38 thoughts on “Tucker: Nunberg brilliantly played the media”

  • Diana Stokes-Harmon says:

    Trump's rallies prove the AMERICAN people hated the government that was out of control. It was the people of America that voted in President Trump, not the Russians. The people of America will vote President Trump in 2020. Then who will you blame for his reelection? We want the government to do what they say, we are tired of the lies.

  • mr benchpress says:

    This lady is delusional I'm the blind one and even I can see that the narrative was pushed by the Democrats


  • Funk Enstein says:

    Trump wasn't the one who sold our strategic uranium reserves to Russia. He has kept sanctions on Russia. It is clear that it is Demonrats are the ones that support foreign interests instead of representing our nation.

  • Joyce Castellanos says:

    Wasting your timesheet is a denocrates trouble machine put her in hail watch her go nenopausil crazy

  • And I do have one problem with you Tucker. you are feeding the liberal Insanity when you tell these idiots that they're smart. That is the biggest problem we have in America. the majority of us are not smart but not a single one of us is willing to admit it or accept it. Do not help delusion

  • and they're totally right that Russia get involved in other people's elections just like every country. The problem is it's irrelevant.. rather than try to fix yourself let's just blame Russia.. but that's what the Democratic party is based on. Never fixing yourself and always finding someone else to blame.

  • It's so hard to do the morally right thing and not bath myself in delusion and stupidly just so I can get an easy job.. also, spots on the can't watch the news without seeing at least one idiot bathed in delusion and stupidity. Surprise surprise it was the female….actually it's not much of a surprise considering our culture doesn't require females to have much depth or principles. We have trained women to only care about the image and it's never to maintenance their core personality

  • The majority of our US news outlets fan the fire against Trump I don't see what Russia could have done the affected election. With propaganda.

  • Cynthia Smith says:


  • Valentine Erindros says:

    Leftists blaming Russia for why they can’t win anything anymore is like Christianity blaming literally everything bad on the devil. Both are pinning the blame on entities that don’t exist as described because of their complete inability to accept their own mistakes on the part of their leadership

  • Kris Roberts says:

    According to these people Russia is secretly running the world and they are the last stand clinging on to the threads of all that is good!??

  • How absurd that these talking heads focus and speculate on 'possible' Russian interference in American and other country elections. At the same time, we KNOW that the USA has overthrown governments in numerous countries, just to implant their own 'leader' in these same countries. Start with Castro in Cuba, and then look at the most recent failed coup in Venezuela. Let's talk about THAT!! Or, are they not 'allowed to'?

  • Tucker had some real idiots on tonight Christy Setzer… what a genius LOL! I blame it all on the Smurfs. People are taking the countries back you moron! F Russia.

  • Bear Berenstein says:

    One year on listening to this it is so embarrassing for this woman to hear her say that Russian troll farms are spending $1 million a month on voter suppression. It shows just how many lies they were forced to spread.

  • Crazy 8s Drums says:

    That woman was hot for Tucker, even though it seemed like her politics were at odds with his. She didn't seem to believe herself while she was saying it too, as her body language spoke a different story than the words that came out of her mouth.

  • Michael Smith says:

    All Republican and independent vote for Trump 2020 elected Democrat the house again are president election you lost the country

  • lois LippShitt says:

    Democratic elitists are going to go down in flames along with their Hollywood elitist no keep opening your mouth and shiting on Good People yours will come just ask Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin

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