an intelligent woman who knew what she was doing. It's not like she was nineteen she was almost 40 when she got married so she is smart enough to know!

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    Huts lmao ? I wonder if she watched the interview she would notice it’s not that undeveloped there but I digress I agree with Wendy I’m not really sympathetic to Meghan as something seems a bit staged about it but I will never know for sure.

  • I love you Wendy but I thought your comment on Africa was so ignorant. You need to travel Wendy to broaden your mind. Dont comment on what you dont know. By the way Wendy Africa is not a country.!!

  • Quintin Xavier Roper-Sirvent says:

    Also… no one is really acknowledging that Wendy had to fake an addiction relapse to escape her abusive husband. I’m not saying he physically assaulted her, but clearly he was verbally and psychologically abusive to the point where she had to make a plan to escape.

  • This one I agree Meagan new what she was doing .she wanted to be famous because no one new who she was. Till now! Meagan love attention from the media

  • Elaine Lencha Baisa says:

    Wendy you are a hater. You must really be unhappy. Bye never gonna watch you shity show ever again. Ps you should learn how to talk

  • Paulette Edwards says:

    First of WW is trowing shade because she had the same incident happen to her got her wig flipped when she signed up for an adulterated man who not only betrayed her but becomes a father again so now MM is not in her shoes I 'm certain PH and MM even need one sympathy bone in your brain WW

  • Wendy – please try and interview The Hawk (latest Video below) but this man made a running commentary THE ROYALS CAME TO TEA. He kept asking “What are you really doing there?” And he was right. Oprah allegedly put them up to this and said (I cannot confirm the exact words) – ONLY SHOW ARCHIE TO THE WORLD WHEN YOU ARE IN AFRICA – that way you will be guaranteed a huge audience. This was organized in March this year. The Harkles ALWAYS knew that the would announce their suing of the tabloids in their last night in SA.

  • And SA Women were INSULTED. Her saying she is a woman of color (duh) when during the whole time they were in SA – on average 4800 women were raped (not colors). Did she care to ask them if THEY WERE OKAY. ?

  • As a die hard South African Wendy watcher… I'm really disappointed by the Africa comment and I must say that for the first time, I'm doubting if I still want to watch this show.

  • Youre a man. You dont bleed.
    Nikki was sold cuz shes a commodity not a Celebrity. The illuminati wanted to keep their hit man happy. After pregnancy shell be a full on sow.

  • All the people getting offended by the Africa comment, please take things Wendy says with a pinch of salt and sense of humour. She's said at least one thing that could be considered "offensive" about every country in the world during the history of her show. 🙂

  • Charlotte's Web says:

    I’m a 37 yr old Latina and I know more about and have more respect for the people of Africa than a 55 yr old black woman.
    She’s so ignorant sometimes…

  • christie hammons says:

    I pray Harry and Meghan continue to have a healthy marriage and overcome many obstacles so they can inspire other couples. Wendy's job is to feed the negativity to the people this keeps ratings up and people talking about things that's not important. Keep staying asleep EnTer T

  • Nduduzo Mgobhozi says:

    I’m days late…but a HUT??? Sisi a hut? Wow…Aunt Wendy there was no need. We have mansion here. Estates. We have it all, some looks a million times better than what America has. Visit us so you can see and enjoy and gain knowledge.

  • Why is Wendy making Africa jokes all the time, I mean she's black isn't she supposed to defend her culture? Or at least her ancestors culture

  • @Wendy – Your comments are so shallow and trashy about Meghan. No-one can knows what they are signing into when they join the Royal Family. They don't know what the RF protocols are, learn British culture, learn to do Royal tours, deal with Palace staff, deal with British aristocracy who stonewall outsiders etc.

  • Nze Ibekwe-Uche says:

    I’m African… Wendy can make all the African jokes she wants … I live in the US and I know many places in Nigeria ?? better than several places in the US. So I’m not insecure… it doesn’t bother me, I make American jokes too.

  • Hello Wendy. Recovery includes admitting your wrongs. And for the attack on Meghan Markle you're wrong. Understand that your own personal issues are huge, try to garner some good energy. The way that you talk about Meghan Markle is not good energy.

  • Wendy, as an African American woman who has been to several countries in Africa, I can attest that I did not see ANY huts. In fact, a lot of the countries I visited were quite metropolitan.

  • Wendy. your comments about Africa are RIDICULOUS. Book a ticket and visit one of the FIFTY FOUR countries on the African continent. Stay for at least a week and ask someone to show you around. Your stupidity is embarrassing. It is a very bad look.

  • I find it funny that Meghan acts like tabloids don't exist in America but I wish she would stop the clueless and naive act when it comes to the Royal family (pretending not to have known who Harry was before meeting him in their engagement interview and now pretending that she didn't know that she would get intense attention from the tabloids when marrying him) because it makes her look like the manipulative and shady liar that many of her critics and haters accuse her of being.

    Her and Harry can't move out of the UK because they don't have custody of their son, the Queen does and it's unlikely that she would allow them to move out of the country with him and they would no longer have access to tax payer money. There is no way, their income alone could fund their lavish lifestyle especially since Meghan spends the most out of all the Royals.

  • Dear wendy Williams u have been on that coc again I see…..saying u don't feel sorry for another black woman who is going through a tough time is very ignorant and disrespectful,no wonder your husband cheated u are toxic, stfu if u can't talk sense….Meghan is human and we empathize with her even if u don't

  • Nicki has her own standards and if she’s proud to be married to a sex offender and “killer” then that is her choice. She can deal with the drama he may bring and maybe she isn’t a complete person so she pairs well with an incomplete person.

    Meghan is an actress. She’s acting in this interview. She knew exactly what she was getting into.

    Firstly, she is Americanising a British monarchy, not modernising it. Harry and William are modernising it. The British royal family don’t show off and have baby showers or wear clothes exposing much skin or bragging via blogs or social media that their lives are fabulous. They don’t ever complain or explain. But Meghan does.

    They don’t use public money disrespectfully by taking private flights regularly. They have responsibilities to the public like showcasing their child soon after the birth outside the hospital. Which she declined. It’s not her choice to do that but she did what she wanted. Being a royal means you are owned by the public so every choice you make must be respectful. She’s interested in life to be in control, not to take a step back and keep respectful. If she kept her mouth shut and smiled and didn’t try to debate or challenge every British tradition then she wouldn’t have as much tabloid drama. There was never a disrespectful moment from Kate. She made healthy choices.

    Meghan never did a formal introduction to the press which then allows the press to make up their own stories. She really reckons herself and royals have to be grounded and humble which she is not. She comes across as obnoxious and it’s not appreciated in the royal family. The family give so much of their time to the public because that’s who pays for their living. Meghan is not interested in giving her time unless she is getting high volumes of praise for it. A respectful person would be more interested in talking about their cause rather than themselves and that’s why she is not appreciated. She has some twisted story tale views of what a Princess is. It’s a duty! Not just about money and fame. She can choose to live as non royal but it means that she needs to be cut off financially.

  • Did she say live in a big hut in africa excuse I live in africa and I've never seen anyone who lives in a hut and by the way africa is a continent

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